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Hello There! I’m Dee Kumar and I’m the creator of Double Your Success.

You might have seen me writing on well-known blogs such as Entrepreneurs Journey or even heard me speak at European Marketing Network events.

I can take your business to new heights because I see business like nobody else can. Many well-known marketers listen to what I have to say. Let me show you why you should too:

If you’ve ever wondered how to increase sales and earn as much as the big boys… If you seem to be losing customers or can not see how to grow your business further… and if you need help searching for that missing element of your business that is stopping reaching the earning potential that you know you deserve..

…then my coaching program is absolutely perfect for you.

“…A huge thank you to Dee for his online marketing MBA course that has already after lesson 1, had me taking action and making changes.”
Catherine Ford, Weekly OM MBA Journey blogger

Give any online business a boost so that you are finally able to enjoy the laid back life you have deserved

Online marketing offers a lifestyle that no other business can. It offers you the freedom to work when you want and wherever you want, but only if setup the right way.

I firmly believe I can teach anyone the fundamental methods and systems that no other online marketing course ever talks about.

The same methods and systems that all successful businesses seem to have in common.

The very same methods and systems which I spent over 6 figures to learn on my MBA and the same methods and systems that I perfected and improved upon while working as the right hand man for the CEO of a 22,000 employee company.


If you cannot see for yourself within 60 days, that your business knowledge and your business itself, is in better shape due to my coaching, then I will personally set aside my time to help you one on one before giving your money back.

That’s right, you do not have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see my guarantee, I’m so confident I give it you right upfront.

So many online marketing courses talk about how to start a business, but not of them talk about taking your business and making it even better…

Imagine if you were able to learn the tools and mindsets needed to make any business successful:

… imagine if you would be able to stay ahead of your competitors and watch your profits grow …

… imagine if you would be armed with so many tools and systems that you will never be stuck for ideas on how to grow your business again…

… imagine if you would finally have the knowledge that comes with many years of experience delivered to you in manageable pieces so that you to can begin to experience the lifestyle of a successful business owner…

Well, on my coaching program there is no need to imagine, because I will give you the tools and systems encapsulated within a 26 week training course that will transform any business, successful or struggling and make it do better.

Top rated sports stars need a coach to help them stay at the top of their game, successful business owners all have one and so should you…


My ‘Online Marketing MBA’ program is a week-by-week coaching course in which I teach you the fundamentals of:
The business mindset and tools needed for success (discover why 3 is the most important number within business career and how to prioritise tasks like a super CEO)
identifying and rectifying problem areas within your business (I cover finding customers, keeping customers, segmenting customers and giving them what they want whilst continually developing your own abilities)
And of course, cutting edge business and marketing techniques you can use to improve your business based on real life case studies from my one-to-one coaching clients


Sports stars all understand the importance of a good coach. They have a finite time to display their potential and their coach helps them to stay in top shape and constantly improve upon their already excellent performance.

Likewise all high level business personal make use of good coaching.  A coach helps you stay in good mental shape to focus on the right things whilst constantly improve your abilities. Like a sports star they help to keep you in top shape because if you are not progressing as a manager then you are going downwards, there is no such thing as standing still.

A business coach is the hidden secret of elite business personal. They all understand the importance of a good coach whilst lower level personal falsely believe that somehow having a coach is a sign of weakness. In reality, having a coach is a sign of your rise to the top and thus big businesses only provide coaches to high level personal. Trust me, I’ve been to top, I know.

Having a coach is a sign of greatness. Perhaps that is why great business and sports stars all have them whereas struggling individuals always attempt to go it alone and continue struggling

Online Marketing MBA is perfect for:
Offline and online business owners who are fed up of not reaching their full potential earnings. The earnings that will finally allow them to lead the lifestyle of successful people
Experienced Marketers looking for a guiding hand in making changes you find so difficult to make alone, changes that will help bring vast success to your business
Business owners who know that they have to invest time in learning new cutting edge knowledge from an experienced coach, in order to ensure their business is the best it can be.
So many people instantly attempt to make money via Internet Marketing without enough relevent business experience. Immediately jumping to CEO without learning the ropes… can you see how crazy that is!!

If you are :

Blogging as a business
an affiliate marketing
or selling your own product or service

…then you will benefit from the Online Marketing MBA.

Of course all of my lessons are applicable in real world (offline) businesses too, but I focus all my lessons on online marketing examples as that is one of my greatest passions.

I simply cannot think of any business that could not benefit from my Online Marketing MBA course. Each of the 26 lessons has key takeaways that you can implement straight away.

Even if just one of these lessons is applicable to you and your current situation, the results of implementing my advice will be legendary, and that is sealed by my 60 day money back guarantee.

A word of warning – This course is designed for business owners that have had at least one year actual trading or at least 1000 hours of practical business experience. If you are a complete beginner this may not be for you as we dive deep into business trends and problems, which only people who have practically attempted to run an online business will appreciate. You may gain a lot still from this course, but be prepared for it to take longer then 26 weeks for a beginner to get through this course. My foundation course may be better suited to you.

[Click here for Frequently Asked Questions](http://doubleyoursuccess.com/online-marketing-mba-faqs)


Lets take a look at exactly what you get in the amazing ‘Online Marketing MBA’ coaching course.

26 awesome lessons to cover almost all areas of your business mindset and marketing techniques


Of course this is not a real MBA, for that I would need to be a university however this is the next best thing for Online Marketers.

I give you the key knowledge learnt from my MBA, Management Degree and real life business experience starting companies and working at the top of some of the largest organisations, bundled up into 26 core modules delivered to you via video and audio lessons for a fraction of the cost I spent acquiring all that knowledge.

I value this knowledge bundled into the 26 week video series to be at least $3000 worth. But do not worry, you will get it for a fraction of the cost.


“ I have completed shorter courses in the past, however none of it really stuck and motivated me to continue and pursue my new-found knowledge completely. Now I can understand why this happened, and I’m very much looking forward to breaking new boundaries with the Online Marketing MBA course.”
Dave, OM MBA weekly Course experience blogger

Weekly Q&A training sessions where I answer EVERY QUESTION you may have on any of the modules.

No questions are barred, however simple you may feel they are. If you do not feel you understand the concept well enough then I will make it my job to try to explain it to your again. You will have full access to all previous Q & A calls too.

Access to my private coaching cost hundreds of dollars an hour for regular clients. You get your personal questions about my course answered each week for free via the group Q & A sessions for no extra cost.

If I had to put a value on this I would have to say this was worth at least an extra $2000 over the life of this course.

A great network of other like-minded Entrepreneurs

Every member of my couching course is placed within a study group where you can help each other out and network like you would not believe.

Imagine having a network of entrepreneurs all with various complimenting skills ready to help you for life.

Imagine having a group of entrepreneurs that shared the same learning experience and completed the course with you, so that you actually become friends and not just business partners.

Imagine graduating and being able to mentor other new student through their 26 week experience, potentially earning private coaching fees along the way. Yes, we choose all our coaches from our graduates as who better to guide new candidates but successful graduates themselves.

That is the trust and benefits that develop when you partake in a structured earning course such as the ‘Online Marketing MBA‘

So how much would you think a course like this would cost?

Well using the estimates in the breakdown above we would have to say around $5000 – $6000 dollars would be fair, after all I paid over six figures to gain this knowledge that I can now share with you.

But do not panic, I have no interest in charging you that much.

Some people suggested I should sell the course at $997 as it is so valuable anything lower would simply degrade it’s worth.

I thought long and hard about it and decided no, I did not want to charge as much as $997 even though people were insisting I was crazy.

What I settled on was a price which will still help separate the serious Internet Marketer from the person who is never likely to succeed and who has no interest in invested in good quality coaching which will aid their success.

I settled on a price that would frowned upon for being too low, You can get this amazing 26 week coaching course for the amazingly price of just $87/month.

That is just $87.month for six months and then you pay nothing more for any further module. Nothing more, not a penny for any updates to this course.


That is not all, this whole course comes with my 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with my course for any reason then I will personally attend to your concerns. If that is not enough, you need to ask no more, I will refund your money with no further questions asked.

All I ask is that you contact me first so that I have a chance to understand what the problem is and perhaps rectify anything that is preventing you from achieving the same success as our  other students.




[Still have questions? Then feel free to contact us via our support desk (click here)](http://doubleyoursuccess.com/support)

Copyright © Dee Kumar & Double Your Success companies 2011


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