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Variety Entertainment
International Flavor

It’s Less Than
2 Cents a Day!

Definitely Not the Same Old Thing

Tired of the generic diatribe found in most traditional magazines? You’re not alone. The entertainment industry is in the midst of a revolution. More and more people are rejecting the stale, recycled content that the entertainment “machine” pushes on us every day, in favor of new, fresh material from talented independent artists, writers, and producers. You can make the difference. With your Subscription, you will become part of this Creative Movement.

The e-Buffet is a monthly variety magazine serving up a diverse range of material from over 80 independent contributors around the world. These artists are not bound by contracts, red tape, political correctness, or heavy editing by committees... They create for the sake of creating, and they are passionate about what they do. They deserve to be heard, and Your Subscription to The e-Buffet will make that possible.

Cover Art Courtesy of Dr. Albert Dussault    

The e-Buffet is Variety Entertainment at its Finest

The overall content of this magazine targets all aspects of entertainment; art, literature, music and video. In these pages you will find:

Short fiction from award-winning authors Practical advice from a wide range of qualified professionals Serial adventure podcasts that will whisk you away to new worlds A diverse array of talented musicians Painters, poets, and photographers from all walks of life Passionate environmentalists raising awareness of key issues

"Dreammaker" is a delightful 15 minute animated

fairy tale created by Leszek Plichta while at the

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany

over a period of four years.





Matthew Rinka has a lifelong fascination with

dinosaurs and drawing, both of which are evident

in his beautiful prehistoric drawings.


Iconoclasts, mystics, and social activists sharing their insights Hilarious, offbeat, and unique video content And much, much more...

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Fate of the
Red Light District

by Bruce L Dodson

STARTS WITH A BANG! by Ethan Siegel

Ethan fell in love with learning about how and why

the Universe works the way it does at a very young

age, and has spent his entire adult life pursuing that

end. Read his illuminating astrophysics articles

in the e-Buffet.




























Diverse, International Flavor

Our 80+ contributors come from all over the world, from an array of different cultures. One of our hallmark features is what we call Postcards From the People of Earth. Here, writers, artists, bloggers, poets, and photographers give us a glimpse of life in another country, the way they see it.

Maria Alva Roff from Iceland is one such contributor. She has been maintaining a blog called Iceland Eyes for the past six years, and with thousands of visitors each month, lots of online international press, a published book of photos and so much international encouragement, she's seen her little hobby grow into something so much more. Now she is taking Iceland Eyes to the next level, by inviting guest photographers and writers to contribute their works, as well as highlighting other local artists and musicians. Maria has submitted a short story called Hunger to the e-Buffet this month, a story of passion and desire written with the fire of an Icelandic volcano

Jho Harris has over 32 years experience in Irish Radio - the samples we have were written, produced, and read by Jho at the Sligo Studio he shares with female voiceover artist Sinead Mc Clure. Together they have produced radio shows such as the Heritage Tour Series, The Remarkable Adventures of Spike The Hedgehog, Spike The Hedgehog and The Magical Pocket of Time, and In Humberts's Footsteps as well as a host of award winning commercials. More recently they set up an Irish cultural website called Voices from Ireland. In this issue, we have a segment from his podcast series, The Calendar Road.

All in all, The e-Buffet has been constructed to make the most of the internet and all of its potential. But how do we do it?

“War between Souls” is a

masterpiece about how demons

are causing misery clear from

the shores of Africa to the

shores of the U.S. It is laced

with notions of reincarnation,

afterlife, and how the original

act of war was waged.

A Creative Collaboration in the Purest Sense

Our subscribers obtain the benefit of a large volume of valuable material because the magazine links to each contributor’s website or blog, thereby magnifying the amount of information placed at their disposal. By joining this creative collaboration, each contributing artist has agreed to continually post to their own sites as well as create new material for this magazine. All of this creates a circle of positive energy for each subscriber to enter.

Subscribers are encouraged to play an active role in our community, via comments, suggestions, and open discussion. We are strong believers in free speech, and we know that open lines of communication facilitate a vibrant, thriving community.

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Sample Some of Our Music Above

I am confident that as a subscriber, you will enjoy the diverse material we have assembled for you. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with this publication, the cost of your subscription is fully refundable for the first 30 days.

Patrick M McCormick, Founder


Copyright © 2011 Patrick McCormick

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