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Aviation English by Air Traffic Controllers

Learn Aviation English the way air traffic controllers use it in the real-world.  Gain a better understanding of aviation phraseology using authentic ATC clearances and instructions.  Think you understand how to communicate effectively in the operational environment?  [Find out now.](https://atcreadback.com/tryit/)
English for pilots, student and ESL. Gain confidence in real-world phraseology Designed by licensed air traffic controllers Practice for ICAO Level 4 comprehension
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What makes ATCreadback.com so unique?

Designed by Professionals

We focus on the Aviation English used in international operations.

Web-Based and Self-Paced

Train whenever and wherever you want - there is no set schedule, we work around your own.

Effective for learning or interest

Hone your listening skills whether a student pilot, ESL pilot or just interested in ATC.

Go beyond the classroom

Elevate your understanding of radio communication beyond what is covered in the textbook.

Are you a flight school?  Do your students need an innovative way to practice their radio skills away from the airplane?  [Contact us](mailto:info@atcreadback.com) for information on how we can help.


Aviation Headlines

[Plane's mayday call missed due to pilot's poor English](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d5a274488bdpng.png) Air traffic controllers at Heathrow airp ...

[Aviation English Training Set to Boom](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49f6a52ff26eepng.png) China may become the next battlefield for aviation English ...

[Safety fears prompt English test for pilots.](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d6b5d5cfb34png.png) English is the standard language for pilots around ...

[Tougher radio-telephony norms for flight crew.](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d6b5799a3a8png.png) Proficiency in English is a must for converting a ...

[No English, no license for pilots.](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d6b5084dd80png.png) A Brazilian pilot being eyed by Jet Airways was not proficient ...

[Crew confusion found in Athens plane crash...](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d6b3ec7adcapng.png) each pilot had difficulty understanding how the ot ...

[Poor command of English](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d6b2ed3192apng.png) is said to be the reason why the pilot of a Turkish charter plane landed b ...

[India ejects pilots for poor English](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d6b28cd8c36png.png) India has sent home at least 20 foreign pilots flying for it ...

[China demands its pilots speak better English](/modules/admin/uploaded/files/49d5a2a9acc91png.png) Less than a tenth of China's pilots meet internati ...

What our clients are saying:

I'm a Chilean Pilot (ATP), looking for improve my proficiency English language (ICAO requirement)... was a very interesting course, was very intensive, I had the opportunity to improve my listening... I suggest to everyone take the course.

Fernando Bianchi, (Chilean Pilot)

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