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Could It Really Be This Easy To "Blow Your Woman’s Mind" In The Bedroom… Give Her ORGASMS So Powerful That She "Screams Your Name", Have Her literally Begging You For Sex Every Day, And Hear Her Call You "The BEST She’s Ever Had?"

The Answer Is "YES"… And If YOU Want To Eliminate All The Insecurity, Frustration And Humiliation That Can Come From Not Knowing How To Truly SATISFY Your Woman In The Bedroom, And Start Experiencing The Amount Of Sex You Want, The Kind Of Sex You Want And The Total Loyalty Of Your Woman (Safe In The Knowledge That She Will Never Cheat On You) - REGARDLESS Of Your "Size", "Performance" Or Previous "Sexual Experience"… Then This Will Be The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read…

Dear Friend who wants to be a better lover,

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer…

...Have you ever felt like less of a man because you couldn’t give your woman an ORGASM… perhaps she even told you that another man that she had been with before you was better able to sexually satisfy her?

...Do you ever wonder if it’s the size of your “tool” that is preventing you from being an outstanding lover?

...Have you ever wondered if your woman is “faking it”… pretending that she has had an orgasm just to make you happy?

...Do you ever wonder about finding a way to make yourself last longer in bed, (perhaps thinking that this would make you a better lover)… or maybe you even suffer from premature ejaculation?

...Have you ever been in a relationship where the sex was frequent and enjoyable in the early days, but then it got boring and happened less often as the relationship progressed… maybe it even got to the point where you and your woman only had sex when YOU asked for it, or she only had sex with you when you did something else for her first?

...Are you ever frustrated by your woman’s inconsistent sex drive… some days she wants it and others she’s really not interested in having sex with you?

...Have you used sex advice you read in magazines and books, or watched on television or heard from a so-called “expert”; only to find out that the advice didn’t work when you used it?

...Have you ever worried that a woman, (be it your girlfriend, fiancée or wife) is going to CHEAT ON YOU… either because the sex isn’t great or because of something else that’s not working within your relationship?

...Can you remember a time when you tried to “TALK DIRTY” to your woman in the bedroom and she reacted by laughing, or worse still; she took offence… or maybe you have thought about talking dirty to your woman but you can’t think of what to say or you feel too embarrassed to do it?

...Are you ever frustrated by the fact that you don’t know how to fully satisfy your woman?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then I have some important news for you…

The news is that you are NOT alone.

In fact, that list of questions was created from talking to literally hundreds of men about the problems they were facing with women in the bedroom and the effects that these problems created in their relationship with their woman.

It’s a sad fact that less than 1% of men know how to really SATISFY their woman in the bedroom. And the thing is… when the sex is great, it takes care of 90% of everything else. Show me a man and a woman who are having great sex on a regular basis and I’ll more than likely show you a happy relationship.

Therefore, it is pretty obvious that you simply HAVE TO learn how to become a great lover if you want to feel like a real man.

But there are 2 problems...

…firstly, most of the mainstream sex advice that we men see in magazines and books and hear on the television and radio is useless!

And women themselves won’t tell us what to do… they just want us to instinctively know. That’s why the very very small minority of men who are naturally good in bed are so desirable to women.

…secondly, many guys just don’t know what good sex is (more on this later).

So I bet you’re starting to ask yourself, “Is there any hope?”

Luckily for YOU, the answer is yes. Here’s why I can say that to you with total confidence…

With The Correct Information, You Can Quickly And Easily Turn Yourself Into A "Sexual Master" - The Kind Of Guy That Can Give His Woman INCREDIBLE ORGASMS, Totally "Satisfy Her In The Bedroom" And Become THE MAN That All The Women Want…

I’d like to take a second to introduce myself to you. My name is Adam Armstrong and I am a pretty normal guy. I don’t have a massive "tool", I’m not wildly good looking and I don’t have super powers that allow me to go for hours in bed.

Yet in spite of this, I have figured out EXACTLY what it takes to be an incredible lover and I specialise in giving women sexual experiences that BLOW THEIR MIND. (What's more... I teach my clients to do the same, with outstanding success... and they pay me $397 per hour to do it).

Almost every woman I have dated in the past 5 years has told me that I’m the best they ever had… And I bet you want to know why they said this to me?


It’s because I give them experiences that no other man has… ORGASMS during intercourse, multiple orgasms, squirting orgasms, orgasms during phone sex; the list goes on and on.

Pretty cool, huh?

However, despite the skills I now possess that allow me to give women the kinds of sexual experiences that I described above; things were NOT always this way for me.

In fact, earlier on in my life I was a very average lover.

Perhaps even a bit worse than average.

I didn’t know how to please a woman in bed and this led to a great deal of frustration.

I wondered whether it had to do with my size… was it only guys with huge ‘tools’ that could really please a woman? I wondered if I needed more sexual stamina… Perhaps if I could go for an hour and a half non-stop that would turn me into the stud I desired to be?

The truth is that none of these were the reasons as to why I wasn’t a great lover.

To cut a long story short, I wasn’t prepared to settle for being average; so I started to educate myself. I read everything I could on female sexuality and unfortunately; most of it was junk. The mainstream magazines that I found in the shops and the majority of books offering sex advice for men provided information that was often weak at best.

I wondered how many of the authors of these magazine articles and books had ever given their woman a night of extreme pleasure? The answer in many cases must have been that they hadn't. That is both funny and sad at the same time.

I’m sure you can see the irony.

Luckily, after much searching I eventually came across some seriously good books and articles, written by men who really did understand how to please women.

I devoured this information and over a period of several years worked out what really works with women. I discovered that having wildly hot, ORGASMIC SEX with a woman is about much more than just what you do in the bedroom.

It’s about the man you are outside the bedroom too.

I also realised that society has conditioned us with some very poor beliefs that cause the majority of men to be really bad in bed. These beliefs are known as limiting beliefs; in this case they limit a man from ever being a really good lover. And some or all of these beliefs almost definitely apply to you too, as they did to me a few years ago.

I’ll cut straight to the point…

You have come to the right place if you want to supercharge your skills in the bedroom and blow your women’s mind. Or if you are single right now… to learn this stuff and make sure that the next woman who you enter a relationship with is wildly into you because you are doing her right!

After nearly a decade studying how to be great in bed, I have made some pretty powerful breakthroughs…


Right now I’m going to share with you 3 of the biggest mistakes that nearly every guy is making in the bedroom and how to make sure you avoid doing the same…

If you are making any of these mistakes, you will NEVER be a great lover. So pay special attention to what I'm about to share with you...

"3 Deadly Mistakes That Most Men Make In The Bedroom - That Cause Their Woman To Become Bored And Frustrated, Stop Wanting Sex And Often Consider Cheating On Their Man…"

Deadly Mistake # 1 – Most Men Think That Size, Duration And "Experience" Are The Keys To Great Sex

This mistake is a huge problem for most men.

I once saw a television program where a guy was so insecure about the size of his ‘tool’ that he had surgery to make it longer. I laughed out loud and pitied him at the same time (especially when it came to light that the surgery only increased the length when flaccid and not when erect).

The reason why this guy was a lousy lover and couldn’t make his girlfriend orgasm had nothing to do with the size of his package (for the record… apparently he had 6 inches)… and everything to do with who he was, and specifically his beliefs. They could of strapped 12 inches onto this guy and he’d still have been a wussy wimp, unable to fully satisfy any woman.

How pathetic.

Women love confidence in a man.

SEXUAL CONFIDENCE is a powerful thing. Women want a man who acts like a man.

Spending all your time obsessing over the size of your tool will only lead you to becoming insecure. So instead of doing this, be proud of what you have and realise that no matter what your size… you can give your woman incredibly powerful orgasms.

Heck, I routinely give women orgasms with just my middle finger…

In fact, too much size can be a problem. A woman can only take so much… just watch porn and see how a lot of the girls don’t really appear to be enjoying the sex with the guys with HUGE tools.

Most women don’t care about size… they just want ORGASMS. And it’s your job to learn how to give them mind blowing orgasms; the kind that very few men know how to do. Women will love you when you develop the skill-set to do so. And your mind-set and beliefs are a large part of that skill-set.

So right now I want you to just let go of any size insecurities you have. Be proud to be a man, be proud of what you have and start focusing on what really matters.

If you choose to focus on your size, then it will become an issue because it will rob you of your confidence and your manliness. And no desirable woman wants a weak, insecure, wussy guy.

Speaking of insecurities, if you have any concerns over how long you last… STOP worrying about that too. Duration issues can be mental or physical in nature.

Luckily, both are easily cured.

For example, if you find yourself getting overly excited during sex with your woman and feeling like you are about to “blow your load” too soon, the solution is simple…

Pull out, take a minute to relax and take some deep breaths. The key is BREATHING. Breathe deeply and slowly and you’ll find that with a little practise you can quite easily control how long you last.

Improving your health is another very easy way to last longer…

A little exercise, more fruits and vegetables and less processed food can go a long way to helping your endurance in the bedroom. Oh, and there’s a couple of entirely natural, secret supplements that very few people know about that can improve sexual peformance and longevity.

Finally, the third mistake a lot of men make is thinking that they don’t have enough sexual experience to be a great lover.

SEXUAL EXPERIENCE has little to do with how good a lover you are. It took me years to figure out how to give women incredible orgasms and the kind of sex that no other man had been able to give them before… but that wasn’t down to experience in terms of the amount of women I’d been with or the amount of time I’d spent having sex… it was actually because it took so dam long to find the right information.

Once I found it… BOOM… I became awesome in the bedroom. It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d found the good information on day 1 of my search or 5 years after I begin seeking out the truth… The results would have been the same.

And you will experience a very quick and powerful improvement in your sexual abilities when you start to practise the right stuff (that I'm going to show you).

To back up what I have just said, look at the world of business.

Most business people run a pretty average business all their lives. Sure, they build experience by running their business for longer and longer, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to be a better business that earns more money and is more fun to run.

In contrast, there are some very entrepreneurial people out there who make a fortune in a very short space of time and at very young ages, by learning the right stuff and surrounding themselves with the right people. Cleary, these highly successful people don’t let limiting beliefs and a perceived lack of ‘experience’ ruin their chances of success.

Being great in bed isn't any different.

With the right information… you can go from being a lousy lover, to a SUPER-STUD, in a very short space of time. In fact, some of my most powerful techniques are going to take you only 3 or 4 minutes to learn.
Deadly Mistake # 2 – Thinking That A ‘Secret Sexual Position’ Is The Key To Great Sex

Many sexual positions are way overrated.

There are whole books written on sexual positions and I can tell you this as a fact… if you understand the missionary position, doggie style and ‘her-on-top’; you know 90% of all you’ll ever need to know about sexual positions. There are much more important things to focus on if you want to stand out from all the other guys and become a great lover.

With a little imagination, you can use variations of those 3 positions and have enough variety to keep her interested forever.

Some of the positions that you see in books and magazines are a bad joke. They are so complex that unless your woman has the flexibility of a Russian Gymnast or a Yoga expert, she’ll be focusing on the position more than you.

And that’s a very bad thing; because you want her totally focused on YOU in order for you to be able to make her orgasm over and over again. And I can guarantee that if she’s in discomfort because you’ve put her in some awkward sex position, she won’t be focused on you.

So STOP obsessing over sexual positions. Stick to the basics and remember that sex is a NATURAL thing. If it takes several minutes of messing around to get into a certain position, it’s almost definitely NOT worth the effort and could distract from the end goal… which is of course; unbelievably good orgasms.

Whilst sexual positions can be overrated, there are some physical techniques that you really should know and get good at using. I’m talking about sexual techniques so powerful they will enable you to give your woman pleasure beyond what she could ever have hoped for. And only a tiny percentage of men know about them…

So pay careful attention as I share with you one of my favourite sexual techniques to give women powerfully wild orgasms:

Have your women lie on her back with her legs open. You should then kneel between her legs. Now take your middle finger (palm facing up, be sure to use lots of lube and make sure your nails are cut short and smooth) and put it as far inside her Vagina as you can get it.

Now move your finger in a ‘come hither’ action. You can do this quite forcefully and be prepared for her to start moaning very loudly. This technique has allowed me to give every hot, intelligent woman that I have been with INSANELY intense orgasms. (You may even find that this technique causes her to squirt).

Usually these orgasms are followed by the words “Ohhh Adam, what the f*** did you just do to me”… then I do it again and again… And that’s the beauty of this technique; it doesn’t involve the Clitoris… so therefore you can often use it several times in a row with very little break in between, meaning that you can often make your woman cum several times in just a few minutes.

Can you imagine how badly your woman will want you when you do this for her?

(Note: For most women the Clitoris usually becomes very sensitive after one orgasm. Therefore, clitoral orgasms are not the best thing to focus on if you want your woman to have multiple orgasms. Use Clitoral orgasms to get her ‘warmed up’ and then progress to the technique I just described; before you penetrate her).

Pretty neat eh?

It’s called THE DEEP SPOT Method. Give it a try and prepare to realise that your girl is wildly sexual… you just have to bring that raw sexuality out of her. And when you do, she’ll love you for it. She literally won’t be able to get enough of YOU and her sex drive will skyrocket.

The Deep Spot method has other benefits… it is not just a method to produce an orgasm. It is a method to make your woman’s vagina more sensitive. Once you’ve given her a few deep spot orgasms you should expect to start giving her orgasms during intercourse much more easily than you did in the past.

And since 70% of women have NEVER had a Vaginal Orgasm, you can easily start to see how when you know this stuff; you WILL be the guy that all the woman want. And if you already have a girlfriend, fiancee or wife... your relationship with that woman will grow stronger and stronger as the sex keeps on getting better and better.

These days, everyone is looking for an aphrodisiac… well, let me share a little secret with you… If you give your woman amazing sex, where she climaxes over and over again... she’ll beg you for it and you may not be able to keep up with her (what a great problem to have).

The Deep Spot method is a great way to ensure this happens.
Deadly Mistake # 3 – A Lot Of Men Think That They Are Great In Bed - When Actually The Opposite Is True

There is nothing worse in this life than someone who genuinely believes they are great at something when really they are merely average or worse than average. This applies to sports, jobs/careers and yes, SEX.

For some reason a lot of men seem to think that just because they are a man, they are automatically good at sex. This is a long way from the truth… Just ask a few WOMEN if you want clarification of this fact.

A lot of women spend a large amount of time with their girlfriends, talking about how their man performs in bed. And I know from talking about this with many women, that they talk about absolutely EVERYTHING.

And I mean everything. Women are way more detailed than us guys.

So if you want your woman to talk favourably to her friends about your sexual performance, you had better start getting good.

Also, a lot of women talk about these conversations with their own man. So I want you to take a second right now and imagine the scenario that happens ALL the time...

Your woman goes out with her friends for lunch and talks about your sexual performance and then your woman's friends tell their husbands! So if you want to avoid your friends knowing that you aren't performing in the bedroom... there's a simple cure. Just get really really good in bed.

Luckily for you, I'm going to show you exactly how to do just that.

Don’t automatically assume you are good in bed; because this is a recipe for disaster.

And don’t pretend there isn’t a problem if there is one.

In any other area of life, when we want to improve; we often seek out the help of someone who is better than us, (or a coach). However, with sex, men often let their EGO take control of the situation and therefore lie to themselves about how bad they are OR pretend the issue isn’t there.

The outcome is the same either way… the bar is set very low and nearly all men have tons to improve on in the bedroom. You are about to discover how to truly separate yourself from the pack and become the man that every woman hopes to meet.

The first step is to acknowledge that you need to improve, (which I’m assuming you understand because you are reading this). The second step is to start learning and applying the information I’m going to teach you… It's powerful stuff and your woman will LOVE YOU for knowing it and using it.

So there you have it. 3 Deadly mistakes to make sure you avoid in the bedroom and a killer sexual technique (The Deep Spot Method) that you can start using TONIGHT.

Here's a quick re-cap of what you have just learnt:
Don’t obsess over things you can’t control
Be proud of your tool (whatever your size)
Be a man and don’t act like a wussy wimp
Understand that ‘duration issues’ and premature ejaculation can be cured very easily when you know the right methods
Get it into your head that experience is not the deciding factor in becoming a great lover… but having the right knowledge AND putting it into action is
Remember that most sexual positions are overrated… the basics tend to work just fine
Try the Deep Spot Method and prepare to unleash the wildly sexual side of your woman and give her unbelievable orgasms
Admit to yourself that you need to improve and use the right information to do so. Don’t allow you EGO to stop you from having the sexual skills you deserve
I have spent the best part of 10 years reading, researching and actually figuring out what works with women. How to make them orgasm intensely, frequently and in ways that they didn’t know they could.

This is a beautiful thing.

I have taught many men to do the same. And it has revolutionised their sex lives. Whether they have been in a relationship that was 'starting to go cold', or they were in a very new relationship, the results have been the same. Massive sexual improvements in very short timeframes and very happy women ;)

The guys who put this stuff into practise usually end up in the most fulfilling relationships and this improves every aspect of their lives. When you are giving your woman orgasms in ways that very few men know about and she’s wildly into you, LIFE FEELS GOOD. In fact… Life is good.

It's been proven in scientific studies that men who have sex 4 or more times a week often look up to 10 years younger than men who don't. You will only have sex that frequently IF you are doing it right. And that's a fact.

Your desire as a man to be a good lover is perfectly natural… embrace it, work on it and be one of the few men who ‘get it’. Your woman will love you for it.

By now, you MUST be excited to get started…

The "Outrageous Orgasms" Program… What Exactly Is It And What’s In It?

I wrote Outrageous Orgasms to help men just like you to become better lovers. In Outrageous Orgasms I am going to teach you how to develop the powerful beliefs and master the "easy-to-learn" techniques that will help you succeed with women and become a STUD in the bedroom.

If you want to learn exactly how to give your woman orgasms that will BLOW HER MIND… I’ll show you how.

If you want to make a new girlfriend fall wildly in love with you… I’ll show you how.

If you want to take a relationship that’s years old and “re-light the magic” that may have disappeared (or perhaps was never there in the first place)… you are going to learn how to do that.

If you are currently single and want to make sure that the next time you hook up with a woman - you give her outrageous orgasms and can start a great relationship… relax, I’ve got you covered.

This program will be a turning point in your sex life and will most likely be the best thing you’ve ever read on the subject. It’s honest, hard-core and not what you read in the mainstream junk.If you want real results (read: quickly and easily being able to give your woman earth-shattering orgasms)… it’s exactly what you require.

I created Outrageous Orgasms for all the men who are sick of wondering how to truly SATISFY their woman in the bedroom… for all the men who have spent a lot of time and money reading and listening to sex advice that doesn’t work… and for all the men who want to go that extra mile to put a smile on their woman’s face by giving her incredible amounts of sexual pleasure.

This program is an e-book, so it will be instantly available for you to download after you have paid for it. And because it's an e-book, they'll be no shipping charges - Nice. (All you require to read it is Adobe Acrobat).

In this book I'll share with you the truth about sex and a ton of proven sexual secrets that are guaranteed to turn you into the guy you have always wanted to be; the guy that ALL women really want to be with, but usually never meet.

In short, this program is what you need in order to become an outstanding lover.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover when you get your copy of Outrageous Orgasms:
Easy-to-use, “work everytime” orgasm techniques that you can use TONIGHT... to give your woman mind-blowing orgasms… the kind of orgasms that will make her literally addicted to having sex with you… make her want it virtually every day and cause her to brag to her friends about how good you are in bed
A little-known, cheap and highly effective, totally natural SUPPLEMENT that will enhance your staying power and sexual vitality
How to make your woman have MULTIPLE ORGASMS so pleasurable that they make her shake, moan and scream your name – she’ll be a quivering wreck afterwards
A simple method you can use to teach your girl to have squirting orgasms… her sex drive will go through the roof when you do this
An easy way to give any woman orgasms so POWERFUL they send her into a state of pleasure she never knew was possible
How to make your woman want to have sex with you EVERY DAY
The 3 things that every successful, fulfilling and wildly sexual relationship have in common – (they’re not what you think, but you must know them)
A fool-proof way of making sure your girl NEVER cheats on you
How to have sexual experiences with your woman that will make your friends jealous as hell – bragging will never have felt so good (insert evil laugh here)
New-found sexual confidence that will make you feel like a better man… when you walk down the street women will notice you because they’ll ‘just know’ that you have the power to please them
How to be proud of your sexual desires, act like a REAL MAN and eliminate your limiting beliefs – once you destroy these old ‘limiting beliefs’ and replace them with empowering beliefs you will un-lock your own sexual potential - at this point you’ll be ready give your woman the sex she truly CRAVES - downright dirty, nasty and slutty... (both you and her deserve for this to happen)
A simple tip you can use to instantly last longer in bed
How to use your fingers to send your woman ‘over-the-edge’ with pleasure and rock her world with an orgasm so powerful she may "scream the house down" (or at least leave some serious finger nail marks in your back)… if you’re a REAL MAN you’ll love the finger-nail marks… it’s a sign that you’re doing her right
1 MEGA METHOD for touching your woman’s Clitoris that will cause her to orgasm in a way that is totally different to anything she’s ever experienced before… moments like these will cause her to fall for you even harder (and the more you please her, the more she’ll want to please you)
Exactly how to make sure the sex doesn’t get boring after you’ve been with the same woman for an extended period of time
The proven skills you need to possess in order to make sure that your woman thinks of you as the best she’s ever had… when she tells you this it will be an incredible feeling for you – and the skills you need to do it are very easy to learn and quick to implement
Easy ways to learn how to talk dirty to your woman… when you do this it’s like sex on steroids – if you want to have THE BEST SEX EVER and give your woman the kind of orgasms that will make her go all weak kneed and dreamy when she thinks about you… you simply have to talk dirty to her (and guess what? Hardly any guys do it… so it’s another way to "stand out from the crowd" and make your woman think of you as really really special)
Whether you should treat your woman like a soft, delicate flower in bed or be downright rough and nasty with her – know this and you can be a great lover (if you don’t get it you will always be average)
The power of context… simple, yet highly effective advice that you must know in order to have a wildly sexual and happy relationship with your woman (If you fail to understand this, you’ll remain in the loser category forever... with nearly ALL the other guys)
What you MUST do outside of the bedroom in order to have the kind of sex you want inside the bedroom…
Specific traits that women look for in a man – cultivating these will make you more attractive, sexy and desirable
The simple, easy-to-learn things you need to do in order to make your woman your “little slut” in the bedroom… once you know these things... blow jobs, anal sex and all the other dirty stuff that most women won’t do, will suddenly become the stuff that your woman wants to do with you (and only you)
How to overcome your "size issues" and make them a thing of the past - once you understand the whole "size issue" you will instantly become a better lover... the kind of man who is able to satisfy his woman in a way that she never expected him to be able to do
3 proven, effective and safe ways to last longer in the bedroom - once you know these secrets you'll never have to worry about 'blowing your load' too soon ever again
The 3 sexual positions that EVERY woman loves and 3 easy-to-learn variations of each position that you can use to add variety to your sex life, keep things interesting in the bedroom and make sure your woman doesn't get bored (by doing this you'll make sure she doesn't even think about cheating on you and you'll therefore have a totally loyal girlfriend, fiancee or wife)
The one thing that you MUST do with your woman in the bedroom (IF you want to give her the best sex she's ever had)
How to ensure that the sex never gets boring and how to re-kindle a sexual relationship that has lost its spark
Exactly how to make your woman want to have sex with you every day
The simple things you must do to have her call you "The Best She's Ever Had" - every man can do these things but very few do... so when you do them you'll stand out from all the other guys and make your woman realise how lucky she is to have you in her life
How to use "Date Nights" to keep your relationship with your woman exciting, passionate and wildly sexual
How to use "Special Occasions" to show your woman a wild time and have HOT, DIRTY SEX with her
And much more than I can list here…
Now that you have a good idea of what this program will teach you, you must be wondering if this program is right for you. Here's the answer you are looking for...

"How Can You Know If The Outrageous Orgasms Program Is For You?"

If you have the kinds of skills in the bedroom that make your woman want to have sex with you all the time… you might not need this program.

If you already know how to cause a woman to have clitoral, vaginal ,multiple and squirting orgasms… you might not need this.

If you have your girl sucking you off, letting you take her up the ass and begging you for sex on a regular basis… then you probably don’t need this.

If you never question your ‘size’, ‘performance’ or ‘experience’, then maybe this isn’t for you.

However, there are some problems that almost every man has that ruin his chances of ever becoming a great lover. Sure, you may become good… but only because all the other guys have set the bar so low. And besides, who wants to be good; when you could be outstanding?

Read through the list below and if you find you have ANY ONE of these problems… I highly recommend that you get this program right now.

However… if while reading through this list you realize that you have experienced more than one of these problems (that almost every man experiences)… you NEED to get this program immediately:
If you have ever thought that your sexual problems are due to the size of your ‘tool’
If you don’t know how to make your woman orgasm, or can’t get her to orgasm consistently
If you have ever been with a woman, (or are with one now) who appears to have LOST her sex-drive
If you have ever been through the embarrassing situation of PREMATURE EJACULATION
If you have ever wanted to take your girl up-the-ass but had her refuse
If you have tried to talk dirty to your woman and had her laugh at you, become offended or react unfavourably to your dirty talk in any other way
If you have ever had a woman CHEAT on you or thought a woman might be cheating on you
If you have ever been confused over whether to make-love to your girl soft and gently or fast and hard
If you have ever been in a relationship (or are in one now) that used to be fun and exciting but now it’s boring and dull
If you have ever been chatting with your friends and felt jealous because of their sexual stories and wished you had some to match
If you have ever been dating a woman and everything had been going well… and then you slept with her and she no longer seemed interested in you afterwards
If you have ever felt UNCOMFORTABLE with your own sexual desires
If you didn’t know the FACT that women are actually way way MORE sexual than men
Okay, so if you have any of those problems, let me tell you a little bit more about the program; then you can grab yourself a copy and start becoming a better lover who really knows how to please ANY woman…

"What Makes Outrageous Orgasms Different From Everything Else Out There?"

Before you decide whether or not this program is for you… I want to tell you why it’s DIFFERENT from everything else that's ever been created on this topic.
Reason #1: It ACTUALLY WORKS… When You Use This Program You Will Find That You Become A Better Lover And Your Woman Will Think Of You As A "New Man"

This sounds like a simple reason… and it is.

But here’s the thing... I read so many books and listened to so much crap when I was figuring out how to be a great lover, that I came to the conclusion that 99% of the information out there that offers sex advice for men is lame. (Maybe that’s why 99% of men are lame in bed and there’s so many women out there dreaming of finding their "knight in shining armour").

You can quickly and easily become her KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR once you read Outrageous Orgasms and use what you've read with your woman.

The standard mainstream sex advice tends to revolve around endless variations of sexual positions, lighting candles and giving your woman a back rub before you have sex.

All that stuff may be well and good, but it’s not the really good stuff… the stuff that produces results so great and orgasms so earth-shaking that your woman becomes literally addicted to the sex she has with you.

And that’s exactly what I teach you here, in this very program… how to make you "stand out from the crowd" and please your woman in the bedroom in ways that she had never dreamt of before.

Very few programs can legitimately claim to do the same.
Reason #2: This Program Has Been Created By A Guy WITH "Real World" Experience

I am not just some guy who has been employed by a magazine to do a short, 500 word article on how guys can be better in bed. Instead, I’ve spent the best part of 10 years figuring this stuff out because it’s my passion. I understand that pleasing his woman is one of the most satisfying things a man can do.

In fact, pleasing a woman may very well be the MOST satisfying thing a man can do on any given day.

I was also aware that many years ago I had no real idea how to please a woman and this proved highly frustrating… as did reading page upon page of useless sex advice from so-called experts in a myriad of books and magazines.

So I set out to find the truth…

And the truth, I realised, was not how society has led us to believe it is. We are made to believe that women are these delicate, vulnerable people who we men must win sex from.

This is complete and utter B*llsh*t.

The truth is that men should respect women and know how to treat them outside the bedroom. Likewise, they should know how to treat them inside the bedroom… respecting them at all times AND also understanding that women are wildly sexual creates who loved to be ravaged by their man and want nothing more than for their man to make them orgasm over and over again.

I’ll explain ALL of this in great detail in my program, Outrageous Orgasms.

For now, just understand that women and men complement each other and when you really ‘get-this’ you will stand out from 99% of the other guys out there and you will blow your woman’s mind.
Reason #3: This Program Is Totally Ethical

A lot of men talk about women as if they are objects... SEX OBJECTS. And I hate this. And you should hate that attitude too, IF you ever want to be really successful in the bedroom.

The funny thing is, most of the guys who talk about women in a derogatory way, (as if they are just sex objects) actually lead very average sex lives and women don’t respond well to them. So these guys “big themselves up” and make out like they are studs… but actually they are chumps.

What you’ll discover in this program is how to be the exact kind of man that every woman dreams of; both outside the bedroom and inside the bedroom. The thing is, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT… you have to get the stuff right outside the bedroom before the stuff in the bedroom can really take off.

Essentially, I’m going to show you how to do all the stuff your woman wants you to do outside the bedroom. Then, because you do this, you’ll find she really opens up more to you in the bedroom and you see a wild side to her… a truly sexual side.

And because you will also learn all the tips, techniques and methods you need to satisfy her in the bedroom… you’ll find that you get the best of all worlds:
Your women will be incredibly happy
YOU will be incredibly happy
You will be able to laugh at all the other guys (99%) who just don’t get it… the guys whose woman cheat on them behind their backs – and you can be safe in the knowledge that your girl will never cheat on you because you treat her just the way she wants to be treated (and in return she gives you everything that you want) - Pretty dam sweet
Reason #4: In Outrageous Orgasms There Is Zero B.S

I developed and wrote Outrageous Orgasms to provide you with a ton of information that will enable you to become the man you want to be - a truly great lover.

However, unlike many books and "learning resources", Outrageous Orgasms contains absolutely no B.S

I haven't included anything that didn't need to be there, there are no big fancy words used to make me sound intelligent... basically there is no "fluff".

I wrote the book this way because, quite frankly - I'm a busy guy and I'm willing to bet you are too. Therefore, it made little sense to me to include extra words, paragraphs and pages of junk in a lame effort to make the program unnecessarily massive.

Instead, it is to the point, easy to read and simple to understand and the best part of it all is that you can probably read it in a couple of hours (3 at the most) and USE WHAT YOU READ TONIGHT. It won't take you a month of study to put into practise what I teach you.

I've made it as easy as possible for you to use the techniques and methods in Outrageous Orgasms straight away and gain MAXIMUM results.

You are going to drive your woman crazy with sexual pleasure.

"Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get When You Grab Yourself A Copy Of Outrageous Orgasms…"

Your own copy of Outrageous Orgasms. This program is a PDF e-book and is therefore available for instant download once you have paid (so you don't have to pay any shipping charges or wait days for it to arrive in the post)
The very best advice, tips, techniques and methods that will enable you to become a better lover and completely satisfy your woman in bed , (regardless of your "size" or previous sexual experience)
Easy to use, clearly presented information that you can start using with your woman in the bedroom, TONIGHT
Knowledge that only around 1% of men know about what women really want from a man in bed
I charge only $27 for this e-book. To work with me 1 on 1, I charge $397 per hour (IF you can book an appointment with me… I’m often booked 6 weeks in advance because, quite simply... my clients keep coming back for more because they love the results I help them achieve).

I’m very happy to be able to offer you this program because it’s going to allow you to really sort out this area of your life and become a great lover. I look forward to hearing about the success you achieve once you start putting my advice into practise.

The best part about all of this is that you can get this program for just $27. I have spent nearly a decade, thousands of hours and a ton of money figuring this out… and now I’m able to offer the best of what I’ve learnt for just $27. This is the same stuff that allows me to give women incredibly intense orgasms and enjoy the kind of exciting sex-life that remains a complete mystery for most men.

It is extremely powerful stuff and you deserve to know it and your woman deserves for you to know it.

But wait, the Outrageous Orgasms e-book is not all you are going to recieve. You'll also get 3 great BONUSES. Here are some details about those...

"3 Bonuses That Will Supercharge Your Results And Enable You To Go From 'Average Guy' To 'Super Stud'... "

Bonus #1: An Interview With Natalia - She's Smoking Hot, Intelligent And Sexy And She Tells You Exactly What Your Woman Wants You To Know About Sex But Would Never Tell You

In this exclusive interview you'll hear from one of my dearest friends in the whole world - Natalia. Not only is she smoking, hot, intelligent and sexy; she's also highly sexually.

And the great thing for you is that in this interview you will hear Natalia talk about all the things that EVERY woman wants from their man but would never say to his face.

In other words, Natalia will quite simply tell you exactly what your woman wants you to know about sex but would never tell you.

This is powerful stuff - in this exclusive audio interview, you will discover:
The 3 most important attributes that you MUST build with your woman if you want to have the kind of RED-HOT sex that would make a porn-star blush
The 1 thing that you must never do to your woman - if you make this mistake and pay the price (of your woman cheating on you and not wanting to have sex with you anymore), don't come crying to me - Just listen to Natalia and then you'll know how to avoid it
The personality trait that you need to develop in order to become irresistible to your woman
One thing that you must do IN the bedroom but must not do OUTSIDE of the bedroom - get these right and your woman will LOVE you (but get them the wrong way round and she'll probably end up hating you)
Bonus #2: How To Choose The Right Kind Of Woman To Have A "Wildly Sexual" Relationship With

In this special report I'll show you how to choose the right kind of woman to have a wildly sexual relationship with.

If you don't know how to choose the right woman, then you can have all the sexual skills in the world and still end up un-happy with your sex life.

However, if you read this report and use the information wisely, you'll be perfectly set-up to choose the very best woman to have in your life.

You'll discover:
5 traits to look out for in a woman, if you want to have a wildly sexual relationship with her
5 signs that a woman will not be a great sexual partner (when you know these signs up front you can save yourself a lot of heart-ache, frustration and wasted time)
How to avoid making the biggest mistake of your life
Bonus #3: The Truth About The Psychology Of Female Sexuality

In this e-book, you'll get "insider knowledge" into how women really think about sex and what they want from a man.

I figured this out via my own personal relationships, my clients relationships and hundreds of conversations with women - conversations where they spoke openly and totally honestly to me about their frustrations with men and what they really wanted (but very often struggled to find in a man).

Prepare to be shocked and enlightened at the same time.

Here's what you'll discover:
Why the way you look is vitally important to your success in the bedroom - this isn't what you think and you can sort this out, totally regardless of whether you consider yourself attractive or unattractive
The power of "leading" - master this and your woman will be instantly more attracted to you and will want to have sex more often with you
Why developing an emotional connection with your woman is important, if you want to blow her mind in the bedroom
4 things you simply must know about how women view sex... with this knowledge you'll be perfectly equipped to lead your woman through amazing sexual experiences
Why many women CHEAT on their man and how you can make sure YOUR woman does not cheat on you
The truth about whether women or men are more sexual... the answer to this question will shock, enlighten and empower you to become a better lover
Ok, so you have now seen everything that you are going to get when you purchase The Outrageous Orgasms Program.

Here's a quick re-cap:
Your own copy of the 'Outrageous Orgasms' e-book - Value: $37
Exclusive access to the 'Interview with Natalia' - Value: $27
Your own copy of 'How To Choose The Right Woman To Have A Wildly Sexual Relationship With' - Value: $18
Your own copy of 'The Truth About The Psychology Of Female Sexuality' - Value: $18
Total Value: $100, Your Price: $27
So when you purchase Outrageous Orgasms - not only are you getting information that will revolutionise the man you are inside the bedroom and outside of it, you are getting massive value...

Total Value: $100 , Your Price: $27

"Try 'Outrageous Orgasms' RISK-FREE For 60 Days... "

I know Outrageous Orgasms is going to change your sex life forever.

I know it is going to help you become a better lover and enable you to give your woman the kind of pleasure that less than 1% of men know how to give.

And I'm so convinced by this that when you buy Outrageous Orgasms I'm going to give you a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

That's right - no hassle, no questions asked... if you don't like Outrageous Orgasms, just drop me an email to adam@outrageous-orgasms.com and I'll refund you in full.

But seriously, once you read Outrageous Orgasms I know you'll want to keep it forever and keep coming back to it time and time again, as you carry on improving as a man and a lover.

I could not possibly make it any lower risk for you.

I want you to become the best man that you can be and I want you to be able to blow your woman's mind in the bedroom. Try Outrageous Orgasms today, safe in the knowledge that it comes with my rock-solid, 100%, 60-Day money back guarantee.

When you click the Add To Cart Button below you'll be taken to a secure order page - just use a valid Credit or Debit Card and you'll have your copy of Outrageous Orgasms available for download, immediately after your payment has processed.

Then you can get reading and start making your woman scream your name TONIGHT.

Total Value: $100 , Your Price: $27

"You Have 2 Choices Right Now - Choices That Could Determine The Man You End Up Becoming... "

Firstly, you could walk away and not buy my product. We’ll part as friends, but if you do this… in one months’ time, a years’ time and ten years’ time… you will probably be in exactly the same position that you are in right now, with the same annoying, frustrating, up-setting problems you have right now.

If you have insecurities about the size of your tool, how long you last in bed or how much sexual experience you have… you’ll STILL have those insecurities.

If you can’t make you woman orgasm or generally can’t give her everything she wants in the bedroom… you’ll have to live with that every time you make love to her. It’s tough looking in the mirror when you’re going through times like that. I know because I used to be there. And it’s not fun.

If you are worried about your woman CHEATING on you… that will still be a reality if you don’t improve as a lover and become a REAL man. Men often think that women don’t cheat as much as guys, but I know from talking to lots of women that the opposite is true… they are just better at not getting found out.

If you aren’t giving your woman everything she wants in your relationship, sexually or otherwise, she will more than likely cheat on you with a man who can give her the things you are failing to give her. Or… she’ll just flat out leave you. And that SUCKS.

However, if that sounds too doom and gloom and you want to join the 1% club…. the 1% of guys who really know how to satisfy their woman; then I have some great news for you. When you secure your copy of Outrageous Orgasms you’ll be able to learn simple techniques that you can use straight away and start becoming the man your woman wants you to be.

Your insecurities will disappear (no more worrying about size, performance or experience), your sexual confidence will skyrocket and you’ll be a better man for it.

Women will respond to you very well and your woman will grow fonder and fonder of you. You’ll make her orgasm in many ways, have her "scream your name" whilst in the throes of EXTREME PLEASURE... and you’ll know how to keep things interesting and exciting in the bedroom for years to come.

As you do her better and better, you’ll also be amazed by how her sex drive skyrockets.

In short, you’ll become an outstanding lover… isn’t that what you want?

If it is, click the "Add To Cart" Button below and secure your copy now. I can't make the decision for you but if you want to become a REAL MAN, a man who knows how to please his woman in the bedroom, you know that the most intelligent and logical thing to do right now is to click the button and start impressing your woman TONIGHT...

Total Value: $100 , Your Price: $27

I wish you every success in your quest to becoming an awesome lover and I'll talk to you again soon,

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S Remember that Outrageous Orgasms comes with a 60 day, unconditional money-back guarantee. I wouldn’t offer that if I wasn’t 100% sure you’re going to find my program extremely useful. You have nothing to lose and a ton to gain. You can contact me at adam@outrageous-orgasms.com

Also, remember that at $27 this is less than 10% of the price that I charge for a 1-on-1 coaching session. And for information that is going to revolutionise the man you are and make you a better lover, it has to be one of the bargains of the century. In fact, I may put the price up in the very near future.

P.P.S You could walk away right now and not get this program. But where will that leave you? The answer is simple… exactly where you are right now. Same problems, same insecurities, and same sex life that’s not as good as it could be. And you’ll have to live with that… every time you look in the mirror, every time you make love to your woman and know she’s not fulfilled and everytime you are out with her, at a restaurant or shopping on a weekend and you see her checking out other men.

Years ago that’s the kind of stuff I couldn’t stand and that’s why I changed. It took me a long time… And now I’m happy to be able to offer YOU the chance to make these changes happen very quickly with this easy to use advice.

P.P.P.S This book and the 3 awesome bonuses will give you the tools that you need to transform yourself into the MAN you want to be; both inside the bedroom and outside of it. What’s more, you’ll transform yourself into the kind of man that your woman wants you to be.

You’ll be sexually confident, you won’t worry about your size or performance anymore and you’ll give your woman the kind of orgasms that make her addicted to having sex with you, cause her to brag to her friends about you… and give you the kind of ammunition to have your friends "jaws-hitting-the-flaw" when you tell them about your new AND amazing sex-life (jealous doesn’t do it justice)… Frequent, intense sex will become your reality, as will regular blow jobs and crazily intense orgasms.

Total Value: $100 , Your Price: $27

"Read What Others Have To Say About Outrageous Orgasms... "

(Names have been changed to initials for privacy)
“Outrageous Orgasms by Adam Armstrong is THE 'How-to' manual for keeping your woman intensely satisfied, both in the bedroom and out. Use the easy instructions and step-by-step techniques explained in this book, and you will see amazing results in your sex life right from the start.

Keeping my woman happy and satisfied is my #1 job as a man. Well my job just got so much easier thanks to all the great information Adam has put together in this book. I can tell you from personal experience that the techniques explained in Outrageous Orgasms work. They work so well that you need to be very careful. Do not use them on the wrong woman, because after you have given her that many outrageous orgasms, you might never get rid of her! Don't say I didn't warn you...

–TW, San Diego, California

“One word springs to mind when reading 'Outrageous Orgasms' - genius. Not only has Adam Armstrong's e-book salvaged my boring and ever dying sex life, but also helped reverse my ropey relationship into a strong, powerful one in which me and my partner are now more than happy inside and out of the bedroom. My sexual insecurities are none existent now, and I will never worry about my size again. It wouldn't just be me thanking Armstrong if I met him, but my girlfriend too. Thanks Adam.”

–C.N, Leeds, England

“As a woman who had previously only ever received pleasure through clitoral stimulation, my first ever experience of a vaginal orgasm via the deep spot method was immense.

I felt the need to write this testimonial because every man should know how to give his woman this kind of pleasure and every woman deserves to experience it. And Outrageous Orgasms shows a man how to give his woman this kind of pleasure so well that every man should read it. It should be required for every man.

However, despite being overwhelmed by pleasure, given to me by my man once he had read the book, I am struggling to compose anything which can describe my thoughts and feeling during my first deep spot orgasm because re-living the moment in my mind causes me to lose my trail of thought and concentration.

Surely just from this you are able to begin to understand how powerful this method of pleasure is.

'Prepare for your girl to scream your name'; the author does not exaggerate when he writes this, he is true to his word. I cannot recall the last time I screamed as loud as I did like when I screamed my partners name during my first vaginal orgasm. Uncontrollable screams. I did not want the feeling to stop and when he pulled his fingers out I literally begged for more. I remember feeling dizzy and as he let me gather my breath for a moment I said to myself 'this is just amazing, he is amazing'. Before I could think anymore he had pushed his fingers inside and I was screaming his name once again.

The deep spot method is all very fresh and still new to me. I am writing this and thinking 'man I cannot wait to see him again!'.

I genuinely believe anyone of the methods Adam expands upon in Outrageous Orgasms is either a remedy to a failing sex life, a reason to make your woman come running back to you for more every night and the creation of a stronger connection between yourself and your partner. And for those men that are worried their woman is looking elsewhere; use one of these methods and I can be 100% certain that you will be the only interesting man in her life. I know my partner is now that he has read Outrageous Orgasms.”

–N.B, Manchester, England

Total Value: $100 , Your Price: $27

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