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How to deal with Stress

Are you often stressed beyond the breaking point? Do you feel overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks? Is it difficult or impossible to get to sleep at night? You could be living with anxiety and not even know it.

Anxiety is characterized by feelings of nervousness, inability to focus, and constant worrying. It can be triggered by almost anything-the daily hassle of your work, household tasks, or other less regular stressors. Recognizing anxiety is very important!

Anxiety can cause mood swings, irritability, and can even lead to clinical depression. Do you sometimes feel as if you are simply watching your life go by? Do you feel empty or overburdened, or unmotivated to perform tasks? These are some questions you can use to determine whether anxiety is affecting you, your life, and Your happiness.

What Anxiety Does to You

The effects of anxiety on brain and physiological function are negative and manifold. Those suffering from generalized anxiety experience a dip in the levels of serotonin in the brain-this neurotransmitter is a brain chemical that helps regulate the feeling of happiness. In addition, anxiety affects levels of dopamine, another chemical that affects the body's sense of calm or its level of alertness. So in effect, anxiety depresses your mood levels, making it nearly impossible to achieve tranquility or happiness.


Knowing all this, it's important to get a handle on your anxiety as soon as you recognize it. If you answered the questions above with "yes," it's time to start getting some relief from your anxiety.

Defeating Anxiety

You'll know when you are successful combating your anxeity, because you will:
Feel more deeply relaxed and calm
Feel confident
Enjoy a sharper, clearer mind
Improve your sense of overall well-being
Experience improved focus and concentration
Worry less
Have the benefits of an improved imune system

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Don't live with anxiety for one more day. Start yourself on the path to relief!

How to Combat Anxiety

There are many therapies for anxiety, both pharmaceutical and psychological. However, some of the most effective therapies involve changes in diet and exercise. Exercise has been proven to regulate mood level, by stimulating serotonin production. Changing your diet can also help regulate your mood—incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your meals will provide your brain with much-needed vitamins and minerals. In addition, consuming herbal and dietary supplements such as withania somnifera, valerian root, B vitamins such as B5 and B6, and thiamine will help regulate your sleep cycles, energy metabolism, and brain function.

Stress management

However, if these strategies simply do not work for you, there are other noninvasive methods you can use to reduce anxiety. One of these is the practice of mindfulness meditation: through reading or listening to a mindfulness meditation CD, one can learn to live in the moment and gain control over feelings of anxiety, panic or sadness. This method is most effective when practiced on a daily basis, as it provides a foundation of calm and tranquility that can be drawn upon when you are most in need. Mindfulness can be practiced anytime, by paying attention to what you are doing—whether you’re at home, in the car, or at work.

Another method similar to mindfulness meditation is brain entrainment. This method also incorporates RELAX MUSIC, but instead of verbal meditation instructions, brain entrainment use music to stimulate brain activity and calm the nervous system. Try listening to this music on your daily commute, or incorporate it into an exercise regimen for maximum benefit.


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