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Help is here for children with diabetes fighting their desire for forbidden sweet, sugary foods.


What you are about to discover will amaze and delight you.
You are about to re-think the place chocolate has in your child’s diabetic diet

Kids & Parents Rejoice!

Chocolate against child diabetes.
How is this possible?
Sounds Unbelievable But It's True

“Read The Latest Research”

Chocolate Can Help Against Child Diabetes

A number of recent studies have shown that eating chocolate has a positive influence on human health due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This includes reducing blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity (a stage in the development of diabetes).

"Research Findings on Chocolate consumption and cardiometabolic disorders: systematic review and meta-analysi"

The findings were presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris on Monday 29 August 2011 by Dr Oscar H Franco, Department of Public Heath and Primary Care, University of Cambridge, UK

Before I go any further have a look at the sort of
delicious chocolaty treats I am referring to…
Swamp Mud with Frog Slime Choco Coated Banana Bites  

Are you feeling sad, angry and fed-up with your child’s diabetes?

Are you quietly devastated at having to say “no” constantly to your child when they want those delicious chocolate foods they love and it’s wearing you down?

If you feel like this, imagine your child?

Can you blame them for feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed by their diabetes?

Are you dismayed that your child has been given a life-long sentence forbidding all those yummy cakes, pastries and sweet treats that made life fun?

And what about the rest of your children and the family – do they all have to give up all those yummy foods to support your child?

Wow! It’s no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed!

Take heart!

It does not have to be this way. I am giving you a solution to your woes and it comes in the form of delicious low GI, child diabetic friendly chocolate.

Here are a couple of more of the my kid tested, mouth-watering recipes…
Yummy Chocolate balls Chocolate Nest with Eggs

“Oh No!”

I can hear you say… “Stop torturing me”

Are you, like lots of other parents of diabetic children around the world, finding it hard to say “no” to sweet, sugary chocolate treats that your child constantly asks for, especially when he sees all the yummy foods his friends and family eat.

“Please, please mummy – just this once!”

Does that sound familiar?

I know how heart wrenching this can be. You feel torn. We all want a happy child but more importantly you want a healthy child. So once again you say no and feel terrible!

Well no more!

I have the solution and it comes in the form of delicious, healthy diabetic-friendly chocolate. No boring food here – all these recipes have been kid tested to make them fun and they will be gobbled up.

Can you see your child’s face when you can say YES!

What boy can say no to a yummy

Chocolate Mud Pie.

What girl can resist a Chocolate Love Heart

Chocolate Mud Pie Chocolate Love Heart


Before I go on let me introduce myself…

Pamela is the author of international selling eBook “Chocolate Against Diabetes”

My name is Pamela Vinten and this is my story...

I am a retired Home Economics teacher living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Having studied in Melbourne, I majored in nutrition, food science and biochemistry.

I have maintained a keen interest in nutritional trends for over 40 years and am constantly on the lookout for healthier food options. This was very important to me when I was raising my five children and dealing with the obstacles we all experience while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This book is the result of the anguish I have felt over the years as I have watched, and (to be truthful) indulged in, the eating of very damaging sweet, chocolaty foods. Let’s face it, who can resist! I am proud to offer you a solution and it comes in the form of my deliciously smooth chocolate that is not only amazingly healthy but diabetic friendly as well. Enjoy!


Don’t just believe me when I say these deliciously tempting treats are all diabetic friendly. Read the glowing report Angela Counsel, Naturopath and Nutritionist, wrote after reading my book…

Angela Counsel
As a Naturopath I often see clients who have diabetes or metabolic syndrome and who are struggling to give up the sweet things in their life. This book provides a solution for them so that they don’t feel like they are feeling left out.

Processed carbohydrates are a real problem in our diet but many people don’t realise the danger that it actually poses to their health. This book is well researched and provides a very good overview of the causes of metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2.

Angela Counsel (B HSc Comp Med; Adv Dip Nat; Dip Nut) Naturopath and Nutritionist The Ambaa Tree Natural Health Centre Frenchs Forest, Sydney, NSW

Here is the truth!

How about a chocolate that is not only low on the glycemic
index (GI) but is also incredibly healthy?

I know it’s hard to believe so before I go any further let me give you some cold hard facts about normal chocolate…
When you think of chocolate what springs to mind is store-bought processed chocolate Very early on in its production when it was still a bean it was once a powerhouse of nutrition and had a very low GI (glycemic index) During processing it has been heat treated many times then had “bad” fats, sugar and many chemical additives added The end result is an empty, sugar laden, unhealthy food not very suitable if you have diabetes except in very small portions – and we all know how hard it is to stick to the “small portions” rule when it comes to chocolate!
What a shame to destroy such a healthy food through processing, sweetening and putting in additives!

 Now the Good News… 

Have you ever seen a picture of natural chocolate beans – they are actually called cacao (ka-cow) beans. This is what they look like in their natural state:

Cacao Tree

Open Cacao Pod

Cacao Beans

The truth is that my chocolate is not heat processed so it is still brimming with enzymes, vitamins and nutrition. No sugar or bad fats are added and there are no hidden chemical additives to wreak havoc in your body.

This chocolate has been called “the food of the gods” because it retains all the goodness from when it was picked to when you eat it

If my chocolate has no added sugar then how can it be sweet? Easy! All my recipes use either:
Stevia, a natural sweetener with no calories and a GI value of ZERO and is up to 400 times
sweeter than sugar Maple syrup, a low GI, natural sweetener that has many beneficial properties for diabetes suffers
Amazingly, all my chocolate recipes are low GI, child diabetic
friendly and still classified as a “super food”!

That was a lot to read and digest so how
about something easy on the eyes!

Check out these amazing pictures of some of my everyday kid’s recipes that all use my healthy chocolate and can safely have a definite place in their diabetic diet.

Don’t they look delicious!

Choc Walnut Caramels Apricot Slice 

How About These Treats For Those Fussy Little Eaters!

Refusing to eat can make meal and snack times a battle ground for parents of little children in the “terrible two’s” phase where their favourite word seems to be “NO!” It is too dangerous to give in and leave your child to eat what and when they feel like it. This is especially so if he has had insulin before the meal. Change tactics and offer food that is fun, delicious and secretly healthy. This distraction works wonders.

Edible Play Dough Lady Bugs 

Just imagine seeing your creative littlies making edible play dough
animals and then dunking them in chocolate?

Watch these cute lady bugs being gobbled up. No tantrums here!

What a bonus!

What about the older kids?…

Older kids can concoct an awesome

Chocolate Banana Split
Chocolate Banana Smoothie

What a great way to fill a teenage boy’s hollow legs!

They are all healthy and nutritious with no junk food in sight.

Chocolate Banana Split Chocolate BananaSmothie 

I can see all the Mums &Dads sighing in relief
– and lining up for one too!

Watch out for the neighbour’s kids – they’ll also be in for one and before you know it your child (and his diabetes) will be accepted throughout the neighbourhood.

I helped my friend Karen’s kids make Choc Coated Banana Bites. You can see by their faces they had a ball. Here are their comments…

Tate & Zoe
Tate who is 12 loved the way the chocolate set hard on the frozen banana. “It was like having a chocolate coated ice-cream, it was yummy, fantastic and tastes as good as normal chocolate”.

Zoe who is 10 wants to have these treats every-day after school as they are “The best in the world”. The chocolate coated bananas were fun and easy to make, perfect on a hot day. Zoe’s favourite description was chocolish.

Mum Karen said “They can have as many as they want because I know they are having a healthy natural chocolate treat. It makes me feel good as a parent knowing that I can give the kids Pam’s healthy chocolate and they are not going to have a sugar overload. These would also make the perfect kid’s party food activity, besides banana I could also freeze strawberries and pineapple pieces and they could all be dipped into the natural chocolate and get that same hard chocolate coating. I love it! It is “Fuss Free” and no cooking. This was one of the few times that I have seen my son Tate taking an interest and active part in the kitchen. He just loved that he could eat as many of these Choc Coated Banana Bites and I didn’t mind. In fact I think he ate 5″.

….. Karen Morris, Gold Coast, Australia

What About Kids Birthday Parties?

These can be a nightmare for parents of diabetic children. Their friends will be expecting the usual sweet junk food and you don’t want your child to feel different.

How about a delicious diabetic-friendly birthday
cake to set your mind at ease?

Nobody will know the difference!
Princess Ice-cream
Birthday Cake Treasure Map Ice-cream Birthday Cake

Easter can especially be a problem for diabetic kids!

We all like giving and receiving chocolate Easter Eggs but for diabetic kids too many are a definite a NO NO! Type 2 diabetes is on the increase in children due to a world-wide epidemic of childhood obesity. Now you don’t have to give the kids any more of those sugar laden chocolate Easter treats. Try these healthy alternatives on the kids. They will thank you for it.
Chocolate Nests with Eggs
Ice-Cream Nests
Snow Bunny and Chocolate Bunny

And for that special teenage Valentine?

They will want to get into the action and what better way than a diabetic–friendly Valentine’s Day
Be My Valentine Lovers Blush Tart

I can just hear you saying…

“I don’t think it’s possible for chocolate to be that healthy,

diabetic- friendly and still taste delicious.”


Don’t take my word for it. Read what one self confessed chocoholic had to say after tasting it…


Andrew Grant
No Way That’s Good For You!

I am a chocoholic! I love chocolate but I am also very picky and fussy when it comes to what chocolate I eat. I was really pleasantly surprised at just how good your guilt free chocolate tastes and feels in my mouth. I eat lots of chocolate so I was very sceptical that you could create a healthy chocolate that tastes great – but you did it! Eating the slice was a yummy pleasure. No way that’s good for you. It tastes too good! The only bad thing was I needed more samples!

…Andrew Grant, Gold Coast, Australia


I have used my research, findings, background and knowledge in nutrition to write this book titled…

“Amazing Chocolate For
Child Diabetes”

Why? …
Healthy living has long been a passion of mine and this eBook is in response to my anguish at seeing the widespread consumption of very unhealthy snack foods especially chocolate treats by children Research has shown that child diabetes is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic largely due to our poor life-style choices. Once type 2 diabetes was only seen in adults but now due to the childhood obesity epidemic it is being seen in younger and younger children. Poor diet and sugar consumption are no doubt some of the main offenders There is a wide spread lack of knowledge around what natural foods to eat to avoid diabetes and other metabolic imbalances in a world that does not support health and nutrition To give you the latest findings and make informed decisions A deliciously healthy diabetic kid friendly alternative to the chocolate treats they loved


These are some of the comments that I have received from
people who have enjoyed my natural, healthy,diabetic-friendly
chocolate treats and deserts


I Was At My Wits End

When my daughter, Lisa, aged 5, was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I was too petrified to bring her home from hospital. I was overwhelmed by the responsibility of managing her condition and the consequences if I failed. I was dreading banning the foods she loved and was at my wits end. Thank goodness a friend recommended Pamela’s book and I have worked out a diet plan that suits both her and her condition. As any little girl would she loves the Princess Birthday cake and has “ordered” one for her birthday next month!

….Anita Tidy, Hairdresser, Mudgeeraba, Australia


So now you think this is just
a book full of delicious,
diabetic child-friendly
chocolate recipes.
Not So!


My eBook “Amazing Chocolate For Child Diabetes”…
Is jam packed with useful information on diabetes to help you understand and manage this condition Reveals new research on diabetes which uncovers the role of certain foods that are of benefit to diabetic sufferers It also explains the down-side of this research and brings to light some foods with very serious and harmful side-effects I only use “healthy oils’ in my recipes which stimulate the metabolism and can help in weight loss. As obesity is one of the leading risk factors for Child Type 2 diabetes this is especially important
For the sake of your child’s health you need to have up to date information and this book provides some of the latest findings.

You may be innocently damaging your body by
being misinformed or worse uninformed!

You are also about to discover in my book why my chocolate recipes are so good for diabetics…
They do not contain processed flour or grains, milk, sugar or any high GI foods resulting in a very low GI chocolate – perfect for diabetics They are high in the three minerals that we, in developed countries, are most deficient in… Magnesium Chromium Iron The important role each of these minerals plays in the managing of diabetes Why my chocolate is sweetened with Stevia or maple syrup. Learn the amazing properties of these diabetic friendly natural sweeteners Overall good health is important when managing diabetes. My chocolate has been described as “the most nutritious food on the planet” Many recipes use coconut oil which has earned the title “the healthiest oil on the planet” Discover what common spice has been shown to act as a blood sugar lowering agent. And yes, you guessed it, it features prominently in the recipes!
So what else do I get in this great Book?
A glossary of the terms used in the book such as glucose, syndrome X, insulin, etc…. Information about how a healthy body works in relation to sugar metabolism Explanation of what diabetes is and the various types such as type 1, type 2…. The risk factors for diabetes The reason why sugar is more significant than fat for weight gain Why snacking after dinner can worsen your diabetes – a must-read to prevent you inadvertently sabotaging all your good efforts to manage your diabetes Why you must eat for a healthy pancreas (the organ than produces insulin to regulate blood sugar) Discover what food eaten everyday by nearly everyone in the western world destroys the insulin producing cells in the pancreas and why. This one is scary and hopefully will influence you to stop eating this common food! Explanation of what GI (glycemic index) is and why it is important for diabetics An in-depth analysis of the sweeteners used in my chocolate recipes Why my unprocessed chocolate is more healthy than store-bought processed chocolate A comparison of the nutrients found in unprocessed chocolate compared to processed chocolate. This is staggering! Why choose raw food and how it can greatly benefit diabetics A description of the unique ingredients used in the recipes Helpful chocolate making tips to ensure you get a perfect result every time
Best of all the 39 delicious, easy and fun chocolate
recipes all with full colour pictures
Chocolate Ice-cream Land Ahov! Ice-cream Sandwich Yummy Bear Ice-cream Chocolate Ice-cream Eggs Valentine Apples

Okay Pam…Enough, this sounds like the answer to my
child’sdiabetic woes I have been looking for…

“I’m sure that you will appreciate the research, time, effort and hard work that I have put into this eBook to ensure that you are getting the latest and best information as well as 39 original diabetic friendly chocolate recipes.”I have also spent many years coming up with these recipes that would do justice to my delicious chocolate, so to help you make up your mind about buying this great resource, I am going to give you some extra FREE Bonuses if you order today.

Bonus Book 1

Confident Kids

It is very easy for a child diagnosed with diabetes to lose their self esteem, motivation and confidence. Diabetes can seem very overwhelming and the diet restrictions difficult to cope with. Your child feels different to his peers. This lovely little eBook gives you tips on how to overcome this and bring up well rounded, happy and confident children
Bonus Book 2

Backyard Ideas For Fun And Frolic

Finding things to do for the kids can be a hassle. Remember exercise is a very important part of overall health and successfully managing your child’s diabetes. We have included this bonus eBook to give you simple but fun ideas to help you achieve this.
Bonus Book 3

Printer Friendly Version “Amazing Chocolate For Child Diabetes”

From my own experience I have found that having a printed copy of recipe eBooks is invaluable. You can insert the pages of your favourite recipes into your own folders to make it easier to work with. Bearing this in mind we give you a printer friendly copy of the eBook “Amazing Chocolate For Child Diabetes”. It l containsall the recipes but without the color photographs and graphics.
Just picture this for a moment…
Imagine the peace of mind it will bring you knowing that you can once again allow your childthe sweet, delicious chocolate desserts and treatsyou have been denying them Even your non-diabetic family will be asking “Where did you get the recipe, this is delicious?” Other diabetic friends will be saying “I wish I had known this information years ago” What price do you put on your child’shealth?


One more thing…

Just in case you’re not 100% satisfied with my eBook. I’d like to take 100% of the risk away from you and PUT it all on my shoulders.

How am I doing that? Simple. Here’s my Risk Free Guarantee. Check it out…

So there you have it You’ve really got nothing to lose


Because I want to make this life changing information available to as many people as possible I am going to offer it to you for only $29.95.

Okay, so let’s recap…
What You Get Value Your Investment
My main eBook
“Amazing Chocolate for Child Diabetes”
$49.95 $29.95
Bonus #1 "Confident Kids"
$19.95 $0.00
Bonus #2 “Backyard Ideas for Fun & Frolic"
$19.95 $0.00
Bonus #3 Printer friendly copy of “Amazing Chocolate for Child Diabetes”
$19.95 $0.00 Total Value $109.80 $29.95 You Only Pay $29.95


You only have two choices

Continue as you are denying your child those sweet
chocolate treats they love because you want to manage
their diabetes


Buy my eBook and allow your child to indulge freely
in luscious, delicious, healthy diabetic friendly chocolate
desserts and treats all guilt free

Is there really any choice?

All you have to do is click on the Order Now Button below and change forever the way you look at chocolate and diabetes. It is that easy.


Warmest Wishes


PLEASE NOTE: “Amazing Chocolate For Child Diabetes ” is a downloadable e-Book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-Book and all the bonus books onto your computer. The e-Book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

P.S. If you are serious about your child being able to indulge in healthy, diabetic friendly chocolate treats totally guilt free you are just moments away from success.

P.P.S. Let me remind you that you are totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee! So there is no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for? – go for it!

Note: ClickBank sells our products – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. They use the strongest security features available on the internet and never store your financial data on their system. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no-one but the bank has access to your information. They are also approved by the Better Business Bureau.

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