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Affiliate Ownage - 9 New Instant Profit Blogs

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"Videogame Junkie Racks Up
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Clickbank Cash ‘High Score’...
All While Playing XBox360!"

Get on the edge of your seat...
plug in your favorite joypad...
and hit the ‘START’ button...
you’re about to suck in FAT commissions
faster than Mario scoops up gold coins!”


From: Steve Garcia
Re: How to ‘own’ affiliate marketing

My name’s Steve Garcia and I’m an addict.

Yeah... I’m addicted to my XBox360

I blast Horde... pummel Nazi’s... and slice up the undead on a daily basis.

But I have another, more profitable addiction too...

I’m hooked on checking the stats in my Clickbank account.

Hitting the ‘refresh’ button on my browser gives me the fix I crave every day.

(... and that really gets in the way of my gaming)

But when THIS kind of cash hits my account hour after hour...

and then some...

And when you start to think about all the new gadgets, games and toys you can buy...

It’s no wonder they call it Clickbank Crack.

And in just a second (if there’s still time)
you’re going to get access to the same
‘just push play’ app that pulls down
this kind of cash... on autopilot...


...and let’s you “OWN” and
mercilessly dominate your competitors...

You see, I’ve taken my online income streams to the point where the only thing I have to worry about is how much credit is left in my XBox LIVE account.

In other words?  I don’t have to do a damn thing.

I can kick back and enjoy a day of gaming... hanging with friends... goofing off... whatever I want to do...

Because the software you’re about to see automates everything you need to be an ultra-successful super affiliate.

Better than just successful in fact... you will utterly dominate the affiliate marketing playing field.

And that means...
x No blogging
x No SEO
x No PPC
x No Facebook
x No fake stories or actors...

Just kick back... fire up your console... put on a movie... power up your iPod... hell you can even go outdoors if you want...

… just know -- with total peace of mind -- the money will rack up in your account like an end-of-level high score.

And right now I’m betting YOUR Clickbank account
is emptier than the beer cans in my man-cave...

Because the cold, hard truth is -- so far?  You’ve failed.

You’re up against that end of level boss you can’t defeat...

No matter what you try, he keeps on beating the crap out of you.

And you just get right back up to take it all over again.  Until...

You’re down to your last ‘continue’ and
flat out of coins to slot into the money machine...

Maybe it was that last ‘WTF?’ uber-complicated course on SEO you bought...

Or maybe it was that so-called ‘killer’ tip you picked up from that ‘underground’ CPA forum...

When THAT didn’t make you a single dime... when your bank account took yet another hit... when you found yourself back to square one yet again... you told yourself...

“Game Over Man.  Game Over!”

And started to resign yourself to the fact that maybe, just maybe, you’re doomed to spend the rest of your life in that stinkin’ cubicle job.

Well listen up.

I woke up and found myself in the same trap too.

All it takes is one realization... one flash of insight... to understand that unless you take control, your life is not gonna turn out the way you want it to be.

The way you deserve it to be.

But this business is a game.  A game you can win.

And just like the way I keep hammering my joypad until I complete a videogame... I kept pushing and pushing until the internet ‘coughed’ up cash like a broken ATM.

And yet... it’s crystal clear why YOU
still struggle to squeeze a single dime
from the endless river of online cash...

You’re starting to wonder if making money on the internet is some kind of urban legend.

You’ve heard about it... you’re sure some people MUST be making a killing... but you’ve seen no evidence yourself.

What you need is a taste of success.  

Maybe just a few bucks in your Clickbank account--so you could feel what it’s like to pull money out of thin air.

Well... hit the ‘start’ button.  You’re about to get a new high score.

And instead of meaningless numbers only your gaming buddies will see... these digits translate into cold, hard cash...

$101 a day… $252 a day… $478 in a single day… how high can you go?

Here’s how I do it…

I’ve developed a software system to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for me.

You just plug this sucker in like your favorite joypad and you’re all set.

The system runs itself... like an autopilot walkthrough... and the money pours in automatically.

Now I get to upgrade my life...


But life wasn’t always this sweet...

Back when I was serving every
sweaty nerd who ever lifted a joypad...
I figured a life in retail was
as good as it was gonna get...

They always say “do something you love” -- but a part-time job in Gamestop wasn’t what I had in mind.

My manager was a class ‘A’ Bosshole.

His mission in life was making his minions work way more hours than they were paid for.

And what was that pay?  Minimum wage.  And no hope of it getting any higher.

Every month I’d scrape by to pay the rent and put microwave fries on my table!

But at least the guys in the store were friendly, esp. one of the regulars, Alan...

An overweight comic book nerd obsessed
with finding every secret level... every hidden power up...
and every undiscovered bonus item in his favorite game...

He was a Legend Of Zelda nut.

Completely infatuated with Nintendo’s little green elf.

I’d always tease him that I knew the truth behind one of gaming’s biggest legends... the whereabouts of The Triforce.

Just mentioning that word gave Alan a geekgasm.

And soon I’d have to spill my guts because, as you’ll see, Al had a dirty little secret which I needed to get to the bottom of.

Life was ticking over predictably when the thick fog of gamers’ body odor was replaced with another scent...

The putrid smell of ‘redundancy fear’
began to drift through the entire store...

And I was first on the chopping block.

Yeah... the old ‘last in first out’ rule.

Jobs in my part of the world are at an all time low -- I knew if I got laid off I’d disappear into a fog of gaming and barely leave the house!

There was no way back.  I had to leave the store at the end of the month.

So I started selling my old games back to the store.

You don’t get much for pre-owned discs these days.

Things were looking bleak until Alan walked into the store with a glint in his eye.

“Hey man... sorry to hear you gotta leave...
but I have something I wanna show you...”

I took him out back on my lunch break.

“Listen man... I know it sucks not having a job.  Maybe I can help you.  See, I do this stuff in my spare time...”

And Alan takes out his iPhone and flashes the screen at me.

It shows some red and green bars with pretty impressive numbers on...

I’m like “ok dude, what IS that?”

“Well they’re called affiliate commissions bud... and that’s the kinda cash I make. I took this photo of my Clickbank account with my Iphone recently... Wanna know the best part?”

“I don’t have to do ANYTHING
to keep that money pouring in...”

So I look at him with a “yeah, yeah” expression.

“Straight up Steve! And this is actually one of my underperforming accounts! Here, let me show you...”

And the guy logs in to a few accounts... pulls up a few websites... and generally confuses the hell out of me...

“And that’s all you have to do.  Set ‘em up once.  Let the money roll in.”

Have to admit -- I was getting pretty excited by this point.  Sure beat any job I’d ever had.

“Here’s the best part Steve” now Al was getting excited too “I have so many of these money-suckers... I don’t want to just show you how to do it... I can GIVE YOU them ready-made!”

“Ok Al, you got me.  What do you want in return?  Name your price buddy?”

“Well ok, there is something...”

What Alan Wanted In Return Is
One Of The Greatest Secrets
In Videogame History...

Something which only I and a handful of others know.

And if you’re a Zelda nut, you’ll know what I’m talking about...

The location of the Triforce in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

An almost mythical object most gamers around the world don’t believe even exists.

“Haha Al, I knew it!  Ok listen... I’ll give you the location, but promise not to share ok?”

“You got it Steve.  Ok, get ready...”

Alan pulled out his laptop, told me to sit down, concentrate and get ready to make a choice.

“These are the money sites.  Choose wisely...”

There they were.  All buzzing away collecting commissions like Mario collects coins -- ping! ping! ping!

I could see the stats in his Clickbank account get bigger before my eyes.

Can you imagine what it FEELS like to see your commissions rise and rise in real time?

And Alan was giving me one of these income streams.  Suddenly my future after Gamestop was looking a whole lot brighter.

I picked an income stream... thanked Alan... scribbled down the location of the Triforce (“you gotta be kidding me Steve, it’s where??”)  and headed home with a USB stick in my hand containing software and instructions.

I left ‘work’ behind... forever.

And instead of the sense of despair I was expecting... I was full of hope and excitement.

My nightly gaming action would have to wait.  There was money to be made that night.

I spent 30 minutes setting everything up according to Alan’s instructions and went to bed dreaming about my new lifestyle.

Bzzzt!  The Alarm Goes Off But
I Don’t Have To Work Today...
I Just Jump On The Laptop...

… to see the results of my 30 minutes set-up the night before.

(Of course, this is not the typical result, you may spend slightly more then the time I spent!)

And just as Alan promised, there they were...

My first EVER commissions in a fresh, new Clickbank account then...

And this wasn’t just a one-off event.

The money continues to pour in day after day, hour after hour...look how far I've come...

Thanks to Alan... and thanks to the Zelda secret... I’m now able to quickly put together money machines.  One after another.

As the money gets bigger by the day... I get to buy whatever I want...

Better still -- I get to wake up whenever I want.  I haven’t set my alarm clock in months!

And it’s going to stay that way.

But no matter what luxuries I’m able to buy...
nothing feels as sweet as the day
I went back into the store...

I remember walking back through the doors and looking around.  Everybody I knew was still there.

I could see the looks of embarrassment on their faces.  After all, I was the one they kicked out.

But I strode in their full of confidence.

“Hey Steve” it was Maria with a look of pity on her face.

“Hey Maria” I said “I’ll take the top 10 thanks!”

“The top 10?”

“Yeah one of each... for the XBox360... the top 10.  Oh and make ‘em new releases.”

“But you...”

“Oh and all those games I sold to you guys last week?  I’ll take those too”

“Erm, ok” Maria looked confused.

“Thanks” I smiled.  I knew what she was thinking.  How could I afford all these games when I’d just been laid off.

I walked out of that store with a giant grin spread across my face.

I was heading off to a new future... where I don’t have to worry about holding down a job... about turning up on time... or about being laid off...

Now I control my own destiny.

And maybe YOU will walk into your job next week
and SLAM your notice down on your boss’s desk!

Here’s how it works...

When you buy a new videogame...

You just slot it into the DVD drive...

And you EXPECT it to start working.  

Like... you can be playing within minutes.

Well, that’s how this system works.

You just plug it in... and you can EXPECT to start making some money.

It may not be instant but it will happen.

I call it Affiliate Ownage...

Because... whatever you choose to promote... whatever niche you decide to go into...

You’re gonna OWN it.

You’re gonna dominate.  Completely.

No messing around... no figuring out complicated technical stuff... no need to write anything... no need to worry about generating traffic...

It’s all done for you.

Just plug in and hit ‘PLAY’!

It really is quite easy. But bear in mind this: ALL and ANY kind of business requires work on your part...it may be putting in 10 hours a day or just working 30 mins a day. Any other system that promises you NO WORK or effort needed is lying.

Luckily for you, Affiliate Ownage falls under the '30 mins a day' category :)

If pulling down fast commissions online
wasn’t as easy (or as much fun)
as a videogame... I’d still be broke!

Because if I’m being honest with myself.

The only thing I ever excelled at... was playing videogames.

They got in the way of my schoolwork... they got in the way of my girlfriends... and they always got in the way of my job prospects.

But that doesn’t matter anymore.

Now I get to punch buttons on my joypad all day long.

I can even jump around the room on my Kinect (hey... the GF loves it ok?)

Because the money continues to pour in no matter what happens.

It’s relentless... it’s perpetual... it’s a constant flow of commissions...

… and it gives me FREEDOM.

Which is what this is REALLY all about, right?

The money is great.  You can buy lots of nice gadgets, cars and vacations with that.

But what the money really gives you is a freedom you’ve yet to experience.

Imagine never having to answer to a “bosshole”...

Never having to “show up” to anything...

Never having to compromise on the lifestyle you want to live.

That’s the life available to you when you plug the Affiliate Ownage software in.

But You Have To Jump On This Now
Or Risk Being As Out Of Date As
A Battered Old Sega Megadrive...

Because I’m not sure how many of these ‘profit packages’ I can give out.

Remember, my team put these things together all day long... but there’s only a finite supply.

And the fact is... it’s first come first served.

If you’re one of the first in line, you’re going to get the cream of the crop.

There’s a collection of ready-made ‘ownage’ systems currently firing on all cylinders.

Get in now and you get to claim them for yourself.

But dilly-dally?  You risk missing out on the fastest, surest ways to make money immediately.

Ok Steve... This Sounds Kick-Ass
But.. What’s The Price?

Listen, I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for limited editions of my favorite Zelda games.

I’ve shelled out thousands for the coin-ops from when I was a little kid...

And I’ve forked out a ton of cash just to get a complete Neg-Geo system set-up.

It’s gaming nirvana for me--worth every penny.

So when it comes to a software system that’s guaranteed to pull in cash hour after hour, day after day...

...you’d expect to pay a lot more than a second-hand copy of the latest PS3 blockbuster, right?

But I’m not pricing this anywhere near what it’s worth.

This isn’t some limited edition Japanese edition of a game... this is something that will change... your... life.

And it must be treated with respect.

But at the same time, I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

And putting it out of reach of the folks who need it the most isn’t gonna help anybody.

So I’m pricing this at a stupifyingly low $39.

And it gets better... I’m not going to give you just one profit-pulling ownage system...

…. you’re getting 9 (NINE) of the little suckers.

I wasn’t kidding around when I said you’d own the online marketing battlefield.

And there’s zero risk on your part...

Steve Garcia’s
100% Money Back

You must completely dominate affiliate marketing...

You must start making money so fast it makes your eyes roll back in your head...

Or... you don’t pay a penny.

In fact -- you can plug-in the ownage system... watch the traffic roll in... watch the sales and commissions hit your account...

… and STILL get a refund.

But here’s my personal guarantee to you...

If I can make money with this system while kicking back with a Budweiser and shooting the crap out of Horde in Gears of War 3...

… so can you.

There’s not a doubt in my mind.

So hit the button below... plug in... and watch the money flow...

You gotta play the game
if you want to win...

And that’s all it is.  Just a game.

It didn’t take me long to realize it’s easy to scoop up cash as fast as Pacman gobbles up ghosts.

You just gotta join in.

And I’ve made it ultra-simple for anyone to get started earning as soon as this afternoon.

Everything you need is contained in these cash-sucking “ownage” software systems.
It’s all pieced together into an auto profit-pulling mechanism.

All you have to do is hit ‘START’

BONUS profit-level unlocked!
(Insert coin to continue...)


That’s your extra life buddy... your power-up... your gateway to the secret level...

Don’t throw it away.

Use it and pull in the cash.  Big time.

On the other side of the button below is your bonus level.

This is where you get to scoop up all the good stuff... all the gadgets, gizmos and little luxuries you always wanted...

This is where you get the freedom you crave.

It’s your reward for coming this far with me.

Hit the button below and POWER-UP your profits...


Get your game face on.

Steve Garcia

P.S.  Yes... making fat affiliate commissions is now as easy as firing up your XBox.  You just plug-in... hit ‘start’... and your money maching will buzz, click and whir into action.  I’ve used everything I learned to create the ultimate profit systems for anyone new to making money online.  Put me to the test right now...



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