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Revealed! If Your Child Is Badly Behaved Or Disobedient and
You Are Looking For A Solution, Then Please Read on For…

“The 3 Secrets To Handle
Child Behaviour”

Breakthrough Discovery Which Can Help Your Child’s Development
And Overcome The Bad Behaviour Problem

And  It’s Something You Can Do Now (and literally not one in ten parents understands this technique)

Yes it only takes minutes of your time to grasp the concept and understand and apply
Hello My name is Janice Paton mother of three and grandmother of three boys. I have worked with children for over 35 years in infants, primary and high school working across all age groups including 10 years in Special Education with disabled children. For the past 15 years I have been a senior consultant of the Conflict Resolution network working with teachers, parents and community groups.

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From Jan Paton  Sydney (Aust).  10.17 a.m. Thank you Matthew I know you have found the book helpful… If you’ve  wondered how you could miraculously change your  child’s behaviour, and help their development then what I am about to tell you is the most important message you have ever read AND Here’s why. . . discovering  my simple ThreeSecrets of Child Behaviour, you will have your child  loving and easy to love and cherish.  Once you know my secrets, suddenly a door opens which will change your lives forever

How much happier will your life be?

Well consider this . . . .  Your children’s self-esteem and respect for themselves and others will be there for all to see. How would that make you feel? . . . . pretty  good I would think

How do I know my program works?

Let me tell you the story of when my eldest grandson was 2 years old he wanted to play on the balcony of our eighth floor apartment with his little train. The balcony had a low railing and was dangerous for him to play on. I wanted him to come inside and play on the lounge room floor but he had other ideas. I applied my technique which is described on (page 19). I heard this little voice say OK Nana, I was so thrilled I wanted to hug him

Being a teacher and later working with disabled children (quite frankly, I found their behaviour  the same as other kids), I have covered a large range of ages from infants up

The most-eye-opening experience I had was when I was working at resolving conflict in suburban schools; I saw the amazing transformation of behaviour

These kids, many disadvantaged, were able to use techniques learnt in the classrooms out into the schoolyard where conflict had been rife

To see kids resolving conflict in the school yard bought tears to my eyes

I have to tell you something . . . This rang bells in my head about my three teenagers at home. Lots of advice I had read simply did not work, (Oh don’t these women’s magazines at the checkout think they have the all answers)

So I went home and did something about it. . .

I put this secret into practice with my own children to see the response After researching other methods, I sat down, burnt the midnight oil. I committed it to paper so you can benefit from my success. Here is what I I did. . . I set about researching for myself  after realising that all the advice from family and well meaning friends didn’t help at all, (and isn’t some of their advice way out), I started on my journey of discovery, to look for the best parent support and the problems with discipline

This took three years of hard searching, and consulting experts in the field. But I have now finally the Three Secrets of Child Behaviour  together

I discovered the missing link to those who become happy parents, and those who don’t. I began to receive many letters from thrilled parents and case workers ( it was exciting to have the professionals response too) on the success of my program  

I was so  thrilled to have received these testimonials, particularly from Home Start International a worldwide family support organisation. Home Start works with people who have parenting skills to support local parents. Look what Kate (a Home Start volunteer ) has to say. . .

Dear Jan,

Just to let you know that your program is currently with a new family I am working with. There are three children aged 6, 4 and 7 weeks. Mum is starting to put the ideas into practice, especially with the 4-year-old boy. Thank you it is already proving invaluable

Kind regards,

Kate.  Home Start Newcastle

“I have been a Parent Educator for 16 years. It is refreshing to see Jan’s program. She has a deep understanding of the intensity of the child/parent relationship Her excellent program gives clear practical instructions with children of all ages and stages. It is a must for every parent from toddler to teens”.

Wilma  G. Rubens, Calgary, Canada.

“Jan’s work has the potential to help so many parents. As a mother of two boys, I often found myself wondering how I could stop the nagging and yelling. Once I started using Jan’s program I stopped nagging and yelling. Our home became calmer.

Karen de Vos, Nurture house –helping parents and children

“Janice Paton has conducted parenting courses at Creative Kids Kindergarten which have made a lasting impact on everyone who attended. She has a loving and commonsense approach to childrearing, a testament to her vast experience and knowledge.”

Diane Hall, Creative Kids Kindergarten  


What you are about to discover is . . .
How to stop stressing and start happy parenting Get out of the bad behaviour cycle and stop their disobedience with their untidy room, undone homework, staying out late, lack of respect for table manners Here’s how to discipline and still be friends
Setting Limits Is Easy e.g. “I want you home by 10 p.m"
Why settle for second best kids—you could only end up with 3rd best grandchildren
Break the parenting cycle in your generation Why give up now?  when today  you can start fixing the problem

Here is Karin’s story of how by following my program her boys and the family are much happier. . .

As a mother of two teen age boys I often found myself wondering how I could calmly set boundaries, rather than nagging and yelling. I had met Jan through Nurture House when she had come to give a workshop to some of our parents. Jan was working at the time with mothers of small children, but what Jan taught us impressed me so much I decided to use Jan’s techniques on my two teen age boys with wonderful results. The difference in their behaviour in a matter of days was amazing and there was no more nagging and yelling. I now tell all my friends where to find Jan’s wonderful and amazing guide . I am now the proud mother of two great boys all thanks to you Jan.

Thank you so much.    

Karin. Nurture House
Helping Parents and Children 
My way STOPS the Yelling and starts the listening

This breakthrough discovery to Three Secrets of Child Behaviour, has helped many parents realise that discipline and harmony can work together

Wouldn’t you like to know now how to deal with  your upset child?  You’ll  quickly be on top of this one

This is my friend Jo’s story most of you will recognise. . .

I have two small children, when my son Remi was born, my daughter Angelina was two. Coming home from hospital the first weeks were daunting and tiring for me. Evenings were the hardest, the baby was tired and hungry, I was tired and I had a very tired and upset two year old

As I was feeding the baby she stood and screamed at me “stop feeding him and send him back”

Thank heavens I remembered your techniques Jan, I applied them and felt so much better, the baby calmed down and it was very quiet. My daughter Angelina had stopped crying and said “What are you doing mummy?” I said calming down, she replied “Will you teach me how.” Simply amazing Oh Thankyou Jan 
Don’t Forget Your Needs, it’s essential you have peace of mind too Are you embarrassed when you are with your friends and their kids are angels and yours are fighting again?
Next coffee clutch with the girls you will be the authority on how to raise better behaved children  
Parenting secrets your friends don’t know With all the conflict and uncertainly in the world today, these values will stand firmly by them Remove the “parenting-error” that makes them insecure and vulnerable to drug taking and risky behaviour I’ll show you how to turn the love you feel for them into love-in-action

I don’t just want you to own this program, I want you to have the best help at your finger tips, to obtain the best outcome for you and your children
I want to reward you as a concerned parent and help you get started with the Three Secrets. For the LOW… LOW… PRICE of $19.97 you can download Right Now!


Plus get these free bonuses!!!

Included in the price of The Three Secrets of Child Behaviour is my
1. FREE BONUS DVD showing you live how to do it. . . 2. FREE BONUS CD walking you through my 3 Secrets so you can listen in your car, on your walkman, play it while you are doing your housework or even when you go to bed. . . now how many books come ready to talk to you? 3. 3 Colourful posters of my 3 Secret reminders for you to see every day put them on the kitchen noticeboard. . . 4. As a very special bonus you will also receive a wonderful story I have written of  Larry the  Lorikeet, with beautiful colour photos teaching children about our wildlife . An absolutely charming story especially for bedtime reading

Now as you can see this program has an immense value for any parent wanting happier children and harmony in the home

Why not start now – today? Just go to the Buy Now


But wait … there is more… If you feel you are not completely happy with my program. . . 

  Actual Value But this is what you are getting by investing in your family NOW The Three Secrets of Child Behaviour EBook $19.97 $19.97 Bonus No.1  DVD shows you live how to practice your secrets. $20.00 Free with your EBook Bonus No. 2  An instant downloadable audio of the whole book to put on your ipod or CD. $20.00 Free with your EBook Bonus No.3 Three thought prompter reminder posters   $9.00 Free with your EBook Bonus No.4  a wonderful story of  Larry  the  Lorikeet, with colour photos . An absolutely charming story $15.00 Free with your EBook   Total value $103.97 All of this for $19.97   Just click on the Clickbank  button Or use your card            [](http://1.3behave.pay.clickbank.net/)

It’s easy to order. . . .You just need to go to the Clickbank button and click on it,    You will be able to start just minutes from now, to  happiness and harmony. I am so proud of this program and the happy parents who are already using it  successfully, I know you will love it too

Warm regards,

P.S. Think how proud you will be of your beautifully behaved children…

P.P.S Don’t forget you will be passing on the Three Secrets of Child Behaviour to help your children raise your grandchildren…


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