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Dear Frustrated Dieter,

Have you always wanted to know how to lose weight simply, quickly and
naturally but have never known how? How many diet books and programs
have you purchased that have promised you the weight loss secrets of
celebrities but have never delivered the results? Aren't you sick of
all of the lies and false promises that are all too common in the diet

Well congratulations for not giving up yet, because the good news is
that there is a solution available that provides you with real weight
loss results quickly, easily and naturally.


I don't blame you for having doubts at all!

Do yourself a favor though and listen to my story. If you aren't
convinced after a few minutes, feel free to leave this site and never
come back again. From one girl to another, trust me, this is the real
deal and I'm not here to waste your time!


It wasn't too long ago that I was feeling just like you feel right
now, a bit overweight and unhappy with my appearance. I wasn't
extremely fat or anything, I was just bigger than I wanted to be. You
know, the weight that just seems to creep up on you and make your
clothes look too tight, or your hips a bit too shapely shall we say?

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!

For a while I just tried to ignore it, but eventually I just was sick
of being unhappy with what I saw in the mirror and knew that I could
look better than what I did.

I just wanted to become a MINI VERSION OF ME

So I did what any normal woman would do, and turned to the experts.
Makes sense right? Surely they could help me achieve my weight loss


What a mess out there!

Diet pills, cookie diets, awkard looking exericse machines with fake
tanned models It certainly didn't give me a lot of confidence. How the
heck was a normal person supposed to lose weight and get healthy?

My girlfriends were in the same boat. We even tried gyms but
struggled with either getting ogled by sweaty men bench pressing, or
just not having enough energy and time to work out in amongst the
million other things going on in our lives.

Maybe you can relate?

It was a while before I realized the harsh truth.

It is really hard for a normal person to lose weight. There's just
way too much crap out there, and too many 'experts' that are making up
silly diets and trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. But I'm proud
to say I'm no longer a victim of the weight loss piranhas.

In fact, these days I'm thrilled with my appearance (as much as any
girl can be that is).

I'm not a stick thin catwalk model, but I like what I see in the
mirror, I eat the things I want, haven't been to a gym in years.

These days I read more fashion magazines and fiction than I do boring
200 page diet books and I have a healthy relationship with food and my
boyfriend. (in that order!)

Yep, I managed to lose 22 pounds in a few short weeks without any
gym, pills, weirdo diet plans, or having to starve myself.

So, I bet you're wondering how did it happen?

Hitting rock bottom and burning through all those diet solutions was
tough, but it caused me to take things into my own hands.

So what did I do?

I began to create my OWN diet.

No I'm not a doctor, a fitness freak, or a celebrity and I don't have
my own reality TV show, but guess what?

Unlike those guys, I actually cared about my success, and wasn't
trying to make a fortune off my own diet. I just wanted it to work,
not attract media attention or land me a book tour or 2nd season of my
reality TV show!

So I started doing MY OWN research

Not by reading the trashy diet books out there, but actually doing
proper scientific research into legitimate medical studies about what
really caused weight loss. Some of these studies weren't helpful, but
some were extremely helpful, and I started testing things out by
trying them myself!

It wasn't easy at first, because I had no idea what worked and what

But eventually I started to see results, and this proper research in
addition to testing out what fit with my own lifestyle allowed me tO

It was a bit of transition period for me, but I was hopeful because
everything I was doing made sense _to me._ It was all in line with
healthy eating, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle, and though you
don't hear about that in most diet programs I knew it had to work.

I first started noticing effects in about 2 weeks. It was too early
to really know for sure, but I felt better and was less bloated.

I kept up with the system I had set out for myself, and the results
kept coming.

less bloating

less cravings

more energy and,

a big drop in weight when I checked the scales!

Now bear in mind I wasn't going  to the gym or doing any hard
exercise, and I hadn't cut anything majorly out of my diet at all.

I obviously wasn't eating hamburgers all day long, but I was never
hungry or uncomfortable.

In fact I was still enjoying my favourite meals and treats and most
importantly I FELT GREAT.

As the weeks went by, I was looking and feeling better than I had
ever felt before.. then came the comments we all hope for,

"Oh my gosh, you've lost so much weight!"

"You look GREAT, what's your secret?"

"How did you do it without exercising?"

"How are you staying so slim when you're still eating what you want?"

People wouldn't believe me when I told them how simple my system was.
It seemed like everyone was looking for something difficult when the
real path to weight loss was so available and easy for anyone to just
reach out and grab.

I realised that I could help people that didn't want to buy into the
gimmicks and fads of the diet industry, and so after much prompting
from my friends and family to share my weight loss system with the
world, the Mini-Me Diet revolution was born.. "What is the Mini-Me
Diet Revolution and What Can it Do For Me?"

The Mini-Me Diet Revolution is a simple, natural, holistic and
reliable way to help you to lose weight once and for all. As you know,
too many diets advocate unhealthy and unnatural ways to lose weight
that are not only harmful to your body and your health, but they
usually DON'T EVEN WORK! It is pointless wasting time and money on
these programs, only to be left in the lurch when the weight comes
back on - with a vengeance!

Instead, you need a diet and lifestyle program that takes into
account your needs, your life and your goals. You need a diet that
works around what you want, not the other way around. Something that
is realistic, easy to stick to, and doesn't drive you crazy or consume
your life.


The MMDR is an organic and healthy diet revolution which is unlike
any weight loss program you have ever seen before., because tt shows
you how you can effectively lose weight in a fun and exciting way
_without having to sacrifice all of life's pleasures. _

__Yes, it is possible and you will be surprised at how easy it is.

At the same time, the Mini-Me Diet Revolution is incredibly powerful
when it comes to weight loss results. You're going to know more about
how natural weight loss REALLY happens, than 99% of the frustrated
dieters out there.

I've made the Mini Me Diet Revolution really easy to stick to, and if
you follow even a few of the steps and take on some of the tips and
tricks I'll teach you, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. Here's What the Mini-Me
Diet Revolution Will Do For You:

* You will have noticeable weight loss results within two weeks that
will keep you motivated to keep up the good work
* You will get specific actionable steps to take so that you will
never be confused about what to do next
* I'll give you tips and tricks so that you won't even notice the
diet changes you're making and your diet won't be a cause of pain
* You'll get tasty meal plans that won't leave you feeling hungry so
you can actually enjoy eating
* The MMDR will help you gradually add healthy foods to your diet so
that you start to display healthier skin and a younger-looking
* you'll lose weight around your problem areas and feel lighter,
with more energy to do the things you love
* as your fat melts away you'll have visibly greater muscle
definition and tone

* and most importantly, you'll get a slimmer, happier you!

And remember, these are just some of the benefits that you will reap
from joining the Mini-Me Diet Revolution Who knows what might change
in your life when you're looking and feeling your best? It's
definitely going to add a spring to your step Weight loss is just
the beginning of you reaching your potential and getting the body and
life you deserve! How Do I Know it Will Work?

I have been where you are now and I know how hard it can be to lose
weight healthily and naturally - and to keep it off. A few years ago,
I was in exactly your position. I was frustrated and unhappy with the
way I looked, and I didn't know how to change it. Weight loss seemed
like an unimaginably difficult task, something that 'someone like me'
would never achieve.

So what changed? My mindset and my desire to change my body and my

The Mini-Me Diet Revolution was born of desire to lose weight to
become the person I knew I was inside. All of the principles, tips and
tricks that you will find in the Mini-Me Diet Revolution - and there
are many! - have been personally created, tried and tested by me.

The Mini-Me Diet Revolution understands that you need a natural
weight loss program that will provide you with fast and effective
results. On top of that, it needs to be realistic and easy to
implement. These are the core principles of the Mini-Me Diet
Revolution, and this is why it is guaranteed to work for you. The 60
Day 'Get Noticed' Guarantee!

I'm really confident the Mini Me Diet Revolution program will give
you the weight loss and health results you've always wanted. It
certainly has for me. I believe so strongly in the program that I'm
willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee if within 60 days of
getting the program and following through with the simple and easy
steps, you don't start getting compliments from your friends and

What better way to know that you're diet is working than to have
other people comment right? So that's the guarantee!

How is the MMDR Program Delivered?

When you join  the Mini-Me Diet Revolution, you'll get access to an
exclusive, online members-only area which delivers your weight loss
plan in simple, step-by-step and bite sized chunks. You'll get taken
through the program on a weekly basis, and be given step by step, the
exact information you need to get your weight loss and health under
control once and for all. How much does the MMDR cost?

The Mini-Me Diet Revolution costs $19.95 per month, which is less
than $5 a week, and only $0.64 a day!

We've even got a $4.95 trial period that lasts for 2 weeks so you can
see whether the MMDR is for you.

Once you've gone through the program, I'll keep delivering you weight
loss tips, healthy recipes and motivational tips every month so you
can keep up your good work! So Here's What to do Next Click the Add to
Cart Below!

p.s. you've got nothing to lose (except your body fat) and everything
to gain, so get started today!

p.p.s if you've got any questions, just contact me at
support@minimedietrevolution.com Copyright (c) Mini-Me
Diet Revolution



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