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Progressively reduce your weight.

Without the use of diets or gyms.

Unfortunately, most people when they wish to lose weight immediately think of diets. It's as though they are programed into thinking a diet is the answer to their problem.

How many diets have you tried only to end up the same size?
How many people do you know that are their correct weight one year after a diet?

Two out of three Americans are considered to be overweight and some other nationalities around the world are catching up fast.  With a high percentage of the worlds overweight population concerned about their size and on one diet or another, and the various health services inundated with weight related problems. Clearly, diets don't seem to be doing a particularly good job.

People are influenced by television and other media advertising into thinking dieting will solve their problem.
Diets for many people are regarded as an easy option, and become just a short term fix or a temporary solution for the amount of time they can tolerate the diet.

They go through the tolerance and sometimes side effects for what can amount to nothing more than a lack of exercise.
They lose a few pounds and think they've done well only to put it back on again at a later date.

Then the cycle starts all over again.  They're stuck on the diet treadmill.  For ever going from one diet to another.

Due to the modern world that we live in today, we tend to live a more sedentary life style.  The days are gone when people did manual work automation and machinery as changed most of that. People have office jobs and cars to drive around in.

Our homes are full of gadgets to make our lives easier, children as well as adults would rather watch television or sit in front of computer screens than get involved in anything related to exercise.  Diets won't change this for you. It's a change of life style that's needed.

To be your correct weight and maintain it at that level you need something that offers a long term solution to the problem. Where once the excess weight as been removed it stays that way. This is more easily achieved by your own efforts where you're in control, rather than trying to stick to a diet.

At the age of fifty for the first time in my life I was overweight. Like most overweight people I wanted to reduce it but didn't like the idea of spending the rest of my life on diets, neither did I feel comfortable about going to the gym. I also had other things to do with my time.

I wanted something that was easy to do and not too strenuous, that I could increase as I lost weight, that didn't take up too much of my time and that I could easily fit into my daily routine.  I didn't want much really.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to come up with a solution that met my requirements, I tried various ways to lose weight including running but none of this was for me.

Then I came across a method more by accident than anything else and was starting to lose some weight, nothing serious just a few pounds.  This was something that hadn't happened for a long time but at least it was going in the right direction now. Down rather than up.

I stuck with this and over a period of time developed it into stages for my own use, each stage was becoming easier as I progressed and lost more weight.  The out come of this was, I not only lost weight but I was also fitter and more active than I'd  been before.

Carrying less weight gives you more energy and makes you less tired.

I deliberately didn't weigh myself every day as most people probably would, because I knew I'd get disillusioned if I hadn't lost weight that day or even gained some. Instead, I would weigh myself every two weeks.

During these two week periods sometimes I'd lose more weight than others and sometimes less, but it was always going in the right direction. This as since been revised and further developed and become known as  "The two weekly weight lose program".

Why does this work?

Because it's easy to do, more sustainable than a diet, can be started at a level to suit yourself and developed to progressively reduce your weight through stages in a natural way, it also fits easily into the daily routine.

What are the long term benefits?

You'll become fitter, lighter and more active than before, you'll be less tired and have improved breathing without the potential risks associated with being overweight, like obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, type2 diabetes and heart disease. 

Those that participate in this usually continue with it long after they've lost weight, because it keeps them fit and active and helps to maintain their weight at the correct level.

So it can become a long term solution to the weight problem.

The normal build up of excess weight usually takes place over a long period of time.  So you shouldn't expect to lose it over a few weeks or months, attempts to do so are usually short lived which is one reason why people keep returning to their original size.

This is a more gradual approach to weight loss than some you've probably seen advertised, and possibly tried yourself.

It won't make you look like a stick insect within a few weeks, but you'll progressively lose weight over time and because it's sustainable you'll always be heading towards your target or correct weight.

Evidence as shown, and it's also encouraged by the medical profession that a gradual approach to weight loss with regard to exercise as well as a reduction of food is more beneficial in the long term, as you stand less chance of regaining the weight at a latter date. 

This approach to weight loss, the program and step by step procedure have now been made available in a book.
Included with the full story are tips and guidance throughout to help and encourage you to do the same.                

The book is written in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and can be  downloaded, stored and read on your computer.

The file length is 220k bytes and may take a few minutes to download depending on the speed of your modem.

The price of the book is $20 or the equivalent and can be instantly downloaded by clicking on the link below.    

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