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An open letter to anybody who's ready to beat the constant torture and misery of the endless ringing and buzzing in their ears...

Keep reading to find out...

Here's the big breakthrough:

You won't hear this from your Doctor (yet), because most healthcare professionals are trapped on the surgery/medication treadmill (which you may already know doesn't work worth a darn when it comes to tinnitus)...

...this however, can work very well, no matter how long you've had your Tinnitus, or how severe your case is... and in a lot of situations it gives results faster than you'll probably believe.

Don't take my word for it though, look at what just one of my many success stories had to say:

“It’s like it isn’t even there anymore!”

"I've tried tons of other guides claiming to cure tinnitus, and none of them made any difference for me.

This was completely different - the information was clear and concise, and the way it's laid out made it very easy to adapt into my daily schedule...

...the best part is, the ringing has lessened considerably, which has made my day to day life MUCH easier. I've also been following your psychological techniques and training my brain to ignore the tinnitus. It’s like it isn’t even there anymore!

In all honesty your Goodbye Tinnitus program has been the best investment I ever made.

If I come across someone else with tinnitus I will be sure to recommend it to them. Thank you so much for your help and God bless."

Wilmington, DE

(more testimonials are listed below)

If you are tired of suffering and you're ready to get past your Tinnitus once and for all, this page will reveal how to:
Finally put an end to your suffering, permanently (or at the very least a drastic reduction)... Once again live a normal life free from all the problems your Tinnitus causes... ...and do it without any of the wacky creams, drugs, or scary surgical procedures Doctors have probably been urging you to try... And it doesn't stop there - you'll also see how to get immediate relief from your Tinnitus symptoms TODAY...

Yes, I said today... as in a few minutes from now...

Whether you're one of the lucky few and your Tinnitus is just an uncomfortable social embarrassment that ruins your enjoyment of life... or you're one of the increasing number of people who have considered risky surgery (or even suicide), this is going to be great news for you...

...especially if you've run smack into a brick wall with a Doctor just telling you to "live with it."

It doesn't have to be like that for you... and here's why:

From: David Daulton
Founder of the Goodbye Tinnitus
Online Program

Dear Friend,

Here's the deal:

If you're looking for genuine, lasting relief from your Tinnitus, then quite frankly, almost everything you've been told before is false, misleading, and/or relatively pointless.

Everything you've read online, the things your Doctor probably told you (that's if they made any effort to help at all)...

...most of it is either completely wrong, or so far off base that the average person will get no benefit at all. The truth is, most doctors really don't know that much about treating tinnitus. To them it's just an elusive health issue that they can't do anything about.

How Do I Know This?

Because I found out the hard way.

9 years ago I spent a day at a shooting range with my buddies. Nothing unusual about that, but this particular day, I forgot my ear protection.

The strange thing was, it didn't seem very loud, so I stayed, and shot all day without my ears being covered.

Big mistake.

I awoke the following morning with a strange ringing in my ears. Almost like a high pitched whistle, the sound you hear sometimes when you switch the TV off.

I'd had it before, from live concerts and such, so naturally I figured it would go away in a day or two.

But it didn't. It got worse as time went on.

By the end of the week I was struggling to get to sleep over the constant noise, which had not gotten any quieter as I anticipated...

...and a few weeks after that, things hadn't changed whatsoever. It was so annoying I honestly thought I would lose my mind.

Long story short, I suffered like that for just over 8 years.

I saw Doctors, Specialist Doctors, Psychologists, Ear Specialists, Hypnotists... everybody you can imagine.

None of them made the slightest difference.

It was just a big, expensive waste of time, and the only thing I learned was that these guys had no idea what Tinnitus truly was or how to fix it.

So I decided to try and help myself. I'm a Health Educator, writer, and researcher by trade, so I thought that maybe I could uncover some things that nobody else had told me.

...you see, I'm used to going SUPER deep into a subject, and finding out angles and facts that Doctors may not even know.

For example, did you know that scientists don't even know for sure what Tinnitus really is, and what causes it?

Sure, you can get it from exposure to loud noises just like I did... but a lot of people get it even without that exposure.

But I also uncovered something much scarier:

Do You Know The Real Reason Your Doctor Can't Help You?

Because the real cures for Tinnitus - the things that really help, can't be patented & sold for profit, because they're naturally occurring and consist of things that ONLY YOU can do.

Which means the big Pharmaceutical companies can't make money from them... so they don't encourage your Doctor to push them to you.

The ugly truth of it is that Tinnitus cures aren't profitable...

...so most people will never know how easy it is to get real relief.

I found all this out from my own intensive research, and started applying what I was learning about natural healing, life changes, special techniques, and other effective solutions most people have never heard of.

The results on my own Tinnitus blew me away.

Not only did I discover a very simple way to get temporary relief immediately...

...I Was Able To Permanently Get Rid Of The Constant Ringing In My Ears In Just a Few Weeks... 23 Days To Be Exact

The scary part is that if I'd agreed to the surgery my Doctor suggested, I'd have still been on the waiting list for it to get done...

...heck, I'd probably still be waiting around for it to be done NOW.

And that gave me an idea...

...I realized that if I was on some massive waiting list for "exploratory" surgery (is there a scarier phrase?), then there were probably thousands of people just like me...

...frustrated with the profit-seeking healthcare system, and desperate for some real help.

So I've decided to release my secrets to the public for the very first time. Granted the results will vary by the person, the solutions I've discovered will nonetheless work for just about any case of tinnitus, no matter how severe or what the cause...


Goodbye Tinnitus!

Finally get your real life back with my proven 4-step plan for permanent tinnitus relief.Get instant relief from my huge selection of Tinnitus Maskers.Do it all without painful, scary procedures or addictive medications.
Everything above can be immediately accessed online...

It's very easy to comprehend and takes very little time to go through...

If you'd like to finally put an end to your tortuous condition, and finally get your life back much sooner than you'd probably believe, then your search is over.

This is the one thing I've come across that provides real, measurable results, and doesn't require expensive medication or painful, dangerous surgeries.

I'm not talking about "far out" new age style therapies either...

...this is a simple, 4-step process that anybody can follow. It's as easy as "Do this and this, then do that..."

What's more, this 4-step plan can be customized to fit any person's situation...

So you don't need to worry that it's only for a certain kind of person. This can work whoever you are, regardless of how bad your Tinnitus is, or how it got started in the first place.

I'm going to reveal to you: How to start seeing a difference starting TODAY... seriously, you could be blissfully living noise free and getting a good night's sleep just hours from now...Discover the exact quick and simple 4 Step process I used to cure the severe tinnitus I'd been suffering from for 9 years, and hundreds of other people too...A deceptively simple, devastatingly effective 3 second trick for giving you instant relief... and yes, it really does take just 3 seconds...Why your everyday medication could be the CAUSE of your Tinnitus - the stuff your Doctor is giving you could be the thing that's actually making it happen (or at least aggravating it)... How to completely re-train the neural pathways in your brain that are causing the false signal loop of tinnitus... this literally addresses the root cause of tinnitus and therefore provides lasting results... The revolutionary new treatments available for permanent tinnitus relief that most people have never even heard of! This stuff is the real deal; it's incredibly pathetic that most doctors (therefore tinnitus patients) aren't aware of these.The very first thing you should ALWAYS do to try and get rid of your Tinnitus... it's so simple it's often over-looked (especially by the so-called specialists), yet it can guarantee it never comes back...3 Herbal treatments that even the most stubborn Doctor will admit bring speedy results for Tinnitus sufferers... and not only that, they also have dozens of other health benefits...Why the food you eat can be the key to very easily toning down your condition until you forget it's there... even the slightest change of the intake of certain ingredients make a big difference... An incredibly effective non-surgical procedure that is very common for other health issues, yet very few people are aware it can work for tinnitus as well. This procedure is so effective that most health insurance companies will cover the costs.Why a handful of Ancient Chinese secrets can be the key to banishing Tinnitus for good... and probably faster than you'd think. How to reverse the causes of tinnitus and therefore prevent it from getting worse. Without this you're just spinning your wheels no matter what treatment you go through. And Much More!
This amazing solution really can let you claim your life back... you can step out of the bubble, and live like a real person.

Can you imagine the sheer bliss of lying down in complete silence and getting a good night's sleep?

Imagine never again having to face the frustration of constant ringing or buzzing in your ears 24/7...

...or any of the other difficult stuff that people with our condition have to face every single day.

And Don't Worry...

I'm not going to tell you to start taking crazy drugs or to do weird stuff to your ears and jaw.

This is a very simple process, and I've made sure it will be suitable for as many people as possible.

For example, you won't be more than a few pages in before you realize why so much you've probably heard and been told about your condition is WRONG...

...and it's so far wrong it's almost funny.

In fact, it would be funny, if it were not for all the poor sufferers like us - and there are a lot of us out there.

It's estimated that 10-15% of people suffer from Tinnitus at one time or another... that means there are between 30 and 45 MILLION sufferers in the USA alone...

...and they're all being given basically useless information from healthcare professionals...

...or even worse, being told that NOTHING at all can be done.

Well, I'm here to tell you that's simply not true.

And I'm not the only one who's experienced it either - Goodbye Tinnitus has already helped hundreds of people all over the world get their life back.

Here's what a few of them had to say:

(these are all genuine, verified, and on record)

“...made a world of difference in the quality of my life...”

"My tinnitus was pretty bad due to head trauma from a car accident a few years ago. My doctor said there wasn’t anything he could do to repair the damage, and that I’d have to learn to live with it.

The ringing was literally ruining my life though, so since stumbling onto your guide, I’ve been using your 4 step plan consistently and I’ve had some good results so far.

My tinnitus isn’t completely gone yet, which is understandable given the severity, but it’s definitely better and seems to keep getting better with time.

Most importantly I’m able to bear the ringing much easier since it's gone down so much, which has made a world of difference in the quality of my life.

I’ve also made use of the maskers you provided. They are an absolute blessing at night when trying to fall asleep.

Anyways, I’m very happy with my results so far and I wanted to thank you for providing such great products. Have a great weekend!"

Bakersfield, CA

“...helped me concentrate and stay more focused...”

"I have tried many different products for my tinnitus.

Most of them had little to no effect, so obviously I was skeptical at first when trying yours.

I use the maskers at work (I work at a desk all day) and they have helped me concentrate and stay more focused. I also use them when I sleep, and the difference is night and day.

As for the book, you cover a lot more stuff than I thought and most of it was about things I’ve never even heard of before."

Charlottesville, VA

“I already notice it's getting better”

"I am very pleased with my purchase of your products.

Out of all the different things I used for my tinnitus, yours was the most effective. It’s only been three weeks but I already notice it’s getting better.

I will continue using them and keep you updated with my results. Thanks you."

Fargo, ND

And those really are just a small sample of the people being helped every day - regular people like you, who just want a simple way to get their life back.

As a former Tinnitus sufferer, I know that's what this is really about.

Tinnitus isn't really an "ear" condition, is it? It's a LIFE condition... other people just don't understand the impact this can have on you...

...from not being able to sleep at night, to not being able to concentrate at work, to feeling completely isolated from those you love because you're forever trapped in "the bubble".

Maybe the only thing worse than that is the uncertainty... never knowing if it's going to get worse... constantly worrying that you'll have to deal with the pain and annoyance of tinnitus for the rest of your life.

And Do You Know The
Scariest Thing Of All?

The most terrifying thing for me was when I started researching and I realized that some people's condition gets so bad it drives them to suicide...

...they simply can't take the sleepless nights and the sheer intrusion on their life any longer, and they escape in the worst possible way.

Isn't that frightening?

If your condition has ever caused you the slightest discomfort, then you owe it to yourself to try this out immediately.

In just a second I'll show you how you can be getting relief in just a few minutes time...

...but for now, you need to see a little more of what you're going to discover:

You'll see:The 29 different herbs and supplements that are known to ease Tinnitus, or fix it all together... I've broken it all down, telling you what to do and how to get started... and some of these things work fast.How to completely re-train your ears so that even if you're the rare case that can't be cured, you'll still feel like you have been because you'll no longer notice the sounds...The massive secret behind an every day physical activity that can lower the intensity of your Tinnitus by many levels... and it makes such a big difference you'll want to start doing it immediately...How to easily banish your Tinnitus, no matter how severe it is, and even if the Doctors have told you that nothing can be doneWhy more noise can sometimes be the answer... the shocking but true fact you'd NEVER guess in a thousand years... How a simple object can be the answer to instantly curing your Tinnitus (instant cures for this condition are rare, but sometimes it does work... and here's how).How to get a great night's sleep every night - - even if you're suffering from the worst case of Tinnitus known to man. Falling and staying asleep can be a nightmare for someone with tinnitus, but this method will totally turn the tables and allow you to get the best sleep of your life.The amazing natural drinks you can make from everyday ingredients and see immediate relief... once you've experienced this I guarantee you'll be annoyed your Doc didn't show it to you sooner.Vitamins - The truth behind which ones are making your tinnitus worse, and which ones can actually help - in some cases Tinnitus is nothing more than a slight vitamin deficiency, so I'll show you how to fix that.
If you're ready for it all to stop...

...all the stuff that makes dealing with Tinnitus such a nightmare - the feeling of being cut off from everybody else, the sheer desperation of never getting any peace...

...and you want it to stop as fast as possible, without painful surgeries, nasty prescription medications or any other crazy method...

...then Goodbye Tinnitus is exactly what you've been looking for.
I mean that too...

...Remember Earlier When I
Said I Could Show You How
To Get Instant Relief?

Well, I was dead serious.

As part of the Goodbye Tinnitus package I've put together something super special that's going to help you get relief instantly, today, as easy as pushing a button.

Doesn't that sound amazing?

Well, it's happening - I'll give you more details in just a moment.

For now though, don't you think it's about time you got past this thing?

I think we both know that if you don't get a handle on your condition now, it's only going to have a bigger and bigger impact on your life.

One of the worst things for me was how it affected the communication between my girlfriend and I. She got so tired of me misunderstanding her or not knowing she'd spoken that a lot of the time she wouldn't even speak to me at all...

...and if you think about it, that's the other big factor with Tinnitus - not only does it affect us, but it affects our friends, loved ones, people at work, basically everybody you ever come into contact with.

Tinnitus really does make it harder for people to communicate with us, and sad as it may seem, after a while they stop trying so hard.

You've probably seen it already if you've been suffering for a while.

Thankfully, because of Goodbye Tinnitus, you'll soon be experiencing relief and banishing any communication problems for good.

Don't just take my word for that though:

Here are a few more of my success stories:

(these are all genuine, verified, and on record)

“...my tinnitus has diminished by 50% so far...”

"Your ebook was very well written and right to the point as promised. I've been following the 4 steps and using the maskers consistently for 3 months and the results have been positive. I'd say my tinnitus has diminished by 50% so far and it's continuing to get better. In the meantime, please update me on the progress of that new research you discussed in your last chapter when you hear something."

Blue Springs, MO

“...nothing short of amazing...”

"Your Goodbye Tinnitus product has been nothing short of amazing!

I’m very satisfied with the amount of relief I have experienced and I can’t thank you enough.

Keep up the good work!"

Denver, CO

“...I'm a big skeptic...”

"It takes a lot to impress me, especially when it comes to products sold online. I've been ripped off or mislead many times in the past, and as a result I'm a big skeptic.

I have to admit your products turned out to be more impressive than I originally predicted. What I really like about your solutions is that they're based on logic and thorough research. I've been making progress and I really appreciate your works. It's nice to know there's still legitimate online companies out there."

Seattle, WA

Think about it for a second - can you imagine how good it's going to feel to start getting relief almost right away?

Sure, there's no such thing as an instant Tinnitus cure (and you should run a mile from anybody who says there is), but I've included a few a extras that really do mean you'll be getting immediate relief - even if only for a temporary time.

But it'll be enough to give you a break, and finally let you get some well-earned rest...

... and while you're doing that, the other techniques will be working to help you beat your Tinnitus forever in less than 3 weeks.

David This Sounds Like Just What I Need, But I'm
Worried It's Going To Be Expensive

Well, first of all, don't worry.

I've made sure this is a complete bargain by charging you as little as I can and still keep selling it.

I promise it'll cost much less than all the medications and prescriptions you've probably been advised to take already...

... and I've even made sure to put together a 2 months guarantee, so if you're at all unhappy, or don't get the results you want, you get your cash back.

That means you can try everything, risk free.

Now, let me ask you a question.

How much would you pay right now, to wake up tomorrow morning and be free from Tinnitus forever?

A hundred bucks? Five hundred?

When my condition was at its worst, I'd have paid probably anything.

And the funny thing is, I tried so many different remedies, different Doctors and medications, looking back, it seems like paying ANY amount for an instant cure would have saved me money in the long run.

But don't worry, I really have made this affordable for everybody.

If you go ahead and order today (I'll show you how in a second), I'll give you complete access to Goodbye Tinnitus for just $57 $49...

... and I'll even cover you with this massive guarantee:

Your 60 Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead right now and give Goodbye Tinnitus a try.

If it doesn't work for you, or you're unhappy with it for any reason, let me know within 60 days and I'll refund every red cent of your cash.

No questions, no arguments, and no quibbles.

That means you've got 2 whole months to see if my techniques work for you - if they don't, you don't have to pay.

That's how confident I am that this will change your life just like it changed mine and so many others.

Let's be honest - - guarantees like that don't come along just every day. If you go to a Doctor or Pharmacist and have to pay a fortune for your meds, you don't get a guarantee do you?

Of course not. But I'm willing to guarantee this - and the guarantee alone makes this a screaming bargain... The Goodbye Tinnitus online ebook is a quick and easy read...

It's not a boring 300 page book of meaningless facts. It cuts right to the chase and shows you how to get relief in 4 simple steps...

These 4 steps alone can help any tinnitus sufferer get relief, but for people with extremely severe cases they can benefit even further with our chapter on 'Revolutionary New Treatments That Most People Don't Know About' & our chapter on 'Cutting Edge New Research' (we're talking about viable 2011 research here, not some old theories that didn't pan out). ...but that's not all.

If you go ahead and order TODAY (and you'll immediately receive your products by instant download), you'll also receive the following super valuable bonuses: The Goodbye Tinnitus Guide To Sleeping Better - A $39 Value

We all know how hard it is to get a decent night's sleep with a constant ringing or buzzing in your ears... but did you know that NOT getting good sleep can make your Tinnitus worse?

Don't worry though, this amazing guide will show you the quick and easy way to finally get some well-deserved rest.

And the best part is, the better your sleep, the easier you'll get rid of Tinnitus. The Goodbye Tinnitus Guide To Natural Stress Relief - A $59 Value

In our modern, busy lives, stress is often unavoidable... but it's also a MAJOR contributor to how bad your Tinnitus is... without beating the stress, it's unlikely you'll find lasting relief.

Inside, you'll find natural, realistic ways to help you lose the stress, and in return, ease your Tinnitus. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes, I guarantee it. The Goodbye Tinnitus Guide To Yoga & Meditation - $39 Value

Whether you're "into" it or not, there's no denying the benefits that Yoga and meditation have on your body.

Not only will they improve your overall health, reduce your stress, and help you live longer, they'll almost definitely help you see long-term relief from your Tinnitus.

... you'll also get a huge selection of the best tinnitus maskers around. These maskers can easily be burnt to a CD or added to your mp3 player.

A masker is basically a scientifically-proven method to give you INSTANT relief from your Tinnitus, and to train your brain into thinking it's not even there any more.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just push a button before you went to sleep, or at any time for that matter, and switch your Tinnitus off?

Sounds amazing, and believe me, it is - and that's what these specialized maskers can do for you.

You're getting a massive selection, and here's how they break down:

Tinnitus Maskers - Noise Frequencies
$19 Value

These sounds are so neutral that you won't even realize they're there... but at the same time they will drown out the noise from tinnitus.

If your tinnitus makes it hard to concentrate and relax, you will absolutely love these maskers.

Includes 5 different noise frequencies:
White Noise

Pink Noise

Blue Noise

Brown Noise

Violet Noise
Tinnitus Maskers - Nature Sounds
$19 Value

Sometimes, all you need is one of Nature's own sound effects to cancel out the ringing in your ears and get some relief.


* Rain
* Thunderstorms
* Jungle
* Wildlife
* Waterfalls
* Ocean
* Hail
* Wind
Tinnitus Maskers - Man Made Sounds
$19 Value

Ever notice how the droning of your car engine makes you sleepy? Well, that's exactly how these work - and they work great.


* Air Conditioner
* Fireplace
* Camp Fire
* Train Cabin
* Aquarium
* Aircraft Cabin

That's $194 worth of high quality exclusive bonuses (not available anywhere else)...

... and you only get them for ordering RIGHT NOW.

Warning: These bonuses are only available for a limited time. I'm aware they are high quality and are worthy of being sold separately (which I will be doing in the near future). The only way to guarantee you get them for free is to [order immediately](order-goodbye-tinnitus/index.php).

Imagine living Tinnitus free for the next year... that would mean you've paid just $49 for an entire 12 months of relief...

That's just $4.08 a month...

...just thirteen cents a day - less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Wouldn't you pay that small amount for pure, blissful relief from your condition?

(Of course, there's no reason it won't last longer than a year... usually with my techniques, once it's gone, it stays gone)

Here's what to do now:

Grab your credit card, and click the button below. You'll be taken to our secure order page. This page is protected by a state-of-the-art 128 bit encryption, and is monitored by McAfee and VeriSign.

Fill out your details there immediately, and you'll be whisked directly to our Member area, where you can get instant access to Goodbye Tinnitus and all your bonuses (even if it's 2am on a Sunday).

[ ](order-goodbye-tinnitus/index.php)
[ ](order-goodbye-tinnitus/index.php)

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Your information will be kept private and processed over a 128 bit secure encrypted server.

[Available For Immediate Download After Purchase](order-goodbye-tinnitus/index.php)

Whether you've realized it or not, right now you're at a crossroads in life.

You have 2 options, and the one you choose will decide how your life pans out from here.

One option is to do nothing. Click away from this page, and continue to live the same life you're living now.

Except your Tinnitus gets steadily worse, and you get more and more detached from the world... you'll continue living with this incredibly annoying condition, and the condition will become harder and harder to live with.

If you don't take action now, it will get worse. That's just what happens with Tinnitus.


... you can choose the other option.

The one where you grab this opportunity immediately... and you're able to download it and start using my special techniques and maskers to get relief right away.

And then week after week, as the days go by, you notice your Tinnitus gradually fading... until a short period of time from now, you can no longer hear it at all.

Can you imagine that? Seems like a fairytale doesn't it?

When I still had my Tinnitus, the idea of actual silence seemed impossible...

... but it's really not, and the answer is right here waiting for you.

Click the link below, and get started immediately

[Click Here To Download Goodbye Tinnitus Immediately](order-goodbye-tinnitus/index.php)

On this page you've seen me tell you exactly how I came to be a Tinnitus sufferer.

You've seen how frustrated I was, and how I stumbled onto my own solution when the Doctors and Specialists couldn't help me.

And you've also seen undeniable proof of how that solution is already helping other people around the world - ordinary people, just like you and me, who want their lives back.

I've shown you how you could be Tinnitus free for less than the price of a paper...

... and I've also made sure that you're 100% protected from all risk by my air-tight 60 day guarantee.

Now, the decision is completely in your hands.

Only one of two things can happen now. Either we'll go on from here together, or you'll go it alone.

Either you'll join me and become one of the lucky ones who found a long-term Tinnitus solution that actually works, or you'll close this page and miss out for good.

I wish I could take the next step for you, but I really can't. It has to be up to you.

Click the link below.

Please do it now - I know firsthand how bad tinnitus can be, and I sincerely promise I will help you overcome it for good...

[ Click Here To Download Goodbye Tinnitus Immediately](order-goodbye-tinnitus/index.php)

I'll see you on the other side!

To living tinnitus free,

P.S.- Remember - if this doesn't work for you for some odd reason, let me know inside 60 days and I'll give your money back. No questions, and that's set in stone.

P.P.S.- Don't forget - go ahead and pull the trigger on this right now, and you get those AMAZING bonuses (worth $194) for FREE... but only if you act right away...

P.P.P.S- If you're feeling hesitant, ask yourself, "What if David's right?"

"How will I feel in 6 months if my condition has deteriorated even further, when all along I could have got permanent relief in a matter of weeks or even days?"

I truly don't want that for you. Goodbye Tinnitus is fully guaranteed, so please, take advantage and try it out right now. Live the rest of your life on your terms.

[Click Here To Download Goodbye Tinnitus Immediately](order-goodbye-tinnitus/index.php)


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