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How to increase your salary and afford the things, that you deserve!


Inside you’ll learn:
What are those 6 specific steps you MUST do, when asking for a raise. What is the right time to ask for a pay raise. How does your boss think about salary negotiations and how can you use this information for your own success. What are those 3 arguments, that you should never use during a negotiation. How to avoid the 5+1 fatal mistakes, that most people make, when asking for a pay raise
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your friend,
Gordon Hayes

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Salary negotiation tips
[The logic behind the approved pay raise](http://www.goforyourraise.com/39/the-logic-behind-the-approved-pay-raise/) [Why is it, that most people don’t get a pay raise?](http://www.goforyourraise.com/25/why-is-it-that-most-people-dont-get-a-pay-raise/) [A friend in need is a friend indeed](http://www.goforyourraise.com/6/a-friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeed/)

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