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Have you been frustrated while playing Minecraft online?
Constantly having to ask questions about the different servers you
visit? Constantly having to repair damage to your homes and buildings
due to griefers? This guide is guaranteed to put an end to all of
that. You will no longer have trouble learning how to play on
different servers. You will be able to build your home with confidence
on any server without worrying about other players disturbing you or
your belongings.

It is time to enjoy the online world of Minecraft the right way, and
my Minecraft Multiplayer Mastery Guide will help you do just that!
My name is Spritzo and I am currently a moderator for , and I have
been helping players in the world of Minecraft for well over a year. I
began playing Minecraft while it was still in Alpha testing and I
played mutliplayer survival mode more than anything as soon as it was
available. I learned everything I could about different server plugins
and how they can almost completely change the game. Once I became a
moderator I began to learn even more about the ever-changing online
world of Minecraft. So I wanted to take my knowledge and the
information I have gathered and share it with everyone so that players
will no longer have to struggle while playing online.

Minecraft is a great singleplayer game, but it is an even better
multiplayer game. Today there are hundreds of singleplayer guides but
no multiplayer guides, and the majority of Minecraft players like to
spend their time online with others. The online world tends to
overwhelm players and they unsure of how to begin playing. And every
day I see more and more people asking the same questions constantly;
it never stops. I want to change that. I want players to be able to
join any server and immediately understand what the rules of the
server are, what plugins it is running, what commands the server
allows players to use, and a whole lot more! I want to provide a set
of rules that I follow while playing Minecraft online as well as tips
to surviving on _any_ server without being griefed. With my guide you
will enjoy a much better online experience without any trouble.

This is a ## page guide that discusses everything from the important
specifications of a server running Minecraft, to ensuring that you are
never griefed on any server. I discuss different tips that you should
always remember when playing online, along with my own set of rules to
always follow whenever you join a new server. This guide is strictly a
multiplayer strategy guide, it does _NOT_ include crafting recipes or
anything relating to singleplayer content. You will learn everything
there is to know about the multiplayer world of Minecraft. I even
include a "question and answer" section that lists all of the most
common questions I get asked as a moderator. I then provide you with
my answers to each question and how you can avoid ever having to ask
these questions so that you can immediately start building.

The Minecraft Mutliplayer Mastery Guide is only $10, and there is no
other guide that covers multiplayer tips and strategies at a price
this low. You will have immediate access to a pdf of my guide after
purchase (you will receive a ZIP file with the pdf guide in it). Plus,
you will have _FREE_ access to any updates I make in the future. I
plan on including updates for my guide as frequently as possible, so
always remember to check back here for any new information.


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