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   The Official Laughable Wedding Album of Kate & William   

The Official Laughable Wedding Album of Kate & William is a humoristic album on this wedding and weddings at all. I consider it as an hour in a standup show. Cheaper, than a live show, I charge 18.18 US$ and you can look at the jokes and understand them. No need to laugh because others laugh while you did not hear the joke nor understood it. By the way, I do not explain my jokes cause I do not understand them myself...
This is a humeristic album and that's that. This is not a how to book nor a new age book. Just an hour of sheer happiness.

Arik: "This is an empty Album"
Alien: "Why do you horrify the clients? It is a 9 mega of quality stuff... for aliens."
Arik: "This reminds me, that one day I horrified myself so much, I almost got an heart attack, I accidently looked myself in the mirror."

Kate: "Were you sexually aroused during our wedding?"
Prince William: "Yes dear. You were so beautiful, I thought on it all the time."
Prince William: "Were you sexually aroused during our wedding?"
Kate: "You are so sweet and such a dreamer."
  Buy "The Official Laughable Wedding Album of Kate & William".

Price: 18.18 US$
Size: 9 Mega, delivered via email.

File: PDF file.

This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.

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My friend [Lennart  Svanberg](mailto:lennartsvanberg@gmail.com?subject=The%20Official%20Laughable%20Wedding%20Album%20of%20Kate%20and%20William) read the album and said: "Excellent book - I've read it and I like it!! You could really have a "hit" with this one!!"

But, he is a friend.....

My friend [Erez Yerushalmi](mailto:erez@smiteent.com?subject=The%20Official%20Laughable%20Wedding%20Album%20of%20Kate%20and%20William) read the album and said: "Its funny i liked it"

But, he is also a friend.....

Well, to be honest, I haven't sent it to any enemy.

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