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“Testosterone’s Path To Confidence And Success!”



From Nathan Bumpsteed

Dear friend,

Let me ask you …

Would you rather look at girls on the Internet rather than go talk         with some?

How often do you stay at home and play video games or rent                 movies by yourself?

Do you get upset when you’re passed up for a promotion by a guy         who is less qualified than you?

Have you ever caught yourself spending hours on Facebook instead         of being with real people?

Do you find yourself getting pushed around until you hit a “boiling           point” when you explode on people around you?  (Your boss,                   friends, or family)

Have you ever gone to a gathering and felt like everyone knew                each other except you?

Do you find that you won’t go after challenges even though you               know inside it will benefit your life?

Have you ever been in a bad mood more than 1 day in a row?

Have you ever punked out on talking to a good looking girl with big          boobs? 

Do you find yourself actually caring what people are thinking about         around you?  (especially women)

Are you ever jealous of the guy with a ton of charisma that walks           around with his head held high and always seems to have a smile           on his face? 

Do you get labeled the “nice guy” with all the girls that you                   know? (but then never make it out of the “friend zone”)

Do you get nervous around coworkers that are in a position of                 power?

Are you always afraid that you’re going to make a mistake? (Do               you consider yourself a chicken?)

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then this letter could very well provide you with an effective solution.

If you are struggling in any area of your life, I can tell you right now it’s because of confidence.  Confidence is the foundation to changing any negative thing about your life.  Because, no matter what, you will never take any action at all unless you believe you can make it happen.

You can set goals for success, use affirmations to improve your crappy attitude, or try to get over your nervousness around women… but none of that will ever actually happen unless you first build your foundation with confidence!

There are so many people who never get to realize their dreams, even though they are fully capable of attaining their ambitions in life. 

They have the talents and abilities, but their doubts and fears are preventing them to proceed with their actions. 

They are NOT confident enough to get out there and do their stuff! 

Action Delayed = Success Denied!

Let me ask you another question …

Did you know that you have the capacity to achieve anything you put your mind into?  But without confidence, you would not be able to go on and implement what you have in mind.

People need other people.  The cooperation of others is vital to the success of any individual (this includes Me and You!). Without confidence however, you won’t be able to interact properly; and worse, you might even be losing great opportunities, such as not getting the promotion due to lack of social skills or not joining a competition for fear of embarrassment. 

Not having enough confidence can ruin relationships and can block your path to success in life!

Funny how many people decide to remain hiding within the shadows of their doubtful selves when they know they have the capacity and ability to make things happen.

They let fear and shyness overcome their chances of success; that is why they would rather hide than risk the uncertainties of things.

What they don't know is that they are taking a bigger risk - the risk of staying in the rut forever and never experiencing the awesome feeling brought about by their accomplishments.

Self-confidence is an all important trait you need to acquire in today's fast-paced world. For one thing, you must have confidence in yourself first to earn the confidence and respect of others.

Shyness won't get you anywhere. It will only plunge you deeper and deeper into a hole of loneliness and despair…  Loneliness probably playing online videos games by yourself every night and not living the life you deserve!

Alpha Male Juggernaut, Testosterone’s path to Confidence and Success will teach you how to overcome your shyness, doubts, and fears.

This isn’t a book…  It’s an information filled manual for success and confidence by using what you were born with!  Testosterone!  You were born with testosterone as a man!  It’s time to start using it on your way to success! 

Do you wish you had the confidence to walk around like you had a 12 inch penis?  Or maybe if you had 1 hundred million dollars in the bank?  That kind of confidence is possible right now!  You don’t have to wait!

This manual will give you a higher degree of self-esteem in every aspect of your life once you practice and master the thoughts written within.

Once you begin accomplishing things and gaining the respect of others by being confident, you'll be able to focus more on what you truly desire in life.

You'll have more passion and determination because you know that you are capable, and that you truly deserve success.

"I Was A Dirt Poor Redneck with A Mullet Living in a Trailer Park!"

With your permission, I’d like to share a story with you…  You see I grew up in a crappy little town living in a crappy little single wide trailer.  We were so broke we didn’t even have a furnace!  All of our heat came from a steel barrel full of burning wood my dad customized with a chimney going out the side of our trailer!

So, as it were, living in a single wide trailer and all… of course I had a mullet.  If you would, imagine a mullet with a spike on top flowing back to some dingy brown locks of hair. Yup, that was me! (it eventually morphed into a rat tail probably sometime around 1990)

For some reason, by the time I hit middle school, I was growing tall strangely fast!  Almost like McDonalds was putting growth hormone in my Happy Meals or something! (they’d never do that!)  

Seriously, by the time I hit 7th-8th grade I was pushing 6’2”!  I didn’t even weigh 130 pounds!  I bet right now if you Google’d 6 foot 2 inches tall and 130 pounds, the only results would be Russian women!  Haha, maybe not, but either way I was way too skinny to be a dude!

You can imagine that since I was so poor and grew tall so fast, I never owned a pair of pants that fit!  School life was rough on me…  I got picked on daily!  It was horrible! 

I had some friends; I wasn’t the most picked on kid in school…  But I do remember days where I literally feared going to school in the morning.  There were certain people that just wouldn’t leave me alone!

And girls….?  Forget about it! I’ll tell you what, when a man is going through puberty, I swear we think about girls, sex, and boobies every 12 seconds!  (60% of the time, that happens, every time…!)  So at the time in my life that I wanted to chat it up with the ladies the most, I definitely did not have the confidence to. 

I always sat on the sidelines of life and watched as all the girls I wanted to hook up with always went for the a-holes. 

But when I was 14 my life took a strange turn of events. See my parents got a divorce...  You may be thinking, “how in the heck does your parents getting a divorce help you become confident and successful?”  Well, hang in there!  I promise I’m bringing this all the way back around faster than you can say “Buge Hoobs”!

Luckily at age 14 in Michigan you can choose which parent you want to live with…  I chose to live with my dad (for many reasons not to be mentioned here!)

One afternoon my Dad came with two of his friends with trucks and snuck me out of my mom’s house when she wasn’t home.  We loaded up my stuff, all of my dad’s guns and tools, and high tailed it out of there like Dukes of Hazzards!  (not illegally, there was no paperwork filed on anything yet)

It turns out in the Michigan court system (and I’m sure most other states too) that my Dad had to pay alimony to my mom, had to pay her mortgage, had to make her car payment, and had to give her child support on my sister!

I guess the government didn’t care that he had legal custody of me and had to provide for me too!  The worst part was, he didn’t even want a divorce!

That left us with nothing.  Starting then we were both in survival mode. We moved back into another crappy single wide trailer.  We had finally just got out of a trailer like 2 years before that!

So at age 14, I was on my own financially.  If I wanted school clothes, it was on me…  If I wanted food to eat, it was on me…  If I wanted to wipe my butt after I dropped a deuce, I better go buy some toilet paper…  You getting my drift here? 

Luckily it’s not hard to find a job as a young ambitious white male.  I soon found myself employed at a family owned pizza place…  and another family owned restaurant… and lots of random manual labor jobs for cash…

Yeah… that’s 2 real jobs and lots of random jobs.  I was only 14! This actually continued the rest of the way through middle and high school! I would work so much the restaurants had to give me half of my paycheck cash and not claim it on their books so they wouldn’t get in trouble with the child labor laws!

A funny thing happened at that time in my life. I’m about to let you in on a HUGE secret to success and confidence!

"I stopped giving a crap what people thought!"

BAM!  That’s worth writing down!

You see, I had to stop caring what people thought about me out of necessity!  I was just trying to survive! 

So all of that school drama bullsh.. didn’t matter to me anymore!  I didn’t care how cool you thought you were.  I didn’t care if you thought you were better looking than me!  I didn’t care what any of the girls thought!

And hence, confidence was born!  I knew what I had to do to survive and nothing else mattered!

Previously, I didn’t get picked on just because I was poor and skinny… I got picked on because my attitude sucked!  What I believed about myself sucked!  Once my internal thoughts changed out of necessity, my external personality changed and people treated me differently as a result!

Here is the next HUGE secret to success and confidence!  Pay attention now…  

"We all get judged within a few seconds and people will ALWAYS treat you according to your internal thoughts about yourself!"

Don’t believe me?  Well it’s true!  I don’t have time here to go into the specifics on why this happens or how getting judged is actually a benefit for you!  (Seriously!)

If you’re still reading along with me here you may be saying to yourself, “Ok so this guy used to be a dweeb that got picked on… What does that mean to me?”

I’m glad you asked! See, I went into the Air Force after high school.  It was a crazy time for me!  I went from a tiny little town without a stoplight and got thrown into the “real world”. 

It really opened my eyes to the possibilities available!  I began to search and destroy any material (books, audios, or videos) that would improve my life!  I was hooked!

During the course of personal development, I have changed so much it’s almost hard to describe…  I’m not even close to the same person I was in  school, or even the same person after that first taste of self-confidence…

I have confidence and happiness that are almost immeasurable!  I live where I want to live!  I have the woman I want to have!  My physical body is in fantastic shape because I chose to lift weights, eat right, and not be a wimp about it! 

What about money and success?  I’m telling you right now using what you were born with, testosterone, by being a man is your quickest way to money and success!  I do the exact work I want to be doing and making a ton of money!

At one point in time in my mid 20’s, I had already climbed the ladder to the Senior Engineer position within my company!  I had a guy who was my exact age that was my intern!  He was amazed at the level I was at compared to him!

It’s not because I am some whiz kid…  Quite the opposite!  It was because I have discovered the exact formula to put all of this together and create what I want in life!  You absolutely have to stop letting life push you around!

You have heard the expression of someone’s life spiraling down out of control?  Most people don’t realize your life can spiral up just as fast!  “No doubt?”…  Yeah seriously!  No doubt…

Lucky for you; you don’t have to go through the hardship I went through to become successful and confident!  I have already went through it all!  I have already studied my butt off and learned every little detail that could help you become more manly on your way to success!  And I wrote it all down in Alpha Male Juggernaut!

How is this material different?

Well first of all, I’m not famous and I don’t have a publishing company…  That’s a benefit for you because that means I have no reservations to telling the truth! (Or to be politically correct!)

I have an absolute great time with my life!  I would be unwilling to create something unless I could have a great time doing it… And because of that, I have added as much humor as I could, while not taking away from the raw information you will need!

Hey, I hate being bored as much as you do!  So I would never create boring material!  So let’s have some fun while we become a better version of our self!

Also, there is no fluff or bullpoop here, just what works. 

You want to date hotter women?  This will help!

You want to have more money?  This will help!

You want to not be a pushover anymore?  This will help!

You want to climb the corporate ladder?  This will help!

You want to ditch the crappy mood every day?  This will help!

You want to discover where you’re letting yourself down on your         way to success?  This will help!


This manual might as well have been forged from Zeus's chesthair because it's so Manly!  What you will learn:


What one place you MUST start if you’re not getting the results         you want! (Hint: not knowing this will almost guarantee your             failure!).

What one trait will keep every area of your life on course – and           make reaching your dreams fun and fulfilling!

How to INSTANTLY Tap Your Potentials and live the life of your         dreams!

What 3 steps you must take if you ever want to reach your true            potential!

What the number one single most powerful FREE thing you can do     right now to improve the quality of your life!

What one tactic (if implemented exactly as we teach) will get         people raving about your new confidence!



"And Many More!"

Many people have succeeded because they have conquered their fears and doubts.

“Don’t be left behind!”  It’s time to grow a pair and go after those dreams you have been putting off!

The information contained in this manual is absolutely priceless.  With confidence, you have the courage and testicles to bust through any challenges!

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Act Now & Receive the Following Bonus Absolutely Free!


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Holy sh..! Are you serious!  I am very serious!


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100% Money Back Guarantee!



--Nathan's Personal 60-Day Money Back Guarantee --

If the techniques in this book do not build up your courage and boost your confidence, or if for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and we’ll refund all your money pronto. Truthfully if this information does not improve your life, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.  We only deserve money if we truly bring value to your life, and that is my goal here today.


You get the No B.S., information packed 130 page manual for success and confidence; and over 5 hours of me training you on MP3's for only $4.95! No waiting for the mailman! Instant access!

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"Alpha Male Juggernaut"

Testosterone's Path to Confidence and Success!

[Click Here to Order](http://1.alphamalej.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=5016)

(Only $4.95)


Put your faith in me!  I won’t let you down!

No "Effing" Regrets,


Nathan Bumpsteed


P.S.  The best time to act is now!  This your lifeline to becoming more manly on your way to success!  If you’re sick of having an average, timid life don’t delay. You owe this to yourself!


P.P.S. Just imagine how successful you can be if you can approach anyone with confidence.  Remember, you need other people to achieve your goals in life.  And you can’t do that unless you have testosterone filled manly confidence.


P.P.P.S  Don’t get sucked in “Internet Marketers” selling horrible material that they didn’t even write!  You won’t find this information anywhere else except in my awesome manual!  I personally wrote this 130 page, information filled, phenomenon. (130 pages of written words, not pictures to fill up space!)


P.P.P.P.S  I am not an Internet Marketer who is selling a crappy ebook on Confidence.  I am a Awesomely Successful and Confident Alpha Male that wrote a manual and just happens to be selling in on the Internet.

No waiting for the Post Office! You'll have access to this awesome stuff immediately!


 Only $4.95 for an incredible amount of value! You've never seen an offer like this before!


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