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Video + Written 1-50 Guide

Video Guide: Entire 1-50 Guide, Videos Of Each Step
Written Guide: Complete Step-By-Step Leveling 1-50
In Game: Custom Web Browser To Access Guide + Videos
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complete leveling 1-50 guide

Former Wowhead.com CEO uses unique insight to create the most complete and accurate leveling guide in existence for RIFT!

Our guide is patch 1.4.1 ready. Enjoy!

Power your way from character creation to 50 with ease. Segmented write ups for each level.

Each step fully written out, including quest names, givers, and map coordinates. Everything from names, map coordinates, objectives, are fully searchable.

Full video step-by-step in high definition for every part of the guide. Videos for each level on each page for easy reference.

Simple and easy to use. Step-by-step instructions starts at level 1.. Suggested leveling builds for each calling to get you on the fast track.

in-game browser downloads

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K_____@gmail.com to defiantguides 11:13 AM 09/01/11 (23 hours ago)

Defiantguides.com brings you all this fun! The guides are easy to follow, whenever you are lost, you simply use the built in video guide to see what you should be doing. All in all, it's an amazing guide and with the upcoming other features it's well worth getting it!

Immediately after you purchase the guide you will see a screen that tells you your username and password as well as the members URL login, as well as download link for our custom in-game web browser.

Includes 3 free bonus guides!

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Screenshot of Member Section: Guide Selection Area

Full 1-50 Defiant Guide Includes Leveling Build Guides Completely Web Accessable Includes In-Game Web Browser Crystal Clear Strategies Step-By-Step Guide Updated Often Fastest Solo Leveling Instant Access No Exploits or Hacks 60 Day Guarantee 100% Free Updates

$47 One-time price includes free updates

Our guide has ZERO monthly fees whatsoever. All updates are completely free.

In addition to having immediate access to our 1-50 Leveling Strategy Guide, you will also be emailed your login information, as well as some really great tips to playing the game, in under 5 seconds!


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