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That’s what they think you are.

Just another stupid bozo begging to be milked of your hard-earned cash.

I mean… are there ANY limits to what these guys will do?

Strippers… bad actors… blonde bombshells displaying their best assets…

These so-called “marketers” are getting desperate.

They hide behind out-of-work TV extras and trick you into buying their latest piece of broken BS software.

Well… this all stops now.  Right now.

Hi, my name’s Mo Mulla. 

And these scumbags tried to hold ME back too.

They never told me this to my face but they said I was naive… a dreamer… that I was dumb, stupid, even a complete idiot.

(And they think that about you too, by the way)

Because although everything I’d tried to make money online had failed miserably… I had one simple little idea.

Well, now those gurus and non-believers are busy eating crow – chewin’ on their own words.

I *HAVE* created an automated money-getting app. 

And you know how I created it?  Because, as you’ll see in a moment, I didn’t know what couldn’t be done.

So let me ask you a question…


Are you DUMB enough to pull in $52,376.42 per month?

… and are you so totally CLUELESS that 5-figure financial deposits somehow find their way into YOUR bank account?

You see, I don’t know a GODDAMN THING about…

putting up a website (seems way too complicated to me)…

search engine optimization (yawn!)…

Pay Per Click ads (waste of money!)….

Facebook advertising (for getting wasted and taking photos only)…

or even about writing articles (total PIA)…

Not a single… solitary… thing. 

And, quite frankly, I’m proud of that fact.

When I dreamed up this idea for a totally automated money machine, it never occurred to me why nobody had ever made anything like it before.

It’s revolutionary.   

And it works with ZERO start-up costs and unlimited FREE traffic.

You can be up and running by tonight and waking up tomorrow to an affiliate account bulging with commissions.

Sound like a good idea to you?

It sure seemed like one to me but… when I suggested it to a group of programmers…

And I didn’t understand why. 

It’s true.  They thought I was a freakin’ idiot.

And they’re right!  An idiot that now pulls down THIS kind of money…

You see, they didn’t expect somebody like me with zero experience…
… with no history of making money online…

… somebody who was the greenest of newbies to discover the solution to making money automatically online.

And it’s all because I had no idea what was possible or what was IMpossible.  I had no barriers or boundaries… I was a total NOOB who didn’t know any better.

And because of my so-called ‘ignorance’ this piece of game-changing software is alive and cranking out cash today.

In a second, I’m going to give YOU access to the same software that makes a six-figure passive online income easy as pie.

But first, let me back up a little…

I’m betting that right now you’re feeling pissed off at how making money on the internet is turning out for you.

It’s like there’s a solid wall between you and making easy money online.
I mean… there’s so much talk about huge bundles of cash being made on the internet so let me ask you a question…

If you’re anything like I was, your Clickbank account probably looks like this…

Your blog (if you even have one) is like a billboard in the middle of the Sahara desert… no one’s ever gonna see it!

Maybe you got sucked in building those ‘sniper’ sites and you’re REALLY hoping somebody will buy those weight loss pills through your link so you can make that whopping $20 commission.  Once every six months.

Or perhaps you’re cranking out adsense sites?  A dollar a day on each site and you ‘only’ have to build 100 sites to get that magical $100 windfall, right? 

Listen, before you run off back to your email inbox to be blind-sided by some other offer… don’t do anything else until you watch this very short video.

I’ve been fooled by these scumbag marketers just like you… I used to believe every word that came out of their mouths…

Like I said, I was pretty stupid.

But I was also naive enough to dream up a money machine… a money machine which SHOULDN’T work but which does…

In fact, you’re not gonna have to worry about traffic at all.

Or paid advertising of any kind.

You’re not ever gonna have to write one damn article again.

Am I being clear enough for you?

All that stuff you’ve been told is necessary?  You can forget it.

You see, the real GENIUS behind this software is an ultra-sneaky traffic generation technique.

This is the part they said ‘couldn’t be done’. Ha!

You’ll jump straight to the part where the money starts flowing… leapfrogging over the technical stuff… the article writing… the traffic generating… the hoping and praying…

But before I tell you EXACTLY how to do that, let me tell you how it all started…
A few months back I was so desperate I sold myself out.   

Yep, I SO needed to make money that I offered to work for FREE for one of those really famous gurus. 

And I figured that by whoring myself out I’d at least be able find out what REALLY went on behind the scenes.  How these guys REALLY made so much money.

So I was doing simple everyday tasks like replying to customers emails (most of whom were seriously pissed off!) and talking to Filipino outsourcers and Mr. K’s programming team.

It was a crappy job but at least I could do it in my spare time while I was away from my stinking cubicle day job.

I found out this guy was willing to do ANYTHING to get a Number #1 product on Clickbank… he would screw all of his staff, the graphics guy, the copywriter… he used them and abused them.

He’d suck up to JV partners then CHEAT them out of their commissions and prizes.

My eyes had been wrenched open and I didn’t like what I was seeing.

But I also got to see EXACTLY how this guy was REALLY making money.
And it wasn’t anything like the stuff he revealed in his products.  No sir.

You wanna know the best part?  I had access to ALL of his resources.

So I started to think…

Yeah I know, pretty sneaky but I was DESPERATE.

So I jumped on Skype with the guru’s personal team of programmers.

I simply said… “hey guys, why don’t you just make a program that does ‘x’ and save us all a lot of time and effort?”

There was total silence.

Made me feel like a total idiot.

But looking back?  I don’t blame them.

I was asking for something so over the top… so demanding… and so ridiculously simple at the same time that to the programmers it seemed impossible.

But back then, I didn’t know any better!

So I got back to work, my tail tucked between my legs, feeling kind of ashamed and embarrassed.

Until a Skype message popped up.

It was from one of the programmers who was listening in. 

Was he taking pity on me?  Did he want a challenge?  Or was he as naive as I was? 

I didn’t care, I simply replied…

After all he’d be working on my idea AND getting paid by the guru at the same time.  Pretty sweet.

But after that conversation the programmer disappeared into thin air. 
Not a word. 

Weeks passed.  In the meantime I carried on working with Mr Guru for a few more weeks but, frankly, the way he treated people made me feel dirty! 

I didn’t want to be involved in this stuff anymore.

And I definitely didn’t want to answer any more pissed-off customers’ emails and pretend it was THEIR fault they weren’t making any money.

So I quit.  And he asked me why I’m quitting.  And I told him…

“F—k you!  That’s why I’m quitting!  You guys are posers!”

And I quickly found myself back to square one.

It was almost 2 months since I spoke to the programming team when an email plopped into my inbox.

An email that changed everything.

It was a zip file from the programmer.
Instantly, adrenalin rushed through my veins.

Had this guy done it?  Had he created the software that I’d asked for?
If so, I’d never have to work for any guru or ANYBODY ever again.

All the years of struggle had suddenly become worth it.
This was it.  This was the breakthrough I’d been hoping for.
All I had to do was click a few buttons and it went straight to work for me.

Within less than 3 days… money started to trickle in. 

Not much.  Nope, it wasn’t a raging river of instant cash. 
I’m not going to pretend it was.

But just those first few commission payments made me a believer.  This software really worked. 

And then I realized I could quickly crank things up a notch or two.

Fast forward to today: THIS kind of money is a regular occurrence…

Would this kind of money make a difference to YOUR life?

It sure as hell made a difference to mine…


But you know what was an even sweeter feeling?  Shoving my proof right in that guru’s face!  And in the face of those poser programmers that couldn’t get the job done.  Fakers!

But none of that is as sweet as waking up in the morning to see a fresh wad of cash and commissions in my affiliate accounts.

Just imagine that for a second…

Booting up your laptop while drinking your morning cup of coffee.  Eager to see how much money you pulled in overnight.

It’s an indescribable feeling.

Now I know I can do whatever I want for the rest of the day… whether it’s hitting the golf course… taking my girlfriend shopping… or just goofing off playing video games. 

It doesn’t matter to me.

So here was my dilemma.  Should I keep this to myself?
I mean… why let ANYBODY ELSE get their hands on this same piece of software I use to make a killing with each and every day?

Listen.  When you’ve seen what I’ve seen?  When you’ve seen how the guru cartels secretly operate… their hatred of ‘the little guy’ who unwittingly funds their lavish lifestyles…

You don’t want THEM to have that kind of advantage—ever.

Why should you and I help the rich get richer? 
Especially when the way they treat others is, frankly, disgusting.

I want YOU to be able to stick it to those slimy bastards milking you of your hard-earned cash.

And on top of that, I believe in sharing the wealth. 

The wealth-building power of internet is more than big enough for the both of us.
I was right where you are now… on the outside looking in.  My face pressed up against the glass.  But I broke through and now you can too.

So if you use this software, you’ll make money. 

But it won’t stop ME from making money. 

We’ll just carry on profiting together.

You’ll understand -- once you hit the ‘payday’ button on the software.

And remember there’s no hard work or experience needed or required… you don’t need to write a single line or understand a piece of code… you just push the button.

Now I’m not saying using this software once will instantly make you a six or seven-figure income.

But let’s say setting up just one Instant Affiliate Payday income stream nets you… and let’s be conservative here… $500 a month.

If that’s so… what would you do next? 

What would you do if you had ONE income stream pulling in $500 a month?

You’d set up another one, right?
And why stop there?

You just keep clicking and earning.  Pretty cool.

Generating income streams one right after the other…

This is how the REAL money is made with my ‘weird’ little app.
Figure out one method that works… and automate it.

It’s like printing money.

This is what the internet lifestyle is all about.  Taking a holiday whenever you feel like it.. buying that new 3D TV… that new car… that new house…

Upgrading your lifestyle comes fast and easy with Instant Affiliate Paydays.

Are you truly living the life of your dreams?

DO you REALLY feel there’s nothing left to experience… no more places to visit...

no more good times to be had… ? 

Of course you don’t! 

But here’s the thing…

Life becomes a LOT more enjoyable when you have money, because money gives you choices.

The choice to do what you want, when you want -- as much as you want.

But the REALLY funny thing is… what I’ve learned is it’s not ALL about fast cars and exotic vacations.  That’s not the REAL beauty of a six or seven-figure online income…

These scumbags are doing their best to keep you down and funding their lifestyles.

Like a foot stamping on your head, they want you struggling and desperate so you’ll buy more of their pipe-dreams and empty promises.

That all stops right here, right now.  No kidding.

You wake up tomorrow morning…
The smell of freshly brewed java fills your nostrils…

You head over to your laptop to check on the earnings you pulled in overnight…
A warm glow of anticipation spreads over your body…

And there they are, just as you’d expect.
Dozens of email notifications. 

And all you need to make this dream a reality is an internet connection and a laptop. 

You’re not gonna be making little dribs and drabs of money here and there… you get a consistent stream of revenue that grows and grows.

The more you hit the ‘payday’ button, the bigger that revenue stream becomes.
Personally, I only spend an hour per day -- TOPS.

But if you were to spend say 2 hours a day?… Or maybe 4 hours a day?… Well, your income would double and then double again at a rapid rate.

Like I say, once you have this system up and running, it’s just a matter of how much money you want to make. 

The more time you put in?  The more cash you get back.  It’s that simple.
Now, you’ll finally be able to forget all about frustrating stuff like SEO. 

Building backlinks and piddling around with code only to make 50 cents a month with Adsense.

You can leave behind shoveling your cash into the black hole that is PPC.
And you’ll NEVER again have to sweat bullets over writing articles for the search engines.

This software gives you 100% FREE traffic (using the super-sneaky tactic I am unable reveal in this video) and silently stuffs cash into your account hour after hour, day after day.

But I’m giving you fair warning…

That would be bad.
When I made the decision to release this software to everyone who needs it... I got my programming buddies to install just a l i t t l e protection.

If this software is used for blackhat or illegal purposes… we WILL shut you down so fast it’ll make your head spin! 

You can count on that. 
You’ll log-in to the software and it just will not work.

It’s the only way we can protect it and make sure it continues to pull in profits long into the future.

This software is powerful… extremely powerful… so please only use it according to the instructions I give you.

And I’m going to let you SEE how truly powerful this thing is WITHOUT even having to risk a penny.

You can download the software… click a button to install… hit the ‘payday’ button and watch… watch as the traffic starts to flood in…

Watch as your income grows and grows…

And if (for some crazy reason) you’re not thrilled with the amount of money you’re making…

If you’re not blown away by the life-changing possibilities for dozens of income streams…

No problem.

Just hit me up for a refund.  No questions asked.

I want you to SEE this happen for yourself as it did for me.  Before you even risk a penny.

Sound fair?

Ok then, you know what to do…

Hit the button below and let’s get you set-up and running today.


Still hesitating?  That’s ok, after all you’ve probably been let down before, that’s why I made this a no risk offer.

But look at it this way.

Even if you’re a complete lazy-ass with the software…

Even if you only activate it for 30 minutes a day… that’s an easy $2000-$3000 a month.

That’s $24-$36K a year for doing almost nothing.
And right now you only have to invest a measly $47.

So you should really consider hitting the button below right now.



And don’t forget… there’s zero risk…


$47 for a possible $2-$3k per month income stream?

You have to admit that’s a pretty good return.

And of course, if you ramped things up a little… the sky is the limit.
So hit the button below right now… there’s no risk…

… test drive the software and get excited…

… everything is about to change in one click of the ‘payday’ button…

I’m ready to invest in my future with the…

YES... I want to live the lifestyle I've always dreamed of - the holidays, the freedom, and the money. I WANT IT ALL…

YES... I am sick of all the B.S…. the broken promises… the scammy gurus… and want to see this software pull in cash and traffic TODAY…

YES... I know the offer carries zero risk. And that this super-low $47 price will be going up very soon…

YES... I realize I get instant access to the software when I hit the button below…



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