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Instantly Possess... Earth-Shattering Charisma Superstar Sex-Appeal Electrifying Conversational Skills ... All Activated With A Single Phrase! AuraPunch™ “There Is A Little-Known Piece Of Wisdom
That Grants You Access To The Life Of Your Dreams
Which 97% Of The World
Doesn’t Know Exists…” What Do... Lady Gaga Brad Pitt Tiger Woods and Larry King ... All Have In Common That Has Taken Them To Their Dreams? It’s Not The Fact They Are All Celebrities, It’s Not The Fact They Are All Multi-Millionaires And it’s Not The Fact They Are All Talented… “But It IS The One Thing That Got Them All Of This…” Read Below To Find Out Their Secret
It's To Do With Their Name, But It's Not What You Think ... From: Adonis Silver email: adonis@AuraPunch.com Hi there friend, Keep reading IF:
You long for that tremendous “Superstar Charisma” that naturally has people gravitate towards you, but you don’t have any idea how to make it happen…
You’re feeling trapped in an unsatisfying, limiting job… You KNOW you have what it takes to be living your dream, but you just don’t know what is required to get there… You crave to supercharge your popularity and open powerful networks in your chosen field, but lack the conversational skills that get you there… You know that life is short, you're motivated to make the change and live the life of your dreams, but your current personality just lacks the punch… Well, Good News... The Life Of Your Dreams
Is Closer Than You Think! Let Me Explain … My name is Adonis Silver, and I have a confession to make.

7 years ago. I was sitting in my messy old rented house, no real friends, no girlfriend with absolutely no dreams or life ambitions.

I had hit rock bottom.

I was feeling incredibly sorry for myself, so I decided to go for a little walk (this always helped me vent my frustration and clear my mind). As I walked through the city park I decided to take a seat on a bench.

Little did I know this innocent action would trigger an unexpected chain of events that would completely change my life.

As I sat there deep in my own negative thoughts I had a sudden flash of clarity, I knew what to do and how to get it done.

From this point on I saw my life from a whole new perspective… "The Perspective That Brought Me
And Thousands Of Other Everyday People
An Unimaginable Quality Of Life."
I realized that my personality up to that point was built by the world, year after year the experiences I had, the people I met, the situations I was thrown into, everything had been created not by me but by the world….

Confused? Listen up!

I realized My whole personality was put together unconsciously without my input- therefore my life was a product of the world, not of my own creation.

I had been embodying a personality designed, not by me, but by the world…

A Default Personality.

I realized that as hard as I might try to succeed and change my life,
I can only live the life that fits my personality.

It became crystal clear to me why I felt like I had no control over my life – it was because I didn’t mold it myself, it wasn’t my creation! After Pondering The Thought For The Next Few Months
I Learnt How You Can Literally Rewire Your Brain
It was clear to me that if my default personality (or “ego”) was bringing me results I didn’t want, I had to design and rewire my brain, ultimately leading to the installation of a consciously designed "alter ego" that embodied all the strengths I wanted and none of the weaknesses.

I worked tirelessly at creating my own powerful alter ego - one that was consciously designed the way I wanted, with no limitations. This would supercharge me to the life of my dreams I knew I could live.

I named this my AuraEgo™. Immediately I was amazed at the results. Almost instantly my life became organized, my health increased by leaps and bounds, my career skyrocketed, as did my financial situation, and my relationships began blooming…

I went from being down and out…to having everything I always dreamed of.

And the greatest part is, during my journey I documented absolutely everything, and later condensed it into the 3-Phase Blueprint I called AuraPunch™.

The fact is, my report will show you how to rapidly forge and maintain a powerful ego that will change your life and bump you into that 3% of people that are living their dreams. I'll Give You A Stunning Peek Into How The Cleverly-Designed
AuraPunch Technology Has Changed My Life,
And How It Can Change Yours When I got home from the park on that momentous day, the first alter ego I began crafting was ‘Fabricio Casanova’.
I attached a cool and mysterious persona, maintained sound physical appearance, dressed classically charming with props that supported my new image, and taught myself how to be an explosive conversationalist and approach beautiful women.

This personality – my first AuraEgo™ - was a huge success. Friends flocked to me, and I had women in abundance. I found a great-paying job and even set up my own clothing company. An extremely fun time that I will remember forever.

Of course, after a few years, as I moved into the next stage of life, I began to outgrow that particular AuraEgo™, and knew that deep-down I needed to become more of a businessman, gentleman and mature success figure for myself and others. So I listed the traits that my new personality would possess and began using what I’d learned to program this new personality.  And again, success seemed to be drawn to me - but in an entirely new realm.

Naturally, I began networking with successful people, attending important and classy functions. I dressed more sophisticatedly, and attracted more sophisticated people. And so ‘Adonis Silver’ was created.

Now, with many quality relationships, a beautiful girlfriend, and having set up two successful restaurant chains and growth in over 5 other business sectors, I am living my dream life.

So today ‘Adonis Silver’ is a symbol of unlimited potential and growth - the power to create whatever I desire, and a standing testament to the power of AuraPunch™. Don’t Take My Word For It - Look For Yourself…
Who else has discovered this wisdom?

The evidence is clear. There is a hint that lies within the simple fact that for decades - even centuries - successful individuals have been creating alter egos and embodying them to achieve their dreams. Here’s a quick few examples:

In music: Lady Gaga - was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Katy Perry - Katy Hudson Eminem/Slim Shady – Marshall Mathers III Ludacris – Christopher Brian Bridges Ice Cube – O'Shea Jackson Cat Stevens - Steven Demetre Georgiou Miley Cyrus – Destiny Hope Cyrus In movies and TV: Brad Pitt - was born William Bradley Pitt Bruce Willis - Walter Willison Marilyn Monroe – Norma Jeane Mortensen Larry King – Lawrence Zeiger Charlie Sheen – Carlos Irwin Estevez The Rock - Dwayne Douglas Johnson Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Anastassakis Jamie Foxx – Eric Bishop And in sports: Tiger Woods - was born Eldrick Tont Woods Muhammad Ali - Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr Pelé – Edison Arantes do Nascimento …And thousands more …

                    And of course, while many successful individuals have chosen to use their new personality's name publicly, thousands more simply use it internally to propel them to achieve their dreams.

  Do you think it is a coincidence that thousands and thousands of people – people like you and I - could amass great wealth, status and personal success after reforming their identities?

Of course it’s no coincidence.

They picked up on a big secret… You Have The Power To Construct An Alter Ego
That Propels You To Achieve Your Life’s Ambitions The truth is, my friend that these massively successful and charismatic people were not born with amazing personalities - they created them consciously later in life.

The names they took on are what I call AuraNames™, and are designed to create a more striking, powerful and “star-like” image. By attaching their new, stronger persona to their AuraName™, and embodying that name, naturally and effortlessly they become a uniquely exciting, confident and powerful human being. (Of course, as mentioned above it’s not necessary to change names legally or publicly as the alter ego can be triggered internally.)
Whenever they choose, they can step into this persona to bring about the results that every one of us deserves - an exciting and fruitful life! Once You Spot Your Opportunities
You Can Make The Change... The ability for you to succeed hangs on your ability to spot the opportunity that is presented in front of you.
Furthermore, through following the process of this report you will not only create an ultra-powerful new identity that will take you to the next level of your life but you will also gain the understanding and tools you need to sky-rocket your personality in general to extreme highs and become a truly well-rounded individual.   You Are Being Given The Tools To Bump You Into The
3% Of People That Are Truly Living Their Dreams       AuraPunch™ will guide you to discover the 3 Life-Changing Active Phases needed to build an AuraEgo™ of your own design and maintain it with ease.

Here’s a taste of what you will get with AuraPunch™:   Phase I AuraEgo™ How To Design Your New Powerful Personality
That Will Virtually Plug You In
To The Life Of Your Dreams   This Is Where I Reveal The Tools To Design And Create The Powerful Person You Dream Of Becoming And How To Use My Master Techniques To Really Reinforce The Dynamic Changes You Make.       How to design and transform yourself with the powerful AuraEgo™. This is an ego of your own design that will deliver you to your dream life and allow you to possess all the strengths you want - and none of the weaknesses! How a "Unique Trigger-Phrase" (AuraPhrase™) will allow you to instantly activate intense charisma, killer sex-appeal and superhero confidence 'on-demand' Anywhere, Anytime! How an ingenious method of utilizing a “Specialized Vocal Tone” (AuraTone™) will have people listen to your every word with eager anticipation and instantly direct you to embody your new Alter Ego! Why your AuraName™ is the most powerful tool for instantly energizing you and how it can take you from "Zero" to "Hero" in just 7 days! The revolution of MicroGoals™ technology lets you achieve goals at a ridiculously quick rate... MicroGoals™ helped me get from being an inactive, chubby couch-weasel to being 'Ripped' and losing 32 pounds in less than 3 months! Amazingly simple Ego-Refreshers that quickly concrete your newly installed AuraEgo™ and ultimately lead you to your new happier and fulfilling life, it’s a snowball-effect to Success! Taste your dream with a compelling vision (AuraVision™) tailored to you and your exciting new life. Hold it in the palm of your hand for guidance and a lifetime of success! How your AuraEgo™ 'tunes you in' to be presented with a multitude of exciting opportunities and gives you the ability to develop talents, new skills and any exciting abilities you wish! How to understand the difference between confident people and the not so confident people. You will gain the perspective that will almost magically give you a new-found rise in self-confidence and self-esteem!   Phase II AuraChat™ How To Become An Electrifying Conversationalist
And Gain Serious Respect And Awe   Aurachat™ Is The Ability To Routinely Dominate In Any Social Situation And Truly Arouse People’s Interest In You, Inject Life Into Your Conversations, And Persuade People To Your Way Of Thinking.       How to use the Core Principles Of Communication to gain ‘Spell-Binding Charisma’ as soon as your next conversation (page 28) Have people lining up to be your friend with these super-effective powerhouse techniques to enchant people with your magnetic appeal! (page 30) Unleash the 'devastating weapon' we call The Portable Happy-Gun and learn the "5 Must-Know Magical Ingredients To A Genuine Heart-Melting Smile" that will score you countless friends and allies! How to manipulate the human brain and guide people to think in the same direction as you… and they’ll love it! Why these 4 Ways To Instantly And Effortlessly Defuse An Argument will put you on the leading foot and increase your dominance by more than 200% without them even realizing you’ve gained the edge! Why understanding “The Zones” can make or break your conversation success! Discover the ability to 'control first impressions' with your handshake... PLUS… I reveal the one handshake that can 'instantly disarm' your new boss or your partner’s parents! The super-effective guide to Social Etiquette And Gaining Respect  that will open doors  for you wherever you go and 'grant you access' to social and business networks that you will need to launch you to success! (page 47) The Most Simple Formula for an exhilarating, flowing conversation... ‘The same formula radio hosts use worldwide!’ How the ridiculously powerful Topic Tree™ can very Simply boost your conversational topics by as much as 700% - never run out of things to say ever again! How The Topic Hill™ will show you the predictable flow of conversation so you can manipulate it to your advantage… this is gold!   Why these 6 mistakes will destroy any conversation - I really hope you’re not doing these… for your sake! (page 64)           And so much more...   Phase III AuraImage™ Achieve Immaculate Visual Presentation And A Unique Image
While Maintaining A Superior Physical Edge  
Here We Give Guidelines For Expressing Your Unique Style In A Way That Will Be Received Well And Upholds Dress Code. Also Provides An Essential Understanding Of Grooming And Personal Care - An Absolute Necessity In The Creation Of Your New Life.
      Discover my in-depth guide to maintaining your physical appearance that will keep you in “tip-top condition”! How these 7 grooming tips passed down from my youthful 90-year-old grandmother have kept me looking radiantly fresh and bright the natural way! How to properly and instantly gain the correct and strongest posture that will have “people turning their heads at your presence, without them even knowing why”! How these 10 pointers can optimize your sleep and get those so-called 'inactive hours' working for you!           Plus heaps more inside…   But Here’s The Thing …   In the past, people only stumbled on the information contained in this report by pure luck.

More than 97% of the time this doesn’t even happen. Let’s be honest, most people just sit on the same old couch with the same old unsatisfying job, even though they have dreams of a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

Chances are you're in this 97%. It's a sad fact ...

... But it's not your fault. The reality is you are simply unable to achieve them with just your default personality, and without access to the knowledge and tools you need to craft a more powerful one.

However, you can change.

You now have the opportunity to utilize the information in this report and create a stronger, more assertive you that’s willing to take what you want from life.   ‘You Can’t Fit A Square Peg In A Round Hole’   The simple fact is, if your default personality doesn’t suit the life you want to live, you simply will not get there – it’s impossible. Only by taking on the right persona will you live the life you desire.

Simply put, with a weak personality you will have a weak life.

"I’m sick and tired of seeing people with mammoth potential throw it away because they don’t have the knowledge contained in AuraPunch™."   Here Are Even More Things AuraPunch™
Will Accomplish For You:   How your level of confidence and motivation will almost instantly tower above others! Design a personality people will be in awe of... they will be looking at you like a 'success figure' even before you open your mouth! Increase passion for life, with exciting dreams so close you can touch them and daily 'real time' achievements! Immerse yourself in the life you’ve always dreamed about - it really is closer than you might think..! You will have the ability to race ahead of the pack by achieving your goals at break-neck speeds! Relish your newly-acquired irresistible magnetic appeal and breath-taking attractiveness; you will become the talk of the town! How you’ll create a “Who’s That Person?” feel about you! Advance as a top-class conversationalist and gain access to life-altering friendships and business networks! Use the superior and effective AuraPunch™ conversational toolkit to launch your conversations out of this world – starting from TODAY! Enjoy the universe working with you to achieve your desired life! Experience a whopping increase in wellbeing, energy and sex-appeal from harnessing all three active phases of AuraPunch™! Gain mastery over the persona you project, and the impact you have on other people! Hardwire your brain to naturally make the right choices, attract the right friends and choose the right life paths - every time! You will finally become that popular person everybody wants to chat to and that always seems to be at the “right place at the right” time! How you will master the tools and techniques to handle any social situation and satisfy your chosen outcomes in all your conversations! Ooze magnetic appeal - people will be dying to get to know you!      

... And so much more!     3 FREE Reports!
Look, I’ve achieved my dreams - this is why I’m revealing AuraPunch™ to you… in fact I’m feeling so generous with my locked-up reports that I’ve dug up three more reports I had in my personal archives, and I’m releasing these invaluable reports to you… For FREE!


To be honest, I’m past the point of needing more money or status, so I want to reveal some of my archived reports to give you the tools needed to start gaining an edge in this world. I want to see you succeed like I have. I would love for you to send in your success story, just for my own satisfaction!

So here are the 3 Free Reports:   Free Report #1   How To Make A Complete Stranger Feel Like
They've Known You Their Whole Life   “How A Shy Young Man Learned
How To Make 'Best Friend' Relationships In Under 5 Minutes!”   How to make “best friend” relationships in less than five minutes! The topics that lock people in a trance and leave them looking at you in adoration! How breaking the touch barrier will help you create instant rapport! The one handshake that lets you automatically put people in a position of comfort! The 7 ingredients that forge a rock-hard friendship and how you can demonstrate these with ease!   Free Report #2   The Mystical Artistry Of Interpreting Human Body Language  
“Learn More About Your Friend In 1 Minute
Than They Know About Themselves”
  Dominate any social situation by using body language to your advantage! How to spot a liar - accurate ways to “detect your friends’ deceptions”! Discover how to interpret other people’s body language to give you the edge in negotiation! Discover the power of mastering your own body language to get the reactions you want from others! Amaze yourself by Reading any person’s thoughts like an open book through the language of their body!   Free Report #3   The Dark Persuasion Techniques   “My Quasi-Legal Covert Techniques...
I Feel Evil Just Releasing These To The Public…”     Remarkable covert persuasion techniques… so effective and so sneaky … How to persuade anyone by asking for more… This technique is so easy it should be outlawed! Gain control over other people’s emotions and take them where you want them … be careful how you use this! Amazing Subliminal Persuasion Techniques to get your way… 90% of the time! How To Get This Complete Package... Instantly   If you respond to me today, you’ll receive your confidential copy of AuraPunch™ and your three free reports from my locked archives … right now!   Let's review what you're getting:
Your Comprehensive "AuraPunch™" Report: I will send you the tools needed to design your success personality - your AuraEgo™ - in great detail with a guided step-by-step blueprint. Plus… Concrete your new persona's life dreams, goals and ambitions and install them into the new personality, putting you in the mode of noticing opportunities for growth and success in every situation.

You’ll be shown how to become an electrifying conversationalist with a comprehensive 25-page section of the most valuable information in the area. You’ll also be shown the correct way to maintain physical appearance and gain insight into your new personality’s style and image.

You’ll receive all this in-depth information that will bring you strength, power, self-control, confidence, passion, magnetic appeal, friends, money, health, and happiness!

You’ll have a deep understanding of your personality, purpose in life, and destiny! You’ll take control of your life and journey to success! You will take from life what you deserve.
(US$397  Value)
And these 3 FREE reports:

Free Report 1: How To Make A Complete Stranger Feel Like They Have Known You Forever (US$87.00 Value) Free Report 2: The ‘Mystical Artistry’ Of Interpreting Human Body Language! (US$87.00 Value) Free Report 3: The “Dark Persuasion” Techniques (US$87.00 Value)
So If You Add Up The Value Of This Package ... You’ll discover your copy of AuraPunch™ (US$397.00 value), and the three free reports (total US$261 value) are together a value of US$658. That is the price you Pay for a killer package like this, but for limited time I’m doing a “You Have No Excuses” price.

I have set a time limit on this offer, so this means if you act soon you can purchase AuraPunch™ and receive the 3 free reports and I’m only going to ask… US$67 dollars!


Well... I'm a firm believer in destiny, and if destiny has brought you here, I don’t want money to be a barrier for you on this special day. So money is no excuse...Today you have the opportunity to receive this life-changing package, at a fraction of the cost. Most importantly, not only am I offering these first-class reports to you at this special price for the next few days but I’m also making the following guarantee: However, this limited time price won’t be around for long, so take this opportunity while you can. You only have decades on this earth. Don’t waste precious time on an average life - grab your future and live the life you long to live. To really change your life with AuraPunch™ and the 3 free reports, you must act right now, today! You Must Take Action To Fulfil Your Dreams   Please accept your copy of AuraPunch™ along with the 3 free reports from my personal files for my generous price of US$67. Design your AuraEgo™, give yourself the right tools and take on the world… TODAY.

All you have to do is click the button below:
      [](http://1.aurapunch.pay.clickbank.net) When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a 100% safe and secure order page. There, you’ll just fill out a few necessary questions. I set up an alert on my computer to notify me the instant you’re done with this, and I’ll send you your confidential copy of the AuraPunch™ report and the 3 free reports within seconds. But don’t waste another precious minute… Act Now.

You know, there are thousands of people all over the world (and I’m not even talking about the celebrities and success figures, just regular everyday people) whose lives changed from stumbling on the contents in this report. You are being given it as a blueprint, saving you years of trial-and-error in becoming the person you wish to be.

Please accept your confidential AuraPunch™ report risk-free while you still can.   So click on the Design Your AuraEgo Now button to design your ultra-powerful AuraEgo™ and learn the skills to gain access to your AuraPunch™ life and live the life you deserve…     [](http://1.aurapunch.pay.clickbank.net)[](#)       Sincerely,           Adonis Silver
Entrepreneur and conversationalist
AuraPunch.com         P.S. I’m waiting at my computer for your response and I have your copy of the confidential AuraPunch™ report and the 3 free reports here waiting to be sent. Please don’t hesitate. This offer is only for a limited time, so take this opportunity now - before it’s too late.

P.P..S. Remember, you are backed by my 100% iron-clad, Risk-Free 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. And no matter what, you get to keep the 3 free reports from my personal archives. So you can’t lose, you can only gain - a lot! Don’t hesitate; Design your AuraEgo™ Now to live the life you deserve!

        Privacy and Security Guaranteed   We take the privacy and security of your information seriously. The services we employ for transactions and email subscriptions are protected by state-of-the-art security and privacy measures provided by the likes of TRUSTe, Verisign and Thawte. Further, we stand by our refund policy 100%. Finally, we are a merchant with ClickBank, one of the most secure retail outlets online.   AuraPunch.com

Privacy Policy: Words cannot express my dislike for spam.
Your e-mail address and personal information is never rented, traded or sold... period.
Any information you share will be kept strictly confidential. [Full Privacy Policy](privacy.html).

Any photos of celebrities are used not as endorsements of AuraPunch products,
but rather as relevant examples of the power of ego-tuning.
The celebrities displayed are not associated with AuraPunch in any way.

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