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Ready To Grow

Phase I is really a preparation for the work ahead.  It is a necessary step for many reasons:
Avoid injury - If you get injured, your training stops.  When training stops, growth stops and when growth stops, motivation stops. Establish a Strong Base - Phase I will create a firm balanced foundation to move on to more difficult training with confidence.  Condition Your Muscles - Your muscles are going to be shocked and there is a right way and wrong way to condition your muscles for growth. Promote Muscle Coordination - Lifting weights is something that you must get used to and the movements take time and the right direction to learn properly. At the end of Phase I, your body will have changed.  You will feel it, an electricity in your muscles.  They will be primed and ready for...

Massive Growth

Phase II uses this principal to take your conditioned and prepared body from Phase I and induces massive and rapid growth.  During Phase II you can expect one thing:
Massive Muscle Hypertrophy - That big word just means your muscles will grow bigger.  The simple goal of Phase II is constant and rapid hypertrophy.  This growth will be induced by critical adjustments made to your Phase I training regimen.
At the end of Phase II, you will have added many pounds of lean muscle mass to your entire body.  Your body will be developed in a balanced and symmetrical way. 

You will be pleased with the way your body looks and feels.  You will be getting compliments from complete strangers on your physique.  Regulars in the gym will marvel at your success and start asking you for advice and secretly whispering about you to others. 

But, you are not done yet.  You will now have the large muscles required for...

You Have
The Strength To

The ultimate phase and is designed to do exactly that. While in Phase III, the goals will be:
Super Human Strength - Adjustments to routine and movements will be made to focus purely on strength development.  The increased strength will result in additional hypertrophy and take your body into the elite ranks. Additional 99th Percentile Hypertrophy - This is the phase that will separate your physique from the pack.  Entering this phase, you will have a more impressive body than 95% of the 3 billion men on the planet.  That's not good enough.  Phase III will take you to the elite 1% club.

Over $800.00 In Free Bonuses Including:
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If you need any help, please contact us at [info@apexmuscle.com](mailto:info@apexmuscle.com)


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