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Golf Lessons Library is YOUR online membership site to significantly improve your golf game and take it to the next level.

Why Choose Golf Lessons Library By JD Turner?

~JD Turner, our founder, has been on Golf Magazine’s Top 100 (or as it was previously known Top 50) EVERY YEAR is has been published.  Over 20 consecutive years!

~JD Turner is one of 370 PGA Master Professionals in the Unites States out of 27,000 PGA Members.  This is the PGA’s highest credential and is earned by those Professionals of exceptional accomplishment and dedication.

~JD Turner has a golf instructional cable television show in the United States.  It has been in production since 1985 and passed the 1,000,000 mark in subscribers last year.

~JD Turner golf instructional videos have been used by 1500 colleges, high schools, and public libraries.

You will enjoy JD’s newest video compilation inside the member’s area, which took three years to develop, and consists of over six hours of video golf lessons which is split into six different categories.  New content will be added on a regular basis!


#1 Pre-Swing (Grip, Alignment, and Set-up)

#2 Full Swing (Takeaway, Backswing, Transition, Impact, Extension, and Finish)

#3 Short Game (Sand Play, Chipping, Pitching, and Putting)

#4 Greenside Specialties (Fifteen Greenside Shots)

#5 Trouble Shots (Hillsides, Fairway Bunkers, Curving the Ball, and Wind Adjustments)

#6 Full Swing and Short Game Drills

iPhone, iPad, and Droid Compatible

Your membership will allow you to access the video golf lessons via PC, Mac, iPad, iPod, Android, and virtually anything else that can connect to a high-speed Internet connection and play online video.  Your 12-month membership will allow you to view the golf lessons within this membership site as many times as you like.

Membership Includes JD’s popular 35-Page Golf Lessons Library Student Workbook & Record


Partial Screenshot of Golf Lessons Library Members-Only Lesson Tee


If you have any questions about Golf Lessons Library, please contact us at [mail@golflessonslibrary.com.](mailto:mail@golflessonslibrary.com)

Golf Lessons Library will improve your game!


JD's Hot Monthly Tip - Pitching Drill - Become A Member & Have Access To Over 6 Hours Of Video Like This

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