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The Needed Renaissance in Scientific Knowledge

The Emerging New Science: findings of visionary scientists and pioneers; the new physics; a revolution in science and technology; the purposes of life and the universe are known today (ebook, in PDF format, downloadable immediately).

The author, Dr. Huntley, has endeavoured to present the information for the understanding of the non-scientist as well as the scientist. With a background in physics from Leeds University and formerly employed at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, Noel Huntley continued physics studies to doctorate level, and also did further doctorates externally in experimental psychology and parapsychology.  He has researched the foundations for a multidimensional physics that embraces life, mind, the universe, and the spirit, leading to the e-book, The Emerging New Science.

One hears references to 'The New Science' more and more frequently.  What is it?  Isn't it time a New Science made an appearance and took a stand?  This is a long-awaited body of knowledge by all those aware of something more than the immediate material existence; a science encompassing all facets of knowledge: current mainstream science, metaphysics, religions, philosophy, New Age, ancient knowledge, all channellings.  The New Science embraces life, mind, the universe and consciousness, well beyond the narrow field of current science, which only handles the surface of the universe.


Our technologies are almost entirely non-harmonic, giving rise to pollution, harmful energies, and a dependency on limited fuels.Harmonic sciences and technologies are suppressed. Even a professor engaged in physics theories and laboratory discoveries that are in the category of harmonic sciences will be ridiculed and attacked, and the knowledge withdrawn.How the simple geometric form of a tree (fractal system) can be used as a simple model of all creation.How science and religion can be reconciled once and for all, and how important this is to a proper evolution of a civilisation.Karma is a law of physics built into the universe and life to protect and restore harmony (to its holographic, fractal structure). There is no such thing as punishment.


The nature of true evolution.Is nature natural? Life survives on this planet by killing and eating other life---is this normal? Is the human carbon body a normal body?---a product of universal harmonics or disharmonics?Why does our galaxy have a black hole at its centre? This is not normal as science tells us.What is a holographic, fractal multiverse?What really was Stonehenge? What was its true purpose?What was the Biblical 'wormwood' (planetoid)? And what happened to Planet-X?Why is over 95% of the DNA considered 'junk'?Can the velocity of light be exceeded?What precisely is the soul and the nature of ascension?With extremely high development in computers and robot technology can such machines ever be truly sentient?
Science, in pushing its boundaries into more advanced regions of knowledge, such as, in particular, the origin of life and the universe, without a shift or expansion of its existing paradigm, must either utterly admit failure or arrogantly grossly alter truth by forcing the 'miracles' of creation to fit into its hugely limited framework.

By far the majority of people in the world do not agree with the theories now taught as 'truths', regarding the major issues of existence, and there is more awareness of dissatisfaction with science.  Media science desperately tries to remedy this with ludicrously kindergarten explanations for creation's amazingly sophisticated mechanisms.  A new paradigm is urgently needed. This is fully recognised by many visionary physicists.

'What we need is imagination---we have to find a new view of the world,' (leading physicist Richard Feynman).

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The purposes of life and the universe are known today---though not realised by the general public and the scientific community.  However, one must firstly know what life itself is.  Is it merely machinery, matter, mechanisms, or is there something else?

Is there life after the death of the physical body?  Find out that continuous life is a natural part of evolution/ascension; the mind and consciousness are energy, they do not die.

Find out what a multiverse is and why science is so limited in scope.

Have you ever wondered why scientific research arrives at the most de-graded conclusions on the most important issues of our existence?

What is the so-called junk DNA?

Why is there no official recognition of 'soul' in science?  Find out precisly what this state is, and where it is.

Major 'truths' that are taught on this planet are about as opposite to real truth as they could be.

The public should be outraged at the falsehoods being embedded into young minds through education, media, TV, etc.  What are some of the major scientific falsehoods being taught on this planet?

Take a look at the extraordinary comparisons between the 'old' science and the New Science.




Become informed on the New Science knowledge


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