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“Who Else Wants to Discover The Secret of How to Get Started As A Club Promoter and Become a Success?”

The no filler, no fluff blueprint to making money as a club promoter


Announcing a great new product for those wanting to know how to get started making money as a club promoter


From the desk of CJ Greene

Dear future promoter,

The idea of promoting is easy. After all – a club promoters responsibility is to get people to the venue.

Fill up the club – you get paid. No patrons – no pay. And you get paid several ways. Such as getting paid per person, a flat fee for the night, or off a percentage of sales.

It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to be a genius with a marketing degree. Anyone off the street can do this. You bring people in to the venue and you get paid. It’s that simple.

And forget about looks. You don’t have to be extremely gorgeous to be a success. Whether you are bald, fat, ugly, pretty, short, or tall. It makes no difference. Because the amount you make is based on how well you promote the venue. Not on looks.

Now here’s the fun part. You don’t work all the time. Once you’ve done your “job” of bringing people to the venue. You can enjoy your night hanging out with beautiful people. You may even get a chance to rub elbows with celebrities and TV stars!

Who wouldn’t want to be in this business?!

The Hidden Truth

Problem is… how do you get started?

The easiest way to get started is by being mentored by a successful promoter who has done it before. They can show you the ropes of the business. Short-cutting your way to success… If you are lucky.

But not everyone is lucky to find such a person.

Sometimes these same guys don’t want to teach you what they know. They are afraid of the competition you would give them.

Think about it. Would you want to have someone making you money. Or would you want them to start their own company competing for your profits. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

I’m not bagging on all promoters. There are some genuinely “cool promoters” who are willing to share their knowledge. Who truly would want you to succeed. But that’s uncommon.

They Can Just Suck It!

It’s all about connections. If you don’t know someone in this business then it’s going to be tough. The secret to becoming a successful promoter is a closely guarded secret – that’s kept from outsiders.

That’s why I wrote this guide. As someone who was curious to get into this business. I wanted to know how to become a successful club promoter. What special knowledge, skill, or talents did they possess. I was blown away from what I learned!

By pure luck I found the information I was searching for…

A very well-known promoter was sharing his secrets with his inner circle. I was fortunate to get on the inside.

What he shared was so obvious!

Everything that I thought about promoting was wrong. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to get started.

I discovered that it doesn’t take much to get started… I thought it would cost me an arm and a leg to start. Not true.

But it’s not all peaches.

There are things you have to be careful about. Especially when it comes to closing a deal with the club owners. Just one mistake would mean losing your shirt -  before you even get started.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

What I’m about to share with you is going to save you time and money. As well as fast track you to success.

There is a shortcut to getting started. There is a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly what you need to do as a promoter. And I wrote it all in the Club Promoter Profits.

Club Promoter Profits is everything I learned from this promoter. And other secrets I’ve uncovered from my search. My ebook covers everything you need to know on getting started. From finding a club, to promoting, to after parties. There is nothing left out.

As a beginner you’ll thank me for it!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside:
How to research your market and understand what type of venue you want to promote. How to negotiate contracts so you won’t get burned on the deals. How to save money when hiring help How to start promoting with very little money down Where to find DJs and Bands and how to get them to work for FREE What to look out for when promoting your first venue. And much much more
Like I said. I don’t leave anything out. Everything that you would need to know on getting started in this business is in my guide.

The Club Promoter Profits is the ultimate blueprint with no fillers or fluff.

I make it a point not to waste your time. This is a stripped down step-by-step action blueprint. You’ll be surprised to find that it’s not a huge manual. Instead, it’s just over 40 pages of No BS methods. Real life methods used by successful promoters.

Shortcut your way to success. This is your chance to get a hand on this valuable guide at an affordable price of only $29.95!

For only $29.95 you are getting the exact step-by-step blueprint that successful promoters are using. No more wasted efforts on what’s not working. Get your copy today!

Risk FREE 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I know times are tough. The economy is still recovering. And you can’t afford to waste time or money. I’m not asking you to blindly purchase Club Promoter Profits on faith. But I am asking that you give it a try…

Try it out for 60 days. If you are not completely satisfied. And you’ve followed this blueprint to the letter and still have no success. Then I will give you a prompt and courteous refund. You can keep the handbook as my gift to you.

It really is a risk free offer. And yes this business actually still remains lucrative in the tough times. People will still party during the tough times. It’s one way they can get away from the stresses of life. Why not be the person who provides this valuable service to them. They will thank you for it.

Get your copy today. Click on the order link below. Upon purchase you’ll be instantly sent to the download page even if it’s 2 AM.


Price - $29.95


[Add To Cart – Just $29.95](http://1.clubpromo.pay.ClickBank.net)


To your success,

CJ Greene

PS. Remember, this is a no risk money-back guarantee. You’re really not risking a thing by purchasing my ebook today. If after 60 days you are not completely satisfied. I’ll refund your money and you keep the guide as a gift.

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