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Affiliate Marketing Ebook

Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers

by Aia Laser | CEO, Inter-Dev Web Marketing

"Dear Prospective Affiliate Marketer,
Congratulations on taking your first step to a better life!

If you decided to improve your quality of living and start earning the income you need to have more buying power, recreational opportunities, financial stability, and free time with your loved ones- This is the right place for you.

Once you discover affiliate marketing- you will never look back. "
In earlier years, I was a little overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information on the Internet about affiliate marketing. But it didn't take long to identify which content was relevant and accurate, and which simply doesn't work.

After years of reading and researching, everything suddenly clicked into place when I began developing a business model and formula that prepared me for the pitfalls, armed me with the required knowledge, and let me finally revel in the success of a truly prospering affiliate business.

Today, as the CEO of Inter-Dev Web Marketing, I teach these methods to affiliatesd, just like you and guide companies and advertisers seeking to launch their affiliate marketing business online.
Ranging from novices to experts, they each possess a unique set of skills, technical knowledge, and education.

Like you, they are also driven to improve their lives and earn the income they need to make their dreams a reality.
It's rare to find an educational resource that teaches a business model or formula you can replicate, and learning these strategies from someone with true affiliate marketing experience.

With Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers ebook, you can now experience the best of both worlds. If you're tired of sifting through incomplete or inaccurate information, throwing money at bogus claims, and following hyped-up programs that simply don't yield results, keep reading to learn more about an affiliate marketing program that actually lives up to its promises.

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when an affiliate (you) earns a commission by promoting or selling a merchant's products or services by generating 'clicks' that lead the way for prospective buyers.

Quite simply, affiliate marketing has earned its position in the marketplace because it works.
Think about it: has the Internet changed the way you shop? When was the last time you purchased plane tickets at the airport? How often do you head online to buy a gift, consult product comparison websites, or read reviews?
You probably already know more about affiliate marketing than you think!

For merchants, affiliate marketing generates a steady volume of leads and keeps prospective customers engaged and coming back for more.
Throughout this process, affiliates reap the rewards of generous commissions and also enjoy the benefits of having a truly self-sufficient home business that virtually grows itself and operates almost entirely on autopilot.

Sounds too good to be true, right?
Well, I'm here to tell you that it's really possible to create such a win-win situation.

Now, let's debunk some of the myths you may have heard about affiliate marketing:

Marketing experience or advanced education is NOT required. There is NO learning curve. Selling is NOT part of the equation. Ever.

The Early Days of Affiliate Marketing

The concept of paying commissions, or 'finder's fees', for referred business was introduced to the Internet in 1994 with the music website CDNow's 'BuyWeb' program.
The program quickly caught on, and in 1996 the king of e-commerce, Amazon, launched its first affiliate program by paying commission to affiliates whose website clicks resulted in a book purchase.

Though Amazon wasn't the first to establish an affiliate program, they've certainly been industry leaders.
Today ' nearly 15 years later ' Amazon's affiliate program is still running strong.

To keep pace with changing technologies, consumer shopping behaviors, and current market trends, affiliate marketing continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Who knows what affiliate marketing will be like in 5, 10, or 15 years from now? The sky's the limit!

Today's Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

In 1994, fewer than 3,000 websites were in existence. Today, that number has grown to nearly 200 million!
During this time, affiliate marketing has exploded, becoming a major selling force for products and services on the web.

Today, there are literally THOUSANDS of merchants with affiliate programs that are fueled by TENS OF THOUSANDS of affiliates ' ordinary, non-technical people from all walks of life ' people just like you!

These affiliates have said goodbye to their day jobs and hello to a new quality of life that far
exceeded their expectations.

Are you ready to join this growing number of affiliates, many of whom enjoy monthly commissions of $100,000 or more?

Understanding How Affiliate Marketing Works

Today, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective lead generation tools for websites.
In fact, affiliate marketing is such a powerful driving force behind many e-commerce websites that they simply couldn't exist without it!

Yes, e-commerce needs affiliates!

Here is just a sampling of some of the companies that rely on affiliate marketing to help promote their products:

AmazonBarnes & NobleDiscover eBayEddie BauerFedExGateway GAP Kmart USA TodayWal-Mart Zappos Verizon liSONY

As affiliate marketing continues to expand its dominance in the marketplace, affiliates just like you are also seeing their savings accounts expand ' many receiving monthly earnings of over $100,000!(Yes, you read this correctly ' that's one hundred thousand dollars per month, or $1,200,000 per year!)
In Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers, I show you EXACTLY how you can become part of the driving force behind modern-day e-commerce success.

Affiliate Marketing and YOU!

Do you have what it takes to be an affiliate marketing success?
Are you ready to improve your life and start earning the income you need to lead the quality of life you deserve?
If so, then affiliate marketing has the power to change your life.

You're also an excellent candidate for affiliate marketing success if you are:

Unemployed or underemployed
An at-home parent or caregiver
A student in need of a flexible schedule
Anyone in need of extra cash
Someone who likes a challenge
Caught in a 'rut' with no room for advancement in your current position
Physically challenged
Tired of the daily commute
Looking to replace money lost in your declining 401K or home equity
A victim of downsizing, outsourcing, or discrimination in the workplace
Someone who wants ' or needs ' to work from home
Living in a rural area with limited employment opportunities
A retiree looking to supplement your fixed income
A student, homemaker, or someone with limited job experiences
Someone who experienced a plummet in your net worth and wants to recoup your losses

Remember, to be an affiliate marketing success, you DON'T have to:
Develop great products ' This has already been done for you! Simply select the products and services YOU want to promote.Manufacture or store inventory ' Leave this to the merchants!Process or ship a single order ' You guessed it - the merchants handle all of this. In fact, you'll never even need to touch any of the products that you endorse!Answer customer e-mail or take customer phone calls ' Yes, this is up to the merchants too. You'll never have to respond to a single customer email! In fact, you'll never even have to talk to anyone!

Ready to Start Living the Lifestyle of a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

The sooner you act, the sooner you can:

Start spending more time with family and friends
Put an end to an unfulfilling career
Stop the hassle of your morning and afternoon commutes
Staunch the flow of daycare or eldercare expenses
Live life according to your schedule ' no more alarm clocks, or having to ask your boss for          time off
Take care of expenses you've been putting off, such as college funds or retirement savings
Treat yourself to some of the luxuries you've been pinching pennies to afford: a family          vacation, a new car, or that much-needed home renovation

Are you ready to elevate your quality of life? Don't wait another month, week, or hour to start reaping the benefits of affiliate marketing. With my ebook, Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers, you can start changing your life for the better TODAY!


So, how does it work?

Let's say you've created an informative web site about Orlando, Florida. Every day, thousands of people search for hotel information, car rental discounts, entertainment tickets, or restaurant coupons when planning their Orlando vacations.
While at your website, visitors enjoy reading your recommendations and visit the sites you suggest.
1. First, they click on one of the car rental companies you suggested. You earn a commission.
2. Next, they follow a link to a hotel you recommended and book a room. Guess what? You've earned another commission!
3. Finally, they book a flight through a travel website, and you receive yet another commission.

How simple was that?

Here are a few more examples of how you can earn commissions as an affiliate:
Many credit card companies pay their affiliates up to $20 for each visitor that completes an application and more than TWICE that amount if their application is approved. Automatic earnings at their finest ' honestly, could it get any easier than this?

Another example: Let's say you've had a fantastic experience with a product or service, and want to share the potential benefits with others by becoming an affiliate for the merchant. The merchant has agreed to pay you a 10% commission for every purchase made through one of your leads. You place a banner on your website, and on the very first day, 60 people click the link and browse the merchant's site. Of these 60 visitors, 9 of them make purchases totaling $750.00.

Today, you made $75.00!

The next day, sales generated through your banner total $1200.

Today, you made $120.00!

So, you've earned $195 in just two days, simply by sharing your good experiences about a product or service with others. No sales, no cold calls, no emails ' heck, you didn't even have to talk to anyone. The best part is, you never had to leave the comfort of home.

Or, how about this scenario:
At the start of the New Year, you decided to embark on a weight loss challenge and to document your progress by starting a weight loss blog. During your diet and exercise program, you became a fan of Unifit's ProStat exercise bike and Pure Life's stainless steel water bottle. Later, you discover that each of these companies participates in an affiliate marketing program that pays 10% commission for each sale resulting from a click on your blog. At $1,375 per exercise bike, that translates to a $137.50 commission for each exercise bike sold! And, though the water bottles sell for only $10.95 and net you a commission of $1.95 each, you're pleasantly surprised when you learn that more than 2,000 water bottles were purchased through your blog, bringing your grand total commission to $3,900 for the water bottles alone. Imagine the possibilities!

But does this really work?

Before I started making money, I used to ask myself this same question every day. The good news is that yes ' affiliate marketing works!
The examples I've shared are just the tip of the iceberg! How much you earn depends on the products and services you choose to promote.

In Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers, I share my expertise to help you find the best companies with the highest commissions, and give you proven methods of finding the top-performing products.

Sounds fantastic for affiliates, but does it help advertisers too?

The answer is YES!

Unlike other affiliate marketing training materials that concentrate exclusively on affiliates, Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers encompasses the entire affiliate marketing arena, sharing valuable information that will not only boost the income of affiliates, but will skyrocket the earnings of advertisers as well.
Affiliate marketing presents boundless opportunities for advertisers.
After reading my ebook, you'll have the knowledge and insights to achieve all of your advertising goals:
Realize the financial gain of promoting on a wide variety of websites
Reap the rewards of only paying for advertising that works!
Enjoy countless hours of free time by not having to constantly create and update content on          your website.

As an advertiser, you'll especially benefit from the valuable information regarding affiliate networks, such as:
How affiliate networks work
Pitfalls and caveats to avoid
The pros and cons of working with an affiliate network

NO OTHER affiliate marketing training material provides more comprehensive, accurate, and UP TO DATE information for affiliates and advertisers than Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers!

Making the Most of Affiliate Networks

Bringing it all together
Affiliate networks 'host' the affiliate process, bringing merchants and affiliates together.
For merchants, these affiliate networks provide tracking and reporting tools, as well as access to a large base of affiliates.

For the affiliates (you), the networks make it easier to find products and services you wish to promote and, more importantly, make it easier for you to receive payments from your merchants.

Not all affiliate networks are created equal!

In Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers, I teach you the differences between affiliate networks, and share proven methods for getting maximum rewards from affiliate networks.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Using My Proven, Step-by-Step Method

Between my career as an Internet marketing consultant and my successes as an affiliate marketer, I've 'been there, done that' with virtually every online marketing scenario. I've learned a lot, and I'm happy to share these findings with you in my ebook, 'Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers.' Here, you'll find the answers to all of your questions along with proven, step-by-step methods to help you build your successful business.

After reading my book, you'll have the knowledge and capability to:
Understand traditional marketing methods, as well as emerging marketing methods like PPC      campaigns, video marketing, and blog advertising
Implement SEO tactics that will keep your site at the top of Google and Yahoo, while keeping      visitors engaged and coming back for more
Master 'how to' strategies for static advertisements, dynamic advertisements, banner ads, and link      exchanges
Understand the evolution of affiliate marketing, with an emphasis on CURRENT marketplace      opportunities
Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, validation issues, and SPAM
Gain a solid understanding of affiliate networks and learn which ones work best and which      should be avoided

And there's much, much more! You will also learn:

How to define the major players in affiliate networks, and understand the role of each
The steps for becoming a successful affiliate and advertiser
Why affiliate marketing is the best choice for financial stability and freedom
identify - and avoid making - common mistakes
Tips and secrets for advertisers' eyes only

You will also:
Explore various choices, such as in-house versus outsourcing, and learn how to decide which          will work best for you
Discover the importance of market investigation
Identify the proper steps in preparing materials
Understand exactly what to expect from your affiliate marketing program
Learn about payment solutions, such as check, direct deposit, PayPal, and other electronic          solutions
Gain an in-depth knowledge of payment schedules
Receive valuable information regarding Affiliate Networks (APPs) and Independent Affiliate          Programs

That's not all! You'll also receive:

Tools, tools, and more tools! Utilize these valuable resources to find affiliates, affiliate network          directories, and locate the top affiliate networks
A comprehensive breakdown of YOUR responsibilities, including PPC campaigns, blogs, mini-         websites, and other expansion opportunities
Publisher tips for making the best decisions

Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers is the affiliate marketer's MOST comprehensive, up-to-date compilation of industry insider tips and techniques. Success Stories Here's what some of my students had to say about how their lives changed after reading and implementing the tips, techniques, and proven methods found in 'Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers':

Dear Aia:
I just completed my third full month as an affiliate marketer, and am thrilled to report that I just broke the $8,000/month commission FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW! I'm really glad that I chose my particular affiliate network, as I have friends that are just starting out who are really struggling due to some misinformation they received. Thanks for helping me avoid a costly mistake! Next month, my husband and I will enjoy our first vacation in over ten years! There's no Internet connection at the site of our scuba drop, so I'll be anxious to check my commission balances once I return to the mainland. I'm sure I won't be disappointed! Thank you again for changing my life! I owe my success to Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers. Regards,
Janice Smitherman

P.S. - No more trying to decide what to give family and friends as birthday, anniversary, or wedding gifts. This year, the choice is easy ' everyone on our gift list will receive a copy of this fantastic ebook!
Dear Mr. Laser:
How refreshing it was to read a publication written by someone who actually admitted to making mistakes and overcoming hurdles! For me, a total non-techie with ten left thumbs, the 'Technical Issues' information was priceless. Thank you for breaking everything down into layman's terms, and for providing real-life examples. Oh, just so you know, even non-techies can have great success with your program! I'm only on my third month, but have already saved enough for my teenager's first year of out-of-state college tuition! Thank you again for sharing your insights with me.
Words simply can't express how much Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers has improved the quality of life for my entire family. Sincerely,
Ran L
Dear Mr. Laser,
Anyone who thinks it's impossible for old dogs to learn new tricks hasn't read Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers. As a 68-year-old woman with no professional work experience, I thought gainful employment was out of the question ' especially after I became the primary caregiver of my handicapped grandchild. Though I've always been proud of my ability to keep up with trends, I'm far from computer savvy'but this hasn't stood in the way of my success! I'm well into my third week as an affiliate marketer, and have consistently received over $450 per day in commission. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to take care of my grandchild AND earn a fantastic living from home.
Thank you so much for sharing Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers with the world! Kind regards,
Ron M
Dear Aia:
Like so many Americans, the economy has really taken a toll on my net worth over these past few years. Not only have I seen the value of my home decline, I've also watched my retirement savings dwindle to less than half of what they were three years ago. After dodging three lay-offs in a 6-month time period, I knew I had to do something to save myself from financial ruin. Thank goodness I found your book and put your theories into practice when I did'another few months, and it would have likely been too late. Though I've only been using your program for a month, I've already more than doubled my standard monthly salary. No more sleepless nights tossing and turning, worrying about layoffs! In fact, next week I'm putting in my two weeks' notice. Though I look forward to seeing my accounts increase in value, what makes me the happiest about starting your program is the peace of mind I get from knowing that when I resign, I'll be creating a job for one of my coworkers.
Thank you again for your wonderful book! Sincerely,
Mark McCord

So, what makes Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers so special? The answer is simple: Experience.

Though there are a few affiliate marketing training programs out there that get the job done, it's a rarity to find a true, do-it-yourself educational resource like Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers.

In the marketplace, most of the training materials you will find are either outdated, or incomplete. Many of the affiliate marketing training materials currently on the market fail to mention blog advertising and PPC campaigns, or emphasize the implementation of SEO tactics that are now considered archaic, or could even get your website banned from search engines!

Yes, I've made mistakes along the way. The good news is, I've learned from each and every one of them, and can now share these experiences with you and teach you how to avoid repeating them. I've been there, done that, and want to help you do it even better!

Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers is an exceptional value! For access to insider information of this caliber, most would expect to pay at least 2 times my selling price.

In addition, I teach you how to avoid all of the costly mistakes commonly made by novice affiliates, and provide beyond the basics troubleshooting information that will save you time and money.

If you're looking for information on how to make money with affiliate marketing programs, you're at the right place. My ebook, Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers, is a wealth of insider information, industry secrets, and proven tips and techniques that truly have the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. No other affiliate marketing training material provides educational content and professional insights of this caliber!

P.S. Don't delay! Why suffer through another day at a dead-end job that wears you down and wears you out?
You too can enjoy the increased earnings and lifestyle you deserve!

Order your copy of Affiliate Marketing ' Comprehensive Guide for Publishers & Advertisers today and reclaim your financial security!


For further information, feel free to contact us at: [info@affiliatemarketingbook.net](mailto:info@affiliatemarketingbook.net)

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