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The Most Complete Volume of Norse Mythology

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Students of Icelandic literature agree that the Norse deities stand out as rude

and as massive as the Scandinavian mountains. They exhibit “a spirit of victory,

superior to brute force, superior to mere matter, a spirit that fights and overcomes.”

“The Norsemen have given their gods a noble, upright, great spirit, and placed them

upon a high level that is all their own.” “It is a greatness not of mere body and

gigantic bulk, but a rude greatness of soul.”

It was in the infancy of thought gazing upon a universe filled with divinity, and

believing heartily with all sincerity that a large-hearted people reached out in the

dark towards ideals which were better than they knew. But, Ragnarok was to undo

their gods because they had stumbled from their higher standards.

The weighty words of William Morris regarding the Volsunga Saga may also be fitly

quoted as an introduction to this collection of “Myths of the Norsemen”: “This is

the great story of the North, which should be to all our race what the Tale of Troy

was to the Greeks—to all our race first, and afterwards, when the change of the

world has made our race nothing more than a name of what has been—a story too

—then should it be to those that come after us no less than the Tale of Troy has

been to us.”

We have to thank a curious phenomenon for the preservation of so much of the

old lore as we still possess. While modern and foreign influences were changing

the Norse language, it remained practically unaltered in Iceland. And so here they

are, re-presented in 29 chapters for you to discover “as it was writ” over a

thousand years ago.


TITLE: Myths of the Norsemen
ISBN: 978-1-907256-65-3
BY: H A Geurber
PAGES: 620
SIZE: 127mm x 203mm (5” x 8”)
FORMAT: Paperback & PDF eBook
Originally published 1909

List of Illustrations
Chapter I: The Beginning Myths of Creation
Chapter II: Odin The Father of Gods and Men
Chapter III: Frigga
Chapter IV: Thor
Chapter V: Tyr
Chapter VI: Bragi
Chapter VII: Idun
Chapter VIII: Niörd
Chapter IX: Frey
Chapter X: Freya
Chapter XI: Uller
Chapter XII: Forseti
Chapter XIII: Heimdall
Chapter XIV: Hermod
Chapter XV: Vidar
Chapter XVI: Vali
Chapter XVII: The Norns
Chapter XVIII: The Valkyrs
Chapter XIX: Hel
Chapter XX: Ægir
Chapter XXI: Balder
Chapter XXII: Loki
Chapter XXIII: The Giants
Chapter XXIV: The Dwarfs
Chapter XXV: The Elves
Chapter XXVI: The Sigurd Saga including the Volsunga Saga
Chapter XXVII: The Story of Frithiof
Chapter XXVIII: The Twilight of the Gods
Chapter XXIX: Greek and Northern Mythologies

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