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From: Evgeny Shishorin, late night, Brisbane, Australia

"Who else wants to
know how to change your life with ... Fresh BBQ Garlic Sauce (BBQ GS). Absurd? No, I am absolutely serious. As a franchisee for one of the world’s biggest fast food chains for many years and a healthy home cooking fan, I tried hundreds of different sauces but was never 100% happy. So I started developing my very own recipe. I spent several years until ... one day I did it."

I immediately introduced it to my friends from around the world – America, Europe, Asia, Asia - Pacific. Unfortunately I have no friends from Africa but hope this e-book will gain them for me.

My friends really liked that Fresh BBQ Garlic Sauce so much that they persuaded me to make it available to as many people as possible. So here it is.

But first I invite you to read this e-book which lets you know all about this extraordinary sauce and its extraordinary properties.

Dear Friend,

Are you interested in a sauce, which you can eat every day, 2-3 times a day, and which goes beautifully with pasta, rice, salad or sandwiches, meat, poultry or seafood, which you will never be tired of, and which will do great things for your health? If you are ... ... then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here's why:

The health benefits

I am 54 now and I play tennis fixtures 2-3 times a week. Throughout my life I've always been a very healthy person. I had only two health problems - headaches 3-4 times a month and cold sores every 3-4 months. When I started eating my Fresh BBQ Garlic Sauce every day, I noticed that the headaches and cold sores began to disappear and which they did totally in 6 moths! My wife, who is a nutritionist, explained to me why the Fresh BBQ Garlic Sauce had had such an effect. It was all about the sauce’s ingredients. One day I stopped eating my Fresh BBQ GS. I was just too busy and lazy to make a new portion. Within 2-3 weeks I felt a bit uncomfortable and ... headaches and cold sores returned. I resumed eating my sauce and they were gone shortly after.

All ingredients are fresh and healthy. No boiling, no frying.

This e-book covers everything you need to know about how to make Fresh BBQ Garlic Sauce within minutes. It's so simple that even a 10 year old child can do it easily at home. All ingredients will be available in supermarkets and/or your local veggie shop all year round.

Imagine being able to create a variety of different sauces and adjust them to your particular preferences using my BBQ Garlic Sauce as a major ingredient! Wouldn't that be great?

Or what about if you could have these sauces with any of your meals?

Imagine being able to choose the colour - green, yellow, red or their combination without using neither artificial colorants nor preservatives. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

That's what this brand new e-book could help you to do. Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it's incredibly -easy to read and understand.

You won’t find this recipe in any existing cooking
$5.95 [](http://1.evgeny2304.pay.clickbank.net) At the price of a cappuccino + 2 donuts [Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank](#)
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Hey, you're my customer. And if you're not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you're not happy with what you discover I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full
(in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).

But... the e-book is yours to keep no matter what,
as a "thank you" gift from me!

Okay? So you really can't lose! The e-book's yours no matter what.

Major Ingredients of Fresh BBQ Garlic Sauce are: garlic, tomatoes and capsicum.

Benefits of garlic:

Garlic is one food that you should be eating every day. Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Mercola are very impressed with its ability to optimize bowel flora and kill pathogenic organisms.

It is important to note that the garlic MUST BE FRESH. Garlic pills are virtually worthless and should not be used.

Human population studies show that eating garlic regularly reduces the risk of esophageal, stomach, and colon cancer. This is due to garlic's ability to reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds.

Circulatory effects: More than 250 publications have shown that garlic supports the cardiovascular system. It can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood and inhibit platelet stickiness. It is mildly antihypertensive and has antioxidant activity.

Antimicrobial actions: Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties' It can work against some intestinal parasites. Garlic appears to have roughly 1 % the strength of penicillin against certain types of bacteria. This means it is not a substitute for antibiotics, but it can be considered as a support against some bacterial infections.

High blood pressure: Garlic is regarded as one of the most effective remedies to lower blood pressure. The pressure and tension are reduced because it has the power to ease the spasm of the small arteries. It also slows the pulse and modifies the heart rhythm, besides relieving the symptoms of dizziness, shortness of breath and the formation of gas within the digestive tract.

Digestive system disorders: Garlic is one of the most beneficial foods for the digestive system. It exercises a beneficial effect on the lymph, aids in elimination of noxious waste matter in the body. It stimulates peristaltic action and the secretion of the digestive juices. It has an antiseptic effect and is an excellent remedy for infectious diseases and inflammations of the stomach and intestine.

Garlic produces very marked effects on the intestine. It is an excellent agent as a worm expeller. It has also a soothing effect on the various forms of diarrhoea. Problems such as colitis, dysentery and many other intestinal upsets can be successfully treated with fresh garlic.

Skin Disorders Garlic is also used successfully for a variety of skin disorders. Pimples disappear without scar when rubbed with raw garlic several times a day. Even very persistent forms of acne, suffered by some adults, have been healed with garlic. The external use of garlic helps to clear the skin of spots and pimple, and boils. The process is further helped by taking the garlic orally which to purifies the blood-steam delivering long term clearance of the skin.

Benefits of Capsicum:

Capsicum is a vegetable that is adored all over the world not only for its delicious taste but also for its benefits to the human body.

Listed below are some of the health benefits of Capsicum:

Enhances metabolism: Capsicum increases the metabolism by lowering triglycerides, which are stored fats in blood corpuscles. This helps in burning calories.

Anti oxidant properties: Capsicum is an important source of vitamin A and C. These two vitamins are powerful antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals in the body and in treating heart diseases, bronchial asthma, cataract etc.

Cancer prevention: The compound capsaicin is also believed to help treat cancer by preventing carcinogens from binding with DNA. As a regular dietary intake, it has been found through various studies that eating capsicum can provide some protection from cancer.

Prevents clotting of blood: Studies indicate that capsicum has the capacity to prevent clotting of blood. Vitamin C has been found to play a major role in dissolving blood clots.

Fights food-borne bacterial diseases: In studies it has been found that capsaicin content in capsicum is effective in fighting off food-borne bacterial diseases like Vibrio vulnificus bacteria found in raw shellfish.

Benefits of Tomatoes:

Tomatoes have long been known for their health benefits -- courtesy of lycopene, an antioxidant carotenoid whose health benefits include reduced risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, and exercise-induced asthma, just to mention a few.

Eating tomatoes a couple of times a week may reduce prostate cancer risk, according to a Harvard study of nearly 48,000 men.

Antioxidants may help shield against cancer and heart disease by neutralizing harmful molecules known as oxygen free radicals.

The reduction in prostate cancer risk has been even greater when tomato sauce intake was considered. A study has shown that men who ate two or more servings of tomato sauce each week were 23% less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who ate less than one serving of tomato sauce each month.

References (1). Warshafsky S, Kamer R, Sivak S. Effect of garlic on total serum cholesterol: A meta-analysis.
Ann Int Med 1993;119:599–605. (2). Silagy C, Neil A. Garlic as a lipid-lowering agent—a meta-analysis. J R Coll Phys London 1994;28:39–45. (3). Dorant E, van den Brandt PA, Goldbohm RA, et al. Garlic and its significance for the prevention of cancer in humans: A critical review. Br J Cancer 1993;67:424–9. (4). Fleishauer AT, Poole C, Arab L. Garlic consumption and cancer prevention: meta-analyses of colorectal and stomach cancers. Am J Clin Nutr 2000;72:1047–52. (5). Nutrition in Clinical Care August 2000;3:145-152. (6). SOURCE: Lin, Robert. Garlic in Medicine. Speech made to American College of Advancement in Medicine. May 14, 1992 p 46. (7). Brown DJ. Herbal Prescriptions for Better Health. Rocklin, CA: Prima Publishing, 1996, 97–109. (11). Blumenthal M, Busse WR, Goldberg A, et al. (eds). The Complete Commission E Monographs:Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines. Boston, MA: Integrative Medicine Communications,1998, 134.


This certainly is a great discovery. Garlic is such a great food because it has wonderful flavour and is exceptionally beneficial from a health standpoint. With the capacity to vary the sauce’s strength and consistency we found we were able to use it for an unusually wide range of foods. Try it you won’t be disappointed!

Jeremy Webb, New Farm, Australia

I have always had a passion to different kind of sauces; in fact I rarely ate any food without it. However some five years ago I began studying natural medicine and was shocked to realise that virtually all sauces that were available in supermarkets had so nasty ingredients that I was killing me.

I was greatly disappointed and eliminated all of the sauces from my diet, and I can say that was not easy, mostly because among the other ingredients there were some that developing an addiction. Four years later when I learnt to eat without any sauces, I tried Evgeny's BBQ garlic sauce and found it delicious and extremely easy to prepare, but what is the most important for me THIS sauce is RAW, has no additives or artificial preservatives, and could be prepared from fresh and nice organic ingredients, and is extremely healthy thanks to it's ingredients such as garlic or capsicum. I love that and recommend everyone to try this easy and healthy food.

Michael Baharev Riga, Latvia

As a serious hot and spicy food lover, all thumbs up for this sauce!
Nothing beats this natural garlic aroma!
Perfect match with almost any meat or seafood dish, pasta or soup!
No other sauce I use at my place until garlic sauce runs out.
Yury Karpowich, Fitzgibbon, Australia

The sauce does not overwhelm the subtle Japanese palate.
It would suit a wide variety of both Asian and western salads and dishes.
Naoko Blackwell of Japan and Colin Blackwell of Ireland

FREE BONUS: "Boiling Eggs In A New Millennium"
Valued $$$$$

This amazing bonus is all about how to boil eggs in the fastest, most energy efficient and green way. I have been doing it for many years, taught all my friend and they are very excited especially their kids. Believe me kids like new unusual things!

My son never ever has eaten boiled eggs until one day we had a party at Evgeny’s place. He saw the way Evgeny boiled eggs and asked me: Mum, may I eat that boiled egg please? Since then I always boil eggs as Evgeny taught and my son eats those valuable proteins. Thank you, Evgeny.

Svitlana Yaschenko , Former Moscow Circus Acrobat Star, Australian Mum Now.

After all you read you cannot leave this page empty handed, can you?

With my BBQ Garlic Sauce and its mild and “environmentally friendly” garlic smell, you will never lose friends. Quite the opposite: you will acquire new ones around the world once you share it with them.
$5.95 [](http://1.evgeny2304.pay.clickbank.net) At the price of a couple of ice-cream [Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank](#)
(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure.
Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Wishing you great success.
Evgeny Shishorin
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