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“The Code Is CRACKED! Marketer Spills The Beans And Reveals A 30 Day step-By-By System”

RE: A 30-Day STEP-BY-STEP Actionable Plan.
From The Desk Of The Guru

So you want to earn money from home online, but have no idea how or where to get started?

Or perhaps you know of many ways to make money online, but still unsure as to what works for you and how exactly to get started?

I have some great news for you! You are in the right place. You WILL NOT have to learn the hard way.

NEWBIE ALERT! The Web Will Chew You Up
And Spit You Out!

When it comes to breaking into something as huge as Network Marketing, the Web will chew you up and spit you out if you do not know what to do, where to do it - and how to do it.

To begin with you need a clear step-by-step -- day-by-day outline; showing you exactly where to go, and what to do.

You also need the EXPERIENCE of someone who has already gone through the testing, refining and HARD WORK so that you don't have to experience it yourself.

Many have just jumped in own their own, and were very quickly overwhelmed with information overload, as well as having been drawn in by big promise, costly training courses that were full of “theory” and fluff, not making them one red cent.

What's In This 30 Day Challenge?

Here are some of the things you will learn the 30 Day Newbie Challenge you cannot fail!..

1. How to find a hungry crowd desperate to have their problems solve

2. How to carefully select a product that will solve this starving crowds problem

3. How to find what keywords to base your campaign around (this is huge)

4. How to analyze your competition

5. How to get a website up and running without spending a dime of your own money

6. How to force Google to know your website exists and send traffic to it

7. How to get consistent traffic to your website without paying for it

8. How to get on the front page of Google

9. How to set up a funnel of targeted traffic to your money page

10. How to combine these methods so you can start putting money in your pocket!

It not only shows you how to attract buyers – it gives you the methods that will enable you to get a steady stream of traffic who are eager to see your offers! It’s step-by-step instruction will enable you to create your very own Professional Sales Page, as well as show you exactly how you can get valuable incoming links to your Page, and get GOOD PAGE RANK.

These methods have been proven to work – This is NOT some “guru” designed, complicated, hard to read and comprehend – “theory for Internet Marketing.”

The 30 Day Newbie Challenge Is a simple, straightforward, Daily Workbook, which was Designed for the beginning marketer

That is how it got the name – “30 Day Newbie Challenge.” To do this – and make money – is the main objective the writer of this program had in mind for you.

When you see the “You’ve Got Money,” email that Paypal will send you just as soon as you make a sale – you will be hooked. This workbook shows you exactly what to do for 30 days, but the real beauty of this program is that you can do it over and over again! Starting back at the beginning. This will allow you to continue to make money, day after day.

What makes this offer any different than the rest? You WILL MAKE MONEY with this program. You will not have to spend a dime of you own to work this program. Once you have bought the program, there are no more hidden costs. I CHALLENGE you to take the steps in this program, and give them an earnest try – and not make money!
Gives You All You Need To Earn Cash Easy – Step-By-Step Instructions Day-To-Day activities – From Day 1 To Day 30 Earn As You Learn Directions URLs Of Free Sites Showing You Where To Begin A Total list of URL Resources - Which Are All FREE SITES No Guess Work – Detailed Descriptions of What To Do Each Day A Downloadable Check List for Each Days Efforts All The Tools Needed To Check Your Progress Details On How To Build Your Own Professional Landing Page – For FREE
“Here's A Quick Run-Down Of The Type of Tasks You Will Be Doing In this 30-Day ‘Do-This And Do-That’ Course...”

Day #1 - How To Pick A Winning Product

In Day 1 of the “30 Day Newbie Challenge” you will discover how to pick a winning product so you can maximize your chances of making money online. I will let you in on my own private system that I use to judge how good a product is and the two niches that you should avoid if you don’t want to be swamped by the competition.

Go over to clickbank and search for a product to promote. If it has a gravity of ____ plus you will know that the product is selling well. You will need to go over to ________ and enter the name of your product and review at the top. If you have _____ views or more you will know that you are on to a winner.

Day #2 - Get The Right Keywords!

On Day 2 of the “30 Day Newbie Challenge” you will be shown a powerful keyword research method that I have not seen anywhere else online. I will show you how to maximize your chances of ending up on the front page of Google so you can get noticed and start making money.

To find your keywords you are going to go over to _______ to find the long tail keywords that people are looking for. A decent keyword will have at least ____ searches a month. When you check out the competition, you will need to go over to Google. If you see nothing but _______ on the front page then you should leave that keyword alone.
Day #3 - Signing For As An Affiliate!

On Day 3 of the “30 Day Newbie Challenge” you will be signing up at all the sites that you will need for your campaign. We will be using sites that Google loves that are easy to get up and running so you can get sales coming in ASAP.

Today you are going to find out which _____ you will need to use to make this system work for you. You will need to pick a ________ for each niche and stick to it. You will first of all need to open a ______ for this campaign.

Day #4 - Evaluating Your Competition

On Day 4 of the “30 Day Newbie Challenge” I will show you how to know if the product that you picked has a good chance of succeeding before you go and do lots of work and start building sites to promote it. You will discover how to copy what your competition are doing so you can rank as high as them on Google.

You will need to go over to __________ and check out what the top ranking pages look like. Finding out what they are doing to get seen and get ranked will give you the best chance of success. I believe that doing a lot of _________ and getting _________ is a big reason for failure online. If you do the proper _______ this will not happen to you

Day #5 - Building Your First Money-Making Site

On Day 5 of the “30 Day Newbie Challenge” the rubber will hit the road so to speak, as I show you how to build your first site utilising the best keywords that you have researched. You will then learn the easiest and quickest way to build valuable back links to your sites so you can get some love from Google.
Go to _______ and sign up for an account. The _______ here is the one thing that you will want to spend most of your time on. Answer 4 questions at ________ and put a link to your blog in two answers.    
Day #6 - Content And Link Building

On Day 6, you're going to be creating and submitting content whilst leaving backlinks to your main money site. This is an important stage that will let the search engines know that a) you're not spamming, and b) your site is naturally growing.

Write 3 articles around your keywords and submit them to _____ ________.

Submit your _______ landing page's ___ ____ to the ___ aggregators from day 3.

Answer 4 questions at _____ _______, leaving links in 2 of the answers.

Day #7 - Maximize Your Article Marketing Efforts

On Day 7 of the “30 Day Newbie Challenge” I will be showing you how maximise your article marketing efforts so you can get more articles out in a shorter amount of time. I will also share with you my own linking strategy for increasing the authority and importance of your site in the eyes of Google.

Write 3 articles and submit them at your _______ account. To get your site ranked make sure the keywords are in the _______ and the _________ and that you build your sites around what made the other sites successful.
Day #8 - Boosting Rankings With RSS Feeds

On Day 8 you will be learning about RSS feeds and how they can boost your rankings as well as a social book marking techniques for boosting your rankings in Google.

Take your articles and submit them to _______ . Then take your ________ and __________ and submit them to rss sites. Social bookmark your_______ and _________.
Day #9 - How To Promote Your Blog

On Day 9 you will be using the power of Wordpress to promote your product. We will be using quick and simple techniques to promote your blog and get it noticed faster by the search engines.

Rewrite 3 articles and submit them to ________. You can now use these articles that you just wrote to start a ________. Now you will need to ping your site at ___________.

Day #10 - Link Building

On Day 10 you will learn about the importance of tracking affiliate links and monitoring your results for better sales in the long run. You will also learn how to add modules to your Squidoo and Hub pages to boost the powers of your Wordpress blog.

Your second set of _______ should go live today. You will be pinging your _______ and ________ url and ________ feeds at pingoat. Social bookmark your _______ from the _______ that you created.

Day #11 - Linking Up Your RSS Feeds

On Day 11 I will show you how to link up the rss feeds of your different sites as we start to increase the presence and power of your sites online.
Write 3 _______ around your _____________ and submit them to __________. You will then go to ________ and submit them to _________. Go back to squidoo and hubpage and add 3 _______. Go back to Squidoo and Hubpage and add three __________.    
Day #12 - Re-Purposing Your Articles

On Day 12 you will learn how to use articles that you have already written to add valuable content to your blog which Google will love. We will also be using yahoo answers to get more traffic.

Go to your wordpress blog and make posts out of 3 _________ that you just wrote. ___________ your wordpress blog at Pingoat. Answer 4 questions at _____________ and don’t forget to leave ________ blank

Day #13 - Monitoring Your Traffic

On day 13 we will be taking a look at where the traffic is coming from to your site. When we are armed with this information we will be in a better position to capitalise on sales.

______________ your new posts from your wordpress blogs. Submit your ________ to the sites you signed up for in day 3. Answer 4 questions at _________ and leave 3 blank. Submit your _______ feed to the ________ from day three.

Day #14 - Adding More Content To Hub Pages And Squidoo Lenses

On Day 14 we will be increasing the content on our hub pages and squidoo pages.
Take the second set of ________ that was approved and submit them to __________. Go to _______ and __________ and add another module to each one. Ping your url for ______ and ______ at pingoat.

Day #15 - Monitoring ALL Sites

On Day 15 we are now going to access the situation. We need now to take a look at what is happening with all the sites that we have put up. I will show you here how to maximise on the sites that are doing well so you can even more traffic and sales.

Rewrite 3 ________ and make them into _______ for your ________. Answer 5 questions at ________ and leave links in _________. Rewrite your articles and make them into posts for your _______.

Day #16 - More Rank Boosting With RSS Feeds

On Day 16 We are going to use an RSS feed technique to get more traffic to our sites.

Write 3 _______ and submit them to ________. Go over to _________ and create new __________.
Submit the new Rss feeds ___________ to the Rss aggregators that you signed up to on day 3.
Day #17 - Enchancing Squidoo And Hub Pages

On Day 17 We are going to change something interesting in our Squidoo and Hub Pages to enhance their power online.
Go over to _______ and _______ and change the pictures in them. Ping the ___________ for your squidoo and hubpage at __________. Submit your recently approved __________ to ___________.
Day #18 - Submitting RSS Feeds

On Day 18 We are going to use a special site to create RSS feeds for submission. This is a very powerful strategy.

Go over to ___________ and create RSS feeds. You will then submit them to ________ from day 3. Answer 5 questions at _________ and leave links in 4 of them. Ping your Wordpress blog url at _______.
Day #19 - Backlinks From Blogs And Forums

Day 19 I will show a little technique that I use to get really good back links from blogs and forums. You will learn how you need to present yourself in order to get the most amount of traffic back to your site.

Another great way to get links back you your site is _________ and __________. You can simply put a ________ to the site you are promoting in your ________. Answer five questions on ________ and leave links in four answers.

Day #20 - Modifications To Squidoo And Hub Page Sites

Day 20 We will now be making a few more changes to your squidoo and hub page sites to get even more traffic.

Write 3_______ around your _______ and submit them to _________. Go now to your ________ and _________ and change the pages. Ping your Squidoo and hubpage url at ________. Answer 5 questions at something leaving links in 4 answers.

Day #21 - More Backlink Juice From Forums And Blog Comments

Day 21 We are now going to take advantage of the power of forums and blog commenting to create more back links to your site.

Add any ________ to your to your squidoo and hubpages that you have not yet. Do some ______ posting and do some blog __________.Take 3 ___________ that have been approved and submit them to __________.

Day #22 - Modifying Your Article For More Traffic

Day 22 on this day you are going learn how to make changes to one article with a few adjustments to maximise the work that you have done to get more traffic.

Take one _________ that has previously been approved and post it on ____________. Add your new blogger url to ___________ and __________. Social book mark all of the ____________ that you wrote yesterday. Add a new Blogger ulr to _________ and live url search.
Day #23 - Monitoring Your Rankings

Day 23 today you are going to check one more time where the sites are ranking and how you can improve your results by knowing where your sales are coming from.

Create 3 or more _________ as we did yesterday with the __________ attached. Ping your _____ and your _______ at pingoat. Create 3 more ________ as we did yesterday with _______ attached.
Day #24 - More Modifications To Hubpages And Squidoo Lense

Day 24 Today you will be making more changes to the squidoo pages and hubpages  to get them noticed more in the search engines.

Go over to _________ and __________ and switch the pictures around again. Social book mark your new ________ from yesterday. Go over to _________ and answer some questions and leave links in 4 answers. Ping your ________ and ___________ at pingoat.
Day #25 - Combining Wordpress And Ezines To Make More Money

Day 25 you will now be combining the power of wordpress and ezine to make more money.

Social book mark you remaining ___________ and do some posting and ________. Answer 5 questions at _________ and leave _______ in 4 answers. Social bookmark the remaining  _________ from day 3.
Day #26 - Posting Techniques

Day 26 You will now be doing some posting techniques to get even more backlinks to your site and improve it rankings in google.

Do more _______ posting and __________ commenting. Social bookmark yesterdays posts from ________  and submit 3 _________ to various _________. Do some more forum posting and blog commenting.
Day #27 - Applying Several Methods To The Campaign

Day 27 Today we will be combining a lot of the methods we have been using so far to move our campaign forward and make more money.

Go over to _______ and _________ and switch around the pictures. Rewrite _______ and submit them to your _________. Go over and answer 5 questions at _______ and leave _________ in 4 answers.
Day #28 - Increasing Visibility

Day 28 You will now be making changes to your squidoo and hubpages sites and changing your blogger page to improve your visibility in google.

Social bookmark yesterdays ________ and write 3 _________ and submit them to _________. Do some _______ and  blog commenting for more backlinks. Social bookmark the _________ that you made yesterday.
Day #29 - Monitoring Results

Day 29 You will now be checking your results again to maximise your potential for sales.

Social book mark anything that you have not social bookmarked yet. Take three recently approved _______ and submit them to the various _______ that you signed up for. Answer 5 questions at _____.Create one more page at __________ blogs with Rss feeds

Day #30 - Finishing Up And Moving On

Day 30 You are now finished and all you need to do now is repeat the process for more niches. But I want to show you how you can get all this done for you so you can free up your time for more enjoyable things.

Ping your ________ url and your _________ feed at pingoat. Go over to hubpages and squidoo and switch around the _________. Answer 5 questions at _________ and leave links in 4 answers. Rewrite _______ and creste posts on your wordpress blog.


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You just edit how you like, add your own voice into the articles, add your affiliate links, and then use them in conjunction with your 30 Day Newbie Challenge!

Special Bonus #2 - How To Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines!

Writing good copy is never an easy task. And perhaps hardest of all is writing a good headline. With a good headline you can almost get your visitor to click where you want and take them to where you want them to go.

Striking the right balance between enticing the reader with language and hooking them with a benefit or a question can often be very difficult. Fortunately for you, this guide takes much of the hard work out of the process.

Inside you'll get access to:

• Dozens of headline templates you can copy and paste onto your own sales letter or advertisements.

• Why the headline is the most crucial part of your sales copy

• How to craft a winning headline to sell more of your products

• How to use psychological triggers. This isn't accomplished by using any jedi mind tricks. These powerful ways will get your prospects buying.

• Plus much more!

Special Bonus #3 - The Power Of Goals And Staying In Motivation!

The 30 Day Newbie Challenge is a goal with a time-frame. In order to help you stick it, we're going to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of goals and how to achieve them so you don't stray off track!

Everything from making your first sale to your first hundred dollars, to your first thousand dollars, even your first million is a milestone in our lives.

No matter what the size and scope of your goal, it CAN be achieved through patience, diligence, and hard work. Understanding how to set your goal and utilizing time frames and organization skills, you will find that it is not as hard as you may have originally thought.

Understanding how to stay on track towards a goal is essential. Keep
your eyes on the prize and always remember the ultimate reward of
accomplishing the goal. Truly, the end result is what makes setting
goals and achieving them so enjoyable.

Inside you'll get access to:

• The importance of setting goals

• How to achieve your goals/

• How a "goal buddy" can help you achieve your goals drastically.

• Goals are one thing, but sticking with them is another. You'll discover how to stay aligned with your goals.

• How anything can be achieve by simply being patient and persistent with your goals.

• 30 tips to keep motivated

• and much more!

For most of us, motivation can be short bursts of energy that are easily doused or a lit match that will be out soon. Fortunately, we can change that. We can make our motivation burn longer like a candle. We only need practice and constant reflection.

Staying motivated is never a walk on the park. It is not as easy as 1-2-3. But following these tips keeps you motivated to achieve your goal -- and making a conscious effort to maintain a positive attitude make you motivated enough to achieve your goals.

If you are anything like I was when I first started attempting to make money online, you're probably ready to pull your hair out.  While there is no doubt a ton of information available that can tell you what you need to do, attempting to sort through it all without getting information overload is next to impossible. What you are about to read is a step by step process that will allow you to take the guess work out of the equation.

By nO means is this the only way to make money on the internet.

There are thousands of different paths you can choose.  Some require more work than others and some cost more money than others.  The way I am about to show you is one that will not cost you a dime of your own money if you do not want it to.  These methods can be followed by using strictly free resources.  You of course can speed up the process by spending a little bit of your own money, but it is by no means necessary.

This is the exact method!

There is no rocket science to this method.  All it takes is willingness to do a little work and you will make money. 

This step by step process that I'm about to show you was designed to take you about 2-3 hours per day.  I have a day job as well and that was about all the time I could afford to spend.  At first it may take you a little longer, but as you get comfortable doing the steps you will find your speed will increase. 

If you cannot get through the steps each day, do not get upset and quit because you are behind!  Just keep at it and do as much as you can.  Pick up where you left off the next day if you get a little behind.  JUST KEEP WORKING and you will get results.

Every day there will be a list of tasks to do for the day.  Follow the list and you will do fine.  Each day there is a "done" line for you to check off your tasks as you finish them.  This way it will be very easy to keep track of what you did for the day.  Just print the pages out and put them in a binder for easy, well-organized, access.

So order your copy of '30 Day Newbie Challenge' today in complete confidence! But just before you do, please rest assured that you are backed by a completely risk-free guarantee!..

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YES! I fully understand that this 30 day system is backed by a 60 day guarantee. This will give me 30 days to follow your daily step-by-step plan and another 30 day to see the results in my ClickBank account! If I still don't make a single commission that at the very least does not cover the cost of my investment I'm entitled to a full, prompt and courteous refund! But because everyone else is already achieving great results, I want to join them too so let me place my order right now!

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