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"Stop Arthritis Pain Now
  and Reclaim Your Life!"

"I Have Done It and So Can You"

Limited Time  Offer  

You're about to discover secrets that most arthritis sufferers
will never know, about the drug-free ways to defeat your arthritis pain.

Dear Fellow Sufferer, 

My name is Ken Charles, I'm 78 and I used to be a sufferer too, but not any more!

I am an expert on Arthritis Joint Pain and Back Pain. No, I haven't been to medical school and haven't studied arthritis but I have experienced them and beaten them! I have Arthritis in both hands and both knees and in my lumbar spine and Spondylosis (that's arthritis of the neck) and I've suffered with back pain for over 40 years  -  but not any more! My own arthritis treatment has transformed my life over the last five years. And you can do the same!

Golf is a sport that is very demanding on all the joints, particularly the back, hips, knees and hands. In spite of this, I am still an active golfer. playing twice a week, provided the weather is not too cold. If you are also a sufferer, you will know, from bitter experience, that cold and damp weather plays havoc with arthritic joints.   

My book, based on many years personal experience and painstaking research, will show you how to find and explore many ways to fight the pain and stiffness of arthritis and to find a combination of treatments and remedies that works for You. Like you, I had days off work, sleepless nights, costly visits for physiotherapy and the stress and depression that comes when you can't see any end to it.

Then, there is the loss of independence. After I had an operation for the arthritis in my right hand, I was unable to perform even the simplest tasks, like tying my shoelaces, buttoning my shirt or signing my name. I even had to have my Christmas dinner cut up for me!  A further problem was the fact that the pain in my hand kept me awake at night. But not now! Fortunately the disability with my hand was temporary but it can put a tremendous strain on your family if you are permanently unable to care for yourself, especially if it affects your ability to earn a living.

Let's face the most unpleasant fact. There is currently no cure for Arthritis. Anyone who tells you that there is, is either seriously mistaken or is being economical with the truth. There are many people claiming to have a cure, some of whom even have "cure arthritis" as a part of their web address. Or would you prefer to believe  authoritative websites such as; The US Food and Drug Administration;  Arthritis Care;  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;  Arthritis National Research Foundation; ABC News?

                         So, do we just give up and suffer?  

Have you been told by your doctor, "There's no cure, take these painkillers and learn to live with it"? Maybe that's why you're reading this page. The US Food and Drug Administration says "There is no cure for arthritis. But correct treatment can ease pain and stiffness".

Now that's what we're about. If we can get rid of the pain, the stiffness and the swelling, we can forget about the arthritis and get on with our lives. So how are you going to do it?

We are all different and our arthritis might be no more than a mild inconvenience (at this stage) or it may be a serious life-changing disability. Arthritis can strike at any age but is most common between the ages of 50 and 85. Some of us are young(ish), some are older, some are fat, some are thin, some are tall some are short, we are not even all the same gender. Some of us may be suffering with other medical conditions.

It is no surprise, therefore, that the same treatments and remedies will not suit everyone. Some things will work for you and some may not. That doesn't have to be a problem, because my book will show you dozens of different ways to quench that fire in your joints. All of them are simple, quick and easy, so it is just a matter of finding a combination of a few that will work for you.

Here's an instance of one that didn't work for me. You may have heard of Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 3rd Baronet, OBE). He is a famous Scottish explorer and adventurer who has done many notable things, such as in May 2009, at the age of 65, he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest and also ran seven marathons in seven consecutive days, on seven different continents. Look him up on Google, he is a remarkable man. He is an enthusiastic user of apple cider vinegar and honey, which gives him great relief from arthritis, as was the case with his mother, at the age of 85!

When I read this, I thought I must give this a try. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to see if it helped my arthritis because, in less than a week, I had a very sore rear end. I suppose it was the acid in the cider vinegar but it gave me a real pain in the a....  Anyway, here's a free tip. Try it and if it works for you, it could save you the cost of my book.  

Drugs Are Not a Long-Term Answer 

If you were hoping that this book would give you one single "magic bullet" that will "cure" all your pain and stiffness overnight, then I'm sorry to disappoint you. I don't have one. Most sufferers would probably opt for one of the popular painkilling tablets that are so readily available but this is not a safe long-term answer.  I have used NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen and diclofenac in the past but I wouldn't dream of taking them now and I have not used them for years. These things can kill you! 

There is a whole chapter in the book, about the dangers of arthritis drugs, supported by impressive statistics, from various reputable sources such as the US Food and Drug Administration and The British Medical Journal. If you are currently taking NSAIDS on a regular basis, it is vital that you find a safer alternative.

Take Expert Advice

These simple solutions of mine are not rocket science. They involve food and diet, sensible exercise, non-invasive pain relief methods and some other secrets that very few arthritis sufferers are aware of. The chapter on Diet is contributed by a qualified dietitian. The chapters on Exercise and Stretching are contributed by a qualified massage therapist.

Exercise is not a popular subject. The very thought of inflicting more pain and stress on joints and muscles that are already stiff and aching is anathema to most people. However, as we all know, doing nothing is not an option. Arthritic joints, even in the early stages of the disease, must be kept moving and working or they will inevitably get worse and degenerate even further. It is so important that you find ways of keeping your joints in good shape, without doing further damage or inflicting further agony on yourself. I think it makes good sense to take the advice of a qualified expert.

The object of all this research and activity is not just about getting relief from your pain and stiffness.

 It is about reclaiming your life.

 # Be independent and do things for yourself. Don't be a burden to your family and friends. 

 # Take up a favorite sport or pastime, like golf, or painting or playing the piano.

 # Don't spend money on painkilling drugs and physiotherapy.

 # Wake up looking forward to each new day, after a good night's sleep.

 # Don't be in dread of making a long car or plane journey.

 # Travel without pain and enjoy a great holiday.

 # Regain the full use of both hands. Write letters, open jars, tend your garden.

Inside this book, you will discover;

Will it work for Me?  (Page 7)
The eminent surgeon  (Page 12)
The other eminent surgeon  (Page 15)
So, you think you may have Arthritis?  (Page 19)
The dangers of arthritis drugs  (Page 24)
Diclofenac kills millions of vultures  (Page 30)
The Balanced Diet  (Page 33)
Foods with anti-inflammatory properties  (Page 44)
The Easiest, Cheapest, Simplest, Quickest Way  (Page 45)
How effective is Glucosamine and Chondroitin?  (Page 47)
Exercise - the safe way  (Page 50)
Can Yoga banish back pain?  (Page 75)
Arthritis in the hands  (Page 80)
First Aid  (Page 87)
The Best Kept Secret  (Page 90)
So, what would you expect to pay for the chance to turn your life around? You will see books at $47 or $67, or "courses" at $125. When you compare these prices with the amounts you are already spending on drugs and special aids and doctor visits, they may seem very reasonable. After all, it is a one-time cost, compared with the continuing expense of your present treatments. Our one-time cost is very much less than any of these.

This is a limited time Special Offer

Because we are able to offer our book as a digital download we can offer it at the special price of just $19.97.   This means we save the cost of printing the book and also the post and packing and we can pass on the savings to you. There are two more benefits. No trees will be cut down to produce this book and you can download it and be reading it within five minutes of clicking your mouse.

A Valuable Free Bonus

The scope of alternative medicine is expanding all the time and I am delighted to be able to offer this world renowned book, "Lessons From The Miracle Doctors", courtesy of Jon Barron, as a Free gift. It is a step-by-step guide, of 177 pages, to Optimum Health and relief from many catastrophic illnesses. This book is also available as an instant download when you order my solution to your arthritis misery.

As you can see, there is a wealth of valuable information in this book and you can try all the remedies and treatments, completely risk-free, for a full 60 days. If, at any time during that period you feel that you have not had value for your money, I will give you a full and prompt refund, no quibbles and no questions asked.    

Grab this opportunity with both hands, because you have nothing to lose. For less than the price of one visit to the physiotherapist, you can have a quick, easy, painless solution to your problems. We're so confident that you will find this book of such great benefit, that we give you a full 60 Days to put into practice all the simple solutions contained therein.

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NOW](http://1.5t0ppa1n.pay.clickbank.net/)

This time next year, or in five years from now, where will you be? Will your pain and stiffness still be as bad, or even worse? Will your disability be a major factor in your everyday lifestyle or will you be living a more normal existence.

I wish you Good Luck and Good Health.

Ken Charles





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