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ATTENTION: Filmmakers who want to market and sell movies for maximum profit this year!

"How To Easily Set Up An Awesome Web Site So You Can Market And Sell Your Movie... In Minutes!"

The vast majority of Filmmakers do not garner a traditional distribution deal. To become successful, it is imperative that you get your movie set up and selling online ASAP!

If you can follow instructions and click a mouse, you can create sites like these!

Dear Filmmaker,

You NEED a website to promote your movie. But if you don’t watch it, you’re going to end up spending time and money on an awesome looking movie website that sucks at selling your movie.

“How can I be so sure of this?”

Because our first movie website had all the extra features that made it look awesome, including a super cool flash movie intro!

The problem is, our first feature did not garner a distribution deal. So in order to make money, we had to start selling our movie on Amazon. And it was during that time when we discovered something very important – there is a difference between websites that promote your movie – and websites that actually help you SELL your movie!

Given changes in movie distribution, your sales will come from your ability to drive targeted traffic to your desired marketplaces. So let’s say your movie is currently available in Amazon or iTunes – This means you will want your web visitors to come to your site and then click through to those various marketplaces.

But if your visitors get distracted with other pages on your site, you will potentially lose sales.

“The Filmmaker Theme Helps Get Your Visitors To Buy Your Movie!”

I know what you’re thinking. How is the Filmmaker Theme different from any other independent movie website?

For starters, unlike most web developers, the Filmmaker Theme has been developed by filmmakers and marketers. As a result, the Filmmaker Theme has been designed specifically for filmmakers – so YOU can get your movie seen and selling, fast!

Set up your filmmaker website in minutes so you can start selling your movie. Easily customize the background, logo and fonts so you have brand consistency. The Filmmaker Theme is search engine friendly so you get free traffic to your site! Integrate with social media, like FaceBook and Twitter so you can connect with fans! Add your video trailer to your homepages in seconds so you don’t have to fiddle code!

“Stream Your Movie On Your Home Page”

In the event you would like to stream your movie from your website, the Filmmaker Theme also works seamlessly with the Dynamo player. Simply copy and paste your Dynamo code and you’re good to go.

In addition to these features, with the Filmmaker Theme you can also:
Link your site to Amazon or iTunes or NetFlix or Hulu or anywhere else your movie is selling. The Filmmaker Theme has a built in Blog, so you can write articles related to your movie content and attract search engines. The Filmmaker Theme works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers without a hitch!

“I’m interested!  But what do these Movie Websites look like?”

These movie websites are designed be clean and easy to navigate… and to look good.


You have the ability to customize your colors or add your custom backgrounds. After that, simply add your trailer and links where people can buy your movie!

Custom Site Banner – Upload your own banner! Social Media Links – Simply add links to your own social media. Stream Your Trailer – Drop your YouTube, Vimeo, Dynamo or Hulu code into the theme and your video magically appears! Link To You Point Of Sale – Use your Movie Sales Buttons to easily drive your visitors to Amazon, Hulu, iTunes or any other outlets! Choose Additional Features – Add pages, opt-in forms, movie blog, change your fonts and add custom background.

“This looks great!  But I’m not a web guy. What does it really take to do this?”

The quick answer?  Around 20 minutes of your time.  Seriously.

You see, we have designed the Filmmaker Theme to be as easy as possible to set up. In addition we have developed step by step training to show you EVERYTHING you need to do. Once you do this the first time, you’ll be amazed how easy it is!

We have organized your site set up into three easy steps:

Step 1 – Prepare Your Movie Stuff

Pick a domain name for you movie – Usually: www.Title+Movie.com (Example:www.SpecialDeadMovie.com) Install the Filmmaker Theme on that domain – don’t worry, we show you how to do this! Log in to your new site, and get ready to add your content!

Step 2 – Add Your Movie Stuff

Add The Link to Your Trailer Add The Links To Your Movie Marketplaces (Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Other?) Add Links ToYour Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, et al.)

Step 3 – Customization

Change Your Fonts And Colors OR Install Custom Background Images. Decide What Pages You Want To Create (Do you want a Press page? Blog?) Add your contact information so that people can reach you.

Once you have your info prepared you’ll just add it to your website in a page like this:

And that’s it folks, your Movie Website is ready for your premier!

Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

After making my own features, I know what it takes to get movies seen and selling on the internet.

Try the Filmmaker Theme for 60 days. If you’re not 100% blown away by the Filmmaker Theme, just ask for a full refund, no questions asked!

I’m betting once you see the results you’ll laugh at any filmmaker who sets up a primitive website.

“I really think this can work for my movie!  But I have a few more questions…”

Q: What kind of guidance/training is provided?  I have a pretty good talent for getting confused by techie stuff.
A: We understand.  While the Filmmaker Theme is pretty easy to use, we wanted to create some awesome step-by-step training.  So when you make a purchase, you’ll also get access to our members’ training area, where we have detailed instructions, video walk-throughs, and FAQ sections. We also have a place for you to submit questions that we haven’t thought of!

Q: So, what exactly IS the Filmmaker Theme?
A: This is a WordPress website theme designed specifically to help filmmakers sell their movies.  WordPress is a powerful website building platform. By building your site on WordPress framework, you will be able to modify your website content with the ease of sending an email. You also have the option of easily creating a search engine friendly blog. As part of your training, we will also show you exactly how to set up your site.

Q: How long will it really take me to create these sites?
A: The first time you do one, it will probably take you 30 – 40 minutes, because you will be following instructions and figuring things out.  But each time you create one, you’ll really get the hang of it!

In addition, the BIGGEST thing you can do to speed the process is to have all of your  info prepared (description, various website links – and if you are customizing your artwork, you’ll obviously want to have that too.  Filmmakers who have all of their content ready to go can get their sites up and running fast!

Q: Are there any additional costs?
A: Once you purchase the Filmmaker Theme, the only thing you’ll need to purchase is website hosting, which is where ALL of your sites will live. Our training is based on you having a BlueHost, Hosting account, which costs you $8 per month for UNLIMITED sites.  This is billed annually, so your total hosting is an $84 investment for the year, paid to BlueHost.

Q: I suck at Graphic Design. What should I do?
A: The filmmaker theme allows you to customize your Movie Site fonts and colors. But many filmmakers opt to hire a graphic artist to customize their movie site art. When you get the Filmmaker Theme, you will also get some graphic ready templates. Your graphic artist can then design your movie site art within the templates.

Q: What are the computer requirements for this?  What about Mac vs. PC?
A: As long as you have the ability to get on the Internet, you have all you need.  The Filmmaker Theme works on both Mac and PC.

Q: What if I don’t want some of the features to appear (ex. Social Networking Icons, et al)?
A: Simply leave that field blank- each section only appears if you add content to it!

Q: Do you have a service to do build these sites for me?
A: No.  However, our training is so detailed, if you had an assistant (or someone on your team who enjoys this sort of stuff) who went through it once, they’d be able to put up new movie sites for you in no time!

Q: Can I share this product with others?
A: No. This purchase gives you a license to build unlimited movie sites that YOU own!  Other filmmaker will need to purchase their own copy (and we will know too. So no funny business!)

Q: If I get this and decide it’s not for me, am I stuck with it?
A: Nope!  All you have to do is let us know, and we’ll refund your investment.  No questions asked.

Q: Awesome sites, detailed training, no-risk guarantee… what am I waiting for?
A: I was just going to ask you the the same question!

Individual Filmmaker WordPress Theme Detailed, step by step video instructions on every step involved Content preparation Information to easily organize the info you’ll need Login access info, to return to the training area at any time!

Professional Filmmaker WordPress Theme:

Create Custom Web Sites for ALL Your Movies!


** After your purchase, you will be taken to a registration page to create a username and password.  You can return to the members area any time after that!

Questions? Email Info[at]FilmmakingStuff.com

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