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Announcing: The Amazing Computer Repair Videos that have Helped Thousands of People from Over 15 Countries Finally Fix Their PCs Once and For All... Without Ever Again Having to Go and Get Ripped Off at the Local Repair Shop!

"Save Money on Costly Repairs and
Even Start Your Own Business"

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Now YOU Can Fix Your Computer All By Yourself and Never Take Your PC to the Repair Shop Again

From the Desk of Ty Price,
Tech Enthusiast & Producer of PC Repair Videos


Dear PC Owner,

Which makes you more frustrated... your computer that never seems to work properly, or spending hundreds of dollars repairing it each year?

What if I told you that you can save hundreds of dollars by simply fixing your computer yourself, and easily learn how to prevent future virus attacks and other mishaps?

Computer Attacks are at an All-Time High

It seems that every day another friend of mine's Facebook account is getting hacked, their laptop fails to boot up, a hard drive dies, on and on...

Of course I get the occassional surprise visit from the evil computer leprechan myself, but for the most part, I prevent a lot of problems from ever occuring.

I work in a company of about 200 hundred people. Over the last 6 years here, I've fixed viruses, replaced RAM, installed hard drives, installed graphics cards, removed junk files, etc. But I'm not in the IT department... Nope, I'm just your ordinary guy that decided to take matters in my own hands and learn about how computers work and how to fix them.

Building Computers was the Catyst for Me Learning PC Repair and Jump Started My Career in Computers

I had a pretty big interest in computers and other techie stuff. I built my own computer when I was in high school. And looking back, do you know how I did it?

A nice guy named Dameon, who worked for my Dad, helped me buy the parts and put it together. After that I built a lot of machines for my friends and businesses.

And guess what? By learning how to build and also fix them, I've learned how to prevent most problems from creeping up because I'm aware of the dangers and I know what to stay away from.

It also jump started my career in web develop, design, and marketing, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

My hope for you is to learn what I've learned and finally take control of your PC, rather than the other way around.

Don't Ever Step Into a Computer Repair Shop Again

Listen, I've never taken my computer in to be fixed and I rarely upgrade my machine. Statistics tell me you probably have.

While others around me are getting new PCs because their old one is "too slow", I'm still using the one given to me when I started at this company in 2005. The funny thing is my Pentium 4 desktop computer is faster than many Core Duo's in the office because I don't get held down by all the junk files, spam, viruses, and the other crap people get themselves into.

Their computer isn't "too slow", they just don't know how to keep it in good working order.

When our IT Support Manager was introducing a new member of his department to me last year, he said, "This is Ty. You won't really need to fix anything for him. He pretty much does everything himself."

Now, in a business environment it's smart for me to let the IT guys work on my computer, because I'm a strong believer in efficiency and working on big priorities. I've got other important things to do.

However, I take this knowledge home with me...

People Will Literally Bribe You for the Knowledge and Skills You're About to Learn

Again, while other people have spent thousands of dollars at the repair shop, or offering to make me dinner if I come over and fix their computer, or just say "Forget it!" and trash their year-old machine and dip way into their pockets for a new one, I'm using the same desktop and same laptop I've used for years.

Wouldn't you like to do the same?

I rarely get a virus and, well... to be honest, I can't think of a lot of problems that I've had with my computers. Because I know how to operate them correctly. And I'm able to fix small problems before they become too large and daunting...

When I have to install a piece of hardware or repair a glitchy device with a driver, I do it myself. I don't reach into my wallet like some do and grudgingly hand over my hard-earned cash. I also don't run to Best Buy and purchase an overpriced PC.

Don't get me wrong, I love Best Buy. I'm a tech guy, so I salivate when I'm in that store. But buying a new computer is an extremely expensive and irresponsible way to fix what's actually a relatively simple problem.

You don't need a new computer. Honestly, most problems can be fixed in less than 30 minutes.

Allow me to define reality...

The True Problem is You Don't Know How to Fix Simple Problems and Prevent Larger Ones... YET!

The True Problem is not your broken computer, rather the fact you don't have the knowledge to take care of it yourself... yet!

Ever heard the saying "knowledge is power"?

Well, I'm about to turn you into The Hulk, without all the anger management issues and ripped shirts...

Spend a few hours with me and I'll solve all your computer woes...

"Teach a Man to Fish..."

The other day I went over to my father-in-law's house. He's been having some issues with his computer. It runs really slow, fake anti-virus warnings are popping up, he was understandibly worried about his security.

In just about 15 minutes I showed him all the junk on his computer that he should get rid of. Some of it was innocent stuff, other spammy stuff was probably uknowingly installed. In the short time it took for my wife and her mother to set the table, while the sweet smell of chicken fajitas was drifting upstairs and permeating the room, we fixed his computer, and he took away a lot from our short conversation.

Since then he's fixed his computer himself. All by himself, no problem.

Unfortunately for you, I can't spend 15 minutes with everyone, and I don't do house calls.

Everything I Know About Repairing Computers is in this Course

So myself and my friend Will recorded everything we know about computer repair for and put it on 5 DVDs for you. Yep, you're getting a lot more than just 15 minutes of our time. You're getting 9 hours of serious computer repair training.

And after you fix your computer, you'll know enough to keep yourself and your computer from getting attacked over and over.

To put this into perspective: This Course Costs Less than 1 Appointment with the Computer Repair Shop

If you like flushing money down the toilet and being insane...

Yes, insane. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

So, if you want to be insane and take your computer to the high school kid every 6 months to fix the same problem, throwing away hundreds of dollars each time, feel free to take off. This isn't for you.

Perhaps your method isn't to go to the repair shop, but you trash your computer after a couple years of use for a new model because the old one is "too slow". You cross your fingers and whisper, "I hope this one will be better." Again, this empowering training series probably isn't for you.

Maybe you're not insane, though, maybe you just have more money than you know what to do with, and you spend it friviously. Again, not for you.

BUT if you're like me and you respect your money, which I think you are, otherwise you wouldn't be here, let's nip this in the bud. Let's finally tackle this problem together.

Give yourself a chance to learn something new and solve a lot of computer problems and headaches.

Make Money Fixing Computers

Do you know what's funny? Most people that take this course not only stop throwing money away, they actually make money.

Because all of their friends are still having problems. So after they've learned a few simple procedures and fixed their own machine, they start doing the same for people they know.

I gave this course to my father-in-law as a gift, and since then he's been on a computer-fixing rampage. :) In fact, I don't think he's even watch the videos yet. The course comes with a 158-page guide with all sorts of explanations, procedures, diagrams, pictures, definitions, etc. Just by reading that, he's learned a ton and has manage to keep his PC in tip-top condition. He no longer has annoying pop ups or data loss. In fact, he's actually pretty knowledgable on the subject. We can have conversations about PC repair now - pretty cool!

So that's my goal for you. Empower you so you can fix what's ailing your PC right now. And learn enough so you don't get into too many more sticky situations with your computer. Of course, if you do, you'll always be able to fix it. You won't have to pay someone else to do it.

Now is the Time

I'm sure you're boosting the economy every time you pay a high school kid $200 bucks to take that virus off your computer... again... and again...

But wouldn't you rather hold on to it, save it for something better, or spend it on something more worthwhile like taking your family out to dinner, or just putting gas in your car?

(Unfortunately I don't have a solution for you to stop spending $4.00/gallon at the gas pump, but I can teach you how to fix your computer and never hand money over to the PC techs again!)

Would you like to use your computer the way it was designed and not worry about popups, viruses, hackers?

Would you like to seemlessly check your email, browse photos, and watch videos without having to wait a painstakingly amount of time for things to load and for your computer to eventually wake up and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, did you want me to do something?"

Stop being a prisoner to your PC...

Computer Repair
Mastery Course
"Save Money on Costly Repairs and Even Start Your Own Business"

9 Hours of Instructional, High Definition Video 20 lessons covering hardware and software repairs Software and operating system repairs shown in Windows 7 and XP 158-page Guide with written procedures, images, diagrams, and a glossary with over 350 terms Unlimited support in our computer repair forum The most exhaustive video course on PC repair available

The Same Video Lessons People in Over 15 Countries are Using to Take Control of Their PCs and Rid Themselves of Computer Woes and Worries

Recently, people just like you, in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Barbados, Italy, Germany, Kenya, the list goes on... have been using this course to fix their computer...

Now you can too!

"The videos in the Computer Repair Mastery Course are easy to follow, high quality, and very professional. This is the best course I have ever seen! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to repair computers.

I have purchased other self-taught courses and the quality was nowhere near the as good as Computer Repair Mastery course and they were more expensive to boot!"

Bob C, New York, USA

Take a look at what you can do:
Fix browser hijack malware that redirects your browser when trying to go to common websites like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Symantec, and so on. Discover what each component of your PC does, how to remove it, how to install a new one, and start building computers yourself. Make your computer start up faster, load programs quicker, and seemlessly operate without having to wait for it to catch up or freezing. Lower the temperature in your computer and increase the lifespan of your computer, without spending a lot of money or time.


Lesson 1: PC Repair Safety

When dealing with computers, we often think of safety as keeping your computer safe from viruses, and perhaps keeping your personal information out of the hands of identity thieves. However, this section deals with how to keep your computer physically safe, and how to keep yourself safe while fixing your PC.
Important Safety Basics How to handle components to ensure their longevity What you shouldn't wear while working inside your computer The danger of static electricity The 2 computer components you should never ever attempt to fix How to protect your PC from lightning strikes and power outages

Lesson 2: Data Backup

These are all the benefits and features in this video
3 types of media to use when backing up your data, and when each method is appropriate How to create automated backups to ensure you always have a recent backup Learn how to manually backup data How to make an exact copy (clone) of a hard drive

Lesson 3: Hardware Identification

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Cases Cooling Power Supplies Power Supply Connections Motherboard Connections Motherboard Components CPU (Processor) RAM (Memory) Hard Drive Connections/li> Mechanical vs. Solid State Drives ROM Drives Video Cards Sound Cards Warranties

Lesson 4: PC Cleaning

These are all the benefits and features in this video
The best cleaning supplies to use How to increase airflow and increase your computer's lifespan How to clean your computer

Lesson 5: Diagnostics

These are all the benefits and features in this video
The danger in not diagnosing problems first Learn how to test your RAM Check your hard drive for errors

Lesson 6: Hardware Replacement

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Removing RAM Installing RAM Removing a ROM Drive Installing a ROM Drive Removing a Hard Drive Installing a Hard Drive Removing a Power Supply Installing a Power Supply Removing a Video Card Installing a Video Card Install Expansion Cards Fans Removing the Motherboard Removing the Processor Installing the Processor Installing a CPU Cooler Installing the Motherboard Troubleshooting Checking the Power Switch Removing the CMOS Battery Seating Expansion Cards

Lesson 7: Virus Removal

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Learn how to prevent your PC from getting malware All the different types of malware and how they attack your PC The difference between Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software How to run a full system scan How to fix your browser from redirecting to other websites (browser hijack) Using a modern anti-virus utility When utilities don't fix everything, how to manually remove a virus 2 specific things to disable when trying to get rid of a nasty virus 2 special utilities that work wonders

Lesson 8: File Recovery

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Learn how to back and restore Microsoft Outlook email accounts Recover partially deleted files Restore overwritten files Using a Linux Live CD

Lesson 9: Windows Utilities

These are all the benefits and features in this video
How to check for corrupted files Restore your machine back to a time when you weren't experiencing problems Speed up your system by automatically organizing your hard drive How to stop programs from eating up system resources, especially during startup

Lesson 10: System Utilities

These are all the benefits and features in this video
How to check to see if your hard drive has bad sectors Fix the master boot record How to run an in-place installation

Lesson 11: Factory Restore

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Restore partitions and backup media The 1 majorly important thing to do when you first buy a computer, which 99% of owners don't do How to restore your PC without deleting user files Completing wipe your computer clean and restore it to its original state How to make backups of your restore partitions

Lesson 12: Unwanted Program Removal

These are all the benefits and features in this video
How to know which programs automatically start and load when your PC is booted and you login to Windows How to add programs Learn how to remove programs you don't need anymore

Lesson 13: Junk File Removal

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Junk files clutter up your computer and make your PC run slow Junk files are more likely to cause virus infections How to completely remove "deleted" files Clean up your internet files, including images How to use the disk cleanup utility The best 3rd party software to use to get rid of junk files

Lesson 14: Software Updates

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Some of the most widely used programs are targets for malware - how to keep them updated with security patches

Lesson 15: Windows Installation

These are all the benefits and features in this video
A walkthrough of installing Windows 7 A walkthrough of installing Windows XP

Lesson 16: Drivers Installation

These are all the benefits and features in this video
What are drivesr? How and why to update drivers How to check what drivers you need How to manually download and install drivers Installing drivers from a disc or file

Lesson 17: Internet Setup

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Learn about the different types of internet connections Setup your internet connection How to choose the right web browser for you Setting up an email account

Lesson 18: Software Installation

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Installing anti-virus software Installing Microsoft Office Media players Web browsers DVD/CD burning software Java Adobe Reader PDF creators

Lesson 19: Windows Update

These are all the benefits and features in this video
How to find your system version Installing a service pack How to perform a Windows Update How to uninstall updates that may have caused problems

Lesson 20: User Account Customization

These are all the benefits and features in this video
Creating user accounts Switching between user accounts without losing work Adjusting the resolution of your monitor Changing the wallpaper Customizing the screen saver Customizing the start menu Customize the task bar My Documents How to use parental controls


In addition to 9 hours of hands-on video, you'll also get the revised, 158-page Guide...

This one-of-a-kind Guide features: Written procedures, images, diagrams, flow charts, and a huge glossary!

You're not just getting video or just getting a book. You're getting both! People learn in different ways...

Sometimes it's nice to watch someone demonstrate a procedure, other times it's good to take time and read something over a few times. This ensures you'll pick up techniques quickly and easily!

Learn the way you want, at your own pace...

Plus a 158-Page Guide with Images, Diagrams, Procedures, and a Massive 370-Word Glossary!

Here is a small preview of the Guide...


Over 9 Hours of Video Training &
158 Pages of Illustrated Guide...

You Will Learn:
How to safely work on your computer so you don't harm yourself or your PC Backup your data often in case your hard drive crashes so you can restore it later Identify every component in your computer and be able to replace it Put together a computer from the ground up Keep your computer running cool so it lasts longer Discover if the symptoms your seeing are caused by software or hardware issues Remove viruses Fix browser hijacks Identify all the different types of malware (there's more than you think) Recover files that have been overwritten or partially deleted How to check for corrupted files Restore your PC back to its original state (before you had problems) Prevent resource-intensive programs from running at startup Fix bad sectors on your hard drive How to make backups of your restore partitions Identify and remove software that spies on you Get rid of software that slows your computer down and prevents you from using it correctly Which software to update frequently to prevent malware attacks How to fix "hardware problems" with software Where to go for drivers and firmware The necessary software to put on a user's PC after fixing it How to install Windows recommended security patches Why Service Packs are necessary How to password protect your computer Customize your Windows experience
You Will Get:
9 Hours of Instruction, Hands-on Video 158 Page Guide Diagnostic CD Unlimited PC Repair Forum Support
[Click Here to Grab Your Copy Now >>](purchase.php)

Listen to What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say:

"What has impressed me a lot is the email help that I've gotten with the replacement of my CPU. Between the recommendations, video and course book I saw my way through the replacement.

That's pretty fantastic customer service if you ask me. It's been awhile since I've experienced that kind of help via the computer and it not only makes a most favorable impression but leads me to think much more highly of the staff and program in general. In other words, if you are that attentive to customer needs then one is inclined to conclude your attention to the details of the course are going to be equally professional. Thank you. It's refreshing!"

Lauran, Arizona, USA

"I'm enjoying your lessons and got many answers to my questions about computers. It has been great so far. I am very happy with this course. The lessons are really useful and very practical, no doubt."

Hassan K., Toronto, Canada


Our No Risk, No Hassle, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you can watch and read the whole course, and if for some crazy reason you didn't learn what you needed to know to fix your computer, you actually tried and failed, even with the help of our technical support, we will absolutely honor the guarantee and refund your money, no questions asked.

How Much Is This?

People have desperately been wanting a permanent solution to their computer problems. A HUGE problem is theren't aren't many courses on this topic...

That's why we created this course! We noticed a huge gap, and we decided to create a course that empowers people to fix computers themselves, rather than spending a bunch of money paying someone else.

There are a couple video courses I've seen out there, but they're grossly outdated, incomplete, and the production quality stinks. You'd be lucky to make out what's going on in the video or even hear what's going on.

You probably also know that going to an IT school is very expensive. In fact, you could get a 1-year, associates, or bachelor degree and still not be proficient in computer repair!

Why? Because the topic of PC repair is only 1 class out of many they force you to take, and because there's only a small emphasis on it, it doesn't go as nearly into depth as the Computer Repair Mastery Course does.

For instance, at University of Phoenix, there is only one class in the IT Support Associates Program that deals with PC repair - it's called Computer Hardware Fundamentals. This 2-year program would cost approximately $10,680. And what would be the point of spending 2 years in a classroom when all you want to do is just fix your computer...

Even if you could somehow only take the Computer Hardware Fundamentals class, you'd still pay $1,335 for a 1-time course, in which you'd have to be in a stuffy classroom rather than following along with hands-on training, and the class would eventually end... and so would your learning...

So would your fixing of computers...

The Computer Repair Mastery Course is more than 10X cheaper than formal education, is easier to consume, you can take the course at your leisure, at your pace, and you have access to the videos and Guide forever!

And don't worry, you're not going to have to pay $1,335 for this course... even though you can see how you could for a worse education elsewhere...

You won't have to pay $995 either...

Not $795...

Not $495...

[Your One-Time Investment is Only:
$395 $295 $195 $149 $97!](purchase.php)

Yep, your investment for this entire course is just $97. You'd spend at least that letting a PC Repair Shop remove a virus 1 time!


Change the way you use and look at your computer forever. No longer be prisoner to it.

Get started now...


Remember, this special offer of $395 $295 $195 $149 $97 will give you 9 hours of video, a 158-page Guide, and the guarantee that you'll be able to fix your computer, no problem.
I understand you will give me instant access to the course in the members area I understand that I will get the complete Computer Repair Mastery Course which includes 9 hours of video and 158-page Guide for just $97 I can have the Computer Repair Mastery Course on 5 DVDs and a Printed Guide - which makes viewing and reading the course a lot easier (I'll have the option to choose this in the members area) By acting today, I'll only pay a one-time investment. There are no hidden fees or charges. I'll have access to the course for life I also understand that this is a no risk investment since it's backed by the 60 Day No Hassle, No Risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Today's Discounted Price: $97.00


[Click Here to Order Now >>](purchase.php)

Want an easy and worry free way to fix your computer?

Computer Repair Mastery Course is your answer.

To worry-free computer use,

Ty Price,
Tech Enthusiast & Producer of PC Repair Videos

P.S. If after 8 weeks of learning PC repair and fixing your computer, you're not totally satisfied, I will refund 100% of your money

P.P.S. If you don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money at the repair shop or at a local or online college, then this might be the most important and liberating item you'll ever purchase. [Click here now and get started in less than 5 minutes >>](purchase.php)

P.P.P.S. Fix all your computer woes for just $97 today!

[Try the Computer Repair Mastery Course Risk-Free for 60 Days Now >>](purchase.php)

Common Questions:

Does this cover both Windows 7 and Windows XP?
Yes, this course's software section covers procedures in Windows XP and 7.

How do I actually watch this course?
It's easy. You have 2 options. One, you can watch the videos instantly online. Or two, you may choose to receive the 5 DVD set and Printed Guide, and we will mail it to you.

I have more than one computer? Will this help me?
Absolutely, you can fix as many computers as you wish. You'll learn the knowledge to tackle tons of PC issues.

Today's Discounted Price: $97.00


[Click Here to Order Now >>](purchase.php)


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