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Start your own eBook Business

The easy way to make money from home! £9.99* R.R.P. £19.99.

Download it straight to your computer!

* Special limited time promotional offer to celebrate this *BRAND NEW
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mojano.com    adventures in affiliate marketing... helping you
make money online, for web based business and marketing advice. eBook
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*Easy Web Business!


*Step By Step Guide!


*Easy to Follow!


*contains all you need to know


*Start Making Money NOW!


Take a look at what you will find inside!


1.The Basics:

I talk you through the basics of all you need to know about the
business of selling eBooks right from the start including covering the

2:1:  What is an eBook?

2:2: Selling eBooks as a business

2:3: What will I need to get started?

2:4: Where do I sell eBooks?

2:5: How do I sell eBooks?

2:6: How much can I expect to earn selling eBooks?


2.Good Practice:

Next I take a look at the small things that will set your business
apart from other online businesses in these chapters:

3:1: Look Professional

3:2: The Right Market

3:3: A good sales pitch works well, a great sales pitch works better

3:4: Picture Perfect

3:5: Avoid the pitfalls


3.Taking Your Business Further

Then I take a look at the numerous ways that you can increase your
sales and improve your business, as always there are some great tips
and tricks to learn, along with some very useful guides and resources:

4:1: A Business with no name, now that is a shame.

4:2: Opening an eBay Shop

4:3: Having your own Website

4:4: Writing your own eBooks

4:5: Useful resources



Right Now I am Only Charging Half The RRP* For This Complete Business
in a Book!

(the *recommended retail price is £19.99)

So you can get this Essential Starter Business resource RIGHT NOW for



*subject to VAT charges in Your Country

The sooner you buy, the sooner you will be able to



This eBook comes to you as an immediate digital download, so you can
start your business as soon as you have finished reading!

Once you have gone through the secure payment process you will
receive a link via email where you can download this eBook. Simply
download your new eBook and save it straight to your PC.

In ‘How to Start your Own eBook Business’ I look at both the UK
eBay Marketplace and the US eBay Marketplace, but it contains all the
information you require to be able to start an eBook Business,
wherever you are... WORLDWIDE!

This eBook comes in .pdf format and it can be read by most
pre-installed pc reader software. If you do not have a pre installed
.pdf reader then they are easily obtained free of charge on the
internet. Software such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat are ideal and
most laptops and computers come with these programs pre-installed.


But it doesn’t stop there! This COMPLETE BUSINESS GUIDE will enable
you to run and operate a successful eBook business with potential to
bring you an uncapped profit! You can use the information, tips and
secrets contained in this eBook to grow your new business to the point
where you can quit your day job and be a successful money-making

What this NEW eBook is:

A Complete Business Guide

Easy to Understand, even for a Complete Novice

Extremely Easy to Follow

A Step-By-Step Complete ‘How To’ Guide

Totally Honest and Realistic

Packed full of Common Sense

Packed full of Great Ideas

Packed with Useful Resources


What this NEW eBook isn’t:

A Scam

A ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scheme.

Take the worry out of your current financial situation, If you follow
this eBook Business Plan you will see your profits grow and grow,
There is very little initial cost involved (Where else can you start a
COMPLETE BUSINESS for less than £50.00? And that includes the cost of
this eBook guide, your product and stock, and your running and
operating costs!)

In fact, in this BRAND NEW eBook, you will learn how you can own, run
and operate a PROFITABLE BUSINESS and the ONLY start up cost is THIS

And all this from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME, working HOW YOU WANT,

Make Money Online

Start Your Own eBook Business!

The easy way to make money from home.

You are here for a reason... to make money.

Whether this be a little extra money each month or whether you are
looking for a viable business to enable you to work from home and be
your own boss, this guide will enable you to increase your income so
that you and your family can enjoy days out without worrying about the
costs, it will enable you to build up a nice amount of cash to treat
the kids at Christmas, or if you just need a little extra to help with
your monthly bills and expenses, this brand new eBook will show you
how you can achieve this extra income with little effort, spending a
couple of hours each week working from the comfort of your own home!

copyright 2010


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