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Are you a seeker?  Do you constantly wrestle with timeless questions about God, death, and the nature of reality?

Find logical, evidential answers to the age-old questions—Does God exist?  Are we more than just biological machines?  Is there life after death?—in the thought-provoking book, "Common Sense Spirituality in a Secular Age: Reclaiming the Human Soul from the Ashes of Religion and the Altar of Scientific Materialism."

Both science and religion claim to have the answers to those queries, but which one is right?  What does the evidence indicate?

The author challenges you to accompany him on an intellectually engaging journey to arrive at the answers.  Learn about the origins of religious beliefs, examine pivotal developments in the history of western religions, and delve into scientific theories that compete with ecclesiastical doctrine for our hearts and minds concerning the existence of God and an afterlife.  Explore quantum mechanics, the brain and consciousness, and the controversial field of the paranormal. 

Examine the evidence, and then reflect on the dialogue and logically constructed arguments.  If you accept the author's invitation to join him in that quest, he asserts: "I feel excited for you, as you are about to begin an intellectual journey that will frequently astound you and challenge your worldview, a contentious trek from which I am convinced it is virtually impossible not to emerge deeply changed in how we view the world and what we call reality."

 Consider these details about the book:

·      Supported by 5 years of formal research and a lifetime of study and exploration.

·      A balanced assessment of the evidence and a methodical application of logic and common sense in building the case for a spiritual reality and an afterlife.

·      An excellent source of information about religious history—particularly the development of Christianity and its dark side.

·      A critique of scientific materialism, a revelatory discussion about the ascent of science throughout the centuries, and an exposé of the harms of scientism, which undermines the core principles of science.

·      A layman-friendly review of leading scientific theories, including past and current work in the field of paranormal research.

·      Meticulously indexed and conveniently segmented into 5 main sections, 26 chapters, and 116 subchapters for quick topic reference.  




Quench your thirst for knowledge, put an end to existential anxiety, and nourish your spirit.  Order now.  It takes only seconds to download.  It will be one of the best investments you've ever made.

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See what readers have to say about this amazing book below:


I am dumb-struck! This is an amazing work deserving of much attention and many accolades.
Debi Llorens

A tour de force destined to change many minds. An impressive assembly of meaningful facts and deductive reasoning that Herrera skillfully manipulates to build a sound argument in support of the idea that humans are more than just a collection of cooperative cells, and that the idea that we survive physical death in a spiritual abode is more than a possibility, but a probability.
Arturo A. Cid
Physician, Gastroenterologist

Immensely interesting, controversial, and thought-provoking. It forces you to rethink many of our long-held beliefs. A mind-blowing book!
Jennifer C. Norvesh
Business Owner

For many of us in search of answers to the great questions of humanity, this book accomplishes what we wish we could realize but lack the time to carry out the immense effort required to pull together such diverse, yet correlated data and shape it into a coherent philosophy. From the scathing, but factual, assessment of religion and some of its past and present leaders to the revelatory details about the inconsistency and dogmatism of some of our most respected scientists, and from the relevance of leading-edge scientific theories, such as quantum theory, to the promising research of paranormal phenomena being conducted on the fringes of the scientific sphere, this work is unequaled. For those fortunate enough to partake of this astonishing piece, the rewards will be enormous. They will be deeply touched and forever changed.
Ulysses Lamier


"Common Sense Spirituality in a Secular Age"

Only $24.95

"The best investment you'll ever make."

This E-Book is delivered in .pdf format and may be viewed via Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available, FREE, at [www.Adobe.com](http://www.adobe.com/).   


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