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Array Dance Online Now Available Worldwide

The Array Dance Online program is now available worldwide and is specifically designed for those who really want to learn how to dance the actual steps as seen in music videos of your favourite artists.  This is the first online dance studio of its kind in the world and we will be adding more dance steps from other artists such as Michael Jackson and the latest dance craze The Shuffle as featured by LMFAO in Party Rock Anthem.

The beauty of Array Dance Online is that you can access it from your iphone, ipad, smart phone, tablet, computer, in fact any device that is connected to the internet.  Each lesson is set up like a private one-to-one personalized dance class and is approximately 10 minutes in duration.  The lesson breaks down each step slowly, then you get the opportunity to practice to slow music to gain confidence, building up to faster music by the end of the lesson.

Array Dance Online provides a great way to learn how to dance in your own time and at your own pace and provides you with a fun fitness alternative. Check out what others are saying about Array Dance on [Truelocal](http://www.truelocal.com.au/business/array-dance/chippendale)

Want to learn how to dance like Beyonce? 

Dance instructor Kaylene breaks down the Beyonce dance moves from Single Ladies and We Run The World Girls film clips so that you too can Booty Shake with the best of them.  Join for a year and benefit from all the new dance styles added in 2012.

   Master the top twenty Beyonce dance moves   

  - Ideal for beginners
  - Filmed and edited professionally

  - Available 24/7 anytime

  - No annoying advertisements

  - View on your computer, iphone, ipad, tablet or smart phone  

  - Watch a free demo below with Adobe Flash [download it here](http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/) 

$29 for unlimited access for 1 month

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.ARRAYDANCE.pay.clickbank.net)

Watch a free demo lesson below...

Array Dance Testimonials

"Just wanna say that your dance classes are so much fun. They are exactly what I need to give me a smile to my face and a good mood :-)) Really, I love your dance classes. I am so happy I found the place." Maarika

"I particularly like the feeling of progressing with each lesson. I am finding it easier to pick up the dance moves and I am remembering them more easily now without notes." Reni

Hi Kaylene, I want you to know that you have been a fabulous dance teacher. Your passion for dancing has been contagious and you have perfected the balance of detail/perfection while maintaining the fun energy of dance. There has been no sense of pressure or negative criticism - you have really catered for the different levels of dancing ability while encouraging people to the best dancers they can be. I don't think this is an easy balance to achieve as a dance teacher but you have done it! So thank you so much for keeping my passion for dancing alive. It's been great though and very important to me that I still get to do fun dancing!" Yasmine

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