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Want To Be In Peak Shape But Have No Time For Bogus Fitness Programs And BS Workouts?

"This Intense, MMA-Grade 40-Minute Workout Could Get You Feeling Like A Pro Athlete Within 30-Days!"

Forget Fad Diets, “Magic Pill” Supplements And Whatever Is The “Workout Of the Day”. Actually Burn Fat While Building Strong And Ripped Muscles Without Killing Yourself In The Gym Using A Proven Workout Program Used By Beginners And Professional Athletes Alike!

Chad Hamzeh of The 40 Minute BodySecret discusses the problems in the fitness industry today, and exposes 1 weird tip that could catapult your fat loss.

No One Wants A Weak Body

That’s true whether in looks or in actual performance.

I don’t care if you can bench press a car – I know you wouldn’t want to look like a toothpick that grew arms, legs and a head or a supersized version of the Michelin Man. Neither would you also wanna look like a Greek marble sculpture with dynamite muscles and all, but you ain’t got the functional strength to back it up.

Everyone wants to be in tip-top physical condition, both in the way their body looks and also in the way it performs.

Chad Hamzeh, Co-Author of The 40 Minute BodySecret, before he discovered the right way to train, and how he looks today.

I know because that’s exactly what I wanted when I first got into physical fitness. To the right, you'll see how I "used to" look, and how I look now. Would you believe this was how I looked back when I was getting started.

The only reason no one in the gym made fun of me was because I had a rigid strength training program that allowed me to outlift and outperform anyone in any strength workout.

Sure I Was Strong As A Highland Bull...But I Looked More Like An Overfed Bulldog

Soon enough, I started to get conscious of the way I looked and started looking into getting something done – fast. So I started doing more workouts geared towards building muscles, toning and burning fat. The first major impact was in my eating habits. But I was determined to look better than a tub of lard so I sacrificed.

After a couple weeks, I started seeing results. My belly fat was slowly but steadily shrinking. My arms were getting tighter and leaner. My chest was getting bulkier and firmer. I was becoming more and more ripped! But then, I started noticing something entirely unexpected.

I Was Beginning To Look Like A Real Muscleman...But My Body Felt Unusually Tight

Worse yet, I felt I wasn't getting any stronger. It was then that I realized a vital flaw in most “regular” workouts – you only target one specific result and that’s it. If you’re working out to be stronger, you won’t necessarily be able to build firm muscles. If you’re working out to develop musculature, you won’t necessarily develop functional strength. On top of that, if you’re working out mainly to increase your stamina, that’s entirely different as well.
"My name is Jason Mohler and I am 31 years old.

I started with the training program in June 2010.

Right away I started getting results but now about 4 months later I have lost 34lbs and now I am in the best shape of my life I feel better now than I have ever felt in my life.

I highly recommend this to anyone and urge you to do this type of training, it works."

- Jason, 31 years old.
"First off we would like to say this type of training is UNBELIEVABLE it's been so awesome.

We decided as a couple to get in shape and change our lifestyle, and I started to train with Chad and Luis. In the 6 months we have been on the program we have dropped a combined 45lbs.

I used to run regularly and hit the gym the odd time but as a married couple with 3 beautiful boys it's tough to find the time. The program has been perfect and easy to follow and their no b.s approach to fitness and nutrition really works unlike most things we tried.

This program has not only changed our bodies it has truly changed our lives, our relationship, our family life and much more. The benefits have been invaluable to us and we HIGHLY recommend it to absolutely anyone and everyone."

- Mark, 34 years old.

I Started To Re-Think And Re-Evaluate My Entire Fitness Regimen.

What do I really want?
Do I want to be functionally strong? Do I want to look good naked? Do I want to have more stamina and endurance?
I realized, I wanted all of that. But the problem is, I would have to practically live in the gym in order to get all of these benefits. That’s where my quest began for the perfect workout program began – and by perfect, I mean:
It should help me build muscle and burn fat It should help me become functionally strong It should increase my endurance and stamina It should be intense enough that I can have optimum results
without spending too much time actually working out
You won’t believe where I got the inspiration.

I Found The Answer On TV... well, sort of.

I’ve always been a fan of gladiator sports. Boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, kickboxing, muay thai - you name it I dig it. I remember way back in 1993, I saw my first Ultimate Fighting Championship, and I was instantly hooked. I knew that one day I was going to do that!

Fast-forward to 2001, and I started training in MMA. To make a long story short, I've actually had 18 fights. Yep, I've been in the ring and cage, been beat on, and returned the favor. Good times.

So you can just imagine how thrilled I was when MMA (mixed martial arts) hit mainstream. But more than just the excitement of the actual sport itself, lately I've been more interested in the fighters’ physical fitness training and workout routines, and more importantly, how they could apply to the "non-fighters" of our population. People just like you.

You see...MMA fighters are among the best conditioned athletes around.

Not only are MMA fighters strong as hell, they also have unparalleled stamina and endurance. Not to mention they have the most lean and ripped bodies in the sporting world. They’re also able to maintain the utmost physical flexibility and agility despite their muscle mass. Conditioning wise, MMA fighters are at the peak of physical form. Heck, you won’t be able to last even one 5-minute round inside the ring in an MMA fight if your physical conditioning is even a little off.
Just one of several impressive bodies in MMA. Not only does he look impressive, but he has the strength and stamina to
back it up.

Not bad, huh?

And So I Began To Study How I Could Adapt MMA Workouts for the Everyone Else.

I became so obsessed about finding the right workout balance to achieve both physical strength and quality muscle.

Up till now, I’m still involved with MMA training mostly for new up and coming fighters. This MMA experience, coupled with my extensive strength training proficiency has allowed me to develop a workout system that’s:
Able to force the body to burn fat and build muscle mass soon after you start implementing it. Able to develop your core strength and channel it to become actual functional strength.

Able to adapt to your growing capabilities – the workout system continually pushes you beyond your limits so your improvement becomes continuous. Able to incorporate a vigorous cardio workout with the core training for improved stamina and physical endurance. Able to hold your motivation long enough for you to see the results you want. Able to pack all these benefits in just a short workout session.
But I knew I had to prove my system really works. Enter Luis Huete, my first successful protégé and current business partner. When I first met Luis, he weighed a measly 130lbs and stood 5’8”. I remember telling him not to faint when he sees a barbell. Despite his rather frail appearance, Luis displayed enviable determination and so I had him go through the rigid training under my newly developed (and yet untested) workout system.

Our workout sessions were rather short but they were very intense. Luis liked his body’s initial reaction and kept on doggedly under my rigid watch. Within just 30 days, the change was truly unmistakable.

I Have Finally Found The Workout System I Have Always Dreamed Of!

No longer skinny-fat!
Since then, Luis and I have trained countless others under this same system. We patched up gaps here and there, made improvements and adjustments to the routines and generally perfected the program.

Next, we developed an accompanying nutritional guide with the program in order to get even better results. We understood the importance of a proper diet to physical fitness training and so unlike most nutritional programs that look more like slave-camp menus, ours focused on the principle “food is fuel” – so the more fuel your body has to burn, the more energy you have, not just for working out, but for doing actual everyday work.

Luis and I have found a truly one-of-a-kind fitness program that’s not just effective by any degree, it’s guaranteed to give you the results you want in as short time as possible provided you do your share of the work. And now, for a limited time only, you can take advantage of this same workout system. Introducing...

The 40-Minute BodySecret

To Really Lose Weight, Build Muscle And Maintain Your Physique For The Long Term, You Just Need To Follow Our Proven 3 Step Process:

This process has been proven to work for Luis and I along with countless other people we’ve trained over the years - and I'm confident it'll work for you too!

In fact, it’s my firm belief that everyone wanting to be in the peak of physical health and form will be able to benefit from the 40-Minute Body Secret.

Follow this program and I can almost guarantee you’ll see the change you’ve always wanted on your body within just 30 days! Not only will you be able to grow stronger and build lean and firm muscles, you’ll also have a greater sense of well-being. And you’ll be able to achieve this using…

The 40-Minute Body Secret 3 Step Formula

Easy To Follow Step #1: Work Out

Most people know they need to do this step - they just don’t acknowledge it or take it seriously enough. Without burning calories on a daily basis you will steadily gain weight and lose your lean physical appearance.

There are two major reasons why people don’t work out:

Major Reason #1: Don’t Know How

I’m not talking about the basics of exercise, we all know how to run, but we don’t know how to keep exercise interesting. Constantly doing the same exercises each day will:
Start to bore you and de-motivate you from achieving your fitness and weight loss goals Condition your muscles so to re-act only to certain activities and decrease the benefits of exercise Dramatically decrease the effects of your exercise on overall muscle growth and weight loss
One of the things I learnt very early on in my fitness career was to alternate my exercises so that I could push myself to the next level. Once you get into an exercise routine you tend to decrease your intensity and lose that initial motivation.

It’s important to maintain intensity in your workouts so that you get the maximum benefit from every single session.

Here’s my philosophy, “If I am going to the gym to work out, I am going to work hard and fast without sacrificing the benefits of doing the exercise”.

Major Reason #2: Don’t Have Time

Let’s face it, we are all busy, and when it comes to exercise it’s so easy to prioritize other activities above exercise.

You need to make it as easy for you to exercise and achieve your goals. It’s never that you don’t have time. Each day you could find time to exercise – you just have to MAKE the time.

You have to want to exercise, to look forward to working out and really to enjoy the benefits of exercise. I personally found that when I was training for a fight I was focused, I was driven and I got amazing results from my training. That’s because I had a reason to train, I had a reason to work hard and I made time.

If you’re struggling to work out, you’re not alone, there are many people just like you and the 40 Minute BodySecret contains exactly what you need to get back on track with your exercise!

Easy To Follow Step #2: Watch Your Diet

It’s not enough that you burn off excess and unwanted calories. You need to also watch what you are putting in your mouth. If each day you are consuming more calories, more fat and more food than you could possibly burn off, expel or consume, then you will gain weight. It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

If your body can only consume 100 calories a day and you take in 200, the remainder will not be burned off and will convert to fat, thus you gain weight. But despite the fact that this is actually a simple matter of “calorie math”, a lot of people don’t monitor their food intake. And it’s partly because of the fear that they’ll have to turn their backs on their favorite food.

That should not be the case. With the 40-Minute Body Secret, you’ll find out how easy it actually is to monitor your diet and not have to totally sacrifice your favorite chow. Again, it lies on the principle, “food is fuel”.

Easy To Follow Step #3: Be Mentally Prepared

This is the key missing ingredient in nearly all weight loss, diet or exercise programs.

Most experts don’t address the mental side of exercise and diet. Instead, they focus more on immediate yet short-term results.

What you need to understand is you gained weight for a reason, you struggle to train for a reason, you eat a bad diet for a reason and finally you fail to achieve your target physical condition for a reason.

Refuse to address that reason and everything you’re doing will all be in vain.

The 40-Minute Body Secret deals with how you can adapt the proper mindset and apply it, not just to your workout routine but also, to your lifestyle in general.

You’ll Be Privy To The Same Physical Fitness Secrets That Have Produced Outstanding Change In The Lives Of Countless People Across The Country

Just take a look at what one of our students have to say about The 40 Minute BodySecret:
"I am extremely grateful I found this program.

I was at 241 Lbs.

After starting your plan, I am now at 180Lbs.I am super excited and still haven't reached my ultimate goals but it's been a pleasurable and rewarding time.

I will enjoy losing the remaining Lbs! Before, eating and working out was very boring for me. I was eating all the wrong foods and my physical health was in jeopardy.

Thanks so much!!! I'm getting into clothes I have not worn in 4 to 5 years and people are taking notice wanting to know my secret."

- Grace, 41 years old.

My Private Clients Pay Me Hundreds Of Dollars a piece Just So I Can Share With Them The Same Workout Approach You’ll Discover Inside. The 40 Minute BodySecret

And none of them complain because they've become aware of the results straightaway from day 1. My workout system works because it is a practice in simplicity. Every routine, every move, every flex and extension is geared towards a specific result and how to achieve that in the quickest and most effective manner.

But it doesn’t stop there. The 40 Minute BodySecret is designed in such a way that it will get you to achieve long-term results. And that’s what makes my clients come back to train under me over and over again. But right now, you’ll be able to get practically the same training brought to you at just a small fraction of the cost.

You Can Get The Full 40-Minute Body Secret System Right Now For Just $49.99!

And none of them complain because they become aware of the results straightaway from day 1. My workout system works because it is a practice in simplicity. Every routine, every move, every flex and extension is geared towards a specific result and how to achieve that in the quickest and most effective manner.

But it doesn’t stop there. The 40-Minute Body Secret is designed in such a way that it will get you to achieve long-term results. And that’s what makes my clients come back to train under me over and over again. But right now, you’ll be able to get practically the same training brought to you at just a small fraction of the cost.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Order 40-Minute Body Secret Right Now:

The 40-Minute Body Secret Manuals

“Get The Mindset, Training And Nutrition For Your Best Body Ever!” a $39.99 value

These 3 in-depth modules tackle everything you need to know AND DO in order to get the most out of your workout. Truly, years of combined experience between Luis and I have been condensed into these manuals to ensure you have everything you need to get in shape FAST!

Quick Start Guide
“Take Out The Confusion Of Where And How To Get Started!” a $9.99 value
This amazingly concise but jam-packed manual outlines everything you need to know and have to get started on your workout routine right now. This practically makes it as easy as a “workout-by-numbers” to get you up and running in no time at all!
Full Exercise Manual
“Like Having A Personal Trainer Guiding You On Exact Exercise Techniques!” a $29.99 value
This is the closest thing to having Luis or I personally by your side guiding you on how to go about your exercise routines. It includes 70 unique exercises designed to keep your workouts interesting and intense!
Full Exercise Videos
“Make Sure To Get It Right And Benefit Fast – Whether You’re A Beginner, Intermediate Or Advanced!” a $39.99 value
Now you don’t have an excuse to say the manual is too difficult to understand. These videos will demonstrate the exercises for you so you’re sure you’re doing them right and getting all the benefits the workouts have to offer.
That’s Almost $120 In Real World Value Yours Right Now For Just $49.99 only!
Save Almost $70 Instantly!


I’ve seen similar programs before. How is this different?”

I understand your skepticism and I actually respect you for it. I understand you could be thinking...

...”this won’t work for me, nothing works for me”...
...or, “I don’t have time to follow the program”...
...or, “It sounds too basic and boring for me”...
...or whatever other negative thought that may be going on in your mind right now.

Let me tell you this, that kind of thinking is what kills your chances of getting the body and health you want in the first place, regardless of the program or workout system you’re going to use. You have to have faith in what you’re doing and believe that it will work for you. These people believed, and now look at what they’ve achieved:
"I just want to start off by saying thanks for making such a great training system.

I have bough other programs before and tried different methods, been there and done that!

I can already see and feel the results. I'm getting stronger every day, burning fat and building muscle. And to top it all off, I have great conditioning now and am able to out hustle everyone else I'm training with.

Thanks again it's been a life changing experience."

- Brian, 20 years old.

Also, you won't have to sit around and wait for the program to be delivered to you. The entire program can be INSTANTLY accessed in your secure members area as soon as you complete your order!


Still Hesitant?

Believe it or not, I totally get where you’re coming from. You’ve probably been burned by other programs before that promise a lot of things but deliver nothing at all. Quite frankly, those are the kinds of products that give this industry a bad rep.

I’ve been fooled myself before and that’s why I understand how you feel. That’s also the reason why I swore once I’ve perfected this fitness program, I won’t disrespect my customers and the industry by over-promising and under-delivering. And so, allow me to make this totally risk-free for you.

60-Day “No Questions Asked” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Order The 40 Minute BodySecret right now. Follow the program and do everything it asks you to. And despite that, if within 60 days, you’re not satisfied with the results, simply give us a call at 888-476-5559 or shoot me an email at [info@40minutebodysecret.com](mailto:info@40minutebodysecret.com) and I’ll gladly and promptly refund your money.

But Wait, Let Me Really Nail The “Risk-Free” Part

If you think 60 days is too long for you to prove this program really works. Well, let me give you something that’ll surely put my money where my mouth is.

If you're overweight and your goal is to shed fat fast, then If You Don’t Lose At Least 15 Lbs of fat In 30 Days Following Everything The Program Entails, I’ll Send You Your Money Back!

You do realize I’m taking all the risk here and quite literally putting my own neck on the line just so I can prove The 40 Minute BodySecret works, right?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing - and I’m okay with it. I’m confident that once you get The 40 Minute BodySecret right now and put it to action right away, you’ll be so happy with the results, giving it back will be the last thing on your mind. In fact, you might even think I’m crazy for giving this to you at this insanely low price, with such a rock solid guarantee!


Wait! It Gets Even Better!

If you’re among the FIRST FEW ACTION-TAKERS TO ORDER your copy of 40-Minute Body Secret right now, you’ll be entitled to receive these fast action bonuses at no extra cost!

Fast Action Bonus #1: 21 High-Octane Conditioning Finishers a $29.99 value

These high octane finishers will super charge your work outs and melt off the fat at a faster rate. This is one of the key ingredients to a successful work out and has been proven to massively increase the benefits of your exercise.

Fast Action Bonus #2: Sample 30-Day Program & Workout Sheets a $19.99 value

No need to make up your own worksheets or programs as this has all been done for you. My clients and I use these workout sheets to plot out our targets and keep track of our developments to ensure we’re getting all the benefits we ought to get from our workouts.

That’s Almost $50 In Bonus Value Yours FREE Just By Acting Now!

“Yes! Include These Bonuses To My Purchase Right Now!”


So don’t wait to get on the road towards achieving your dream body. Order The 40 Minute BodySecret right now and start getting into that lean, mean and ripped shape you’ve been dreaming of without compromising functional strength, agility, flexibility and stamina.

To a better and stronger you,

Chad Hamzeh

P.S.: Remember, once you order today, you're covered by our iron-clad, double-edged, better than risk-free, love it or leave it guarantee.

P.P.S.: Join the ranks of our strong, fit and happy customers. Here are more raves from our happy and satisfied customers:

Get 40-Minute Body Secret Now!
"When I began this type of training I was frustrated with my weight, I was in the worst shape of my life and only getting worse.

My family has a long history of heart disease and my doctor told me I had to do something about my weight and nutrition or I would also be at a higher risk.

I have a beautiful wife and 2 young boys (3 year old and a new born) and I want to be around to watch them grow and I knew if I stayed on the path I was on there was no way I was going to be able to enjoy their lives.

When I started the program, I was 225lb and my waist was 42 inches, I have lost 39 lbs and my waist is now at 36 inches.

This system works so well that my wife is impressed and she just started her own routine with your system. I feel like I have a fresh start and I am truly grateful for everything. "

- Glen, 36 years old.

Get 40-Minute Body Secret Now!

Actual Case Study:

Veronica, a 25 year old new mother had this to say about her experience with The 40 Minute BodySecret:

"I was pretty active before I got pregnant, but during my pregnancy I gained a whopping 50 lbs, and I'm only 5'1"!

After the pregnancy I was still pretty heavy, and I didn't start working out right away. It wasn't until about 2 weeks after giving birth that I started The 40 Minute BodySecret program.

I dropped a lot of weight during the next 2 months, 24 lbs to be exact. I went from 154 lbs down to 130 lbs in 60 days.

I'm getting closer and closer to my goal weight of 120 lbs thanks to The 40 Minute BodySecret. Thanks guys!"

To start on the road of getting your own amazing results like Veronica did, follow these 3 simple steps:

• Step 1: [Click Here & Select Your Package](order.php)

• Step 2: After you've ordered, access your secure members area.

• Step 3: Take action and start getting your best body ever!
------------------------------------------------------------- ------
See for Yourself What Other Industry Leaders Say About Intense Training Similar to What You'll Find in The 40 Minute BodySecret:


[Click Here & Select Your Package and Get Started Today!](order.php)

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