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What people say…

“I wholeheartedly recommend the Sales Copy Master Class to business owners and marketers alike. Every page is full of proven techniques that you can put to use straightaway. It’s an indispensable guide to writing winning sales copy, which you’ll return to again and again. It will literally change the way you promote your business’.”

Steve Oakman – Managing Director: Concentric Marketing

“Kent, The whole thing is ten times better than a long form sales letter. And all the words are well thought out and well crafted. I can tell that it’s certainly been through a few drafts, which is wonderful. I think that the program has a much better opportunity of making a profit with this copy/website layout etc. Thanks Kent, it’s truly excellent. I look forward to speaking with you soon.”

Casey Grayson Director – [www.ultimatedebtsecretsexposed.com](http://www.ultimatedebtsecretsexposed.com)

“Dear Kent, I would like to say BIG THANK YOU for all you’ve done for us – your work is excellent and I will definitely offer you more work in the very near future. I hope you will like our website. Once again, THANK YOU, YOU ARE THE BEST!”

Ekaterina Severova Director – [www.cv-shop.com](http://www.cv-shop.com)

“Hey Kent, After much searching, we found exactly what we looking for: a copywriter with a dynamic and original approach, who at the same time is sensitive to the commercial considerations of our business and our clients. Kent is a genuine professional.”

Jeremy Chadwick Managing Director Yellowdot Design – [www.yellowdot.co.uk](http://www.yellowdot.co.uk)

“Hi Kent, Wow! This is great – very impressive – are you really talking about me?!!! Thank you for picking up on all the information I sent you and weaving it in – fantastic. I think you’ve done an excellent piece of work and I’m really grateful to you.”

Sarah Christie – [www.thenhscoach.co.uk](http://www.thenhscoach.co.uk)

“Dear Kent, Thank you, it’s true, you are a damn good copywriter! We’re both very happy with the copy you’ve written for us, no changes needed, it’s a hole-in-one! We’ll send you a copy of the book as soon as it’s finished. Best regards.”

Dennis van der Burch,Director bERT&dENNIS Design Studio, Netherlands – www.bertendennis.nl

“Hi Kent Just to say that the press release you wrote for us is great. You’ve really captured what we’re about.We’ve tried other copywriters and to be honest we had to make so many changes we might as well have just written the copy ourselves.Thanks Kent. Great job.”

Simon Caddy CEO Dynamite Idea online gaming at its best – www.dynamiteidea.com

Professional copywriting skills for marketers & business people

Learn to write copy like a pro from one of the UK’s most successful freelance copywriters

Complete with unabridged real-life copy examples

You are about to master the little-known and obscenely lucrative art of salesmanship in print.

And I’m going to show you how – step-by-step…

Turbo-charge sales and destroy the competition!

Be your own copywriting expert. What the ‘gurus’ won’t tell you and what most marketing consultants don’t even know.
Written in clear, jargon-free language and presented in easily assimilated step-by-step sections, The Sales Copy Master Class contains all the information you’ll ever need to write hard-hitting sales copy, quickly and cost-effectively…

Who will benefit from The Sales Copy Master Class?

Internet and information marketers

Owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses

Managing and company directors

Self employed

Business start-ups

Marketing professionals


Website owners

Anyone who runs or intends to run a business

Download the complete e-programme here now for $47. Pay nothing today other than a $5 processing fee. Keep The Sales Copy Master Class for 21 days before deciding whether or not you want to buy.


The full product price is $47. When you place your order you will be charged an initial processing fee of $5.  The remaining $42 will be charged after 21 days. 

Download the complete e-programme today and keep The Sales Copy Master Class for 21 days before deciding whether or not you want to buy.

If you’ve arrived at this website because you’re looking for clearly explained information on how to write effective sales copy, then you won’t be disappointed. You’ll also become part of an elite, because only a very small minority of marketers and business people genuinely understand the skills you are about to learn. Welcome to an exclusive club!

Good copywriting is the lifeblood of effective sales and marketing. Whatever your line of business, the ability to write effective sales copy will place you head and shoulders above the competition. But writing great sales copy is not as difficult as many copywriting ‘experts’ would lead you to believe.

The facts without the fluff

The Sales Copy Master Class is my jargon-free, step-by-step, no ‘BS’, no padding copywriting programme.

It’s the product of my many years front-line experience as one of the UK’s most successful freelance copywriters, and there is nothing else like it. It shows you everything you need to know to produce hard-hitting sales copy – fast!

A complete learning programme that takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming an effective copywriter

And it’s here in full. The Sales Copy Master Class is not a thinly disguised ‘sellathon’ for other products, or ‘part one’ of a series. It is a complete stand-alone copywriting programme, entirely original and researched, developed and written exclusively by the author.

“Real marketing for businesses in the real world…”

Here’s just a fraction of what you are about to learn in The Sales Copy Master Class:

The #1 rule when writing effective sales copy… (It’s not what you think!) – page 10

How to formulate a killer USP that sets you apart from the competition – page 12

Why feature-driven sales copy doesn’t work and exactly what you can do about it – page 17

The secret of creating effective headlines – and why most people get it wrong! – page 21

How changing just ONE WORD in a headline transformed a dud advertisement into a mega success that ran for ten years – and how you can tap into this powerful psychological formula (and, no, it isn’t the word ‘free’!) – page 21

‘What’s in it for me?’ Understanding the psychology of the buying process – page 30

The powerful three-step psychological sales copy formula that compels people to take action – page 47

‘Wet Fish Sold Here’- the little-known rule that distinguishes the professional copywriter from the amateur –page 59

How to connect with your readers’ ‘resident emotion’ and have them eating out of your hand – page 77

How to create irresistible offers to order that your reader would be crazy to pass by – page 85

How to compel your readers to take action NOW – and not put off that critical buying decision – page 97

The letter that alone scooped one my clients more than half a million pounds in orders in just 2 weeks – page 82

The letter that brought in the equivalent of four months’ normal income for a client in just one week – page 87

A nine-step tried and tested sales letter formula that is proven to work for virtually any product – page 113

My 15-point pre-project copywriting research plan that enables you to begin writing with total confidence – page 115


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…


The full product price is $47. When you place your order you will be charged an initial processing fee of $5.  The remaining $42 will be charged after 21 days. 

Download the complete e-programme today and keep The Sales Copy Master Class for 21 days before deciding whether or not you want to buy.


Order your copy of The Sales Copy Master Class today and receive these 2 valuable bonus modules completely FREE OF CHARGE:

Bonus module 1 – ‘Steal my copy’ sales letter swipe file

You’ve learned how it’s done. Now SEE how it’s done. My Sales Letter Swipe File contains a wealth of ready-written sales letters. This unique collection contains the ‘raw’ Word files for some of my best performing sales letters, all de-branded and ready to be used to inspire and inform your own writing (amounting to over 100 pages and 30,000+ words – how long would it take you to write that lot!) direct from my copy archive that can be readily adapted to your needs or serve as inspiration for your own campaigns. These aren’t just random samples. They’re real-life, tried and tested letters.

The ‘Steal My Copy’ sales letter swipe file includes short-form direct mail B2B & B2C pieces and long-form web-based letters for internet and information marketers. This module alone is worth many times the cost of investing in The Sales Copy Master Class.

Bonus module 2 – Google AdWords made clear (finally)

MY NON-TECHIES Quick Start Guide to getting your website onto Google’s first page

Pay-per-click advertising is probably the most important development in the history of direct marketing. It’s instantly measurable, infinitely far reaching and, when done correctly, extremely profitable. Get it right and your business will never look back. It’s also a notoriously slippery subject, fraught with potentially costly perils. This bonus module is my non-techies quick start guide to profitable success – Google Adwords clearly and originally explained by a hands-on expert and with the usual fluff and padding left out! (Value $47.)


The full product price is $47. When you place your order you will be charged an initial processing fee of $5.  The remaining $42 will be charged after 21 days. 

Download the complete e-programme today and keep The Sales Copy Master Class for 21 days before deciding whether or not you want to buy.


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