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“Lose Weight. Feel Good. Have More Energy than Ever Before – Without Pills or Unnatural Supplements”

“The Gigantic Diet and Energy Supplement Corporations Don’t Want You to Read This Letter . . .”

From: Griffin Bradford
Friday, 3:45 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Power bars. Herbal supplements. Energy drinks. Everyday millions are searching for something just to get us through the day.

Our bodies run with an energy deficit. We feel tired. We feel run down.

More is demanded of us than ever before. We push forward, but we feel like we’re writing a check our body just can’t cash.

Every morning we wake up after a night of too little sleep, and then slog through yet another day.

We ask ourselves, “Isn’t there more to life than this?”

And we down another cup of coffee or another energy drink, or we eat another power bar hoping it will be the silver bullet that rids us of the issue.


“We Feel Better for Awhile, But Inside We Know We’ve Only Hidden the Real Problem”

Listen, it is one thing to be tired after one night of staying out too late. The bigger issue is that a lot of us drag and limp our way into work every day. We start looking ahead to the weekend before Monday even ends!

 A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation showed most Americans are sleep-deprived.

 The National Center for Health Statistics announced that a shocking 34% of Americans are overweight and another 34% are obese.

 Yet, Business Week reported that Americans spend more than 40 billion dollars a year on weight loss products. How is it that we spend that much money and remain so unhealthy?

 Studies suggest energy drinks and all those other silver bullets are not only ineffective, but they may be hazardous to your health.

 One online survey showed that 20 percent of working Americans have called in sick because they were too tired, and 31 percent say that they wake up so fatigued that they consider calling in sick at least once a week.

We recognize the problem, but we haven’t found the solution.
That is, until now...


“The Entire Time, Real Answers Have Been Right Under Our Noses”

Instead of depending on chemicals and caffeine for energy, simply choosing the right foods will provide you with a diverse set of building blocks that create energy efficiently.

High energy foods will give you:

 Sustained energy throughout the day
 Natural weight loss through efficient calories
 Improved appearance by losing unwanted fat
 More energy to accomplish your goals

But what are these energy foods? When should you eat them, and how much should you eat?

Unless you have a Ph.D. in nutrition, converting your diet to natural foods can be confusing and just a plain hassle.


“Simplicity Is Why The Energy Foods Diet Was Developed”

In the right combination, natural energy foods can help you power through your day by nourishing your body with high levels of energy-producing nutrients.

The Energy Foods Diet focuses on a core collection of nutrients that provides the human body with the essential building blocks to create energy efficiently and without the peaks and crashes that occur with supplements.

But you don’t have to be a scientist to follow this diet. The Energy Foods Diet gives you all this information in an easy-to-follow plan.

And because diet and exercise go hand in hand, The Energy Foods Diet contains a complete body maintenance plan to further enhance your daily energy levels while eliminating energy drains such as excess weight, inactivity, and stress.


“But We’re Not Talking About a Life Reduced to Eating Carrots and Celery Sticks”

The Energy Foods Diet teaches you how to live a more healthy and enriching life, and you won’t have to live on bunny food and run 3.2 miles a day to see real results.

In this program you’ll learn:

 How your body creates and uses energy
 How to bridge the gap between what you eat and what your body actually needs
 10 essential nutrients that deliver sustained energy
 11 foods that replenish your energy-starved body
 12 natural energy boosters you can use anytime for a quick pick-me-up
 Easy exercise options that let you add treats to your daily menu
 How to achieve a mind/body balance that maximizes your energy levels
 How to get the most out of your sleep
 How to transform your job from an energy drain to an energy gain

Not only that, but the 7-day menu planner gives you endless options for a week filled with the foods you already enjoy.


“Are You Eating 6 Times a Day?”

That might sound ridiculous but it is exactly what your body needs to maintain consistent energy and blood sugar levels.

So you certainly won’t be starving yourself to see results with this program. Instead, you’ll enjoy three meals and three snacks every day!


“How Much Have You Spent on Energy Shots, Coffee, or Some Other Quick Fix?”

You’re probably aware that diet and energy supplements comprise a multi-billion dollar industry.

How much money have you thrown into that pot in the last week? How about the last month or the last few years?

At some point, we have to stop doing the same thing over and over when we see it isn’t working.

In fact, it isn’t even supposed to work.

What would happen to all those multi-billion dollar diet and energy supplement corporations if Americans actually lost weight, kept it off, and started living energetic and fulfilling lives?

They would be out of business.

For them, ridding your life of energy drains, extra weight, and stress would be a conflict of interests.

But once you purchase your copy of The Energy Foods Diet you’ll never send us another penny. We’re not out to sell products you’ll need to buy over and over again if you want results . . . or if you want to retain them!

You’ll just buy our program for a one-time payment of:


And start living the life you’ve always wanted.

You won’t need to buy expensive supplements, shakes, meals, or any of the other popular gimmicks diet and energy corporations are peddling these days. You'll find all of the foods we recommend at your local grocery store.

Just put the program to work and discover the benefits of natural energy boosters.


We’ll even include these special bonuses absolutely free to help you make good decisions during your transformation from sluggish slacker to active acheiver!

Bonus Report One – Eating Healthy With Fast Food
This is a handy little guide for eating healthy on the go. Because
let’s face it, sometimes you do have to resort to fast food.
Inside you'll learn dozens of great options you can grab from the
most popular fast food outlets.



Bonus Report Two – Maximum Metabolism
This metabolism boosting diet and activity guide will help you
increase your metabolism to shed unwanted pounds. You’ll learn
about special foods and exercises that increase the number of
calories your body burns. By making a few simple tweaks to your
diet, you can make your body do the hard work for you!



Bonus – The Energy Foods Nutrition Newsletter
Did you know that dieting with a partner increases your odds of
success? That is why we stay in touch through our nutrition
newsletter. Twice a month for one year we'll send you an email
with new menu and fitness ideas to keep you motivated!


 “As If That Weren’t Enough, We’ll Give You a 100% Refund If You’re Not Absolutely Thrilled With The Energy Foods Diet – Hassle Free”

You can rest assured you’re not throwing good money after bad when you order The Energy Foods Diet.

Get the program, follow it, and you’ll be absolutely positive this plan will change your life. If you’re not, just let us know and we’ll give you a hassle-free refund – any time in the first two months!


So now is the time to take action. But what you do next is up to you.

 You could gulp down another cup of coffee and hope it gives you the energy you need to change your life.
 You could go buy another bottle of supplements and hope they make you feel better about the life you have now.
 You could keep looking for that silver bullet, the one that will make all your troubles go away.

 Order the Energy Foods Diet and Get Energized to Live the Life You Deserve!


*This is a digital product and no physical products will be mailed to your house.
Making this digital allows us to give you instant access to the program along
with the bonuses immediately after your purchase. Everything can easily be
accessed with both a PC and a Mac and full support is available if needed.


Why not order right now and start living a healthier and more active life today?

To Your Health,
Griffin Bradford

P.S. Imagine. . . a simple lifestyle change offers you an improved appearance and sustained energy to accomplish all those things you want to do. This is one dream that really can come true. [Order now](http://1.energdiet.pay.clickbank.net/) and make it happen!


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