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From The Computer Of Bob Gatchel
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Dear Friend,


Look ... I'm going to be totally blunt with you here.

You see, I've been a wildly successful internet marketing
entrepreneur since the late 1990's and I have seen a lot of unique and
profitable online marketing systrems come and go. Quite honestly? I
thought I had seen it all. But then recently I something crossed my
desk that literally amazed me!

I happened to hear about some "smart aleck" 28 year old kid that was
making money ... hand over fist ... with a system that I never EVER
realized would be so successful. I mean, I KNEW about this "method"
but never knew anyone that was making the kind of money that he was

I just had to discover the secret this guy was keeping!

So I reached out to this "kid" to learn more about what he was doing.
After that meeting, I told him that this information was just TOO
important to keep to himself and I offered to help him put all of this
information into a step by step sytem that anyone can follow!

This young guy (I'll call him "Steve" to protect his identity because
he is kind of shy and doesn't want people pestering him) would like to
tell you HIS story and exactly what this system is all about AND how
you can put this profit plan into action in just an hour or two!

Take it away Steve ... Personal Message From "Steve X"

Listen I understand your frustration, it wasn't that long ago that I
was working full-time at my local toy store while trying to be an
Internet marketer in the evening.

I was an information marketing junkie, purchasing and just about
every course that I could afford and sometimes blowing my whole
paycheck on the latest and greatest affiliate marketing material.

I would set site after site up, attempt to optimize it for the search
engines, and sit there for days for traffic. Sometimes the traffic
came sometimes it didn't, either way it resulted in no sales

It wasn't until the Christmas holiday season rolled around that I
had a breakthrough experience that would change the way that I would
do affiliate marketing for the rest of my life.

In my Toys' R' Us store, it was two days before Christmas and busier
than ever. I was working the floor helping customers find what they
were looking for as they made mad dashes through the aisles trying to
find the right toy that their kids were requesting at the last minute
before Christmas.

I had gotten there at 7 AM,when the store opened, and wasn't
scheduled to go home until 10 at night (talk about a long day).

All throughout the day customers will come up to me asking me "which
videogame is better?", "which remote-control car is better?", "which
Barbie doll set should I get?", and my favorite question, "what's the
best toy I can get my sons for less than 50 bucks?"

By the I got home it was almost midnight and I was absolutely

I was determined to finish up my affiliate site that started two
nights before. My logic was the sooner I got enough profitable sites
up and running, the quicker I could quit my stupid day job at the toy

So I sat there staring at the screen trying to write a review for the
latest click bank product that I was trying to promote.

Nothing was coming out... I couldn't think of one thing to write
about this product because I never actually bought it or even read it,
yet here I was, sitting there trying to write a review for some e-book
that I knew nothing about.

I was just about to quit when I had an "ah hah" moment. I asked
myself "Why am I sitting here trying to review digital products that I
haven't even seen before instead of reviewing products that I knew
everything about?"

"What do I know alot about.... Then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

As store manager, I knew everything there was to know about every toy
in every aisle of Toys "R" Us. So instead of writing about the latest
and greatest e-book I decided to write about one of the best sellers
in my store at the time "Kota of my triceratops".

This was a $300 - 3 foot fully automated dinosaur that kids to get on
his back while he wags his tail, made noises and moved his body... and
this thing was selling like crazy!

I signed up for Amazon's affiliate program because I'd heard some of
the marketers had success marketing physical products on there. I
wrote my one page affiliate review based on everything that I knew
about the toy, and everything that I heard parents say they didn't
like and very much liked about the toy.

I posted the articles, connected my affiliate links, and submitted an
article to the major article directories. I went to sleep that night
at about 2 AM.

10AM the following morning I found my article and my site ranked on
the first page of Google after only doing some moderate SEO! (I didn't
know this at the time, but real-world physical products are a heck of
a lot easier to rank for terms that get thousands of searches a month
than Clickbank products!)

By 8 PM the next night I made 7 affiliate sales of this $300
And as they say: "The rest was history"! I KNEW I hit on something

Now ... Im not making a guarantee of how much you could earn
make with this proven system ... but think about this for just a

Imagine being able to wake up tomorrow morning, not to the sound of
stupid alarm clock, but when you're well rested and ready to start
your day at your own pace.

Now imagine starting your work day by walking less than 50 feet from
the bedroom to your home office starting up your computer logging in
to your affiliate account seeing that you've made money automatically
-- all while you were sleeping!

Imagine being able to take a mini vacation anytime you want to,
anywhere in the world that you choose to, and have your business
continue to make money for you while you're gone.

Imagine being able to dine out at the fanciest restaurants in town as
often as you like without having to look at the prices on the menu.
How different would you life be, when you're making
tons of money every week from the comfort of your home.


Spend more time with the kids

Perfect your golf swing or travel the world

Start another business that you actually passionate about

The possibilities are endless!

After achieving my initial success with physical real world affiliate
marketing I spent the next two years of my life perfecting the tactics
I am about to reveal to you on this page.

I poured my blood, sweat and tears into learning what works and what
doesn't. Testing what converts the best and what doesn't.

I devoted hundreds of hours of my time learning all the tricks to
squeezing the most amount of profit possible out of all the traffic
that was flowing into my affiliate funnel.

The end result was a blueprint that is second to none.

Shortly thereafter, my brother lost his job and was looking for a way
to earn money from his home computer while he was job searching.

I gave him a copy of my blueprint and told him to let me know what he
thought about it. A few weeks went past by without me hearing from
him. I thought he had been busy going on new job interviews, but as it
turns out he was actually using my blueprint to rake in big money
every week!


I figured if it worked for him, being one of the laziest guys I know,
then it could also work for anyone else. I then gave the blueprint to
5 of marketing buddy friends and they were blown away at how powerful
the system is.

I've tried every online money making system imaginable. I'm sure you
have too.
We've all been there, and I know you know what I'm talking about...

Everyday we get all kinds of "magic button" systems emailed to us
making claims to be the system that ends all of our financial worries
and turns us into millionaires overnight.

You've probably tried to make money online with all kinds of special
systems and courses that flood your email inbox every day, right?

As a matter of fact, if you're anything like me you've probably tried
more systems than you'd care to admit. I know for a fact that back
when I was getting started, and I was still working full time at the
toy store, I was spending half of my paycheck every week on the latest
and greatest product launch.

Do you know how much money I made from all those courses I

$0 ... zip ... nada ...
Absolutely Nothing!

Sure, alot of this came from me suffering from a bit of information
overload, but a lot of it was because of me getting "baited" into
buying more and more products from those so called gurus, that most of
the time turned out to be complete waste of money.

Think about it, If they are making so much money, then why sell it to

The answer is simple. The majority of the fake Gurus have figured out
that it's more profitable to sell you the "how to" than it is to
actually follow through on the action plan themselves!

Today thanks to working closely with my friend and REAL internet
marketing expert Bob Gatchel, we are making available to the public
for the first time ever, my exact high profit physical product
affiliate marketing system that I've spent the last 2 years

Rapid Retail Riches

Rapid Retail Riches will show you exactly what to do, step by step to
make extremely high affiliate commissions from marketing on Amazon and
similar “name brand physical product” networks.

This is by far, _THE EASIEST_ and most Dependable ways to make some
good income as an affiliate… not just for your first week or so, but
on a long term basis for years to come.

THIS SYSTEM.. is that it doesn't rely on you creating hundreds of
little affiliate sites or thousands of pages of content and product

You only need to apply the tactics directly to a small group of pages
within your "profit portfolio".

As a matter of fact, some people have been able to create a full-time
income just by applying the system on a small scale and by setting up
rapid retail profit 'Microsites'.

Actually, we don't advise creating only one site to support your
income, the point I'm making is that you don't have to become one of
those affiliate marketers that finds himself slaving away at the
keyboard to crank out 20 reviews a day.

The power in Rapid Retail Riches is that it allows you to extract the
maximum profit with the minimal amount of effort using a system that's
been proven to work time and time again.

This system is built around quality not quantity and will allow you
to build sites faster, get higher rankings in search engines, and
ultimately earn more money and your competitors.


The secret system will be used to select high converting Amazon
products - this strategic criteria that we have in place can mean the
difference between choosing a product that could make you potentially
thousands of dollars weekly ... and one that only makes a measly $2
per week.

My complete step-by-step walk-through for creating a profit pulling
campaigns start to finish. I'll go over every single detail you need
to know about setting up the actual product pages and how to ensure
you get the maximum out of clicks and conversions.

My secret linking system that will tell you exactly where to put
your affiliate links within your website that will give you higher
conversions than anything you've ever seen before. I'll give you a
roadmap that will show you exactly where and when to place the links
so that the search engines and your customers are happy with the site.
Believe it or not, this is where 95% of Amazon affiliates go wrong!

The correct way to write an unbiased review so that your visitors
will trust you and ultimately buy through your links. Every good
review needs negative aspects to it, but if you get this wrong you'll
be absolutely shooting yourself in the foot and killing any chance to
make a profit!

How to instantly determine whether a product will get huge amounts
of traffic and become profitable – after all what's the point of
writing a review if you aren’t going to drive enough traffic to make
it profitable.

How to generate tons of traffic to your affiliate pages for very
cheap! I'll reveal our number 1 method for generating traffic to your
niche sites in step-by-step blueprint fashion.

How to get Amazon to practically write the reviews for you – this
makes it very easy to create high quality informative content on the

How to spot ranking loopholes in the search engines that will allow
you to easily dominate your keywords quicker than you ever thought
possible – this will give you the edge when choosing your niche
market that you want to go after because you'll know instantly from
the beginning whether it's worth your time to pursue the #1 listing in
Google for particular keywords.


"This System Is Fantastic...."

Bob height: 70px;" alt="" src="images/footertesti.jpg" />

"I Thought This Was TOO Simple To Be This Profitable...."

Steve. I have to tell you that when I first got this blueprint, I
thought to myself that there was NO WAY that something this simple
would be able to make money online. Boy was I wrong!

I have dozens of these special sites making me money every day. I'm
sorry that I ever doubted you! ;-)

Jan S. - Utah

"Please STOP Giving Out This Information...."

Bob height: 70px;" alt="" src="images/footertesti.jpg" />


The whole point for me revealing this proven system was to help out a
relative. After that, I swore that I would make it accessible for as
many people who need it is possible. After all wouldn't you do the
same if you knew that there was NO CHANCE OF SATURATION?! And there
isn't (unlike Dave said above) - the market is unlimited and there is
NO worry about competition!

The real question is how much is it worth to you to have a business
that will provide you with the financial freedom that you've been
looking for, and how much would you pay for it?

How much would it be worth to you to own the luxury car of your
dreams, the home of your dreams, a five figure promotes business
producing the type of income that you could only dream of in the

If you're smart, you probably said that you'd do whatever it takes to
find a way to get the money regardless of how much it was, if you knew
for a fact that your success was guaranteed... am I correct?

How many people wouldn't pay $3000 in exchange for an entire lifetime
of wealth and freedom?!

Already, I've shown you how we're using this very system to bring in
BIG MONEY every single week ... working less than four to five hours a


Relax, I wouldn't dare ask you to pay anywhere near three grand for
this system, even though you could make that back easily within your
first few weeks.

As a matter of fact I'm not even going to ask one 10th of it...

Not even $427 ... or even $197 although many of my personal coaching
clients have suggested this price point since it's clearly worth at
least 10 times that much!

If you take action now, I give you instant access for just $147...

I already know this system make serious money and can change your
life. I know because this is exactly how I make a living every single

I've also witnessed, dozens of other people do the same.

Now it's your turn to get a piece of the "action"...

... I'm so confident that you'll be able to create life changing
income using this system that I'm willing to put my money where my
mouth is and give you a no questions asked 100% eight week money back

So go ahead and download the system now.

If after two months you're not 100% satisfied and you don't feel like
the information and the system that I provided to you is worth at
least 10 times what you paid for it, then I'll give you a 100% no
hassle refund.

This isn't one of those crooked refund offers where they make you
jump through hoops and provide pages of documented proof just to get a

Nope... as I said before, if you're not thrilled, I don't want your

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by at
least giving it a try and opening the door to your financial freedom.

That guarantee puts the risk completely on my shoulders... this
combined with the fact that I've drastically dropped the price of the
system...really makes this a true no-brainer must-have for anyone
seeking a real sustainable business that they can start immediately
for very little upfront money. You honestly need to jump on this right
now while it's fresh on your mind, and get instant access for just
$127... $47

Yup, you read that right -- only $47 to have your own profit
producing automated business that anyone from any background ,with any
amount of experience, can get set up and running in less than 24 hours

So get your copy now before our initial spots are all filled height:
437px;" alt="" src="images/bundle.jpg" />


I've already shown how using this system could allow anyone to
potentially generate an easy six figures every year on autopilot.

The truth is, I'm pretty much a slacker and it wouldn't be hard for
you to double if not triple what I've done.

After all we're talking about a small investment of $47 to get access
to this program that could show you how you could make $4,700...
$7,5000... or $12,000 a month ... possibly more! Of course I cant
guarantee exactly what youll make from putting this concept to work
... and "your mileage may vary" and you could even do WAY better than
we have done!

The bottom line? We give you the tools and the secrets to this
system ... all you have to do is follow the instructions in this
course and put this system to work! Its that easy!

Yes, I'm In... I want to Get Instant Access To The Rapid Retail
Riches System - Right Now!

I want to join your Community and get access to your life changing

I want to be one of the lucky few individuals who are already using
this very powerful information and seeing incredible results.

I also realize that I have absolutely nothing to lose, thanks to you
being so kind enough to give me a 60 day 100% money back no hassle

Click Below And Get Instant Access To the Most Powerful Affiliate
Marketing System On The Market Today!

Let me put this into perspective for you...

... You're just a couple of clicks away from achieving the life you
truly want. Just click the button above and get started today.


To Your Online Success

Bob Gatchel " face="Tahoma">P.S. Don't forget only 500 copies of this
information will ever be sold. Currently they're only 217 copies
available and are selling right now as you read this. The only way
that you can guarantee a spot is if you get off the fence and

P.S.: If you are really serious about making money, and changing
your life, this is the system that you need. What more could you ask
for? I'm giving you the exact money making blueprint completely change
your life. The next time you come back, you may find a page that says,
Sorry Sold Out!

P.P.S.: Don't forget about my more than generous 60 day guarantee...
I'm putting all of the risk is on me... so go ahead an ...

I can't promise you that this site will be here the next time you
come back, so don't put this off... if you're serious about achieving
financial freedom this needs to be top priority for you today!

Of course, if you can still see this page then I still have a few
copies are available

But there's no telling how long this opening will last. What I do
know is that your purchase will be 100% guaranteed and if you place
your order right now by this time next week you could already be
earning thousands of dollars online.



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