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Shocking secrets hiring managers don't want you to know!

Unusual Tips and Tricks to Land the Job you Want


Unemployed? Hate your current job? Find a new one in 30 days! No job agencies needed! In this ebook you will find out about:
* The 1 Shocking Secret about interviews everyone should know

* 5 Unusual tips & tricks that get you the job

* Why 80% of open jobs are NEVER posted online

* Land a job WITHOUT a college degree

* The TRUTH about job websites and why they DON'T work



5 Facts you should know about finding a new job

1. You don't need to go to a job agency or job website to find a job. It's highly possible they won't be much help. With our ebook you will have the resources and guidelines to find a job on your own.

2. Submiting your resumes to postings on job search engines is the LEAST effective way to get a job. In our ebook, we will go over some more non-traditional but effective methods.

3. The economy is not an excuse for not finding a job. Also, job hunting for a long time does not guarantee a good job. When done correctly, you can easily find a job in 30 days.

4.  You don’t need to waste your time and money on “resume-building” sessions or “how to be successful in an interview” classes. I will show you how to do all of that effectively in our simple ebook.

5. Don't have the years of experience? Don't have the degree they want? Required qualifications on job descriptions are mostly fluff. We will teach you ways to get around them.

Get a Job in 30 Days Ebook

Only $39.95

Discover the job hunting secrets you didn't know.
Learn simple and effective networking methods.
Gain Employment in 30 days!


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