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The True Tax is only system that end tyranny. Since, the
beginning of time taxes or tribute was a burden placed on conquered
people. Seeking to maintain power these rulers found the cost to
became ever increasing. As People began to rise up to break their
shackles of bondage, conflict has always erupted. Regardless intended
or not, the conflict resulted in population control and accumulation
of wealth. Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the Gold makes the
Rules. However, Our Founding Fathers vision was contrary to this
system of Rulers and Oligarchs. A Republic (representative democracy)
based on the Rule of Law vice the rule derived by any construct or
claim of man. The people, Americans, would retain the power as the
sovereigns and a limited government would do their bidding to preserve
Freedom. Even if there were only one American, Rule of Law must be
applied and Freedom is retained. "One Man with courage is a Majority,"
- Thomas Jefferson.

The wealth of a nation in particularly, The United States, belongs to
its people and not its government, oligarchs or special interest. The
True Tax is the only system that can ensure the vision of Our Founding
Father's is fulfilled. While its seeds of this tax plan has germinated
since the foundation of our nation, it is the advent of 21st
Technology that made it a reality to implement. The True Tax is the
only system that will hold government accountable regardless of which
party or individual is in office. Even the White House. The True Tax
will end the divide and conquer tactics of political leaders to gain
power, but it focused on providing solutions rather than blaming the
other side. With $14 Trillion+ in National Debt it is apparent that,
Discovery is very Expensive. Together we can Restore America and
ensure Freedom is preserved and not a pipe dream. Join the Fight!!!
Read the book, share it and lets make America great again. True
Tax Book - $19.95

Discover How the True Tax will:

- Eliminate the Personal Income Tax

- Eliminate the National Debt $14 Trillion+

- Streamline/downsize Government

- Drastically reduce Government Fraud/Waste

- Refund the Public Trust programs (i.e. Social Security, Highway
Trust Fund, Medicare, etc.)

- Restore real competition and the Free Enterprise System

- Create Transparency and Accountability in Government

- Create Jobs and reduce Taxes

- Restore Americans and Families

All Sales a final upon delivery and non-refundable. True Tax Book
$19.95 requires adobe acrobat reader and should arrive via email
within 24 hours of confirmation of purchase via Click Bank, Inc.
Electronic systems are subject to Technical issue please allow 3-4
business days to prior to contacting to allow for resolution and
processing. If you have any question please make inquiries at
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