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Do you have multiple Internet Marketing projects on the go?

Project management is a key part of Internet Marketing. Every campaign you run is a project. Every website is a project, as are any products that you create or ads that you run. As an Internet Marketer, you must be able to efficiently manage all of your projects and dedicate enough time and energy to each one – especially when you have multiple campaigns, products and services things can start getting a little hectic.
How good you are as a project manager is going to determine how successful you are.

Internet Marketing
Project Planning & Management
Quick Start Toolkit

By Richard Montgomerie

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Internet Marketing Project Planning & Management is a how-to package covering all of the principles, skills and resources that you will need to apply to successfully manage any type of Internet Marketing project, from product creation to website development to ad campaigns and everything in between.

The Internet Marketing Project Planning & Management package contains all of the required information into one ebook along with a set of template documents which will see you off to an organised start in managing any project in a highly efficient manner.

Internet Marketing Project Planning & Management serves as a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow in order to manage any Internet Marketing project from beginning to end including costing, timelines, milestones, team management, approval and delivery.

Internet Marketing Project Planning & Management Fundamentals describes in detail how to apply the traditional project management five-step project sequence which you can implement as required:

Stage 1: Project Initiation
Stage 2: Project Planning / Design
Stage 3: Project Execution and Construction / Production
Stage 4: Project Monitoring and Control
Stage 5: Project Completion / Delivery

The package includes a set of re-usable template documents and spreadsheets.

Internet Marketing Project Planning and Management help you to quickly launch into effectively managing all of your Internet Marketing projects and serves as an invaluable reference to guide you from start to finish.

[Buy Now for Only $US19.95](#buy)

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