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How to Shoot and Sell Little League Action Photos and Other Youth
Sports Pix



Right now, within a half hour of where you live, there is probably
more photo freelance work available to you than you can handle.

NOT shooting weddings.

NOT shooting portraits.

NOT shooting aerials...

OR pets...

OR real estate...

OR anything else...

But in shooting ACTION SPORTS PHOTOS OF KIDS: the Youth Sports

This is an area of photography that's estimated to have a $500
million dollar potential...

And it's virtually untouched.

Sure, there are a lot of photographers shooting team sports' groups
and players' portraits.

It's called the "Memory Mate" market and in some parts of the
country where the pickings are easy -- say greater Los Angeles -- the
market for this kind of "stand-'em-up knock-'em down" high volume
shooting has been pretty much picked clean.

Call it tough!

Besides cut-throat pricing, team sponsorships and even kick-backs
to the leagues are often used to get their business.

But that's not what were talking about here!


You'll probably find little or no competition in shooting youth
sports action even though, if done correctly, it can mean bigger sales
and higher profits than a traditional Memory Mate business.

And it can be a lot more fun to do.

People love it, too!

Since most of your sports action photography will be shot on
Saturdays, you can easily work your action sports photo business part
time, and see just how far and how fast you want to take it.

I know of one photographer on the West Coast who keeps his
Saturdays pretty full. Even with four photographers shooting for him,
he still has to turn business down.

_THE ACTION SPORTS GUIDE_ will show you...

* How to get started

* What equipment you will need

* What film to use

* What to shoot and how to shoot it

* How to market your services

* How to sell you pix

* How you can sell your pix online

* How to price your work for profit

And shooting Little League baseball is only a part of it.

Action sports photographers are shooting everything from hockey to
cheerleading, football to gymnastics, karate to dance.

You can easily use the information in _THE ACTION SPORTS GUIDE_ to
stay productive and make money all year long.

And... if you order today, you will also receive...

* Our ACTION SPORTS UPDATE with new information and ideas for
operating and maintaining your youth sports business and...

they become available.

Would you like to make money taking pictures?

Then what are you waiting for?

Order right now!

It could be the best $27 you ever spent.

It could even change your life!

Just click the button to download your Windows format guide, now.
You can be reading it in a few minutes, and using it to build your
action sports photo business tomorrow!

You can be reading this Windows format guide in just a few minutes!

Yes! I would like to download
_The Action Sports Guide _now!

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