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In this economy, we need to make money fast. We need to make money now. It would take up to one year to find a job in this high unemployment rate and to get paid 30 days after the first day at the job. Luckily, there is another path to make money fast.

We can start a business right now and get paid as soon as we sell our first product or service. eQlique.com understands this very well and our team has been working really hard to bring you the best and reliable resources and step-by-step hands-on information on how to start a niche business from scratch with minimal or zero capital and start making money right away.

eQlique.com is a sister site of StyleCareer.com, a highly successful publisher of fashion, beauty, entertainment, arts, and fun business ebooks was founded in 2003 and have delivered more than 200,000 downloads to worldwide customers.  StyleCareer.com has been covered in Entrepreneur, People, Canadian Business, Homebusiness, Arizona Republic, The Independent, Chic, Fit, Femina, and many others.

We will have the first round of 100 ebook titles published in 2012 and our publishing goal is 500 titles. Careers and businesses covered include: fashion, entertainment, art, fun, sports, design, and home-based.

Current Titles:

[Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Fragrance Maker](http://www.eqlique.com/2011/11/16/fragrance-maker/)
This 90-page ebook shows you how to start a fragrance business just like celebrities with their own perfume line. It contains trade information, labs and private manufacturers ready to make your fragrance.


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