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Dear Friend,

Your life is a continuous exploration of the creative mystery of
life, and these are some the very most important questions you must
ask yourself :

* Do you remember the sense of wonder, innocence, simplicity, and
bliss you experienced as a child?

* Do you remember what it was like to be totally immersed in play,
losing all sense of time, space, and limitations?

* Do you remember how magical everything was all the time when you
were a child?

When Was The Last Time You Had That Much
Fun And Freedom In Your Life?

Your life is an open creative process, and creative imagination is
the key to achieving success in any and all spheres of your life
(spiritual / mental / physical / social / finance / etc.)

Unfortunately, conscious-centric approach that is predominant today
is very ineffective in dealing with ever-changing dynamics of our
rapid-changing world, and it often produces endless series of
struggles and failures in our lives.

Truth is, creativity is not limited to music and arts, and, in order
to survive and thrive in this world, you need a way to awaken and
master your inner powers to achieve success and freedom that you are
meant to experience.


What is needed now is an effortless and blissful process of mastering
your creative imagination that is fun, creative, risk-free, and
flexible in terms of time, energy, and circumstances to achieve :

* Open process of creating and experiencing your greatest vision of
life in harmony with your sacred bliss

* Inner and outer harmony of mind, body, and soul in the moment

* Mastery of mind (conscious / subconscious)

* Mastery of all modalities (auditory / visual / kinesthetic //
gustatory / olfactory)

* Connection with outer and inner worlds beyond space / time

* Creation of inner sanctuary

* Return of innocence and bliss of a playful child, creative life
filled with sense of wonder and infinite possibilities

These benefits are only the beginning of unlimited creative
possibilities waiting to be unlocked deep down inside you.

After decades of heartbreaking trials and failures, I have finally
been led to the secret that fulfills these needs, and I am very
grateful to have been given this opportunity to share it with you now.

Hi Masa, I wish you well with your project. Music is a very good tool
for helping people suffering from challenges of life, and your musical
ideas I am sure will be helpful. Best Wishes,

- Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Quantum Physicist : featured in The Secret and
What the Bleep Do We Know!?


I have always wanted to be a singer, but I could never allow myself
to sing and express myself through music. I fantasized about becoming
a professional singer in my early days, but I was too afraid to pursue
my career in singing and I eventually stopped listening to music

After decades of repressing my love of music, Masahiro has empowered
me to finally become liberated from my fears and begin experiencing
the magic of music.

I am now enrolled in a weekly vocal class at a music school created
by my favorite singer from my 'youth' and sing at every opportunity I

I know that there are many others like me in need of being inspired
to explore their natural creative gift, and I strongly encourage them
to explore his wonderful teachings.

- Sanae Shiratori, Expert Nutritionist and Bestselling Author in


As an illustrator, I never thought that I had any talent for music,
but Masahiro's passion and commitment to music really inspired me to
begin exploring music in my own way.

I'm now playing in a band that I have formed with my brother and
friends, and we really enjoy performing frequently in local NYC-areas.

Being a musician has really helped me as an illustrator, and I feel
that everyone should check out his works to re-discover their
creativity through musical expression.

- Fell Boley, Illustrator and Musician


Masahiro Shigeno's book covers many concepts about music. From the
scientific to the spiritual, from the theoretical to the abstract, and
from practicing to performance.

Within this wide spectrum of information and educational instruction,
the main point the author presents his readers--from the novice to the
professional--is that music, and the creation of music, can give life
it's most needed fulfillment.

An inspiring book, indeed.

- Laith Keilany, Musician 


Lost Soul

I have been very fortunate to have studied music in NYC with great
masters, and my musical explorations continue to be very exciting and
enlightening today, but my journey has not always been so blissful
from the beginning :

I was forced to study violin in my early childhood, and my
Mahler-fanatic father took a very Spartan approach that made me
absolutely _hate_ music (and my father) from the core of my being.

Naturally, I ended up becoming an extremely violent and rebellious
child, and quit violin as a way to resist my fathers power and

Years later as a student studying abroad in The United States, I
became yet another teenage fan-consumer that worshipped musicians and
devoured their merchandises without ever dreaming of possessing the
power to express myself through music.

(I had a Fender guitar, but I never went beyond few Metallica riffs
and power chords.)

By the time I graduated from high school and took an year off to do
some volunteer works (*failed*), I had already become severely
depressed and withdrawn from non-stop racist attacks in the Deep

As I sank deeper and deeper into depression in solitude, I was
accidentally introduced to works by John Coltrane, and I began to feel
an intuitive sense of creative possibilities that I had lost since my
early childhood.


After an year of being crushed by massive depression and severe
anxiety attacks, I moved to New York City to begin my studies at NYU.

I was enrolled in pre-medicine program, but it was only a question of
time before I fell in love with music in NYC and made the decision,
against my fathers will, to change my major to music as a saxophonist
/ improviser.

I somehow managed to squeeze my way into music programs to study with
some of the best musicians / educators in the world, but I really
struggled with music (and depression) and quickly lost touch with the
original reasons for pursuing music.

After graduating with a degree in music, I returned to Tokyo, Japan
where my life completely disintegrated after 9.11 shock, and I became
suicidally depressed until my fathers death and family betrayals
forced me out of living dead paralysis in spring 2003.

Searching for a place to die, I hit the road with a broken heart, and
roamed around Australia and Asia in vain until I lost all of my money
in Bali and was forced to return to Japan to start working at dead-end

In torment, I desperately searched for a way out of nightmare that I
had created, and I gradually attracted resources that revealed the
great secret of life and led me back to music as a way of life.

Gradually, I learned to accept my past struggles as necessary steps
to receive life-changing wisdom, and I saw myself reflected in the
universal transformation process depicted in world mythology.

My life since then has been dramatically transformed, and I
continually experience the miraculous in all areas of my life in
pursuit of my sacred bliss.

Surviving The 3.11 Earthquake

My faith was heavily tested with 3.11 earthquake in Japan that caused
massive tsunami devastations in north-eastern Japan and Level 7
nuclear fallout in Fukushima prefecture.

There were many times that I thought that my death (and that of my
mother and 3 cats) was certain, and finishing up my ebook was the only
thing that kept me sane with my country on a verge of total collapse
as nuclear reactors exploded few hundred kilo-meters north of Tokyo.

We had no place to escape to, and with the government, corporations,
and media lying to the people to protect their interests, I really had
to reach down deep inside of me to rebuild my very existence from
scratch using the wisdom and techniques that I had attracted through
my years of trials.

My survival through waves of death threats has strengthened and
solidified my faith and conviction in the wisdom that I have received,
and now that I have survived 3.11, I am finally ready and committed to
sharing the secret with you to help you awaken your creative
imagination to co-create our future vision of life in a world that is
in great need for new creative solutions and possibilities.


Reality Check

We live in a waste land.

We live in a jaded world.

We are raised as slaves by social systems that paralyse us of our
creative imagination.

We struggle to survive in overly competitive environments with
defective and inadequate negative beliefs that continually attract and
manifest failures and adversities in all areas of our lives.

In this jaded world, we feel victimized as we are paralyzed by fears
and negative beliefs from years (decades) of education and social
experiences that cripple us of our innate creative powers :

* Most people feel yearning for greater freedom of experience and

* They have lost touch with their innocence, sense of wonder,
unlimited joy and freedom of a child and feel jaded and uncreative.

* They intuitively sense their inner potentials, but do not possess
the tools to fully awaken their lost innate creative powers.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by competition, rapidly changing
environments, and as we overwork and suffocate under stress, we
surrender ourselves to consume-or-die way of life to distract
ourselves from storms of pain and torments inside.

Even the technological evolution that was supposed to liberate us
from slavery and suffering aeons ago devours our private space and
time, and the utopian ideal of internet has corrupted into an
alienating force in our daily lives.

Music Today

The curse of our jaded world poisons the realm of creative
expression, and most people lose their sacred gift of creative
imagination and become consumer-audiences for life :

* Their creativity was crushed and paralyzed through early childhood
education, and they have lost touch with the most sacred and important
essence of their being : creative imagination.

* They believe in the lies that have been programmed by their
authorities, and struggle to survive with extremely limited resources
of conscious mind.

* They have been taught that they are too serious and busy to play
music (or play in general), and falsely believe creativity as
something trivial, insignificant, and foreign.

Furthermore, many musicians suffer as their creative imagination is
limited and paralyzed by negative programming :

* The myth of artist subdivides musicians into divinely privileged
musicians who have been given musical talent at birth (haves) and
musicians without divinely inspired talents (have nots) who are doomed
to mediocrity and failure for the rest of their lives.

* Music education is very ineffective and dysfunctional with +95%
failure rate, and most students lose their love of music and give up
their sacred gift after graduation.

* Music industry continually mass produce disposable music products,
and music technology advances to quench insatiable thirst for music
that can only be resolved by personally and directly participating in
the creative process of music.

The world of music has been shattered, and what was once a universal
human experience has become fragmented and distorted in every way.

Creative Revolution

In facing our jaded world, what is needed is a new personal and
creative revolution that can :

* Help you re-awaken your creative imagination

* Help you re-discover and re-align with your sacred bliss to return
to the state of blissful innocence that you naturally experienced in
your early childhood

* Demystify music and bring music back to people

You can not change the world by yourself, and what you must do as an
individual is to re-discover and follow your bliss to fulfill your
true potentials and give back to the world as you overflow with your
radiant bliss.

In your pursuit of your sacred bliss, you need a way to
systematically re-awaken your creative imagination, and, once
demystified of negative beliefs, music serves an ideal way to awaken
your creative powers to transform your life into an open creative

As you awaken your creative imagination through music, your life
becomes an effortless play filled with blissful innocence, radiant
joy, and sense of wonder just as it was in your early childhood, and
then, and only then, can you begin to transform our jaded world into a
world filled with new future possibilities.



Prodigy Formula has been created to help you awaken and master your
inner powers through an effortless and blissful integration of music
into your creative life :

* It is designed to help you clear negative beliefs and re-awaken
natural inner powers to empower you to create and experience your life
by design.

* It will guide you to explore music as a way of life based on Zen
principles of The Way to directly and immediately awaken and
experience your creative imagination.

* It will set a new standard for all areas of life and create a new
sense of independence and freedom with the powers to fully create,
experience and express your sacred bliss.

Problems With Conventional Practices

You may be very skeptical after series of failures with various tools
that failed to clear inner resistances, provide feedbacks, and give
you real-life results.

Conventional practices (self help / coaching / counseling /
meditations / etc) are flawed in that they often take too many years
(or decades) of fragmented and unreliable trial-and-error cycles that
fail to produce successful results :

* Feedbacks are often very unclear and non-immediate, and may take
weeks, months, or even years before results (or failures) can be

* In many cases, only parts of your being are activated in exploring
inner potentials, and the results are usually partial and

* Most approaches fail to effectively harmonize intellect,
creativity, and emotions.

* Subconscious is mostly ignored in conscious-centric approach to

* Creative imagination is often ignored or under-utilized.

* Inner resistances are usually ignored and repressed through false

* Many experience solitude and isolation in exploring ways of life
that is significantly different from conventional rules of jaded

* Others become dependent and/or addicted to external resources.

* Too many fail to connect synergistically with others to realize
common visions.

* Most fail to connect and directly experience the creative source.

You can only push yourself so much with sheer will power, and most
people end up giving up their pursuit of freedom and happiness and
return to the jaded world as victims of uncontrollable circumstances.

Ultimate Personal Development Technology

The Way of Music addresses these flaws of conventional practices, and
integrate advanced spiritual and scientific techniques with creative
approach to music :

* Self realization beyond basic survival needs (Maslows hierarchy

* Mastery and integration of multiple levels of mind (conscious /
subconscious), and multiple intelligences (brain / heart) in real-time

* Re-connection with the universe and the creative source

* Creative expression through life and music

* Re-awakening of your innocence, sense of wonder, and bliss

* Exploration of unlimited creative freedom

* Harmonic integration of your mind, body, and soul

* Mastery of subconscious mind

* Mastery of accelerated learning

* Training of creative imagination integrating modalities,
intellect, and feelings

* Acceptance and celebration of ephemerality and vulnerability in
the moment

* Direct communication with the creative source through your
personal subconscious

* Synergetic real-time co-creation with musicians and audiences

Possibilities for true personal transformation are unlimited, and
game theory qualities of creative approach to music guarantee that
your pursuit of personal freedom will be effortless and blissful :

* Measurable progress

* Multiple and parallel long-term and short-term goals

* Real-time process with rapid, frequent and clear feedbacks

* Immediate rewards for effort

* Engagement with uncertainty

* Social interplay

Blissful Life

Your true mission in life is to follow your bliss and experience the
miracle of life in each and every moment of your life.

You have been given your bliss as a way to return to your creative
source, and your creative imagination is the power to fulfill your
destiny through your direct participation in this world.

Prodigy Formula will help you achieve your freedom in harmony with
your sacred bliss, and experience true happiness with a renewed sense
of purpose in your life.

As you effortlessly achieve success in harmony with your destiny, you
will continuously awaken and master your inner powers to experience
radiance in all areas of your life.

What you must do then in revolutionizing and transforming your life
is to follow your bliss, and you will positively influence our world
that is in great need of healing.

As a result, your life becomes a blissful expression of the creative
source, and you will positively transform our jaded world through your
sharing and celebration of the mysterious gift of life.


Universal Experience

Prodigy Formula is based on universal principles, and it is open to
people of all backgrounds :

* Any age, gender, nationality, religion, beliefs, etc.

* Any instruments, styles, and genres of music

The only requirements are your love of music and basic English

Musician Types

Regardless of your background in music, Prodigy Formula will empower
you to master your creative imagination and realize your greatest
vision of life and music effortlessly and blissfully :


You may be a pre-musician who enjoy listening to music with a secret
desire to play music, but you are blocked and paralyzed by various
negative beliefs and fears from exploring your musical gift.


You may be a parent who wishes to help your child or children learn
music and nurture their creativity.


You may be a beginner musician who feels lost and overwhelmed in need
of clarity and guidance.


You may be an amateur musician enjoys playing music for pleasure, and
is interested in deepening your musical experiences.

You may have given up music career after graduating from music school
or after an unsuccessful career in music profession.


You may be a music student who wants to succeed in school and in
future music career, but is frustrated by rigid and flawed music
education system that fails to bring out your true potentials and
drains the joy of playing music.

(Note : +95% of music school graduates fail to survive in music

Like many, you may have been forced into music school by parents and
you are unable to fully experience the power of music.

You may even have secret desires to pursue non-music careers, but you
are afraid of your being rejected and criticized by your parents
and/or you may falsely believe that you lack the power to succeed
outside of musical environments.


You may be a professional who is new to the scene or a moderately
successful professional musician, and you are interested in achieving
greater success and freedom in music career.

You may be a jaded musician who has lost touch with bliss and sense
of wonder through years of professional involvement.

You may already be successful in your professional career with a
desire to further expand your success in music and life.


Time And Energy

Prodigy Formula is a creative program designed to flexibly adopt to
your lifestyle, and you are free to choose and customize its concepts
and tools to optimize your blissful experience of life and music.

Its principles are open so that you can easily integrate into any
processes (spiritual / personal development / musical / etc) that you
may have been practicing.

Even 1 minute application of Prodigy Formula techniques will be life
transforming, and your life will once again be a joyful and playful
celebration of your creative nature.

Tools And Format

All you need are a PDF viewer and a mp3 player, and you can explore
its contents anytime and anywhere.

In order to achieve clarity of presentation and for the ease of
reading with computers and mobile devices, text is presented with
extensive use of colored headings, short sentences, and bullet point


Movement 1 : Spirit

Chapter 1 : Spirituality

Section 1 : Spirituality
Part 1 : Mystery of Life
Part 2 : Spiritual Transformation
Section 2 : Spiritual Life
Part 1 : Personal Development
Part 2 : The Way
Part 3 : Pursuance

Chapter 2 : Holographic Universe

Section 1 : Science
Part 1 : Scientific Paradigms
Part 2 : Paradigm Shift
Section 2 : New Paradigm
Part 1 : Quantum Paradigm
Part 2 : Holographic Being

Movement 2 : Mind

Chapter 3 : Brain Intelligence

Section 1 : Brain Mechanics
Part 1 : Brain Power
Part 2 : Brain Structures
Part 3 : Brainwaves
Section 2 : Brain Functions
Part 1 : Holographic Brain
Part 2 : Creative Mind

Chapter 4 : Heart Intelligence

Section 1 : Heart Intelligence
Part 1 : Heart Intelligence
Part 2 : Heart Feelings
Section 2 : Heart Processes
Part 1 : Heart Awakening
Part 2 : Heart Technology

Chapter 5 : Subconscious

Section 1 : Subconscious
Part 1 : Prodigy / Genius
Part 2 : Subconscious
Section 2 : Subconscious Techniques
Part 1 : Trance
Part 2 : Subconscious Processes

Movement 3 : Sacred Bliss

Chapter 6 : Clearing

Section 1 : Resistance
Part 1 : Resistance
Part 2 : Roots of Resistance
Section 2 : Clearing
Part 1 : Transformation
Part 2 : Clearing

Chapter 7 : Vision

Section 1 : Vision
Part 1 : Sacred Bliss
Part 2 : Vision Processes
Section 2 : The Law of Attraction
Part 1 : Ask
Part 2 : Believe
Part 3 : Receive
In Action

Movement 4 : Music

Chapter 8 : The Way Of Music

Section 1 : Music History
Part 1 : Music & Spirituality
Part 2 : Lost Souls
Section 2 : The Way of Music
Part 1 : Musicians Journey
Part 2 : The Way of Music

Chapter 9 : Music Education

Section 1 : Learning Theory
Part 1 : Learning Process
Part 2 : Accelerated Learning
Part 3 : Deep Practicing
Section 2 : Forward Motion
Part 1 : Pure Motivation
Part 2 : Master Coaching
Section 3 : Mind-Body Harmony
Part 1 : Musicians Body
Part 2 : Body in Motion

Chapter 10 : Music Expression

Section 1 : Musical Style
Part 1 : Personal Voice
Part 2 : Personal Style
Section 2 : Musical Expression
Part 1 : Selfless Expression
Part 2 : Creative Expression

Chapter 11 : The Art Of Practicing

Section 1 : Practicing Process
Part 1 : Mind Streams
Part 2 : Practicing Goals
Section 2 : Practicing in Action
Part 1 : Tuning In
Part 2 : Practice Guidelines

Chapter 12 : Musical Performance

Section 1 : Musical Performance
Part 1 : Pre-Performance
Part 2 : In-Performance
Part 3 : Post-Performance
Section 2 : Musicians Journey
Part 1 : Creative Lifestyle
Part 2 : Spiritual Unity




In addition to the core text, you will receive bonus texts and audio
meditation that transform knowledge into understanding through
practical daily action steps.

Unlike most programs that only propose theories without practical
application steps, Prodigy Formula is designed to achieve real-life
results through your direct experiences.


Bonus 1 : Vision Daily Action Steps

Section 1 : Life
Section 2 : Music
Part 1: Practicing
Part 2 : Beyond Practicing

Bonus 2 : Vision Blueprint

Section 1 : Vision
Part 1 : Sacred Bliss
Part 2 : Find Your Bliss
Part 3 : Vision
Section 2 : Resistances
Part 1 : Resistance Identification
Part 2 : Resistance Signals
Part 3 : Resistance Clearing

Bonus 3 : Vision New Self Image

Section 1 : New Self Image
Part 1 : Inner Mirrors
Part 2 : Outer Mirrors
Section 2 : New Artist Image
Part 1 : Artist Image
Part 2 : Inner Mirrors
Part 3 : Outer Mirrors
Section 3 : Image Transformations
Part 1 : New Self Image Creation
Part 2 : New Image Actions


Bonus 4 : Music Practicing Core

Section 1 : Basic Practicing Concepts
Part 1 : Practicing Basics
Part 2: Practicing Targets
Part 3 : Practicing Elements
Part 4 : Sonic Tribalism
Section 2 : Basic Practice Sessions
Part 1 : Tuning In
Part 2A : Basic Practicing Cycles
Part 2B : Creative Cycles
Part 3 : Breaks & Exit

Bonus 5 : Music Practicing Advanced

Section 1 : Advanced Practicing Concepts
Part 1 : Musical Design
Part 2 : Musical Modalities
Part 3 : Musical Parameters
Part 4 : Subconscious Integration
Section 2 : Advanced Practice Sessions
Part 1 : Tuning In
Part 2 : Advanced Practicing Cycles
Part 3 : Breaks & Exit

Bonus 6 : Music Practicing Plus

Section 1 : Ear Training Plus
Part 1 : Score Interpretation
Part 2 : Transcription
Section 2 : Creative Explorations
Part 1 : Modalities
Part 2 : Creative Intelligence
Part 3 : Creative Ideas
Section 3 : Music Meditations
Part 1 : Applied Meditation
Part 2 : Music Meditations


Bonus 7 : Mind Tools Core

Section 1 : Basic Clearing
Part 1 : EFT
Part 2 : Affirmations
Part 3 : Scripts
Section 2 : Trance
Part 1 : Basics
Part 2 : Advanced
Section 3 : Visualization
Part 1 : Modalities
Part 2 : Visualization
Section 3 : Subconscious
Subconscious Communication

Bonus 8 : Mind Tools Advanced

Section 1 : Inner Space
Part 1 : Inner Sanctuary
Part 2 : Inner Perspectives
Part 3 : Inner Explorations
Section 2 : Inner Healing
Part 1 : Energy Control
Part 2 : Inner Healing

Bonus 9 : Mind Tools Audio

Section 1 : Meditation Techniques
Part 1 : Meditation Types
Part 2 : Sessions
Part 3 : Creating Meditations
Section 2 : Core Meditations
Part 1 : Trance
Part 2 : Visualization
Section 3 : Advanced Meditations
Part 1 : Inner Sanctuary
Part 2 : Inner Healing
Section 4 : Music Meditations
Part 1 : Instrument Integration
Part 2 : Music Visualization


You have been created to follow and manifest your blissful vision of

You have been led here for a reason.

You are a creative spirit, and The Way of Music will help you master
your creative imagination effortlessly to realize your vision of life
in harmony with your sacred bliss.

Through an open process that is fun, creative, risk-free, and
flexible, you will blissfully harmonize your mind, body, and soul to
return to the innocence of a playful child in a new creative life
filled with sense of wonder and infinite possibilities.

For a limited time, I am offering free special bonuses in addition to
9 bonus texts and audios that comes standard with Prodigy Formula

On a weekly basis, you will receive these 5 Special Bonuses delivered
to your email, and they will greatly enrich and deepen your creative
explorations through The Way of Music.

Special Bonus 1 : ITunes Key

Ex-Apple Store Mac Specialists Guide To The Secret Of Digital

Section 1 : Digital Lifestyle
Part 1 : Paradigm Shift
Part 2 : Tags Defined
Part 3 : Tag Management
Section 2 : In-Action

(Note : information contained in this special ebook applies to all
non-iTunes users)

Special Bonus 2 : Music Theory 1

Introduction To Music Theory And Psychoacoustics

Section 1 : Sonic Design
Theoretical Frameworks
Section 2 : Psychoacoustics
Part 1 : Sound Wave
Part 2 : Psychoacoustics

Special Bonus 3 : Mastering Languages

Master Languages And Explore World Cultures And Music

Section 1 : Language Process
Part 1 : Language Basics
Part 2 : Learning Tools
Part 3 : Personal Selections
Section 2 : Learning Process
Part 1 : Getting Started
Part 2 : Dictation Process
Part 3 : Interplay

Special Bonus 4 : Music Theory 2

Open Music Theory For Creative Musical Expression

Section 1 : Sound Continuum
Part 1 : Sonic Paradigms
Part 2 : Notation
Section 2 : Morphology
Part 1 : Frequency Dimension
Part 2 : Temporal Dimension
Part 3 : Color Dimensions
Part 4 : Spatialization
Section 3 : Syntax
Part 1 : Musical Syntax
Part 2 : Creative Logic
Section 4 : Form
Part 1 : Formal Processes
Part 2 : Creative Process

Special Bonus 5 : Mastering Perfect Pitch

Proven Guide To Mastering Perfect Pitch Ability

Section 1: Perfect Pitch Theory
Part 1 : Myth of Perfect Pitch
Part 2 : Perfect Pitch Process
Section 2 : Mastering Perfect Pitch
Part 1 : Mastering Perfect Pitch
Part 2 : Mastering Processes


Prodigy Formula

Exclusive copy of Prodigy Formula ebook

9 Bonuses including :

* Bonus 1 Vision Daily Action Steps

* Bonus 2 Vision Blueprint

* Bonus 3 Vision New Self Image

* Bonus 4 Music Practicing Core

* Bonus 5 Music Practicing Advanced

* Bonus 6 Music Practicing Plus

* Bonus 7 Mind Tools Core

* Bonus 8 Mind Tools Advanced

* Bonus 9 Mind Tools Audio (text plus 11 audio meditations)


* Special Bonus 1 iTunes Key

* Special Bonus 2 Music Theory 1

* Special Bonus 3 Mastering Languages

* Special Bonus 4 Music Theory 2

* Special Bonus 5 Mastering Perfect Pitch

For Your Eyes (and Ears) Only

Channeling Inspirations

Information presented in this program is not available in any
conventional music education systems, therapies, and personal
development programs, and it is based on decades of extensive research
in spirituality, science, personal development, and music.

It has proven extremely challenging to formulate a practical system
that is open and accessible to anyone and everyone, and, frankly, had
I had a choice, I would have never chosen to suffer through the path
of thorns to discover the wisdom that has manifested through this

I have served my role, to the best of my abilities, to channel divine
inspiration to share with the world that is in need of new
possibilities, and I know that my life would have been so much easier
and blissful had I had access to this information back in those days
of adversities.

Life Saver

Prodigy Formula has been created to save you 1,000s (or 10,000s) of
hours of investigations and $1,000s (or $100,000s) to help you
effortlessly awaken your creative imagination through the way of music
in harmony with your sacred bliss.

Unlike flawed education system and personal development programs,
Prodigy Formula is designed to achieve real-life results in a fraction
of cost of time, energy, and money.

You will not have to pay $100,000s as you would for college-level

Or $1,000s for feel-good-for-a-weekend personal development seminars.

(Or even what I would charge for a lesson here in Tokyo, Japan, for
that matter.)

For a limited time, the cost of a complete package consisted of over
500 pages of original contents and over 80 minutes of audio
meditations is ONLY $97 ONLY $57.

Many people make careers out of information presented in just one of
these chapters of the core text, but rather than diluting the contents
and creating separate products, I have chosen to give you everything
in a single package complete with a list of resources for life-long

For ONLY $57, you will access the essence of spirituality, science,
personal development, and music to awaken and manifest your vision of
life effortlessly and blissfully.

You have been led to this short-cut to realize your new freedom, and
it even comes with a guarantee to help you make the right decision in
fulfilling your sacred destiny.


This program is based on proven cutting-edge wisdom from around the
world from ancient times to the present, and I have already witnessed
miraculous results in my life as well as lives of others who have
applied the secret formula.
The results are absolutely life-transforming.

And it is my intention to help you achieve similarly amazing results.

I know that this information is universal and works 100%.

I also know that a part of you may be skeptical
about the promises made in this sales letter as
many others fail to deliver their hypes.

Because I deeply want you to be blissful with
your investment and become extremely successful
in realizing your greatest vision of life, Im making
a risk-free offer to you :

You have full 30 days to freely explore wide range of ideas and
techniques to begin transforming your life.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the information presented
in Prodigy Formula, I will refund your full investment with _no
questions asked_.


 * Im now ready to awaken and master my creative imagination as
soon as possible with the all-new Prodigy Formula for only $97 ONLY

* I understand that this discount price may change at anytime, and
that it can only be guaranteed by placing my order today.

* I also understand that my satisfaction is guaranteed 100% by
no-questions-asked _30-day money back guarantee_.

* I understand that after ordering the program, I will immediately
receive instructions for my instant access to the product package.

From the download page, I will have immediately access to exclusive
information including :

* Prodigy Formula core text

* 9 Bonus texts

* 11 audio meditations

 Furthermore, I will receive 5 great Special Bonus texts
delivered by email on a weekly basis.

* I understand that my order transaction will be processed on a
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Follow Your Bliss

Your Manifestation

You have been led here for a reason.

Deeper part of you and greater powers of the universe have attracted
it to you at a perfect time in your life.

You now have access to the secret that will help you effortlessly
master your creative imagination to experience true freedom that you
are meant to celebrate.

Just imagine what your new creative life is going to be like in
harmony with your sacred bliss

Your Effortless Bliss

Prodigy Formula is a risk-free and flexible personal development
system decoded and extracted from diverse resources ranging from
ancient spiritual wisdom to cutting edge scientific researches.

It is formulated to help you return to your creative source through
your joyful participation in your life as a spiritual being having a
human experience in pursuit of your sacred bliss.

With this new resource at your hand, can you afford to continue to
endlessly search for the knowledge that will harmonize your mind,
body, and soul in the creative moment in pursuit of your sacred bliss?

You have absolutely nothing to risk for you are protected by
guarantees, and I know that you will effortlessly return to a new
creative life filled with bliss, innocence, play, sense of wonder, and
infinite possibilities.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your order today, and I
look forward to celebrating your life and music in blissful motion as
a co-creator of our new creative world.


Masahiro Shigeno

P.S. Prodigy Formula is created to clear your resistances and
liberate your creative imagination through the power of music to
realize your vision of life.

Remember that your thought is the only thing you have control over,
and your creative imagination is the secret to achieving your true
freedom and success.

Prodigy Formula is the missing key to your new life of infinite
creative possibilities.

P.P.S. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by no-questions-asked 30
day full return policy.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this _zero risk
/ super high return_ program.

You have attracted it for a reason, and it is now time to make an
investment in your creative freedom.

As a mother, I know how blissful special children are, and I've
always wondered how adults can re-experience incredible freedom and
imagination that every child naturally possesses.

Masahiro's ebook has finally answered that question for me, and I can
now make the connection between music and my works in comedy and
photography at a deep spiritual level.

I love being creative and he has really energized me to explore my
creative imagination.

- Carla Cherry, Comedian and Photographer


From my teenage years, I was always listening to music and going to
concerts and events, but I never allowed myself to be on the other
side of being an artist.

By default , I just thought that I was an audience for life without
any talent, but Masahiro has freed me from that lie and showed me that
I too can be creative and have fun again through music.

I now have my own music production, and I love expressing myself
through music in recordings and live performances. He was right. It
really is never too late to start playing music.

- Matt Moran, DJ


Last 16 months has been the most amazing, incredible, miraculous and
challenging time of my life. I had no idea what I was coming to, what
would happen, or how I would survive financially. There have been
moments of intense stress when I literally didn't know whether I would
have a place to go to.

Somehow, miraculously, it has all unfolded and everything I need have
been provided using the ideas that you are now sharing through your
ebook. As hard as it has been, there have also been so many magical
and miraculous moments, and now that I know I'm following my path,
I'll just have to keep following my bliss.

I have learned so much, grown so much and healed so much. Thank you
for sharing the secret of awakening my inner powers with me!!

- Danielle Rodgers, Board Game Creator and Visionary Entrepreneur


(c) 2011 Copy Right Masahiro Shigeno. All Rights Reserved.


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