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"Niche Site Builder is the fastest and easiest way to get started
making money online. Unlike other products, the NSB Starter Kit
contains everything you need to get a website launched in under an
hour. Unlike "one-click success" scams, NSB provides the tools and
training to start an internet business. This should be the first
purchase for anyone who wants to start making money online."

If you are like me and have ever been unhappy with your job, or found
yourself out of work, starting your own online niche website business
is a great way to earn income.

Earning money from ad revenue and affiliate product commissions with
a niche website is the perfect way to get your foot in the door of
internet marketing.

No matter if the niche you are interested in is health, sports, video
games, or one of the thousands of other niches out there, there is an
audience who will buy the products and click the ads that you are
offering on your website.

It's easy to get started and even easier to make money. The beauty of
the niche website business is that you earn passive income. Your
website will be making money for you even while you're sleeping.

The possibilities of how much money you can make are endless. As long
as you have targeted your products and advertisements at your niche
audience you will make money. What's even better is that your revenue
will scale with the traffic your site recieves. As you add more
content and gain popularity, you will see your website traffic and
your revenue increase.

Once you become comfortable with the process of running your niche
website, you can begin to launch more websites. Imagine how much money
you would be making if you had 100 niche websites earning as little as
a few dollars a day each.

I've created 2 versions of the NSB Niche site template in 15 colors
each for a total of 30 templates. I'm offering you a variety of colors
and styles to fit the look of your niche. With the push of a button
you can turn your site green for an Environmental Niche, or black for
a Horror Movie site. Regardless of the niche you are targeting you
will be able to easily customize the colors, header and background of
your site to make it appealing to your visitors.

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"Jason's Niche Site Builder Starter Kit is actually really easy to
set up and get going. He is right about being able to have a website
up in less than an hour, which is great for people like me who don't
want to waste time with steep learning curves.

With NSB I get a website up fast, it looks great, and most
importantly it can make money for me. I recommend Niche Site Builder
for anyone who wants to get started making money online. This is a
great way to start." - Luke R. Atlanta, Georgia

"Jason developed a website for me in 2007 and we've kept in contact
ever since. He emailed me to tell me about Niche Site Builder and told
me that it would be a great way for me to earn extra money. Since we'd
worked together before and I knew his work and his reputation, I
decided to give it a shot.

Now with little effort I make recurring income from Google Adsense,
which is great extra money.

I've worked with Jason and trusted him for years and you can too." -
Kevin S. West Palm Beach, Florida

I'm so confident that you will be able to get your new niche website
up and running with efforteless ease I'm giving you a Money Back
Guarantee. If after following my step by step instructions and easy
set-up, you still don't have a live website, I'll give you a full

If you're reading this then you have an opportunity to change your
life and your career permanently.

When the opportunity was first presented to me to launch niche
websites and earn recurring income from them I passed. That's right, I
passed on the opportunity.

Why did I miss out on a great money making opportunity? Because at
the time I didn't realize what a fantastic opportunity it was.

You see, I had one niche website that was making around $200 per
month. But when I no longer had time to write new blog posts for it I
decided to let the site expire and not renew it. I SHOULD have let
that website continue to make recurring income and built more similar
sites that would also generate the same amount of income. I could have
dominated my niche and built a business off those websites.

Unfortunately at the time I knew how to design and develop websites
but I didn't know how to make them work for me and earn money.

As a result, I missed out on making a lot of money. It took me two
full years before I realized my mistake and then had to play catch up.
I still regret that today.

Fortunately, I did manage to catch back up and today I make a
sizeable income using websites to make money online. But I still can't
help but think where I would be today if I had gotten started when I
first had the chance.

I want to save you from making the mistake I made and that's why I
put together the Niche Site Builder Starter Kit. I've used all of my
years of experience in web development and marketing to give you my
personal system for building and profiting from niche websites.

I created Niche Site Builder the hard wayI made it myself. I didn't
outsource the contents of my training or my templates. I put a lot of
work into personally building and testing the NSB Starter Kit. My
primary intention was to make sure that I created a product that would
be the best possible system for new people to get started right away
making money online.

I've gone through rounds of alpha and beta testing to ensure that you
are getting a system that is easy to manage and will make you money.
Some other products offer template systems that are so bad that the
websites get denied using Google Adsense. With Niche Site Builder your
site will look professional and get accepted by ad networks including
Google Adsense.

If you are truly serious about starting an internet business and
making money online then the best way to get started is by purchasing
the Niche Site Builder system and start launching websites
immediately. With my help you will be one of the next internet gurus.


Every time I make an update to Niche Site Builder or add a new
template design or feature, you get them at no additional cost. You'll
receive an email letting you know that there is an update available
and you can log in to your members area and download the update.


In addition to getting your own website you receive personal training
from me where I teach you how to build your website so you can make
money online


I'll be hosting live online webinars for members only where I teach
even more techniques for making money with your websites.


As a FREE Gift you will also receive a variety of eBooks in the
members area that will teach you many different aspects of online


I'll also be sharing with you my personal list of resources that I
use to build successful websites.

Your order is 100% secure.
Your billing statement will show a charge from CLKBANK.COM
and you will gain immediate access via digital download.


"This site and the products and services offered on this site are not
associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by WordPress or PayPal,
nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by WordPress or

"ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware
corporation. Nichesitebuilder.net is not affiliated with Keynetics
Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any
Nichesitebuilder.net product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as
to the correctness of any of the statements made by
Nichesitebuilder.net in the materials on this Web page."


Jason began working as a web developer in 1997 creating websites for
local small businesses. By 2007 he was creating web based software
that was being used by companies such as Walmart and CVS Pharmacy. As
the web became more social, Jason began consulting businesses on
strategies for marketing online with social media. Today, he uses his
experience with web development and marketing strategies as a
successful internet marketer and web entrepreneur.

Jason has put his knowledge and experience into this starter kit for
helping new internet entrepreneurs begin making money online with
niche websites.

Jason loves studying marketing techniques, reading tech blogs, going
to the movies, and just spending time alone with his wife.

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