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 Fix your XBox 360 Yourself - Don't spend $140 to have it fixed!

Is your XBOX 360 Broken?

Finally! A Guide that will fix your XBOX 360 and STOP the Red Ring of DEATH!

Are you one of the many unfortunate XBOXers receiving the dreaded XBOX "Red Ring of Death" error? This guide was made for you! You can have your XBOX 360 back up and running in about an hour! Start playing your games again at full speed!

Purchase this guide now, and have access to it instantly after payment is made.

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 Does this guide really work??
I have personally repaired a boat load of XBox 360s. Now you can gain personal benefit from my experience. I'll show you how to easily fix the 3 Red Light Error. I'll also cover over heating consoles, graphic errors, and freeze ups. This step by step guide is easy to understand, and will have you up and running in about an hour.

About 6% of Xbox 360s that receive this error cannot be repaired. This means that you have a very good chance of saving your Xbox 360 console!  Repair may require a few items from your local Radio Shack or hardware store. Chances are you already have these items.

 This Guide will save and MAKE you money!
NEW Microsoft has just announced that they are setting aside $1Billion dollars to pay 360 owners to fix their faulty XBox 360s. You can use this guide to set up your own business fixing 360s! There is a lot of money being spent repairing these XBoxes, and you can be a part of that!

Learning how to repair your XBox will also save you some major money. Microsoft will not tell you how to fix these errors. They'll ask you to send your system back to them for repair. The typical cost for a repair can be as much as $140 plus shipping and handling. Also - they do not always guarantee a fix!

Use this guide to repair your own XBox 360 - and save your $140 for games.

Searching the internet, you'll find that there are a TON of people having these problems with their XBox 360s. Just do a search for "XBOX 360 3 red lights". You'll find thousands of search results, including people trying to wrap their XBox up in a towel**, and letting it heat up. (** Warning - This may work sometimes for a short while, but in the long run, it will burn up your xbox.) You could buy XBox 360s that have this error - at a discounted price. Then you could use this guide to repair them, then sell them for huge profits. This guide will pay for itself with just one repair.

 What are others saying about this guide?

 "I bought this guide as a last resort. I was just about to ship my XBox back to the factory, when I found your guide. Thank you so much. I had my XBox running in less than a half an hour."
Mark Atkins

 "I was so mad when my XBox stopped working. I was even more mad when I found out how much it was going to cost me to fix it. My XBox had been sitting in the closet for the last 2 months when I found your guide. Halo 3 here I come!"

Craig Hensley

Your guide was easy to understand, and it worked!!  My son was so bummed when his XBox croaked. Your guide was right on the money! I thank you - and my son really thanks you!!!

Samantha Lopez


 How soon could I receive this guide?
This guide is in PDF format, and you will be able to download it  immediately after payment is made. You can access the guide, instantly after payment is made.

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