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The Ultimate Phone Sales System

Business Growth Program

I decided to enroll in Gary's economical Phone Sales training. It is fantastic. The training is filled with
nuggets of brilliant information that I was not already aware of. My favorite so far has been getting
the "yes" momentum going. Good Stuff!

Thanks Gary,
Karen L. Lewis
Identity Theft Specialist

Yes Gary !  Sign me up for the Ultimate Phone Sales System!

I understand that this program will start within 24 hours of my registering and each module will be
released to me every 2 weeks.

I understand that this program is made up of 4 online training modules that are designed to help me
accelerate my phone sales and are available online 24/7.

I understand that this is not a get rich quick product and that I will have to actually apply what I learn
to increase my sales.

I understand that I have a 1-week trial period and if I don't feel as though the 1st Module is worth
the entire investment of the program, I can get a full refund. No questions asked. After that time
period has expired there will be no refunds,or cancellations.

I understand that I cannot share  logon passwords and user names. Our system is designed to
detect this immediately, and suspend any account where more than one person signs on using the
same username and password.

I understand that I am solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws & regulations.
Nothing in this program should be construed as a replacement for legal advice.  

The Ultimate Phone Sales System

Online Virtual Training Videos
Multiple Training Sessions Per Module
Advanced Telephone Tactics
Social Networking Strategies
Advance Lead Generation Techniques
Power Telephone Persuasion Skills
Downloadable Mp3, Mp4 files and Transcripts

Copyright  Coleshill & Associates PC 2011

The Ultimate Phone Sales System

Advanced Appointment Setting & Phone Sales Strategies

Join me for 4 bi-weekly online training modules that help you quickly and powerfully grow your sales  through
Phone Sales acceleration strategies, advanced communication tools, online marketing tactics and  social
media platforms.

Each Module includes multiple training videos, Mp3 & Mp4 modules and cheat sheets to support you in  
growing your sales in the fastest, easiest and most results-certain way possible.

The program includes:

•  Module One:        Laying the Foundation For Dramatic     
                                  Phone Sales  Acceleration

•  Module Two:       Communicating As a World-Class Sales

•  Module Three:     Mastering Advanced Communication

•  Module Four:       Making The Shift From Phone Sales
                                  to Strategic Entrepreneur

Learn how to:

1.    Build your ideal client profile so that you can laser target your  prospecting efforts.

2.    Develop the ultimate phone sales mindset to enable you to just  shrug off all of the rejection.

3.    Design your business persona so that people  remember you, and what you do.

4.    Manage your time for peak phone production to  get more done in less time.

6.    Use Tonality to influence the prospect to buy.

7.    Create a Powerful Opening Statement to instantly  grab the prospects attention.

8.    Develop the Traits & Habits of Top Sales Pros, and become successful faster than you ever   
       dreamed possible.

9.    Get past the Dreaded Gatekeeper and directly reach the prospect to deliver your presentation.

10.  Use automated phone systems to reach your prospect quickly and easily.

11.  Build a pipeline of future sales leads to ensure that your sales are consistent and constant.

12.  Build rapport & trust with the prospect to make the selling process easier and to generate  
       more referrals.

13.  Identify hot buttons & verbal cues and successfully lead the prospect to the close.     

14.  Pace & lead the prospect to a closing opportunity.

15.  Use inflexion techniques to influence the prospect.

16.  Use question strategies to discover your prospects  needs & wants &  lead them to purchase    
       your product or service.

17.  Use advanced language patterns to subtly  influence the prospect to buy.

18.  Handle objections with ease & move closer to the sale.

19.  Learn the art of reframing, and take any negatives, and turn them into positives.  

20.  Wrap up your presentation, and close that sale, or set that appointment.

21.  Use stick strategies to minimize cancellations.

22.  Use social media to generate more leads.

23.  Write e-mails that get results.

24.  Automate your prospecting, and follow up, with auto responders.

25.  Double your sales by using structured referral systems

       And Much Much More……………………………

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.coleshill1.pay.clickbank.net)

Just $99

"I invested in Gary`s online training program, and fully intended to take all 4 training modules.
However by the time I finished Module 1, and started using some of the techniques, and strategies
outlined in the program, I got so tied up with all of the new business that  I generated that I have
so far been unable to finish the program. What a great problem to have!"
Tom Tobin, Verint,


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