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Chris Frank's 12 DAYS crime novel Detective Jim
Jovian has just completed the overnight shift for
the West Covina Police Department on Christmas Eve when he
receives an ominous call. A jogger has informed him that a man
in a Santa Claus outfit is hanging from a tree on Pear Street.
Upon investigation, Jovian notices that the number '1' is carved
into the tree from which Santa is hanging. A series of gruesome
murders occur over the next week and a half, each one bearing
an ascending number. Los Angeles has a serial murderer and the
police are at a loss as to his pattern or how to stop him.

PART 1 of an exciting new crime Trilogy
PDF is download able from "Thank you page" after purchase. Any
please contact -
*note - this novel is a work of fiction and contains mature language
situations. If this were a movie, which it will be eventually, it
would be
rated-PG-13 or R.


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