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Forex System Scams Exposed

Are you tempted by the many offers of ‘help’
there are on the internet?

Thinking of investing money in a forex system that sounds
too good to be true? Then you need to read this first!

Dear trader,

If you are reading this, congratulations on deciding to take a step
towards financial freedom. The forex market has gathered huge momentum
in the past few years, and is now the hot new financial market. As the
electronic trading world has become so unbelievably accessible, it is
not surprising there are millions of people around the world trying
their hand at forex.

BUT along with the surge in the number of people currency trading,
number of forex-related scams has increased abruptly over the last few
years, and it is important for you to be able to identify a hoax.

Currency trading is an exciting and potentially profitable investment
option, but as with anything involving money, there are people out
there who will rob you blind if you aren’t careful. To add to the
confusion, there is so much information available now, the entire
prospect of learning and understanding forex can be somewhat
overwhelming, not only for newbies but even those well-established

Well I have written my EBook to try and help reduce some of the
confusion of the information overload.

With My e-book, _Forex Systems Scams Exposed_, You Will:

Learn how advertised forex systems are designed to operate.

Tell the difference between real worthwhile products and a crafty
sales pitch (although in my opinion most are sales pitches designed to
separate you from your hard-earned cash).

Learn why these systems offer a ‘100% guarantee or your money
back’ and still make the owners a fortune.

Understand why these systems won’t work in the long run for
consistent profits.

Understand why so-called positive reviews of the system may be

In addition to this...

I will let you in on ten key rules that successful forex pros live
by. I am talking about those traders that are consistently taking
several hundred thousand pounds per week out of the markets and also
those that have, in the past, made many millions from trading.


Do any of these marketing lines ring a bell....

* _‘Finally a Forex Trading System that can Generate Consistent

* _‘Finally a Forex Trading System that can Predict the Market’ _

* _‘Proof that there is finally a Forex Trading System that
Generates Long Term Profits and Consistent Success’_

You’re immediately taken in by these headlines aren’t you? These
lines are written with two objectives in mind – to reel you in and
take your hard-earned cash. If you go further in to these web-sites,
you may also see such statements such as ‘1000 pips a day!’, or
‘profits with minimum risk!’.  What you will learn in my E-Book
is that there is no such thing as a free lunch! I will show you how to
spot these scam systems, and take you through the reasons why such
systems do not work.
Why give away your hard-earned cash to a third party??


Above all, you will learn the reasons why there is no invincible
forex system or brokerage, no ‘Holy Grail’ which will enable you
to instantly make huge amounts of money trading currency. NO MATTER
WHAT ANYONE SAYS!!. You will learn the only real way to make
consistent, steady profits over time trading forex.


Whether a newbie or someone with more experience looking to further
advance their knowledge, you need to read this before investing in
anything and losing your money!!

Here’s What a Few of My Readers Have to Say...

_‘Being in New Zealand I have been finding it hard to trade in the
timezones of the countries with the major currencies.. Your techniques
really are simple, and I have been able to try them out without
spending endless nights in front of my computer... at last I have
found a sensible , rewarding way to trade, I can’t thank you
enough!’ _


_‘I too have been sucked in by a scam, and wasted a lot of time
trying to find the ‘holy grail’ of trading forex..  after reading
your book, I realise I have wasted a lot of time and energy, which
would have been better spend devising my own techniques!  I will be
sure to apply some of your advice and techniques to my trading from
now on’ _


_‘Really useful and well-written book, thanks’ _

_– G. JONES, UK_

That’s not all!  If you order today you’ll also receive my
special bonus feature ‘My Successful Trading Methods’. Learn about
the methods I use to trade, which I have used to make consistent,
steady profits for a number of years.

My methods will show you how you can trade:

* Using very simple chart techniques, without having to spend hours
analysing the news or masses of indicators

* Using simple pending orders without spending hours going cross-eyed
in front of your computer screen!

* Using just a small number of high reward/ risk ratio trades per

My techniques, and the sames ones I explain in this e-book, have
helped to build me a steady but substantial account balance over the
years, now you can try them too!

Best of all, you can order with total confidence because my e-book
comes with a 60-Day, 100% money-back guarantee.  It’s simple:
either my e-book lives up to my promise and your expectations, or you
can request a refund and receive all your money back – no questions
asked!  You have a full 60 days to decide.

So what are you waiting for? Order today!!

Start Building Your Healthy FOREX Account Today

About the Author:

I am originally from New Zealand, but now based in London, Uk. I am a
qualified project manager, and became interesed in forex trading 10
years ago. I worked full-time in London, and traded part-time for
approximately 5 years, before retiring from work in order to trade
full time, which I have now been doing for the past 5 years. The
financial freedom trading gives me is marvellous , as well as allowing
me time to enjoy a life i couldn't enjoy being 'trapped' in the 9-5
working life. .... now I'd like to share some of the insights i've
gained over the years..

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