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The Most Important Lessons NOBODY Told Me About...

1)If You Think Perfecting Your Business is All You Need to do to Make Money, You’re Wrong! Marketing is Just as Important!

2)How to Market My Properties after I bought them!

3)Understanding a Specific Marketing Formula to build my business!

4)How to Build my Buyers, Sellers and Investors List!

5)No matter how great of a product or service I have, if I don’t understand how to market it, it won’t sell!

6)How to Market my Business without coming across as a ‘Sleazy’ investor!

Dear Friend Investor,

    I've been working the Real Estate Investing business most of my adult life.  I went to college and earned a degree.  I used my degree to get a J-O-B with benefits and a small paycheck at the end of the week. I soon realized that my "just over broke" life wasn't for me.

    I started my business no different than the next guy.  After several books, tapes, seminars and late night TV gurus, I was totally confused and had no idea how to invest in real estate the RIGHT WAY without using any of my money.  I didn't let my confusion stop me, so after fumbling around, looking in the wrong neighborhoods and writing contracts wrong, I broke even on my first deal.  Whew!  Could have been worse, right?

    It wasn't until I found my first mentor that I finally "got it". You see, my mentor taught me a Marketing Formula that built more buyers, sellers and investors than I could handle!  My mentor wasn't a "guru", "celebrity” or "seen-on-TV expert".  My mentor was a successful real estate entrepreneur in a small town in Texas who showed me this Formula to build unlimited buyers, sellers, investors and how to sell properties faster regardless of current market conditions and the rest is history.

    My own personal experience as a MARKETING Specialist has enabled me to develop a great system for OVER 70 Real Estate Investment Firms across the nation. I have helped with various marketing pieces for many restaurant chains including Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s and Chili’s. My experience developing, teaching, and helping others just like you has enabled me to perfect this new program - the smartest, simplest, most comprehensive and affordable system available on the market today!

1 Property, 1 Marketing Ad, Sold in 2 Days for FULL Price!

Before Chris came out to San Antonio we had a property that was listed for sale for 6 months. With several houses for sale on the market it was becoming difficult to sell. We needed help. Our listing expired with my Realtor so I called Chris in hope that he could help us. Chris emailed us an ad to run in our local newspaper. As I was in Lowe’s searching for a For Sale By Owner sign, I received a call from the ad. Within two days, I sold the property at full asking price. I paid my partner Janna a 3% commission of $3,600 for helping me. I also made a nice profit of $50,000. Thank you so much for your help!

Janna Lumley & Sharon Manigand

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See "disclaimer" at bottom of page.


“If it was any better, I’d feel (that) I got it for free – worth every penny!”

Sylvia Lindley

“Chris was very thorough and knowledgeable. He taught at a good and clear pace. He stayed on track and focused the course. I appreciated his experience and the time spent attending.”

Bill Place

“I believe there is always room for improvement, but I have to say Chris was flawless. And I feel confident that if it (topics) needs to be covered, it will be by

Chris Goff.”

Dino M.

“In a world full of greed and scum, it is hard to not be always a skeptic, cautious and, in some cases, paranoid. Your marketing formula and personal success helped put me at ease”.              

Anthony Caponetto

“I think your marketing formula is a great tool. I have plans to implement it with everything. Your Awesome”!

Beverly Natien

Chris takes his time explaining concepts for ez understanding.  The marketing formula is an outstanding tool and his marketing concepts are unique.  Thank you! Your expertise is greatly appreciated.”

Theresa Cain

YES, I Want To Generate More Buyers, Sellers, Investors and Sell Properties Faster...

We are honored to have met you as our Mentor. You are impeccable and a true professional. With your lifetime experience, you are expert in the real estate and marketing business. No one teaches the marketing business better than you. All your students really appreciate you for making things very simple and easy to understand, and your Nobel Prize charts which again you made it so simple and easy to understand.
With your guidance, we are hard at work right now to open up our own marketing business.  

Thora and Sophonna Tan
Alameda, California


Results not typical. Yours will vary. See "disclaimer" at bottom of page.


Believe In Yourself for 60 Days or Your Money Back Guarantee

The Newest Marketing Under the Sun!

Explosive Marketing

For Real Estate Investors

For Real Estate Agents

For Business Owners

Download my 60 page ebook right now for only...

All 6 Secret Steps for Promoting Anything!

Write Your First Ad in Less than 2 Days!

Tons of Before and After Ads So You Can See the Difference!

Breakdown of Ad Structure - So Easy, Anyone Can Do It!

How to Effectively Use Benefits to Sell Anything!

I Show You 21 “Pains” that you can use Right Now in your Marketing!

The Difference between Features and Benefits and which One is More Important!

11 Features and Benefits - What they Are and How to Use them!

60 Call To Action Lines to Get People to TAKE ACTION!

How to Apply my Marketing Formula to Your Existing Business, Product or Service!

The TOP 10 Place to Market Your Business!

16 Marketing Strategies the You can Instantly Apply my Marketing Formula To!

My Formula will SELL Properties Faster, Generate More Sellers, Buyers and Investors than You Can Handle!

Lots of Exercises So You Can Physically Practice what you’re Learning!

7 Steps to Get You Started! Just Follow them and You’re on your Way!


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