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How to start Your own medical staffing ebook

Site Guide: Roy Vera,RT,MBA Publisher, Author and Consultant for the
medical staffing industry.
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How to start your own medical staffing agency

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If you've ever wondered if you could start a medical staffing agency
or be an
independent contractor in the medical industry, this ebook has all
your answers.
Inside you'll discover exaclly how you can start a medical staffing
agency and all the
tools and tricks of the trade.

Key benefits

Provides tips and techniques that you wouldn't easily come across in
other guides or
manuals for the price.

Compiled in a quick and easy to read format so you don't have to read
chapters of jargon.

Essential information compiled from an experienced medical staffing
expert who has
over ten years in the medical staffing industry.

Instant access as soon as your payment is processed.

Helps you understand the medical staffing industry.

You get a publication that was Revised 2011

Helps you with tricks and tips for recruiting and finding clients.

Provides insider secrets not available for this type of price. People
have paid
thousands for this type of information.

And many, many, more benefits too numerous to mention here........

Ebook contents

Chapter 1
What is medical staffing
Aspects of services
A little more information please
Who can start a medical staffing agency?
Medical staffing industry professions
The potential growth
Why professionals choose medical staffing?
Why hospitals prefer working with medical staffing agencies?
Deciding on your service
They key elements
Medical staffing entrepreneurs.

Chapter 2
Opening the curtains
Handling new employees
Preparing for business
Finding the candidate to match the client
Does every employee get paid the same?
Does every client get charged the same?
Behind the looking glass.

Chapter 3
Formulating your plan
Why I need a business plan
Deciding how to name you business?
Do you really need an office?
How to structure your business?
Does your company need insurance?

Chapter 4
How to finance your company
Compare and contrast
The scary truth of financing your medical agency?

Chapter 5
Help wanted please!
Different needs from different medical staffing agencies
The challenge
It can get crazy
Recruiting 101
You are what people say you are
The cost of recruiting a new employee
Examples of success in "Viral Talk"

Chapter 6
Finding Clients
The simple stuff
The easiest method to get clients
Other methods that work
Insider secrets for finding clients.

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be delivered immediately
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