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Animation learning is the most important success tool in the world of
advertising these days. We are dependent on internet for everything,
whether it's for business, communication, personal relations,
education, exams, almost more than half of the activities in the world
are done through the medium of internet. And almost all the websites
are animated. Also, it's a very creative and different profile, which
attracts large number students to pursue career in animation.

Students are very much keen and optimistic about this career
opportunity, because it's a very imaginative work, which provides a
lot of space to student to think and do something innovative and
creative each day. All animation designs are different from each
other, crediting to the beauty of the work profile. Animation
aspirants have good opportunities in film, television, media and
advertising field; besides this the whole web world is dependent on
animation. The different courses which a student can opt for taking
education in animation are:

* Graphic Designing
* Graphics and Web designing
* Diploma in animation
* Foundation course
* BSc. in animation and multimedia
* Diploma in Animation Engineering

Looking at the increase in demand of career in animation, many
private institutes have opened up, with special courses on animation
and web designing. The different providing courses in animation are:

v     Graphiti School of Animation, Mumbai

v     Arena Animations Academy

v     Frameboxx

v     Raffles Millennium International

v     Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation

v     Picasso Animation College

v     Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai

v     Academy of Animation and Gaming, Noida

v     B D Somani Institute of Art and Fashion Technology, Mumbai

v     EDIT Institute, Mumbai

v     Maeer's MIT Institute of Design, Pune

v     Akriti Institute of Art, Animation and Gaming, Noida

v     Anieffects, Ahemdabad

v     Pansoft School of Animation, Mumbai

v     Institute of Mass Communication Film and Television
Studies, Kolkata

v     Shrishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore

A student after passing his senior secondary examinations can apply
for a course in animation from any of the above intentioned institute.
Students with good imagination and ideological power can do well in
this field. The basic categories of animation, which a student has to
excel in, being a part of the are:

2D Animation: 2D animation, basically deals with the paper work, it
is fundamental form of animation, in which pictures are mostly made by
hand, then scanned and worked on computer for transforming it into a
movie or advertisements. The softwares used in this are Adobe Flash,
Toonz Harlequin, Toon Boom Animation, CelAction, etc.

3D Animation: 3D animation is used to give a realistic effect to the
picture, a lot of creativity and use of digital media is involved in
this process. The softwares used to support this animation are MAYA,
Softimage, 3Ds Max, etc. Other than the sketching and drawing skills,
the students need to excel on aspects like modelling, texturing,
lightining and rendering.

A student aiming to pursue career in animation can look forward in
giving his contribution towards animated movies, cartoons,
advertisements, etc. many animated movies are coming up these days,
and moreover these are not only restricted to the children, movies
like hanuman, have gained popularity among the young generation also.
There are many animated pictures, cards, greeting cards, also
available on internet. In fact a lot of animation techniques are used
for building a website also. One can see, a lot of animated pictures
and designs on the official websites of organisations, which helps in
catching attention of people and increase the traffic for the web-
based business entities.

Thus, we can say, that career in animation is quite productive, and a
student can see an interesting growth in his career, if he is directed
with right guidance and follows a proper and planned career path

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Gurleen Kaur writes on behalf of .Shiksha is a portal that connects
education seeker with education provider. Shiksha provides information
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The flow at the table were now animated by the movement or the number
of drawings were painted on the walls of temples or caves, or moving,
such as war, human beings or animals, etc. 19th century, China used
some images later to run its own has been invented as a tool for
animation. cartoon series were created with the help of these devices.
movements or movements of some drawings were created for new technical
methods into the deeper meaning and a new animation where the people
photos, videos and documentaries and so on to create Pictures of
animals included in the animation, arrows, events, records, movies,
cartoons, etc. Emotions Animated images of flowers, natural, humor,
artistic, realistic, traditional, fun, etc. related to the quality of
the consequences of any matter related to the like can be designed.
There are many popular websites that provide free animated images of
people want to use their images for personal or professional use. To
create Animated Pictures Flash Animations, 3D Max software etc will be
used. Animated images are used for the majority of net surfers in
their youth or just fun times Pals greetings images as wallpaper or
sent to their mobile screen will be saved, or social networking sites
or communities to share sites with friends, etc. Origin are designed
to create a background animation drawings or 2D or 3D motion pictures.
2-D or 3-Dimensional computer animation, digital graphic method of
origin, the results of the animated by a great theme designed by
animators. Most of the animation technique is used for the background
graphics to create animations. These 2D or 3D animated graphics on the
Internet very origin of the visual effects Wallpapers, greeting cards,
web site design, Themes and Template screen will appear as a savings.
Wallpapers achieved much popularity among the Internet. When the halls
of animation and color with an internet search and you can just copy
and ditzakegula our web site or blog or any other related purposes, we
find the origin. Funny Animations Animations are one of the categories
of humor. Fun Fun Funny moments of action or the character or design
will be an animator or motion pictures or images to create cartoons or
animated movies, etc. Funny animations, images or videos or anything
related to the Fun and Humor are a collection of visual effects. 2-D
or 3-Dimensional graphical method for digital animation humorously
designed by a computer animator Funny animations results along with a
fun theme. Most of the mathematical techniques are used to control the
movement of these graphics to create fun animations created this.
Animations are created in addition to much acclaim in theaters and the
Internet will be a very visual effects are displayed. Fun 3D
Animations areas in recent years become more common in films, Visual
shows the strong effect.

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The zoo will be a great alternative place if you want to get animals
pictures without having a trip to safari in summer. You can take their
pictures in the safe bench that is available near the cages. To make
you success in taking the pictures of animals that you want, you can
follow the following tips.

1st tips
You must obey the rules that are posted by the zoo in the buildings
where the animals are kept. You will find that there are rules about
the use of cameras or tripods. Make sure that you do all the rules
there so that you will not make you and the animal in danger.

2nd tips
You should choose the film that you will use. Make sue that you choose
one that suits the lighting and the film will fill give you the
correct type of pictures that you want. You will find that ASA or ISO
100 will be the perfect option of film for outdoor use. While the ASA
or ISO 200 or 400 will be the perfect film for any places and

3rd tips
You should use the correct lens for taking the pictures. Since you
cannot get too closer with the animal, you can use longer lens so to
enable you to take pictures from some distances. In this case, a
wide-angle lens will be great option that you should consider. This
will provide different view with the same scene. You will be able to
capture the pictures for wide area.

4th tips
You should use polarizer filter. This filter is used to make the
bright of sunlight soften. This will also make the texture deeper so
that you will have clear colors. Additionally, you can slip on your
enhancer so that you will be able to get bright and colors in your

5th tips
You should the animals that you want to take pictures from different
angels. You should take the pictures both vertically and horizontally.

6th tips
You should use a slower shutter speed if you use the tripod. This is
done in order to get more color into your pictures. This will make
your pictures become more live.

7th tips
You should watch the shadows in your pictures. You can use a flash to
fill in some shadows to your pictures so that they will look more

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At the zoo, to ensure the animals' health, there are some
veterinarians that will treat the animals. You will find that they use
such as to give the best treatment for the animals. Posted in , ,
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Girl cartoon is the most ongoing fad in today's cartoon and comic
world. A large chunk of cartoon viewers are girls not only smaller
ones but even grownups are also great fond of such girl cartoon, all
these factors are gearing up girls cartoon world. Every day some
fascinating characters keeps coming up to entertain the masses. These
cartoons are much hyped but some of them are really famous because
they appeal to particular segment of girl folk. Often little ones find
some similarity between them and these pictorial images which is the
reason they slowly start liking these characters and eventually makes
adorn these characters.

By gone are the days when cartoons of only male genre was famous and
hyped like batman, superman spider man but now girls cartoon like
hanamontana, Betty, power puff girls, Natasha Fatale .Although girl
cartoons is not a new thing character like Betty Boop, Catwoman,
Cheetara were quite famous among certain sections of viewers but they
were not able to draw mass attention unlike new age like hanmonata, 
Bugs Bunny etc  are not only garbing the limelight but they are
becoming face of certain product. These cartoons are extensively used
for promoting products especially for that product which are meant for
small girls. Like school bags, pencil box, raincoat which of are daily
use not showcase these characters in order to boost sale.

ANIMATED GIRL pictures are in huge popular. Not only imaginary
characters are made in the world of cartoon and comic but real life
personality who are popular and famous are now given animated
pictures. Famous personality of female folk is now being animated. Now
in many websites you get readymade animated girl pictures. These are
just samples where you can also animate yourself in the similar

Getting yourself in the form of is no less than adventure. It is
awesome new experience. Many websites are surging up to entertain you
in this genre. Own you can get yourself in the form of animated
cartoon girl.

Some games are made which exclusively for girls keeping in mind the
psyche of girls some specific online games are made. These games are
getting popular among girls. These are typically girlie games where
one gets option to make oneself in . When you open such gaming sites
you get variety of cartoon which of girls. Among this large pool of
cartoon girl pictures you choose anyone who entices you and you can
frame yourself in such cartoon girl picture digitally. Pictures of
yours are converted in cartoon forms.

There is no dearth of CARTOON GIRL CHARACTERS in such gaming
websites. Once you open the websites you are flooded with variety of
options. Characters vary from ordinary girl next door to highly
glamorous beauty queen. Some characters are of real life which are
very famous among the youth have given cartoon format like lady gaga
or Britney spear. Not only in terms of persona but cartoon girls
characters also comes in different themes. Themes like birthday party,
Dressing up, some specific dances to pedicure process and the list is
endless you just need to know which cartoon girl characters appeal you
and go as per that.

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Milton Gray is an author of this article who writes about the
Animated Girl and . He has also written in brief about the Animated
Cartoon Girl, CARTOON GIRL CHARACTERS and Animated Girl Pictures.
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Art is something that we all enjoy seeing and to some extent doing.
While you may not be a master painter like Rembrandt, Michelangelo or
even Picasso you can still admire art when you see it. While there are
some which needs to be appreciated by lovers of these styles anime art
is something which can be appreciated by larger groups of people.

The best place for you to see different examples of anime art is on
the internet. Here you will find that there are numerous sites which
will provide you with many types of anime art pictures. These anime
pictures will come in two forms.

One form that you will see is that of a still picture or a 2
dimensional or even 3 dimensional. When you look at these different
anime art forms you will notice that you can look at black and white
pictures or color pictures. With both of these anime formats you will
find that the imaginations of the creators are vivid and very varied.

You will find that regardless of the color medium which is used for
these different anime art pictures there is a depth of subtlety and
beauty that will capture your mind and your eyes. You can easily see
why there are many people who like looking at these imaginative
pictures as compared to your normal pictures.

For the most part the anime art that you will find comes from a
variety of sources. These sources will include manga cartoons, light
novels, DVD and television anime series and also some of the more
popular video games of today. The other influence that you will find
with anime art is that of Japanese styled figures.

The look of these figures will not be completely Japanese in looks.
Sometimes you will see that these figures have a western look to them.
This is what anime art forms allow for the various creators of these
anime programs. When you see how the animated animes act you will
begin to understand why anime has the ability to change the way that
we view anime.

There are a number of people who feel that anime art can also be used
as a backdrop to their computer’s desktop. For these people there
are many sites which can provide them with the anime pictures that
they want.

As you look at all of these different pictures you begin to see that
anime is just another way to open your eyes to animation. By looking
at these anime art forms you begin to appreciate the many hours and
patience that it takes to create the fascinating world of anime.

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Muna wa Wanjiru is a Web Administrator and Has Been Researching and
Reporting on Anime for Years. For More Information on Anime Art, Visit
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